Klaus and Bella One Shots

This will be Klaus and Bella One Shots.


1. First Meet

Bella POV

We just moved to Mystic Falls a month ago and I met a girl named Elena Gilbert! I do not like her, she thinks and acts like the world revolves around her, but she does it very subtle. I also met a Damon Salvatore and I get along with him. He used to be in love with Elena, but I showed him how she really is AKA I showed him her true colors. I met Damon's brother and well he reminds me of Edward! 

     "oomph" I said from down on the ground outside Mystic Grill "I am so sorry!"

     "Let me help you up!" A hot guy said as he helped me up!

    "Thank you....." I said/asked as he helped me up.

    "My name is Klaus Mikaelson" He said as he hlped steady me.

   "Thank you Klaus, my name is Bella Swan!" I said as he let me go. I recognize the name, Klaus want to kill Elena.

The Mystic Grill doors open and Damon comes out through the door. He walks up to us and sees Klaus, but doesn't care.

    "Ugg! Why doesn't Elena understand that I do not like her!" Damon says to me "Ugg I really do not like her. I want to make a deal with Klaus that he leaves us two alone and he can have Elena to himself and we won't try to save her."

      "But we can't say the same about Stefan!" I said as she stayed next to Klaus. "What did Elena do to piss you off?" 

     "She tried to make me hate you! Like the fuck that is going to happen sis!" Damon says. "I love you to much for some petty manipulative bitch to become between us sis!"

      "She tried to make you hate me? She does realize that you will always choose me right? If she doesn't, she really is god damn stupid." I said still next to Klaus but getting ready to leave.

     "You guys are related?" Klaus asked following Bella.

     "She/He is my brother/sister in everything but blood." Damon and I said together looking at Klaus while getting in my car.

     "I know who you are Klaus! You are here for Elena for the sun and moon curse." Damon said in my car.

     "How did you know?" Klaus asked asked from the backseat.

     "Never mind that! You can have Elena! I am done protecting the bitch. You will have to worry about the Bennett Witch, my brother, and her other friends." Damon/Bella said  while driving to Bella's house "Oh, and you will have to worry about your brother Elijah too."

   "My brother is helping Elena out? Why are guys helping me out and warning me?" Klaus asked getting out of the car and following Bella and Damon.

   "We don't care about Elena or anyone else only each other and anyone else that we both like or get along with." Damon said while waiting for Bella to unlock her front door.

  "So you hate Elena, her friends, and your brother?" Klaus asked while also waiting for Bella to unlock her front door.

   "Yes we do hate Elena, her friends, and my/his brother." Damon/Bella said while walking into Bella's house.

   "You got yourself a deal." Klaus said "Cause I like you guys too."



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