I'll Be Here |Joshler|

|Twenty One Pilots Faniction| Tyler Joseph wants to die. Then he meets Josh Dun. Maybe, because of him, he might think twice.


6. Clubs and Cute Boys

A/N: What? This one DOESN'T HAVE A TRIGGER WARNING???? Yeah, pretty much.

"Come on!" Josh called, hand slipping into Tylers as he jogged down the hallway to the music room.

Tyler giggled, blushing at the feeling of Josh's soft hand against his own. They slipped into the music room out of breath, laughing. They sat side by side in the chairs which were positioned in a half circle facing Ms.Jackson's, the music teachers, beloved piano.

"So, you like to sing?" 

Josh nodded. 

"I like to rap, but I have a lot of anxiety so I don't sing solo's and stuff."

Tyler smiled, finally, someone he could relate to.

"I like to rap, too! I've got anxiety, also, but I don't think I would pass up a solo."

"What do you know how to rap?" Josh asked.

"Besides my own songs, I can rap some Eminem. I know all of Real Slim Shady and Rap God."

Josh's eyes lit up in excitement. 

"I love Eminem!"

"You do?"

"Hell yeah!" 

"Boys!" Ms.Jackson snapped, and the two fanboys looked up to see her standing at the piano with her arms crossed over her chest. 

They hadn't noticed that the rest of the class had filed in around them and could hear their entire conversation. Tyler's cheeks went warm and embarrassment flooded him. He could feel Josh tense up beside him, recognizing the anxiety in his movements.

"S-sorry," Tyler spoke for both of them and Josh seemed to relax a bit.

Ms.Jackson gave them a harsh glare before proceeding with her welcome.

"As I was saying, welcome to chorus! I know all of you are very excited to be here."

Tyler took a moment to look around at the other students. Brendon was there, along with Patrick, but besides them, he didn't recognize a single person. He frowned at his cluelessness and turned back around in his seat to see that the teacher was now handing out music sheets. 

Before Tyler knew it, he was singing beside a boy with the most gorgeous voice he could imagine. It sounded like his typical melted marshmallow, deep, but not too deep, soft, yet not raspy voice, yet so melodic, like every beautiful thing combined. It sounded so smooth, like a stream flowing down a mountain, like the echo of his favorite song, like cake batter and all things sweet.

He wished he could sing with Josh forever.


"So how was chorus?" Melanie asked as soon as Tyler slipped into the art room after school. 

She had been standing in the doorway, waiting for him patiently.

Tyler grinned, feeling a light blush settle on his cheeks at the memory. 

"Absolutely amazing. He sounds like an angel."

Melanie chuckled at the sight of Tyler looking into the distance as he recalled the class, smiling absently and looking a bit dazed. 

"I bet he did. Now, come on, I want you to meet my friends!"

She grabbed his hand, pulling him farther into the room towards a long rectangular table by the kilms. There, a girl with short, turquoise hair sat, chewing on a pencil, a boy with the brightest blue eyes Tyler had ever seen, and a brunette boy wearing lots of eye makeup. They all looked very concentrated and only looked up to see him when Melanie cleared her throat. 

"Who's this?" The girl with neon hair asked, smiling brightly and removing the chewed up pencil from in between her teeth.

"This is Tyler Joseph," Melanie introduced him, letting his hand go and dropping hers to her black skirt, seemingly hoping to imply that they certainly were not together. 

"I'm Ashley," The girl said, extending a hand covered in pastel residue for him to shake. Tyler gave her a small smile as he shook her hand, she seemed nice. 

"I'm Troye!" The blue-eyed boy in the corner introduced himself in a surprising Australian accent.

"And this," He pointed to the brunette beside him, "Is Ryan."

Ryan lifted the corners of his mouth subtly. 

"Nice to meet you all," Tyler said, nervously rubbing his palms together. 

Melanie tugged on his hand once again, pulling him into a chair across from the three students. She sat beside him, quickly pulling her hand away. 

"So, Tyler, what's your story?" Ashley said, and this received a confused look from Tyler.


Ashley gave him a knowing smile.

"I mean, you're new here, right? Tell us a little about yourself."

"Oh," Tyler said, face flushing pink with embarrassment, "W-well, I'm from Columbus, o-originally, and, um, I moved here a few weeks ago. I've got two brothers and a sister, and I really like music."

"And he's got a crush on the boy from his science class!" Melanie added quickly.

Tyler turned to her in shock, feeling a gut-wrenching feeling of dread rapidly form inside him. 

Øh, nø. She just gave yøu away. Nøw they think yøur a freak! Freak, freak, freak, fre-

"Who?" Troye asked eagerly, blue eyes aglow with excitement. 

Tyler looked at their faces in shock. Not one of them was doing anything other than grin at him with delight. 

"H-his name is Josh," Tyler said, finally.

"Josh Dun," Melanie clarified.

Ashley released a small squeal and Troye smirked.

"Josh  is hot but nowhere near as hot as Tyler."

Tyler flushed a deep crimson and turned to Troye with wide eyes.


Troye looked absolutely horrified.

"No! I didn't mean you! I mean Tyler Oakley! The Junior in the filmmaking club! Oh, god..." He trailed off.

Tyler chuckled lightly to reassure the boy, who looked absolutely mortified. 

"It's okay, don't worry about it."

Troye sighed in relief, relaxing a bit. 

"Yeah, well, he's nowhere near as hot as one of his friends, either."

All three of them turned at the sound of Ryan's voice to see that he sat there looking slightly pink in the face. They hadn't realized he'd even been listening to the conversation because he had been so concentrated on his work. His canvas was mostly covered in a random pattern of colors that looked absolutely stunning, a profound way of showing what he was feeling. 

"And which friend would that be?" Melanie asked suggestively, a smirk playing on her glossy lips. 

Ryan blushed deeper, pink turning light red. 

"Brendon Urie."

Ashley squealed once more, banging her fists on the table in pure ecstatics. 

"No way, Beebo?" Tyler asked, smiling although he was mostly surprised.

"Yeah, m-maybe I like him a little bit." His brown hair fell into his eyes and he didn't push it back up, probably hoping to conceal his blush, which was growing so rapidly he practically looked like a cherry. 

Tyler turned to Melanie, who was smiling warmly. Ashley was hardly able to contain herself as she continued to squeal in joy. 

"I could totally set you guys up," Tyler offered after a moment of contemplating. 

Ryan's jaw practically dropped to the floor.

"What? Really? You don't have to do that! I mean, could you?"

Tyler laughed lightly, placing a hand on Ryan's shoulder.

"You seem like a decent guy, and I know that Brendon likes boys, so I'd be happy to."

Ryan nearly fell out of his chair at Tyler's words.

"You're kidding."



A/N Hey everyone! So sorry that this chapter was really short. I promise that they'll be longer. But like guess what happened last night. Guess. No? Okay. Well...


Okay. So, now that we've got that out of the way, I hope you enjoyed this chapter and could maybe give me some ideas about what you want to see in this to help me write some filler chapters so I can get the plot to move. Stay Alive |-/









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