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4. chapter 4

Family reunion

  It is a truth, universally acknowledged that a teenager that is rebellious must be wanting to prank more and more people. Never was this truth more true that during tonight at domes grove high. About three kids were going to fill the gymnasium up with soap and water, and I was one of them.

"Maddie I'm going to the school for the prank tomorrow." I said

"Why by yourself?" answered maddie.

"No with blake." I returned 

  My mind was less difficult to develop. I was a girl of mean understanding. A Lot of information and little timper. When nervous I babbled a lot.

   I sought in tradition, which now seemed more important to me than others. I met blake in the gym as we were setting up the water and soap. As we were doing that blake snuck up behind me and poured a bucket of water on me. My clothes drenched in soapy water. I turned around and looked at him with surprise.

"Oh my god blake!" I said as I grabbed my bucket of water.

I chased him around the gym and threw the water at him. He laughed and so did I. We sat on the ground laughing and talking. Then all the sudden we heard footsteps come from outside the gym to the inside. As me and blake jerked our head to look at who was at the doors we saw; james and alex.

  They were standing there sinesterfully.

"Oh what do we have here? A human and my immortal rippah." he said

As he stood there looking at me he walked closer.

"Say addison why don't you join me and no harm will come to your mundane friend there?" he asked

"Never James, leave us alone!" I angrily said back

"Well I'm sorry to do this, wait not really."

  He looked at me and then blake then back at me.

"When the timer runs out I want you to kill you boyfriend here." he said again.

Balke stood in the empty gymnasium, his eyes on addison. He was scared. What would..happen to him? To her? Addison still had her human emotions on, that's for sure. She was looking at him with eyes full of regret and pain...he could see it.

"Well, well a reuniting for you both now?!" james said startling blake.

"Now, I like this... the mundane and my emotional rippah." he said again.

  James stood behind blake, so close he could just have bit him. But he didn't lay a tooth on him. What was he up to?

Blake listened to the laughs of James. He  focused on the regretful addison, who lowered her eyes to the ground. Don't be afraid screamed addison's dark brown eyes.

  Then the slam of the door echoed through the gym. One human and three strong vampires... this is going to be interesting. James eyes flickered to the weary addison

"Now I know why you're still here...?"

Silence held the four of them together as they stood in order. Addison, blake alex and lastly james.

"Addison," james called addison's attention back from blake.

"Whatever the bargain comes with a price."

A smirk appeared on james face

"You have five minutes."

With that james turned on his heels and walked toward the doors of the gym. A third slam of the doors echoed throughout the gym. Leaving addison and blake alone together.

"What's going on addison?" blake asked frightened, he watched her raise those familiar eyes up to meet his brown eyes. She stood a few feet away from him; as if she were afraid  something bad would happen to him.

"You need to go!" addison said softly,

Blake listened closely to the words that came out of addison's mouth. Addison pointed to the ticking timer on the basketball scoreboard.

"The time that timer runs out, I'll have to kill you!" she said fearfully.

"Drink you until you're dead" she said again.

  "Fight against it!" Blake begged

"I know you can!" He said again

"I love you." She said

"Right, fight because you love me!" He said again

  The five minutes ticked by faster than they both thought it'd be. Fright and heartbreak throbbing through there minds. I can't do it... I can't do it, Addison thought she couldn't do it. She can't do it.... she loved him. James stepped forward.....

  Placed his hands on addison's small shoulders...

"Addison your emotions for this human is nothing. You're a vampire," James reminded his fellow ripper.

"I want you to turn off your emotions for him and do what you have to do!"

James's dark pupils dilated with his done deal of compulsion

"Kill the human!"

Compulsion.... Blake realized. She can't control herself anymore. He had to run, get away. It was the most insignificant thing to do, RUN, he thought.

Addison was gone. His Addison wasn't there anymore. The flashes of there older memories flashed behind his eyes. Addison hugged him, then suddenly

A pounding on the lockers caused Blake to look back behind him. A terrifying Addison trying to hold herself agents the compulsion James had given her. She was fighting, Blake realized. He could do it. Addison could do it. Tears escaped from his eyes as the continuation of the locker pounding continued.

   A wall came into view. That was the end of the hallway... this was it. This was the end. He was going to die... he stood in the empty, darkened hallway as the scary looking Addison sauntered tears him. No emotion on her face or actions. Addison was gone...

Then in a flash.

Addison bit her teeth into his neck,

A scream and cry from him

And nothing more...

James had won...

   *present day*

  Addison closed her eyes as the memory played over and over again in her mind. She was finally able to turn her emotions back on after she had realized what she had done to blake. She had stayed cooped up in her room staring at the walls, in the corner of her eyes she sees catherine, she gave her that familiar mischievous smile causing addison to laugh softly.

  It had been when catherine came back from the appalachian mountains from slaughtering a wolf pack with the help of T'Ohrea(the witch) catherine had heard from barbie-maddie- about what had happened to blake...

   It was catharines fault for she never taught addison how to resist compulsion even from james. If only she stayed to help addison...

  *four days ago*

catherine stood in the doorway of blake's hospital room. She'd compelled the secretary to let her in the room. She untangled the needles sticking in his skin. She had picked him up and brought him to our house, she laid him on the couch upstairs as i sat in my room alone and sad.


   When I had finally got hungry I walked down stairs with a wool blanket draped over my shoulders, clenching the cover tight. I walk into the living room and grab a crystal cup and poured the blood bag into the cup. Sipping the drink slowly I catch a glimpse of Blake walking into the living room as well. I quickly turn around as blake clearly catches a glimpse of me to.

  "Addison?" he said,

I turn around, blood slowly falling down my face.

  "Yes? Blake I didn't know you were here." I returned trying to walk out of the room.

