Miraculous Vixen

The true owner of the Fox Miraculous has appeared, but Vixen isn't keen on playing with the other superheroes. Meanwhile, a new girl has appeared at Marinette's school. Riven Elliot was once the lead singer of Paris' most popular pop group, The Face Cards. Due to a rather public humiliation from her bandmates, however, she left to become a normal girl. Dealing with adoring fans and crushes is easy when compared to saving the world.


3. Solar Flare


Riven blinked, glancing up from her notes to glance behind her at Kim. As casually as he could, he handed her a small note. Taking it, she quickly faced forward just as the teacher turned back around to face the class.

"And that, students, is how you differentiate a tragedy from a fairytale."

"But Miss Bustier," Mylene raised her hand from where she sat beside Riven, "I have read some stories where the villain wins. Would that count as a tragedy?"

"Very good question, Mylene," the tall woman smiled, "Yes, that would count as a tragedy. Or, it could be the author's way of putting off the hero's victory for another day."

Riven stopped listening as she slowly opened Kim's note and read it. The paper was covered in angry scribbles, as though Kim had tried multiple times to start his note but change his mind mid sentence. The only legible thing sat at the bottom of the page.

So the circus is back in town. Would you like to go with me after school today?

Smiling, Riven glanced back towards his expectant gaze and nodded just as the bell rang.

"All right, everyone," Miss Bustier waved farewell to her students, "I know the circus is back in town, so I'll hold off your homework until it leaves tomorrow. But expect an essay!"

A few students groaned as they shuffled towards the door. Riven waited as both Kim and Max joined her. She shouldered her backpack and followed them out towards the wall of lockers.

"I hope you two don't mind if I tag along on your date," Max's chuckle caused a flush of red to conquer the taller teen's faces, "I won't be a bother, I promise."

"This isn't a date, Max," Kim said, scratching a nonexistent itch on the back of his neck, "we're just going to hang out."

"And you're always welcome to come," Riven added with a nod, avoiding Kim's gaze, "we love hanging out with you."

"My apologies for the misunderstanding," Max readjusted his glasses nervously, "it's just that you two have been hanging out quite a bit lately. I only assumed you two were a thing."

Riven blushed as she hurried to retrieve her homework from her locker. True, ever since the whole Broadcaster ordeal a week ago, she and Kim had been spending a lot of time together. She sat in on all his soccer practices and afterwards she'd invite him to her house for dinner. Many times they'd take a walk through the park or visit the zoo. Lately, their walks had even brought them to the "Love Lock" bridge, where they would sit on the railing and talk about anything that popped into their heads as the sun set behind them.

"It's okay, Max," Kim laughed, shutting his locker and twisting the lock, "simple mistake. Riven and I are just close."

The black haired girl nodded in agreement as she followed the boys outside. Marinette and Alya were excitedly asking Adrien and Nino to join them at the circus. Well, Alya was asking while Marinette stared at Adrien in a daze. Riven rolled her eyes with a smirk, wondering just how dense the blonde had to be to not notice how painfully obvious her classmate was being.

"Hey guys," Kim's voice pulled her from her thoughts as he approached the group, "we're heading to the circus too. Why don't we all go?"

"That sounds great," Alya smiled brightly, "a big group outing."

"We should meet up back here around 5," Nino added, "that way we can drop our bags off at home."

"Sounds like a plan," Adrien smiled clearly excited, "I've never been to a circus before!"


Marinette's dreamy gaze vanished the moment Chloe appeared and flung herself onto the blonde. Riven scowled, crossing her arms as she watched the drama unfold.

"You and I have front row seats to the circus," the blonde girl giggled, "I made sure daddy got the best seats for our first date."

"Sorry Chloe," Adrien sighed with a soft smile, "but I'm going with my friends."

"But Adrikins! I worked so hard for those tickets! Do you know how much whining I had to do?"

"No more than usual, I'm sure," Riven sneered, catching the blonde's glare, "come on, guys. Let's get going."

