Falling Into Oblivion

"There once was a girl. This girl lived on a remote island amidst a sea that was filled with her sorrowful tears. Every day, the sun would rise and then set. The girl would watch this wonder of nature. She would see the colors mingling with the clouds and wish that one day, she would be able to ascend into the heavens too."


2. Oneshot Part II??

Echoes in the darkness. Anguished screams somehow reverberating around the endless chasm those fallen people claim to be their home. Murky waters of not-so-forgotten hardships and pain flow around the girl as she lies in that pit of oblivion. 

It's over..over..over..over....all gone..gone..gone

Endless thoughts swirl around her in a choking haze as she struggles to remember why she fell in the first place.

Oh, wait. There it is.

Those age-old demons come back to her in a flurry as they crowd her senses and catapult her through the pitch black.

The girl tries to let out a scream. She attempts to brace herself and find a stronghold. But she never stops falling.

Not even the slightest yelp of terror is able to leave her numb mouth. Icy, spindly hands grasp her ankles and twist as she hurtles through nothingness.

The pain is too much to bear for her. But there's no escape.

There's no shining light at the end of her tunnel. The key has already been incinerated by the world's fiery furnace of a heart. And the worst part is, this was never her fault. Her world was cruel. Disregarding. Burdensome. Evil in its true essence. And because of that-

Evermore will she remain falling through that endless, unforgiving pit of oblivion.

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