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2. chapter 2

The Monster

  As i layed on my bed, deep in slumber my dream wasn't right, the people in my dream started to die randomly. As the last one of my friends fell I saw catharine standing over them holding their hearts. She had completely vamped-out.

   Waking up scared, gasping for air.

"Wow Addie, that was fun being inside your head. You having fun yet?" Catharine said to me as her sinister grin turned into a laugh.

  As everything became clear, I sped out of my bed to a nearby knife sitting on the table next to her. I threw it at he piercing her skin just a few inches above her heart.

  She stood up from the table laughing

"Wow, low blow sister."Cat said

She slowly removed the knife from her torso, and without even having a mean and angry look on her face she looked at her shirt then thats when her laughing face became mad and filled with rage. She was clicking her tongue as she looked at her shirt,

"This is italian silk addie!" she said.

As she gets up from the chair she throws the knife at me hitting me in the side of my neck.

  Falling to the ground in pain, the blood dripping from my mouth. Gasping in pain I pull the knife out and dropping it on the ground, I look up as the wound instantly heals to see that my phone is ringing.

"Come to the cafe now!"

Walking threw the doors, mary and maddie sitting in a booth awaiting my arival.

"Hey guys." I say to them as I walk closer and closer to them.

"Hey addie!" they both say to me.

As i sit down Mary starts talking about some weird dream she had last night; she said that whatever it was was fast, strong, smart, evil, and also a girl. She called it the "Darkness." as I sat there all I could think about was what mary was talking about then it hit me, to her it was a dream but to me it sounded a lot like a vampire.

  Maddie soon starts going on and on about the founder party coming up next week.

"Hey addie, mary are you all going to the founder party next week?"

"No Mads, addie might have a lot to do maybe like get a date?"

"Wow there Mary who said I was going to bring a date?"

"Well duh, addie it's a ball you have to bring a date right mary?"

"Right! I'll set up up with blake and I'll go with tyler his brother."

"well , well ,well mary do you have a crush on blake's brother?"


  We went on and on about the founders party. I could hear all the whisper of all the people around me. Something caught my attention I could hear;

"Addison, go to the alley, now!"

I heard the voice loud and clear and it was obvious that I had to go so I had told mary and maddie that I have to go but I'll see them later.

  Walking out of the cafe and into the alleyway I pass the corner and see no one there. But all the sudden was I was about to walk out I feel hands rap about me and snape my neck. Everything went blank in in instance. All sounds faded and so did I.

  What feels like forever, I finally wake up. I could feel soft feathery pillows resting under my head, my eyes flutter as I struggle to regain my vision as I hear;

"Oh addison, my sweet addison."

My head snaps back into place as I see alex standing at the edge of what looks like a bed starring at me. He slowly gets up walking over to the bedside and kisses my forehead.

'Wow I missed you my sweet addison." he says to me as he helps me off the bed.

"Sorry about breaking your neck."

"Sure, alex why am i here?"

"James has one out our sisters chasing you, her name T'ohrea. She is one of the original witches."

"Why is she hunting me?"

"James want your blood to wake up our sister danielle."

" why does he need my blood?"

" he needs your blood because he used your blood to desicate her and it's your blood that can awake her."

"Thanks alex I'll look out for her."

  As I walk out of the room i give alex a great big hug and walk out of the room. I walk down the long narrow hall passing corners left and right. I walk into in elevator, as I stand there waiting I hear footsteps coming from the top of the elevator shaft. Suddenly a man falls right into the elevator. He had a vervain launcher behind his back I knew who had found me. As I was caught by surprise he sticks me with vervain in the shoulder. I slowly feel weaker and weaker by the moment, the vervain burns every nerve in my body. The pain slowly fades. Everything become white then nothing.

  What feels like hours passes. I soon become awake. I starts gasping in pain as what feels like hells fire around my wrists burn with the slightest movement. The never ending pain surged throughout my body and there was nothing i could do about it.

"Well well well. Addison I finally caught you, but don't worry the pain is never going to end."

My eyes jerk open, looking around the room to see james standing there with a sinister smile on his face. He looked at me with happiness and anger. I was scared but i knew what was going to happen. He was going to kill me. I could read it all over his face, he never took his eyes off of me. Everytime he had turned around i tried to escape. Not much luck, for the sizzling pain kept surging through my body. The pain was just so unbearable. When i started to loose hope of getting out of this horrendous place, i had lossed up my silk ribbon ties and when i was about to grab a pipe that was right next to me this is what happened;

"Hey boss, your brother is here."

As he looks at me and sighs he walks out.

I wait a minute or two till i'm in the clear. I quickly untie the ropes and try to find my way out. I run by corners trying to find my what out. And i finally do. I reached outside to find that it was dark. I look around and speed to get back to domes grove. As i come up upon the domes grove welcome sign i saw a missing person sign. As i walked closer and closer to it i saw a picture of me. When i saw the date that was on the photo i realized that i have been gone for 3 weeks. Struggling to find my way back to my house i see blake, maddie, and mary all standing at my door. I hear a loud  gasp coming from mary's mouth

They walk close and closer to me. My clothes are ripped and i have dirt all over me. The pain from that night will forever haunt me. But I couldn't help but wonder how did James find me in the first place? They i feel like Alex had set me up, but i wasn't like Alex to do such a thing. Me, mary , blake, and maddie walked into the house and they sat me down.

"Where have you been?"

"What happen to you?"

"Are you ok?"

They had asked me these questions over and over again but i still couldn't come up with an answer the only question that i could answer was "am i ok?" and yes i was. I knew i had to be more carefull when it comes to james. He is ruthless and will stop at nothing to get what he wants. But i am a survivor and i will not let him win.

   As i sat on my couch blake walked over to me as he handed me a cup of tea with a hint of bourbon inside. As i stared into his dark brown eyes i knew i had to tell him what was going on and what i was, but that would have to wait another day, as i couldn't bring myself to tell him that i was immortal and a vampire. I knew he wouldn't want to be around me when he found out so i convinced myself to tell him when the time was right, and that day may never come. But until then i would have to keep up with my lie.

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