Chloe's glare vanished within seconds as she linked her arm with Riven's and began leading her towards her awaiting limo, "Come on, Rivy. Since we're neighbors, I'll give you a ride home."

"I prefer walking," she sighed, pulling her arm away, "thanks anyways, Chloe."

"Then I'll walk with you! This will be so much fun."

Riven sighed in defeat, "Yippee."


"And I was all like "Sweetie those shoes so do not go with that top.". But she had to go and start crying," Riven tried her best to tune out the rambling Chloe to no avail, "and all I tried to do was help her!"

The black haired girl began to walk slightly faster, hoping the blonde wouldn't notice and fall behind. Instead, Chloe sped up to match her, glancing over her outfit as she did so.

"You know, Rivy," she purred, "a little color might spruce up your look."

"I like my look just the way it is Chloe," she said quickly, noticing her mansion just up ahead, "let's just drop our bags off and meet up with the others."

"Trust me," she yelped as the shorter girl suddenly yanked her in the direction of the hotel, "by the time I'm done with you, Kim won't be able to resist you!"

"Wait a second!"


"Nope. No. You could never pull this off."

Riven sat on Chloe's over sized bed, watching as one item of clothing after the other flew out of the giant walk in closet.


Riven winced as the blonde presented a dark red tank top, black leather vest, denim shorts that would surely ride dangerously high on her thighs, and a pair of black ankle boots.

"Here," Riven caught the clothes, "go try those on."

"I don't know about this, Chloe," she sighed, "I've never been able to pull off jeans."

"Just trust me," Chloe smirked as she shoved the girl in the direction of the bathroom, "you'll look great."

Sighing in defeat, Riven disappeared behind the door just as her phone began vibrating. Picking it up, Chloe's smirk darkened as she recognized Kim's face beside the caller id.

Hey, where are you? We're all waiting at the school.

Chloe chuckled as she quickly replied, "She'll thank me for this."

She hit send just as she heard the door's handle turn. Tossing the phone onto the bed, she waited as Riven shyly stepped back into the room. While it was true she mainly wore skirts, the black haired girl always wore fishnets or leggings beneath them. These shorts exposed a good portion of her legs, and the tank top refused to cover her entire stomach.

"You look adorable," Chloe squealed, "I told you I knew what I was doing! Next, we're going to do your makeup."

"But what about the circus?"

"I went ahead and texted Adrikins," she said, pulling her towards the vanity, "they're going to meet us there instead of the school."

"Oh," she frowned, "ok."


Kim and the others hung outside the gates to the circus, waiting patiently for Chloe and Riven to arrive.

"The show's about to start," Adrian sighed, once again oblivious to the swooning Marinette, "where are they?"

The jock sighed, wondering if perhaps Riven was backing out. He pulled out his phone and re-read the last text she had sent him.

We'll meet you at the circus. Chloe is helping me with a new look. I hope you'll like it ;)

As Nino and Alya shared a worried glance, movement caught the girl's eye, "There they are!"

Kim glanced up, heat flushing his face almost at once as his eyes traveled up Riven's bare legs, across her exposed belly, and up to the subtly applied red eye shadow and thick eyeliner.

"Wow girl," Alya smiled, "I'm loving the new look."

"Well I can't exactly take the credit," Riven said, blushing a bit, "Chloe picked it out."

The blonde smirked, "I really do have good tastes. Don't I?"

"Good, you are," Max sighed, "modest, you are not."

Chloe ignored the short boy as she turned to send a wink Kim's way, "What do you think, Kim?"

Riven avoided his gaze, locking her hands behind her.

"You look nice," she glanced up in surprise as he smiled at her, "to be honest, I thought you were going to go a little overboard, but I like it."

"What do you mean you thought I would go overboard," she asked, "how did you know I was trying a new look?"

"It doesn't matter," Chloe interjected, "come on! We're going to miss the show!"

