From Geek To Chic

Sarina Andrews can officially be nominated for Regina hills highschools biggest geek. and actually... she was... determined to end her geeky ways and come out of high school with a bang, Sarina completely transforms herself for her senior year.


1. And the award goes to...

                    Junior year award ceremony

  All the cheerleaders lined up along the auditorium stage wearing large smiles and too small skirts. they each held a piece of paper with a list of names on it and they were each given a designated award to hand out to a specific person. the cheer captain approached the microphone and blew into it.

  "goodevening Regina Hills high!" she yelled. the auditorium erupted into a fit of yelling.

  "thats what i like to hear! now, lets start this award ceremony so we can all get the hell outa highschool!"  the swearword  did eventually get the cheer captain a saturday detention, but she doesnt know that yet...

  "lets start with andy!" she handed the first cheerleader the microphone and  stepped back into place holding her own award to announce. 

i sat in the designated  area for juniors and watched with slight amusment as the cheerleaders announced the names in a fake peppy way that did nothing but make us laugh even harder.

"last but not least: Sarina Andrews gets the award; and keep in mind this is a brand new award, for Regina hills most geekiest person!" she yelled. everybody started to clap but then it quickly died down once everybody realized hat she actually said.

i felt the heat rise to my cheeks and i sunk even further into my seat. the fuming teacher stomped onto the stage and dragged the captain down by her elbow . this action also added on another saturday detention...

as she stepped down the stage she looked directly at me and blew a kiss. I sat there halfway off my seat surrounded by 300 students with every one of their eyes on me. The schools geekiest geek. Now made official to the whole school...

Sorry so short. Kind of just an itroduction/prologue thing.

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