The Outsider| Andy Biersack FanFic (Book #1)

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What would you do for the one you love the most?

Andy Biersack would have gone to the gates of hell for Juliet, now it looks like he has.

Ivy Garnet was born blind, but that doesn't mean she can't see. Ivy see's the future in visions, not only can she see the future, but she can see things not quite of this world. Things most people can't see, things that would make others question your sanity if you were to speak of the things you see.
Ivy will soon have to put her gift to the test as she finds herself in a fight for her soul with the devil himself. The Devil sends his best Reaper after Ivy.
But, what happens when Ivy starts to fall in love with the Reaper?


2. Chapter One

  Every noise echo's through the hospital's halls. Every time a door closes or opens the sound bounces through the hall, echoing off the walls and tile floor. Andy sat in a chair towards the corner of the room, just opposite the door Juliet had been taken through a few hours ago. Andy's eyes were still red from the tears he had shed earlier as they took Juliet. He leans forward, his head down he looks at the white floor. All sounds had seemed to cease, leaving him in empty silence. Regret ate at him if Juliet hadn't saved him, she wouldn't be teetering between life and death.

  They had been fighting when Juliet was hit by the car. God, Andy couldn't even recall how the fight started, it was just one of those things that couples do, fighting over stupid things that didn't matter anymore. The image of her crumpled body in his arms sticks vividly in his mind.

  The doors Juliet had been taken through swing open suddenly. Andy looks up as the doctor walks towards him. "How...

  The doctor cut's him off, "I'm going to be completely honest with you Mr. Biersack. Your wife was injured very badly when she hit by the car and we're doing everything we can to help her. But...

  Andy stands up, "Just tell me, is she going to die?" The doctor looks directly at Andy, "To tell you the truth, I don't know. Only the good Lord knows that. As I said she was hurt very badly, from here it could go either way."

  After a moment the doctor puts his hand on the door to push it open, he hesitates, "I am truly sorry." He says before disappearing through the large white double doors. Andy let's out a scream of anger and heartbreak as he kicks the chair he had been sitting in.

  "Psst," A voice says behind him, he turns to see a man dress in black from head to toe. How he had gotten there Andy wasn't sure of, he hadn't seen him come up the hall. "Do you want to save her?" "What do you mean?" The stranger rolls his eyes, "I mean it exactly as it sounded, do you want to save Juliet?"

  Andy started to get angry, "What do you want? What game are you trying to play?" The man smirks and shakes his head, "Temper boy. I have something to offer you, something you want very much. I think we can come to make a deal, don't you?" As Andy goes to push the man away from him he disappears. Andy looks at the spot where the stranger had been standing in shock, how did he do that? Andy didn't know.

  "Now, that wasn't nice Andy. I came to make a deal with you and you're wasting time." Andy turns in astonishment to see the stranger once again behind him. "How?" "We haven't got time for that, all you need to know is Juliet's dying and here's your opportunity to save her, just like she saved you." The stranger arches his left eyebrow, "You do wish to save her?"

  "Yes of course!" "Well, I can arrange it, if you are willing to give me what I want in exchange for your precious Juliet's life." "Whatever it takes, I'll do it. Name it and it's your's."

  The stranger lets out a low chuckle which almost sounds like a growl, "Good. I knew you had sense."


  The air is so cold it actually stung Ivy's exposed skin. She shudders as she pulls herself into a ball. She starts to sob quietly as she stands. Carefully she takes small steps forward, she holds her hands out in front of her in case she falls. She inches slowly forward across the living room floor. A loud noise startles her and she falls down.

  An uneasy quiet creeps over everything. It began to feel warmer to her. Her terror increases ten fold, her heart pounding she scoots backward until she against the wall and can go no further. She could feel someone's presence. If only she could the tall stranger standing ominously before her.

  "Pl-pl-eas-e, don-don't h-h-hurt me."

  The next thing she feels was a hand around her throat. Her face was so close to his she could feel his breath on her face. His hand felt unusually hot against her neck, the heat increased until it burnt her.

  Ivy let's out a scream as she awakes, she leans against the headboard of her bed. After taking several deep breaths to calm herself she says, "He's coming.

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