Figuring it was best to let it go, Riven fell into step beside the jock as he led her into the gleaming red and yellow tent.


As the teens settled into their seats, the circus talents rushed to prepare for the show. Among these actors and actresses was a slim young woman in her mid twenties. Her auburn hair had been cut into a messy pixie, her pale green eyes flashing with brilliance as she twirled a pair of flaming batons elegantly around her body. She had always been talented with fire; appearing as a swimmer in a sea of burning flames. People would come for miles to watch her dance about, performing feats of wonder with the dangerous element. She could twirl, eat, and even breathe fire.

"Ruby," she stopped her practicing as she turned to smile at the ringmaster, "I need to talk to you."

"Sure thing, Mr. Croupe. What's up?"

Richard Croupe, the ringmaster of Circe de Fuego, took a deep breath as he decided to break the news, "This show...it's your last one."

Ruby froze, her smile faltering a bit, "What do you mean? Are you firing me? Right before the show?"

"I would have done it sooner," Croupe sighed, "but with all the preparations-"

"I don't understand," Ruby said, small tears forming on the edges of her eyes, "why?"

"I'm retiring. And the people I sold the business to aren't interested in fire tricks," he replied sadly, "the circus is getting a remodel. Cirque du Fuego is going to become Cirque du Magnifique."


"If you knew how to do something other than fire, then I'd be able to keep you," Croupe frowned, "but this is all you know. I hope you understand-"

"No, I don't," Ruby snarled, "And apparently you don't understand that this circus would be nothing without me! I am the heart of this circus!"

"Yes," Croupe frowned, "you were the heart of Cirque du Fuego. Not Cirque du Magnifique. I'm sorry, Ruby. Just try to make your last show a good one."

"No," Ruby scowled, turning to storm off, her still flaming baton roaring with rage, "you want me gone? I'm gone!"

Croupe hung his head in sadness as his ex-employee disappeared around the corner.


Miles away, in the darkness of Hawk Moth's nest, his window swirled open to reveal the fading light of the afternoon.

"Ah," the villain purred, "the fires of anger burn brightly tonight."

Holding out his hand, Hawk Moth ushered one of his white butterflies to land in it. Covering it, he imbued the tiny insect with darkness.

"Fly away, my little Akuma," he said as he released the now black butterfly, "and evilize her!"


"This is so exciting," Adrien exclaimed, glancing over at Nino, "I can't wait for the show to start."

Chloe frowned from where she sat behind the blonde boy, sending a glare in Marinette's direction. The dark haired girl had stolen the seat beside her Adrikins and refused to move. To make matters worse, Adrien had actually told Chloe to find another seat! Giving a sigh, she glanced two rows down at Riven and Kim. They sat with Max, the trio sharing a bag of popcorn and discussing plans for a possible study group.

Smirking, Chloe leaned forward, "Hey Kim! Maybe you and Rivy should have a private study group."

The tall boy turned away from Riven in order to hide his blush.

"Chloe," she snarled, turning around in her seat to glare up at the blonde, "not cool."

"What? I'm just giving a suggestion," she chuckled, "your dates would go so much smoother without that third wheel."

Max sighed, trying to ignore Chloe's accusing sneer as Riven scowled, "Max is not a third wheel because these are not dates!"

"But you do like Kim, don't you Rivy?"

"Sure I do," Kim glanced at her in surprise, "as a friend."


"Quiet down, Chloe," Adrien urged gently as the lights dimmed, "it's starting!"

The blonde pouted as she sunk lower in her seat.

"Ladies and gentlemen," Croupe smiled as he made his way to the center ring, "boys and girls of all ages! Welcome to Cirque du Fuego!"

Suddenly, the tent became bathed in warmth and color as a man, a woman, and a young boy holding flaming hoops dashed out into the ring. Following them were three magnificent tigers, two adults and a small cub. Riven giggled at the sight of the tiny kitten attempting to mimic its parents. Kim watched in amazement as the tigers leaped through their hoops. The youngest trainer lowered his fire-free hoop for the tiger kitten to hop through.