  "Yeah... I've been here I think for two days?" he says back to me.

  After a while I didn't know what to say we just stood there in silence... after I had left the room I took the blood bag with me thinking to myself, why am i doing this? Just tell him that I'm sorry. Then I had an idea to go see some distant family over in Mystic Falls Virginia, old "brothers" they supposedly say. They took care of me when the rath of their own father took upon me. Tied me up, he stayed up late and tournament me for years, till one fateful day when they heard my screamed of pain, they ran down to the basement and saw me. They untied me and kept me hidden from their father. And then we became like a family.

    I packed my bags and readied for the journey ahead. But I forgot about one little thing, Blake was going with me.

  When Blake was sleeping I swept him out of the end and into my car, I know this sounds bad but I couldn't talk to him so this seemed like a better option.

   Driving along winery bridge I spot someone laying in the road ahead. He seemed Familiar to me. Regis was one of damon's favorite techniques. He'd lie in the road and wait for someone and then he would bite there neck and well you know the rest.

    As I pulled in closer to Damon I got out of the car and stood over him.

  "Really Damon. You're still not doing this." I said to him as I bent down closer to his face.

  He opened his eyes and looked at me with a dark and heavy look.

  "Addison?" He said with a confused look. "The one and only I hope." I repeated back to him. He sped from the ground and hugged me. Blake woke up in a instance. Looking around he found me hugging a man, he rushed out of the car and said "Addison watch out!" We both looked at Blake and said, " it's ok I know him!"

  In that moment I realized that mystic falls wasn't what I remembered. Damon and Stefan moved into the Salvatore boarding house and that's where Damon took me. Forgetting about my car me and Damon sped to the house while Blake stood there in a gust of wind.

   " I guess I have to drive?" He said before driving along the road.

  Hours pass as I'm at the house and being reunited as a family. Dancing the day away I realize how much I missed being surrounded by people like my family and Damon and Stefan were the closest thing to a family that I had.

  Dancing on the table with a crystal cup filled with blood, a girl walks into the house.

  "Damon! Are you here?" She yelled

I looked at her with drunken eyes,

  " a new blood bag I presume?" I said as I sped to her side smelling her neck.

  " mhm fresh OB positively, my favorite!" I said.

  "Wait no Addison she's not a blood bag!" Stefan yelled running down the stairs.

  "Oh sorry my bad." I returned.

  She wipes her neck and flips her hair over her shoulder. I could tell she had fear.

  "Nice to meet you! I'm Addison patrova but my friends call me addie." I said confidently.

  "I'm Elena Gilbert, any relation with Katherine patrova?" She questioned,

  "Yes she's my sister and don't worry I'm not evil like her." I said.

  She looked at me with confusion but I barely noticed. Running to stefan I hug him so tight he couldn't breath. I was so happy to be with my family. As I sped back to the living room. Damon was laughing weirdly, giving his signature smile. And said

   "we need to celebrate addies return!"

  "That's a great idea!" Said Elena.

"We can have it at the grill. I'll tell Matt !" She said again.

I looked to Damon and Stefan,

  "Who's Matt?" I questioned

"He's a friend." Stefan said.

I walked to the couch and sat down. After a while Blake showed up. He seemed tired so I told him to sit with me and relax. But he fell asleep next to me.  Me being the vampire that I am I have an instinct, the instinct to kill. But for what I was, I loved him, but does he truly love me?

   My mother always told me that if a boy can accept what you are then he is worth the risk.

I got up lying his head on the pillow beside me and walked away. I walked outside to see Stefan sitting on the ground watching the dark sky's intensely.

   "You love him don't you?" Stefan asked turning his head to me.

  "Yes." I said intentionally.

  I felt my cheeks turn red hot. I turned my head away as I knew I was blushing.

  "What's the matter?" Stefan asked with a questionable face,

  "You know how when klaus compelled you to blitz Elena and turn off your emotions?" I said.

  "Yes?" Stefan said while still looking at me,

  "His brother James calico did the same to me but this time I almost killed Blake!" I said as tears threatened down my face.

   Stefan stood up and gave me a big hug.

  "Do you ever wonder why we are like this? Why we are damned to kill and to be miserable?" Stefan asked.

  "Because we are monsters." I said looking up at Stefan.

   "We are not monsters, monsters can't love, but we can." Said Stefan.

  My eyes filled with joy from his words. I knew I came to mystic falls for a reason but I never knew what that reason was. I walked up to my room saying goodbye to Stefan. I put my hair up and changed out of my clothes.

  "So- how was your life down in the little town of domes grove California, huh?" Said Damon as he gave me his signature mysterious smirk.

   "Why damon, want to know if i killed anyone?" i said back to him as i just stared at him.

  "Exactly the reason." he said as she kept smiling at me.

  "Goodnight Damon." i said as i walked to the bed getting under the covers.

  Slowly falling asleep i feel an indent on the side of the bed. Quickly jumping up i hiss at the person beside me.

  "Wow addison relax it's blake!" blake said as he quickly inhaled and exhaled.

  "Mind if i sleep her tonight?" he asked as i shook my head no.

I slowly started to lay back on the bed getting comfortable. I stared at blake as he stared at me.

  "You know i'm sorry for what James made me do right?" i asked with concern

   "Addison i forgave you a long time ago. I know it wasn't your fault. He compelled you to do it." he said as his loving eyes kept staring into mine.

  I felt my cheeks turn red hot as i looked down to the bed.

   Blake cupped my chin making me stare at him.

  "I love you." he said as he slowly gave me a soft peck on my lips. His lips tasted so sweet, almost like strawberries and nutella. Soon we both fell asleep and the day had dawned by fast. I know knew that blake loved me and that he forgave me for the horrible thing that i was forced to do.

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