Roses Tears

about a girl how goes throw hell her hole life and tries to make things as good as she can make it. She fines a werewolf in her own woods and falls in with him


1. Intro


Hi my names Rose Black, I'm a werewolf on the run from a pack which oddly named the Rose Killer. which I hate so much because everyone is after me because I have angle, demon and a wolf blood. the Rose Killer after my blood. My blood could kill anything it touches and it  also black blood I can use it as a weapon. sometimes I wish to be normal like every one else but I'm alone I have only one family my big bother Nathan black he has kept me safe from the Rose Killer pack. I leaned that I'm not allowed to love anyone because they could use what I am, so I don't tell anyone they would be scared of me. My bother knows what I am, my bother he is a demon but to me he's an angle. Nathan black is my only friend and family!







A/N: Next chapter will be the story

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