All throughout the crowd, giggles and laughter mixed with the applause the tiger family earned. The crowd was so focused on the act, they did not notice the short figure which entered the tent.

She was thin with bright orange skin that seemed to shimmer with a dark red hue every time she turned. Her hair licked the air about it, the dark orange and white flames reflecting the anger in her white, pupil-less eyes. She wore a simple unitard made from a beautiful sunset yellow silk fabric. In her hand, she twirled a long fire bo-staff.

"Ladies and gentlemen," she called out in a voice that could very easily resemble a roaring fire, "boys and girls of all ages! It's time for the main event!"

The crowd gasped as the newcomer strode into the center ring. The tigers shrank away from her flames, hissing as the adults stood in front of their cub. The trainers hurried the beasts out of the tent as Croupe ran back into the ring.

"Ruby," he gasped, "is that you?"

"Ruby is no more," the woman cackled, "I am Solar Flare, queen of fire and the new owner of Cirque du Fuego!"

"This is insane," Croupe begged, "what are you doing, Ruby?"

"You wanted me to make my last performance one to remember," she snarled, her hair rising in intensity and heat, "well, Mr. Croupe, I'm going to do just that! This will be the last show Cirque du Fuego will ever perform in Paris! And once it's done, I'm going to burn it and this city to the ground!"

The crowd screamed as everyone struggled to make their way to the exits.

"Hold it," Solar Flare sneered, twirling her staff about her body, "what kind of show doesn't have an audience?"

Kim gasped as the fire witch sent a large fireball towards the entrances. A large wall of flames blocked any exit, causing the audience to back away. Marinette gazed about her in worry, listening as children began to weep in fear. The flames rose in height, yet they didn't burn the tent.

"Don't worry folks," Solar Flare's booming voice caught everyone's attention once more, "the tent can withstand massive amounts of heat. After all, you can't have a fire themed circus without the proper equipment. Now, please return to your seats and we'll continue on with the show!"

Everyone gazed at one another, fear and unease easy to see, as they slowly returned to their seats. The never dying fires at the entrance, though they didn't burn the tent, did quickly heat it up. Riven wiped the thick layer of sweat from her brow, silently thankful that Chloe chose shorts for her.

How am I supposed to transform, she thought as she felt Trixx squirm in her vest's inner pocket from the unbearable heat, there's too many people around.

Unknown to her, Marinette and Adrien were wondering the same thing.

"Don't worry everyone," the crowd gasped as Kim stood up to address them, "I'm positive Ladybug, Cat Noir, and Vixen will save us! They've never failed before!"

All around, cheers of agreement passed throughout the tent. Marinette, Adrien, and Riven gazed at the jock with a mixture of surprise and gratitude.

"Relying on your superheroes, are you," Riven gasped as Solar Flare slowly turned towards the still standing boy, "sorry kiddo, but they're not coming. Nobody can withstand my heat."

"They'll come," Kim snarled, "and then the show will really start!"

"Yeah," Nino snapped, standing up in his seat, "they'll save us!"

"That's right," Alya joined the boys, "they're probably on their way right now!"

Solar Flare glared, her hair igniting with rage, "You three! Down here, now!"

Kim, Nino, and Alya froze in fear, glanced between each other.

"Either you come down here or I start burning people!"

Realizing there was no way around it, the teens slowly made their way into the center ring.

"Ruby please," Croupe begged, "they're just children."

"It's Solar Flare," the woman shrieked, flames erupting from her hair and shoulders, "Solar Flare!"

Nino and Kim huddled into Alya, trying their best to shield her from the sudden heat.

"And I hope you three aren't scared of heights."


"Ladies and gentlemen," Solar Flare sashayed about the ring, circling a metal pool of fire, "children of all ages, what you are about to see is something so dangerous. So terrible that I'm honestly not sure our three lucky volunteers will survive."

