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3. chapter 3

Founders ball

  The day had passed in an instance but I knew  that my day would go on like the rest; boring and plain. Hours had passed as I was getting ready for school when I heard maddie walking up the stairs.

"Um what are you doing?" she questioned.

"I'm getting ready for school what else?" I returned.

"No your not! You were just kidnapped you need to rest." she angrily said back to me.

  She walked closer to me I could see the vein popping out of her forehead like a sore thumb. She had pushed me back into my bed as she said,

"Now addison you are going to lie in this bed till I can figure out what we need to do today. Ok?" she said.

Maddie was bit of a control freak, she had told me that I needed to stay here and she will be right back. I had only three thoughts running through my head; number one was; why is it such a big deal for me to stay here and I'm fine?; two; Where is blake?; and three; I need to feed. I had quietly stood up and walked over to the mirror, I stood there staring at myself. I looked at how my eyes were as dark at the hudson river, my skin as soft as a baby's cheeks, and how my long hair was just too long.

     As I stood there waiting for maddie to return I hear footsteps coming from my driveway, a strange man was approaching. I had never seen him in my life; he had black gloves, and a black leather jacket. As I stared closer to his gloves I could see a small piece of a vervain plant on his arm. The it hit me he was a vampire hunter. When he approached my door I had listened closely to what he said,

"Hi, does a girl that goes by the name addison starvate live here?" he questioned.

Before maddie had a chance to answer I had quickly texted her and said,

"Tell him no!"

As maddie looked up to answer his question he had vanished. So she closed the door and walked back up to my room.

"Addison who was that strange man?" she answered

"Long story no time to explain we need to go now!" I had rushed up the stairs and grabbed my clothes and maddie's, we needed to head out.

  For years I had to out run that man his name was Aluicis (All-you-ish-us). He was a hunter, a vampire hunter to be exact. He and killed 154 vampires in my day and he had killed my brother. My brother was a nice man, he never fought with anyone. Even though he was a vampire he never fed on humans'. That's what made in special. He cared for me took me in and then when everything settled down in the middle of the night I heard him scream. It was loud and I hurried out of my bed. When I ran down stairs I saw Aluicus holding my brothers heart. I had screamed for my sister olivia and before she could get down the stairs he ripped her heart out too. That night I vowed that I would get my revenge on him, but I was never able to. I had many other things to worry about like james.

  Me and middie were driving in the car when she asked me.

"Are you ok?"

I looked at her scared

"No" I answered

After an hour of driving I decide to stop at a nearby gas station. I walked out of the car and headed to the bathroom, I was starving.  I looked at my face as I stood in the bathroom staring at myself in the mirror. I had a blood bag in my purse. I had ripped open the bag and drank from it. Then without realizing that I forgot to lock the door maddie walked in.

"Hey addie do you want some cream puf...."

She looked at me with fear as she dropped the bag of cream puffs. She had never looked so frightened before.

"Wait maddie I can explain!" I yelled

She had ran out of the doorway and into the street she ran down the road screaming "help!" I had sped down the street and in 3 seconds I was in front of her. She stopped in her tracks.

"How did... how did you do that? What are you?" she questioned when I walked closer to her I looked at her dead in her eyes and said

"Don't scream don't be afraid, I won't hurt you trust me." I said compelling her.

She had finally calmed down and she listened to me as we walked back to the car. She was no longer afraid of me I told her everything , my whole back story. That night when we were driving home she seemed excited and she started to ask me all these questions:

"How old are you really?"

"Why didn't you hurt me?"

"What's your real name?"

"When were you born?"

"Who are you running from?"

"Who was that dude that was at your house?"

"How long have you kept your secret?"

"Can I tell anyone?"

"All really good questions but I would have to answer them later. Right now I have to get us back to my house. Lets focus on the founders ball thursday." I returned.

  When we got home maddie had fallen fast asleep.  I set her on my bed and tucked her in. I walked down stairs and sat at my dining room table. I thought to myself "I don't have to hide my secret from maddie anymore, at least I have someone to talk to, to understand."

  All my thoughts run through my head as I sit at the table. I slowly fall asleep and then blank.

*Next Day*

  "Addie! Addie! Addie wake up come on we're going to be late! Come on!" someone says faintly as I slowly wake up.

"What? What? I'm up." I say as I wipe the drool from my face.

I hurry up and get ready, I had totally forgot that I have school and plus I have to go dress shopping for the founders ball tonight. Maddie and me drive to the school, I feel as if everyone is looking at me differently. But I know that it is just in my head. Maybe because I don't have to hide my secret from at least one person that I care about.

   Walking down the hall, people starring as usual. I could hear their hearts pounding, their adrenaline rushing. It was time for gym.

Walking into the gymnasium every one stops.

