Guilty Girls

(Inspired by Gossip Girl) Manhattan Girl, a ruthless and mysterious blogger who reveals secrets about teens in upper east side New York. Nobody mess with her/him. Or they'll sure pay...

However, things start to spice up when Queen B - Brittany Ross - returned to Manhattan who apparently went away over a year for a Mental Hospital. Now that she's back, things may never be the same. For instance: a jealous ex-best friend who'll stop nothing to destroy her, the ex-best friend's boyfriend that apparently slept with Queen B and didn't tell her but later found out by Manhattan Girl, and the boyfriend's brother who APPARENTLY have feelings for Brittany.

This will sure hit the record for the most juiciest gossip ever. Thanks to me...

XOXO, Manhattan Girl


1. Plot


And I got a juicy gossip that everyone will love here!


Okay mate, what would your reaction be when I tell you that Brittany’s here?

Yes, THE only one and only: Brittany Ross. The Queen B who went missing for a year for a total mental hosiptal is finally back!


Thanks to dear Mia, I have evidence to point out to that.

Spotted: Brooklyn Train Station at 4pm.

Dressed as fashionably as ever!:

Exquisite, black-white fur coat, newest Channel’s purse, Golden Pierce’s cat-eye sunglass, high heel boot, and a Royal Cast’s porcelain mini skirt.

But the real question of all, is she really back for good? What about her ex-best friend-, the “It Girl”- who Queen B abandon her by never replying her texts and call? We all know It Girl have move on by having new minions by her side. But what will happen if Queen B is back? Will things change more than it should be? Again, we all know that little-badly-two-shoes here slept with It Girl’s boyfriend, L.


That’s another answer for another day.


XOXO, Manhattan Girl.

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