High above the pool Kim, Nino, and Alya had been tied together and hung over the flames. The smoke from the bonfire rose up and around them, stinging their eyes and filling their lungs.

"Our valiant volunteers will be lowered into the pool," Solar Flare continued, "their only hope of salvation are three heroes. That is, if they make it in time. After all," the woman chuckled, "if the smoke inhalation won't kill them, the flames surely will."

Kim tried to peer through the smoke at Max and Riven, who sat horror struck in their seats. Riven glanced around her, noticing everyone's attention riveted on the horrifying scene before them.

"Max," she whispered, quickly catching the boy's attention, "I'm going to get help. Can you give me a distraction?"


"I don't know," she sighed, "but if i don't find some way to contact someone, Kim will die."

Max thought for a moment before shooting to his feet and dashing down the bleachers towards the center ring.

"Miss Solar Flare," he called out, running around the ring to stand on the far side, "Miss Solar Flare?"

"What are you doing out of your seat," the flaming woman snarled, her fire bursting slightly, "what do you want?"

"I have to use the bathroom," Max begged, "can you please lower your flames?"

"So you can run and get the police," the woman cackled, "how stupid do you think I am?"

Max glanced back up at the bleachers, noticing an empty spot next to his.

"Back to your seat!"

Whimpering in fear, the short boy rushed back up to his seat.

Good luck, Riven.


While Max had been distracting the fire woman, Riven had slipped down beneath the bleachers. Slowly making her way back, she raised the bottom of the tent and slid out beneath it into the fresh air. Grateful for the cool evening air, she turned to reach for her vest.


She jumped in surprise, whipping around to see Adrien and Marinette standing behind her.

"How'd you two get out?"

"Same way you did," Adrien said, wiping the sweat from his brow, "but now's not the time for chit chat!"

"He's right," Marinette nodded, "we need to get help. I'll post an SOS on Alya's Ladyblog. Maybe that'll get Ladybug's attention."

"I'll run to get the fire department," Adrien added, "Riven, you go get the police."

"Done," the black haired girl nodded, "good luck you two."

Giving each other a dark nod, the trio split up. Riven made her way around the tent, ducking behind a trailer.

"That was close," Trixx panted, her fur slightly fluffier due to the humidity, "you almost transformed in front of your classmates! You have to be more careful, Riven."

"Save the lecture for later," the girl sighed, "Trixx, teeth bared!"


Marinette panted heavily as she hid behind the hot dog stand.

"Tikki," she gasped, opening her purse to allow her ladybug kwami to float into the air, "are you okay?"

"I'm fine, Marinette," the little red creature sighed, clearly exhausted from the heat, "but let's not waste any time."

"You're right. Tikki, spots on!"


"That was too close," Adrien panted as a small black cat freed itself from his jacket, "I almost suffocated in there."

"Come on," the blonde sighed, "we need to get back in there."

"But what about the fire department?"

"No time," Adrien snapped, "Nino and the others are in danger! Plagg, claws out!"

"Aw man," the tiny kwami sighed as he was sucked into the boy' silver ring, "out of the frying pan into the fire."


Alya struggled to breathe as more smoke filled her lungs. She could feel Nino and Kim on either side of her. While the jock struggled against their ropes, the DJ's head bobbed as he attempted to remain conscious.

"Nino," she coughed out, "stay awake. Don't go to sleep."

"I'm trying," he wheezed back, "but I can't breathe."

"Don't worry guys," Kim paused to release a few coughs, "I'm sure the heroes are on their way."

Suddenly, the trio felt themselves slowly descend towards the fire pool while the crowd began screaming.

"They'd better get here soon," Alya gasped, "before we become barbecued!"

Down below, Solar Flare smirked up at her captives.

"Ruby please stop," Croupe begged, keeping his distance from the woman's intense heat, "they're just children."