"Hey class I'm lena martet (Mar-tet) and I will be your gym couch today." she says

Me and maddie look at one another. The expression on me and her face said it all. She knew her and if her knew her she knew me.  I know it's complicated but that's just how it works. She made us run, again and again. The more I run the harder it is to control the vampire side of me. I can feel that I'm about to vamp-speed all around here so I pretend to brake my leg. Don't worry I have super healing. I scream in pain as I fall to the ground.

Maddie runs to my side.

"Are you ok?" she questions

"Yeah I'm fine I did it on purpose." I returned.

After a while my bones heal and school ends. After me and maddie change we hit the dress shops. We look for big poofy ball gowns that would fit the occasion. When we walk in I immediately see the perfect gown. It was big, gold and black with gold threading and everything else was black. It was beautiful and I knew I wanted it.

   After I paid for the dress which was like $100 me and maddie went home to try them on. As I walked out of the bathroom wearing the dress maddie's eyes seemed to change

"Wow...... Addie! You look sexy lol, you made a great choice on that dress." maddie returned.

"Really think so? I do love it!" I say back to her.

After a while me and maddie and mary all get ready for the ball. We all head in separate cars I head in mine, mary heads in hers, and maddie heads there in hers.

As I drive along the road I see alex standing in the road. Not moving just standing there weird and awkwardly  I quickly stop the car and get out.

"What do you want alex?"

"Why are you pretending to be human you know you're not, come back with us, you will have all the people that you please to drink." he says

"No why would I do that I have a life here a good one too." I returned

"So what. You have a life with me daniell and T'Ohrea!" questioned he

"No that's what you want me to have I don't live like that anymore I've changed and you can't make me go back so just leave me alone!"

I quickly get into my car and drive away I have rage surging throughout my body.

  When I finally reach the ball I wonder why would he try to make me come back to him? What does james and alex have planned for me? Nevertheless I forget about it. I walk into the ball enraged from what alex said to me. My hands placed firmly together. He felt as if I was wasting my time on humans or trying to one of them. That i would stay young as they grew old leaving me in the dust.

"Whats wrong?" blake asked me as he got closer grabbing my hand.

"Nothing" I told him walking farther into the ball.

As we walked into the mayor's house everyone stopped and stared. My long black and gold dress seemed to illuminate the room. My hair had grown but I never gid staying young was a mouth full. "Care to dance?" blake asked as we walked on the dance floor.

"I would love to" I retuned.

    He put his hands around my waist, and stared at me. His innocent eyes were so cute and sweet that i knew that i had to tell him my secret.

"Listen blake i need to tell you something..." i told him.

Before i could finish my sentence a drunk man grabbed me by my waist and spun me around.

"Hey come dance with me cutie." he said as his alcohol breath went in my nose

"Sorry but I have a date to dance with." I said to him as I turned around back to Blake.

As I turned around he ran passed me and grabbed blake by the jacket and held him in the air,

"Hey let me take you babe for a ride will ya." he said to blake

When I had finally had enough I grabbed him by his wrist and twisted his elbow to his shoulder blade.

"Now say you're sorry to my boyfriend!" I yelled at him

"Sorry sorry man!" her fearfully said to blake.

As I set him down everyone was staring at me. But blake didn't care.

  After we had finished at the ball our night had ended and we walked outside and talked for a few minutes. As we were talking I could see that blake was leaning in to kiss me. After months of being together he was going to kiss me. I thought to myself. When he was inches away from my mouth I started to feel a sharp pain in my stomach. As I sould there I found it harder and harder to breath. When i looked down at my stomach i saw a wooden stake place threw it just inches from my heart. I looked up at blake as i had fear that I knew who it was. I grabbed his shoulder firmly as I fell to the ground.

"Omg! What can I do?" he said

"G-get-m-maddie!" I struggled to say

As blake ran inside yelling maddies name I saw Aluicis grab my leg and started to drag me arouse the ground he had a crossbow in one hand and my leg in the other. I was scared. When blake and maddie ran outside, they saw that a strange man was dragging me. Blake filled with anger ran and tackled them. Maddie ran up to me  and as they were tussling on the ground she fed me her blood. But that wasn't enough. I had fainted from what had happened.

*hours later*

When I woke up I saw that I was in a hospital bed, blake was staring at me with his brown eyes. I could tell, that something was different. then he said,

"Why didn't you tell me?" he asked looking concerned.

"Who old are you really?" he asked again.

"1,574." I returned.

He looked at me and then he smiled. But he knew the whole time. He was just waiting till the right moment for me to tell him.

"You knew?" I questioned,

"Kinda.." he returned.

   I looked confused when I heard him say kinda. My mind came to a blank, I had wondered why he didn't do anything for so long. But nevertheless he still loved me and he would continue to love me for what I am. That's all I could ask for. We both fell asleep in the hospital and the next day would have been fun only if i knew what would happen.

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