The Outsider| Andy Biersack FanFic (Book #1)

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What would you do for the one you love the most?

Andy Biersack would have gone to the gates of hell for Juliet, now it looks like he has.

Ivy Garnet was born blind, but that doesn't mean she can't see. Ivy see's the future in visions, not only can she see the future, but she can see things not quite of this world. Things most people can't see, things that would make others question your sanity if you were to speak of the things you see.
Ivy will soon have to put her gift to the test as she finds herself in a fight for her soul with the devil himself. The Devil sends his best Reaper after Ivy.
But, what happens when Ivy starts to fall in love with the Reaper?


1. Prologue

 I am not like other people.


  This is the story of how I fell in love with the Reaper who was supposed to take my soul. The Reaper who's heart already belongs to someone else. But, my story is complicated and for you to fully understand my story I must start with first telling you the story of the Reapers.

  The devil created four Reapers, each one born of a different element. Fire, water, wind, and earth. Their powers are exceptionally different from one another, each has their strengths and weaknesses. These things that are known as Reapers, were, all of them, at one time, normal people who made deals with the devil literally. Either for money or fame, except one, he made the deal in the name of love. This is the Reaper tasked with collecting my soul. 

  Now, the devil only sends his Reapers after the souls he desires most. The Reaper's job is to collect the souls of the ones whom death is not yet ready to claim, the ones that the devil wants for one reason or another. The person could have made a deal and now it's time to pay the ultimate cost of their soul, those people knew full well what exactly they were getting into when they made their deal with the devil himself. But, then there are others that the devil wants for reasons the Reaper don't know. They do as they're told.

  The first Reaper's element was earth. Ash Vander's wanted fame and he had it. For a short time. Then the devil made him carry out his end of the bargain, his soul was taken to a place between life and death. This is where the Reapers are found, hiding in the shadows. This world unseen by most, in fact, nearly all. But, that doesn't make it any less real.

  The second Reaper's element was wind. Clive Tyler's big goal in life was to make the perfect score. He had been shot while robbing a bank by his partner. It turns out Clive's partner and his wife had been messing around behind his back, and unbeknownst to him, she wanted Clive gone. He made a deal with the devil to let him live long enough to get his revenge on his wife Stella.

  The third Reaper's element was water. Brittany Valentine was a stripper with a dark past behind her. Her boyfriend owned a club and just happened to be the leader of a dangerous gang. One night he found out that he had beat her once too often, I think it might have been the .44 caliber round she used to splatter his brains on the wall that convinced him. She had a bad drug habit and needed money, that is what she made a deal with the devil for. Money. But, what a cruel joke he played on her, two weeks after receiving her money she overdosed in a cheap hotel room.

  Now, for the final Reaper. The fourth Reaper was born of fire. Arguably the most powerful of the four Reapers. Andy Biersack a man with a complicated past and complex personality to match it. His deal with the devil was the result of true love and desperation. He had always sworn he'd go to the gates of hell for Juliet, and in the end, he kept that promise. But, the devil lied to Andy. I know, shocking coming from the father of lies right. 

  The fourth Reaper is the one tasked with collected my soul.

  I said I was not like other people. Now, I don't say this because I am blind. No, this is about so much more than my blindness. For, although, I may not see this world with my eyes, I do see the future of this world in my mind, and visions of another world that is far different from ours. The world I told you about, the one between life and death, light and darkness, that is the world I see. I see it in visions. Now, I can't choose what I see, or even when I shall see the things I do. 

  The things I see are not for the faint of heart. I am not made of steel, but I have come to known that fear will not change is anything. I've always seen the things I do. Now, you can imagine the nightmares I had as a child. I was teased and treated badly for being blind alone, but when word spreads that you're crazy and you're only seeing these things in your mind because your cheese slid off your cracker, that opened me up to the full force of just how mean I could be treated by another child.

  The reason why the devil wants my soul is complicated. Now is not the time to discuss the reason why. 

   I am Ivy Garnet, this is my story.

 It is like no other.

  No, I am not like other people.

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