The Outsider| Andy Biersack FanFic (Book #1)

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What would you do for the one you love the most?

Andy Biersack would have gone to the gates of hell for Juliet, now it looks like he has.

Ivy Garnet was born blind, but that doesn't mean she can't see. Ivy see's the future in visions, not only can she see the future, but she can see things not quite of this world. Things most people can't see, things that would make others question your sanity if you were to speak of the things you see.
Ivy will soon have to put her gift to the test as she finds herself in a fight for her soul with the devil himself. The Devil sends his best Reaper after Ivy.
But, what happens when Ivy starts to fall in love with the Reaper?


3. Chapter Two

  Ivy's vision from the night before stuck in her mind throughout the entire next day. She knew who had been sent after her and this chilled her to the bone. She doesn't know exactly when he'll come, but she'll be ready for him when he does. Or at least, as ready as she can be.

  She brushes her red hair away from her. You could tell by her eyes that she was born blind. She stands at a little under five foot eleven, and she's thin with full hips. 

  "I knew he'd come for me sooner or later. Lucifer's not the type to give up on what he believe's is his." Ivy says it out loud as she sits down on the couch. She plays with the stray strain of her hair that had earlier fallen over her face, she twiddles with it for awhile as she thinks. "Ah, mother. You were wrong after all, you'd thought he'd never find me if you kept me hidden away." 

  Ivy thinks back to when her mother was still alive and how she had made it clear that because of what Ivy is, she's not to talk to anyone more than what is necessary and she's never to trust anyone, but herself. That's what her mother had told Ivy her whole life. And when Ivy was a child, and even as she got older while her mother was alive, she was not even allowed to leave her home. Her mother wouldn't even take her into town with her after the time the other children had teased Ivy so mercilessly.

  Ivy's mother knew that Lucifer wanted her child's soul and she did everything she could to protect Ivy, even until her dying day. Ivy's mother did love her, despite how hard she had treated her. She did the things she did to toughen her daughter up, and Ivy knew that.

  Ivy settled onto the couch, it was going to be a long night, she could feel it. Around midnight Ivy started to fall asleep, she forced herself to stay awake until she couldn't stay awake any longer. A dark figure approaches Ivy as she sleeps, the figure had his eyes trained on the sleeping girl. Ivy suddenly awoke, she could sense his presence. She stayed still to make it look as if she were still sleeping. The figure gets closer to her. She pulls out a cross, holding it out in front of her, she says, "Go away. Go back to hell from where you came. In the name of God, I command you to leave."

  He grabs the cross and rips it from her hand, "That only works if you believe." Ivy froze, it's true, she didn't believe in what she was saying. Oh, Ivy believed God existed alright, but she didn't follow him. She knew if Satan existed so did God, but she refused to put her faith in someone who seemed to care less about her. The only one she could truly believe in was herself, the only one she could trust and put first is herself.

  She spits in his direction, missing him by several inches. "He grabs ahold of her hand. He doesn't want you dead yet, he wants me to bring you to him."

  "Oh, I'll have to make sure I disappoint him, won't I." She grips around his wrist with her free hand. The instant she does, she sees someone. A girl this Reaper had known before becoming what he is, someone he loved. A name came to her, "Is this what Juliet would want you to do?"

  The Reaper releases his grip on Ivy, momentarily stunned by what she had said to him. Ivy made a dash for the bedroom when she did successfully make it inside the room and she liked the door. "He didn't tell me you were so full of tricks." She heard him shout from the other side of the door. 

  There was silence for a few moments after that. The kind of silence that chokes you and makes that feeling of awful dread build up in the pit of your stomach. Ivy swallows loudly waiting to see what he'd do. She feels the door suddenly turn extremely hot underneath her hands. She pulls away from the door and stumbles onto the floor. 

  The door bursts into flames before disintegrating. Ivy hears the Reaper come closer to her, his steps heavy on the floor. He grasps her by her throat and lifts her off of the floor. She struggles to free herself from his hold, she digs her nails into his hand to no avail. She kicked her legs never once touching the floor, he kept her off the floor by just a few inches. He slams her against the wall. 

  "Let's not try that again," he tells her. Ivy starts to see more of the Reaper's life and why he made the deal with the devil. She laughs, "You weren't such a bad guy when you first made the deal." She gasps, "I know why you did it, or should I say, I know who you did it for." He lets go. She leans against the wall, feeling relieved to have her feet touching the floor and being able to take a breath of air.  

  She rubs her neck. He grips her by her chin, "I could kill you." She grins, "Oh, I know you could, but that's not what he wants. And that's certainly not what you want." He looks down at Ivy, "Then what do I want?" Her grin grows wider, "I also saw he screwed you over. I know the longer you're a Reaper the harder your heart get's, but don't tell me your hearts so hard you don't want revenge against the man that not only screwed you over but Juliet too."

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