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1. chapter 1

She soon got tired of her old ways, she wanted to start over. She knew that would be a problem because  her past always seemed to show up without her willing it to, but that didn't stop her.

   When alex soon let her go about an hour later she fled. She had gone to a new place formed in domes grove, almost about 3 years ago.

  When I finally had enough of living my 1000 year old life, that's when the real excitement really started.

   I had met a boy, his name was Blake. He had dark brown hair, a big goofy smile, and kind brown eyes. We first met when I was walking down the hall of domes grove high school. I could hear all the sounds of people whispering and murmuring as I walked past them, but the one thing that was running through my head was not to be tempted to drain every kids blood in this school.

  When my mind drove to a complete daydream of draining everyone's blood drop by drop. But I can't. My daydream was halted when a man, a boy actually had bumped into me and made me drop all of my things on the ground. He stopped, he stared at me, like he was mesmerized by me. The anger and thirst surged throughout my body like a bolt of lightning. The vampire side of me began to surface, but I pushed it back.

   "I'm sorry......" he said still never taking his eyes off of me.

  "That's ok." I said not really showing  emotion as I talked.

   I could hear people calling me things. Evil things. But never the less I heard over them was a bonfire party. I will certainly be going to.

Soon as it was time for my first class to begin. I sat in the very back all to myself or so I thought. The constant temptation of the carotid artery, the lust of blood in my teeth just made it harder and harder to control, and what made it worse was that I sat next to a complete blood bagged air head of a jock. Blake Hemsworth was his name. He was mean and arrogant, but there was something about him that made me like him even more. I don't know if it was the cute smile or the smell of his blood, but whatever it was I couldn't care less. As I wrote down the notes the teacher was saying I feel a light pierce in my left side , I ignore it for a while but soon it becomes a more painful feeling, looking to my left Blake passes me a note;

          Hey, i hear that you're new to domes grove high. I'm blake hemsworth btw. I would like to know if you are going to the bonfire party later on tonight, if so i would really like to see you there.                                 Ps: sorry about earlier

  I look at him, staring into his eyes and give a smirk, then go back to writing. The class soon ends, I walk out of the door. I suddenly stop I hold my breath and clench my books tightly then it hits me, I haven't fed in 3 weeks.

    I quickly walk to the girls locker room looking to my sides to make sure i'm not followed. I lock the doors as I walk back and forth. Then in the corner of my eyes I see a girl and I look her dead in in her eye. The compulsion is a perk of being a vampire, I say to her "Don't scream, this won't hurt" the colors of my eyes change. The whiteness of them become dark red and my pupils widen, my teeth sharpen, and I sink my teeth into her neck. The lust of her blood between my teeth, the silkiness of it on my tough made the sandpaper feeling in my throat slowly disappear as I drank her blood. When I finally had enough I compelled her one last time; "Go away and forget this ever happened oh and wear a scarf."

   I wash off my hands as the guilt of what I am comes to the surface. Soon after a while I walk out of the locker rooms and I can feel something, there is a feeling like I am being watched. Then in the corner of my eye I can see Catharine. Catharine is the evil version of me. I knew she'd had come to cause me pain and suffering but I was determined to not let her ruin my life.

  I had more important things to do tonight I said in my mind over and over again, just don't let cat get in my way. I had gone home to pick out an outfit for the bonfire party tonight.

  After hours of searching for an outfit for tonight, I finally came up with a black leather jacket, purple blouse, and some skinny blue jeans with black slip on's. I was on my way out the door when my sister had stopped me on my way out,

"Oh Addie, why are you pretending to be human when you know deep down in your heart that you're not." Catharine said to me as I was halfway out of the doorway. I look at her with a stirn and angry face and yet I had nothing to say to her. She took my silence as a hint that I

didn't want her here. I had made it to the bonfire looking confused at what I'm supposed to do. As I was standing there in silence I felt a tap coming from my right shoulder, I had turned my head to see that Blake was staring at me with caring eyes as  he said,

  "What are you doing here all by yourself?" he said

  "I don't know I've never been to one of these before." I said

  "Oh don't be silly come and join me and my friends."

   We walked over to three people as they stared at me with bleeding eyes. But there was a feeling that I hadn't felt before. I could feel the presence of magic as I got closer and closer.

  "Ok, Addie this is Mary Bennett, Maddie Ford, and my brother Tyler Hemsworth."

  They all looked at me and waved, the girl Mary was staring at me with hatred and deceit for some odd reason. She had stuck her hand out to give a shake. As I had grabbed her hand she gasped, she was holding her breath and after a few seconds she jerked her hand away from me. Her eyes seemed to be filled with fear. She was scared by me. As the hours went by me and Blake talked, but our conversation was interrupted when we heard a girl scream from inside the woods me and three other people had ran into the woods to see what was wrong and we found a girl laying on the ground, she had two puncture wounds on the side of her neck, she was gurgling on her own blood. Her blood was scattered all around the grassy ground. I couldn't look for more than a few seconds till the vampire side of me surged to the surface.  They had carried her out of the woods and set her on a picnic table. She was barely breathing I could tell. Then all the sudden she woke up and screamed, she held on to Maddie's shirt, quivering with fear. I had to leave I knew something was wrong. I got in my car and drove away. I walked into my house as I saw Catharine tearing out pages from our family book and burned them.

  "Cat stop! Why are you here?" I yelled at her with anger.

She had finally stopped ripping the pages, but she looked at me with anger. She had vamp-sped over to me grabbing my throat with extreme force.

"You don't get to ask question!" she had said to me as her fleshy fingers gripped my neck tighter and tighter by the second. Soon she finally let me go and I fell to the floor, coughing and holding my neck. I started to get up slowly, wiping the blood from my nose. Catharine was about to leave as she said,

"You're dead deal with it." and walked out.

  There was a million things running through my head as I had sat on my bed from the night. I had asked myself how could I stop a monster without becoming one myself? I had wandered for hours, but yet my mind came to a complete sill. I had fallen asleep and was awaiting for what tomorrow has in store for me.

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