Guilty Girls

(Inspired by Gossip Girl) Manhattan Girl, a ruthless and mysterious blogger who reveals secrets about teens in upper east side New York. Nobody mess with her/him. Or they'll sure pay...

However, things start to spice up when Queen B - Brittany Ross - returned to Manhattan who apparently went away over a year for a Mental Hospital. Now that she's back, things may never be the same. For instance: a jealous ex-best friend who'll stop nothing to destroy her, the ex-best friend's boyfriend that apparently slept with Queen B and didn't tell her but later found out by Manhattan Girl, and the boyfriend's brother who APPARENTLY have feelings for Brittany.

This will sure hit the record for the most juiciest gossip ever. Thanks to me...

XOXO, Manhattan Girl


2. Welcome Back...




She knew coming back is a bad idea.

A horrible, disgusting, pathetic idea that will only ends with disaster to be exact.

But here she was, standing in front of the Golden Plaza in Manhattan, waiting for her so-called mom to come out the damn door. She sighed in a deep disappointment as she examined her new iPhone 7 plus.

Seriously, it’s already 5. How long will she come here just to see her daughter that hadn’t been seen for over a year? She thought in irritation.


She was going to storm the hotel already but stopped her not-so-calm plan when she saw a elegant, blond-haired, tall women marching towards her.

“Goodness me, is that you Brittany?” The lady asked in surprise. With a smile, she quickly-yet elegantly- hugged Brittany in comfort.

“Mom…” The word escape Brittany’s mouth as a total whisper. She hadn’t seen her mother over a year, and goodness did she missed her mother’s warm hug. “Look how beautiful you grown.”

Brittany smiled in awe and embarrassment. As they pulled apart, her mother spoke, “It’s been too long, and you miss too much.”

A uneasy giggle escaped her daughter’s mouth as she looked at her mother with thousand of emotions.

“I know. But is it good or bad?” 

“That is for YOU to answer dear,”

She took a quick breath. “Again, I know.”

Ms. Ross gave her a steady stare before searching through her brand new watch. “You better get ready for the Annual 2017 Party, it begins at 7.”

“But, I thought we’re going to have a mother-daughter bonding today…” Brittany can’t hide her deeply disappointment as she crossed her tan arm.


Her mother rolled her piercing blue eyes as she reached Brittany’s cold hand.

“Brittany, listen to me. I know you just got back to Engalnd for over a year, and I know how much you want to spend some time with me,” She inhalde slowly before she continued, “But today is very important for me because there’ll be many politicans and buisness people. But it’s also important to you too, because they can know that you’re back!”

“Or, Manhattan Girl already spilled the secret since she is a total spy.” Brittany then pulled her mother’s hand away in disgust.


How can she forget Manhattan Girl, one of the most famous gossip website in Brooklyn? There’s so many secrets and truths that wasn’t ready to share in that bloody website. But what’s worse is that, all of them are true. It destroy many friendships and relentionships, turn best friends and couples into arch enemies. And yet, Manhattan Girl became part of her life since she’s one of the most popular girls in school and a daughter of a famous, rich, spoiled parents. That’s HER life, and she got to deal with it. Whether she like it or not.


“You’re going to that party, understood? Or your butt will be kicked out of my roof!” Ms. Ross harshly insult her with a evil glare. Brittany shudder, remembered what her mother is capable of.

“Yes mom…” She muttered under her breath. Her mother smiled proudly and started to walked away, leaving her poor daughter behind.

Once her mother is out of sight, she let go and... cried. She doesn’t care if other people or Manhattan Girl OR the whole city will see her, let them is better. These 2 years had been nothing but a painful memeory and disater. As much as she want this to be over, she know she can’t. All she can do is act like nothing happen and be a happy, spolied, perfect-life kid.

She has to.

She need to.

Because if she can’t, she know that she will not  survive this life...

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