"And soon they'll be nothing but ashes!"

Suddenly, the roof of the tent ripped open as a leather clad boy landed in the center ring.

"It's Cat Noir," someone exclaimed, "we're saved!"

"Cat Noir," Nino cried out, "up here!"

"Hang on, guys," the blonde hero smirked, "I'll get you down!"

"No you won't," he gasped, dodging a well aimed fireball, "I will not let you destroy my final performance."

Cat Noir gulped as a searing heat ignited from the woman's head and shoulders. Spinning her fire staff, she sent another fireball his way. Just as it was about to make contact, however, a ripple of orange sound waves dissipated it.

"Vixen," the blonde smiled as two girls fell in through the hole in the roof, "M'Lady!"

"Sorry we're late," Ladybug smiled, "but we had some kids to get to safety."

"Vixen," the fox heroine glanced up at Max, "have you seen Riven?"

"She's safe with the fire department," Vixen smiled, "all thanks to you, Max!"

"No," the trio shielded their eyes as another intense heat wave hit them, "no no NO! You will not ruin this for me!"

"Solar Flare! Now is the time! Take their Miraculous!"

"I'll make this exceedingly simple, heroes," the fiery woman smirked, "either give me your Miraculous or watch as my volunteers burn!"

"She's lying," Alya cried out, "don't trust her!"

The trio glanced up at the still descending teens.

"Cat Noir," he blinked as Vixen spoke softly to him, "think your Cataclysm can destroy their rope?"

"I suppose so."

"Then do it!"

Nodding, the blonde raised his hand in the air, "Cataclysm!"

"What," Solar Flare snarled as the boy extended his baton to grab the rope, "you'll just kill them yourselves?!"

"Not exactly."

Kim, Alya, and Nino's cries of fright cut off as a sound wave caught them mid-air and gently lowered them to safety. Vixen lowered her flute, quickly placing herself between the teens and her opponent.

"You annoying little brats," the woman's head and shoulders ignited once more, "how dare you stand against me."

"We'll stand against anyone who threatens our city and the people who live in it," Ladybug scowled as she helped Alya to her feet, "especially from the likes of you!"

"Is that so? Well, since you love this city so much," the staff erupted into flames as she twirled it elegantly about her body, "you can burn with it! Then I can pluck your Miraculous from your charred bodies!"

Ladybug scowled as she threw her yo-yo into the air, "Lucky Charm!"

The hearts swirled, dropping four fire extinguishers onto the ground.

"These'll come in handy," she smirked, glancing towards the flaming entrances, "Kim, Alya, Nino! Each of you grab one and see if you can put out the fires at the entrances. We'll keep her distracted."

"You got it, Ladybug," Alya smiled, "come on,boys!"

While the trio picked up their extinguishers, Ladybug took the spare one and aimed it at Solar Flare. The woman chuckled as the foam merely evaporated upon contact with her skin.

"Aw man," Cat sighed, "she's too hot!," his ring suddenly beeped, "and I've only got a few more minutes."

Vixen glanced back at the entrance, giving a small sigh of relief as the last of the crowd vanished to freedom. Alya, Nino, Kim, and Max hid just outside, the three extinguishers still in their possession.

"I've got an idea," she said, "Vulpine Melody!"

A single clone melted from her body, the pair of foxes rushing towards the hiding teens.

"Can we have those?"

"Sure," Kim smiled, handing over his extinguisher, "here you are."

Taking the other two, the orange haired heroine smiled gratefully, "Thanks. Now all of you need to get to safety."

The pair returned to the battled, which had quickly heated up. Cat Noir struggled to ignore the heat as he and Solar flare locked their staffs.

She gave a dark chuckle, "Here kitty kitty."

The blonde gasped as he leaped backward to avoid a fistful of flames.

"Cat," he glanced back as Vixen threw the spare extinguisher his way, "here!"

Catching the spotted item, the three heroes (plus one clone) aimed their nozzles at the woman.

