Guilty Girls

(Inspired by Gossip Girl) Manhattan Girl, a ruthless and mysterious blogger who reveals secrets about teens in upper east side New York. Nobody mess with her/him. Or they'll sure pay...

However, things start to spice up when Queen B - Brittany Ross - returned to Manhattan who apparently went away over a year for a Mental Hospital. Now that she's back, things may never be the same. For instance: a jealous ex-best friend who'll stop nothing to destroy her, the ex-best friend's boyfriend that apparently slept with Queen B and didn't tell her but later found out by Manhattan Girl, and the boyfriend's brother who APPARENTLY have feelings for Brittany.

This will sure hit the record for the most juiciest gossip ever. Thanks to me...

XOXO, Manhattan Girl


3. Scarlett Fitzgerald

At this time of the year, Manhattan has become really busy. The weather is sunny and so flaming hot that you can get a perfect tan at the beach in 3 hours. Beeping and honking from noisy cars can be heard from miles and miles, while loud crowds busily rushed down the city like little mice running away from their predators: cats.


But the nosiest place at Manhattan is at the Fitzgerald’s house.


Large crowds- writer, designer, helpers- running around like they’re playing tags and arguing. One group was arguing what filter should they use for the photo that was just taken. While the other person was screaming their eyes out, asking where is the bloody model. “Ms. Florish, where on earth is she?!” The director shouted in disgrace while others gave him the confused stare. Few seconds later, a loud BANG! send the people into scream and cried.

“Oh no no no!” One of the designer came running and pick up the expensive, golden vase, which is now broken into thousands of pieces. “Mrs. Fitzgerald will kill me! Clear this up right this instant!”


But it was too late. Heavy footsteps are approaching  downstairs. So the only thing they can do was crossed their finger and go back to-


“WHO BROKE MY VASE?!” Mrs. Fitzgerald screamed in complete vexation as her eyes was glued at the shattered vase. “ANSWER ME!”


Silent consumed the room as they gave each other a nervous glance. What seem like forever, the designer approach her furious boss. “I-I…” She stammered nervously while fidding with her finger, which shook heavily. “I did ma’am.”

Ms. Fitzgerald stared toxicly at the girl with her vicious, brown eyes for what seemed like a hour. Then in a sharp tone, she spoke 2 words that made the girl cried in horror. “You’re fired.” And just like that, she walked away; leaving the poor girl cried in dispair...

“Is your mother always like this?” Kathy asked blankly as she laid on top of her BFF’s luxurious, violet queen size bed as she stared curiously at her BFF, Scarlett Fitzgerald.

Scarlett shrugged helplessly as she strolled to the beachfront and gazed the exquisite, breathtaking sunset. “You know it’s hard being the leader and all…”

“I can see that. But at least your mother have tons of money, no wonder this house is hers,”

Scarlett turned and looked at Kathy with an annoyed face. Sure, her house was big and appointed alright. 

And truthfully, it is a lovely place to come home to. The path that leads the way to the entrance allows visitors to admire the front facade with its varied architectural elements and volumes. Inside, the residents are able to enjoy a spacious open-plan living space that boasts floor-to-ceiling windows and a plethora of amenities.


The space is predominantly white but it does flaunt a few charcoal gray-colored elements as well as contrasting textures and finishes. The modern appearance is complemented by wooden finishes and furnishings that add a touch of naturalness and coziness. The kitchen is perhaps one of the home’s most amazing areas, as it features state-of-the-art appliances as well as sliding doors that blur the limits between the indoors and outdoors. Speaking of the outdoors, a wooden deck with chairs, tables and sofas provides perfect relaxation and socialization opportunities.


But what’s impressive the most is that it’s next to the beach, where you can watch the sunset all day long. Whoever came to this house, is total star-struck. That’s what Scarlett said anyway.


“It’s not my fault that my mom is the world famous designer while my dad is world-class house designer. I’m just born spoiled.” Scarlett said apathetically as she examined her polished, hot pink nails. Spoiled is somehow Scarlett’s favourite word because of that’s literally her life. 


A world where you get what you want with just a snap! and Voila! there it is! A world where people look up to you and adore you.

A world where everything evolve around you.

A world that is just… perfect.


Scarlett grinned to herself as she sat next to Kathy, who was now busily on her phone. Her life’s perfect, she couldn’t asked anything more.

Money. Fame. Love. Adoration.

It’s seriously every girl dream.


“Oh, Brooklynn Girl just released a new blog!” Kathy squealed in delight as she started to read. “Brooklyn Girl here, and I got a juicy gossip that everyone will love here! Okay mate, what would your reaction be when I tell you that… BRITTANY’S HERE?!”


Scarlett practically fell out of the bed. Not really lady-like. As she stood up, she didn't understand at all, as if her brain short-circuited and needed to be rebooted. Around her, everything was in fast-forward while she was motionless in the middle of it all. Is it really true?


“Give me that!” Scarlett barked as she snatched the phone away from Kathy. Her eyes traveled rapidly like lighting as her face turned white. 

“This can’t be real, this CAN’T BE REAL!” Scarlett shouted in disgrace as she threw the phone into the bed.

She hadn’t thought of Brittany for a long time already; and when she did, she wish she hasn’t. Brittany, who was her ex-best friend.

Who never called or texted her.

Who slept with her boyfriend.

Who wasn’t there when she needs her the most.


No, I need to stop thinking about her. She’s just a person in the past who needs to be forgotten. Just thinking about that made her feel less worried.

But Kathy ruined it all when she asked, “You don’t think she’ll come to the Annual 2017 Party right?” Scarlett spun around and gave her a death glare. “What do you mean?”

“Well…” Kathy began saying, “I mean, if she’s back here, don’t you think she’ll make an grand entrance? The Annual 2017 Party seem like a good idea. Dress as a princess, twirling her blond beautiful hair, flirting with boys, she’s totally going to take the throne.”

“No, she won’t,” Scarlett growled furiously. She moved herself to the mirror while grabbed her golden hair brush along the way and slide it down her hair. She proudly searched herself in the mirror: Gorgeous pale skin, fantastic azure eyes, straight raven hair, and a beautiful smile. I look much better than Brittany… She thought as she put down the hairbrush and looked straight at Kathy. “I’m the queen here, not her. She used too, but was took down because the people are bored of her. That won’t happen to me,”

“And, why not?” Kathy asked curiously as she stood up and walked over to her rather happy friend.

“Because, my BFF,” Scarlett flashed a bright smile at Kathy, “I’m going to bring Brittany Vander Wood down. She won’t even see it coming…”



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