"The akuma must be in her staff," Ladybug said, "we have to get it away from her."

The heroine glanced around, knowing full well the foam wouldn't do much. Her vision focused on the extinguishers, Solar Flare's eyes, the fire staff, and her yo-yo.

"Guys," she smirked at her partners, "follow my lead!"

Raising her aim, Ladybug let a stream of foam loose. Smirking, Solar Flare twirled her staff. The foam hissed and evaporated as Cat Noir and the two Vixens circled the villain. Every time they fired, however, she effectively blocked it.

With a scowl of frustration, Vixen glanced ahead and noticed Cat running in her direction. After turning to share a nod with her clone, the foxes raised their extinguishers above their heads. Cat Noir noticed this and quickly put two and two together. While Ladybug distracted the fir woman, the two Vixens launched the boy into the air.

"Hey Solar Flare," she glanced up with a gasp of surprise, "say cheese!"

Firing the foam, Cat Noir landed on his feet while the villain shrieked in surprise. She wiped at the foam in her eyes, dropping her fire staff. Acting quickly, Ladybug wrapped her yo-yo around it and yanked it towards the foxes. The pair lifted their legs and gave the item a mighty kick, easily snapping it in half.

"No," Solar Flare shrieked as the akuma fled from the weapon, "it can't end like this."

"No more evildoing for you, little akuma."

"Cat," Vixen cried out, "you're about to change back!"

He glanced at it, noticing her pulsing pendant, "So are you!"

"Go," Ladybug smiled, "I can handle the rest."

Nodding, Cat Noir and Vixen raced out of the tent into the fresh air.

"You know," the blonde panted as they paused, "we make a really good team. Why don't we keep working together?"

"I'll agree to that when Ladybug apologizes," Vixen said, snapping her finger so her clone could vanish, "and I don't see that happening anytime soon."

"I'll talk to her about it."

"No," she sighed, "I don't want her to feel obligated. I want a true apology."

Cat was about to speak again when his ring gave another beep. Giving him a smile and a shrug, Vixen turned and rode off on one of her sound waves.


"Riven," Kim gave a sigh of relief as she approached the ambulance, "thank goodness."

The fire department had indeed arrived, albeit a little late to the party. Kim, Alya, and Nino sat in the back of an ambulance, an oxygen mask across each of their faces.


The black haired girl turned as Marinette and Adrien joined them. Joining their friends, the trio listened as Nino relived their rescue.

"I thought we were gonners for sure," he finished, "I should have never doubted Ladybug and Cat Noir."

"Don't forget Vixen," Alya smirked, "she's the one who caught us after all."

"I told you guys they'd save us," Kim smiled, "I just wish we could have thanked them."

"Maybe we can," Alya smiled as she pulled off her oxygen mask and took her phone from her pocket, "Riven, can you video tape us?"

"Why not Marinette?"

"Probably not a good idea," her friend chuckled, "I'm a super klutz."

Smiling, Riven took the phone as Nino and Kim sat on either side of Alya.

"Ok," she said, "it's rolling."

"Hello all you Ladybloggers," Alya began, "today, my friends and I almost lost our lives. But we were saved by Ladybug, Cat Noir, and Vixen! Since they had to save the day and run, we wanted to post this special video thanking you three for all your brave acts."

"Cat Noir," Nino smirked, "you are seriously one cool cat," Adrien tried his best not to blush as his best friend continued, "seriously, I don't know anyone who can keep that cool in such a blazing situation."

"Ladybug," Alya smirked, "girl, you got some real talent! Thank you so much!"

Marinette struggled to hold back her giggle as Kim glanced up into the camera.

"I know we don't know that much about you, Vixen," Riven raised an eyebrow as her friend sighed softly, "but Paris is lucky you came around when you did. I don't know what we'd do without you. You saved us today. You saved all of Paris. And for that, we're grateful."

Riven smiled softly, "And...that's a wrap."

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