what happened to her family? who was driving the car?.... Find out for yourself


1. the whole story is chapter one


       Chapter 1



                   The little girl was 4 years old she was in the car with her father and her brother they were talking about christmas she had said she couldn’t wait for santa to come and eat the cookies she would lay out for him in the shape of tree’s. Her father was drunk they were at a rest stop he had gotten drunk in the gas station they were outside, her father always loved some discount beer he said it was good for the soul. Her father had enough of santa her parent’s had decided to tell her the truth about santa when she was 10 but he finally snapped he hated santa it was a childhood tragedy never to be told again.He turned off the music and said “you know what santa isn’t real he was at one time but he’s dead” her face froze in horror as the tears rolled down her face she was pale white they said nothing more until they got home.



             They finally arrived home she ran upstairs to her room and cried in her pillow.Her mom came upstairs and told her that what her dad said was very stupid and that he was a terrible person her mom slammed the door as she left all the girl could hear her parents screaming she kept crying her mom came upstairs and took her brother into her room her mom said” get your backpacks and put five sets of clothes in them when i bring you downstairs don’t look just run to the car”. She heard another slam of their parents door the mother picked them both up and shoved them in the car she drove off as fast as she could she looked up at her mother in tears. It was daddy’s birthday she was sad wondering where daddy was as she cried in the back seat “where's daddy” she asked


                   They went to her gramma’s house and stayed there for three months until they moved into a tiny apartment. (nine years later). the girl was in her room drawing a picture of santa and her father sharing a beer. She wished it could be that way as she drew santa’s hat she cried and hoped for her old life back she was only 12 years old it was summer her parents were divorced now and she hadn’t seen her father in 4 years.The last time she saw him it was in a parking lot in a gas station he was drunk the windows rolled up and the heat turned on she ran over as her mom was in the bathroom so she opened the door woke him up rolled down a window and gave him a hug then ran away. She never told her mother what happened the night they left the gas station she blamed herself for the fight the fight that split them up the fight that made her so sad the fight that ended her happiness at 4 years old.She didn’t care today was her birthday to her it was one of the most sad days of her life the day her parents got divorced the reminder of why they got divorced was the one being born everyone is singing but she can’t seem to smile they never get passed arm’s length yet everyone acts like it’s alright.She blew out the candles and everyone had a piece of cake she went to her room she took a razor blade out of her dresser and said “i am the reason everything is bad in my family i am the worst” she ripped down her skin with the blade it hurt but somehow she seemed to enjoy the pain she cut more and more she was bleeding a lot she went to the bathroom and washed off all the blood it hurt she didn’t care.


                 Every day when she came home she would feel worse about the things she didn’t have and the things kids would make fun of her.She was so fat so she starved herself for a while she got sick and she decided to eat again she regained her weight and she still hated herself.Through the years she was used by girls her best friends,hurt by guys now there’s so many cuts it’s hard to count she cries herself to sleep every night now she is but tonight she remembers who she once was a sweet little girl she cried as she remembered.She was broken she couldn’t deal with the pain anymore she decided to get rid of the pain by getting rid of her life but she knew she couldn’t bare to be from her mother she met two girls at school Sally and ariana they were all friends one day she saw Sally in the hallway crying she walked over to Sally and asked her what was wrong Sally  said ”i am bffs with ariana and she wants me to be lesbian” she was shocked she told Sally that she knew the pain and that she was a lesbian to make her feel better.The next day ariana and Sally were in the hallway Sally pulled her aside with ariana and asked “is it true what you said about you being lesbian?”she said yes because she didn’t want to seem like she lied. Sally and ariana led her to the bathroom and started talking about lesbian stuff she acted like she could relate to all these things.


                Ariana pulled her into a stall of the bathroom and kissed her by surprise she liked the feeling of it she thought she was bi for a minute but didn’t know soon her and ariana were kissing ariana pulled Sally into the stall and said” you two should kiss i will be back” Sally rubbed her own arm feeling uncomfortable she always hated the idea of being bi the girl didn’t come closer they stayed standing there feeling weird arana came back and asked if they kissed or not they both lied and said yes they had kissed Ariana said “we should all date “ she was confused and said” what do you mean all date?” she said Ariana said “we should all date so we aren’t cheating” they both agreed with much regret but it was mostly Ariana and sally instead or Sally and her she felt left out but didn’t care two weeks later ariana came up to sally and told her she was moving tonight she saw sally in the field of the school crying,she was sad that she was leaving cuz at the time she was her only friend but yet she had a relief. But then she asked her what’s wrong sally told her the whole story Sally cried for days without Ariana. So she tried to comfort Sally.Sally didn’t want her pity hugs she was ok with it the next day Sally said she didn’t want to date anymore she understood and said ok she was sad for a little bit but she got over it very fast.


                                        She went on through life missing her father and hating her mother many things happened up until 6th grade she was with her cousin and her cousin suggested they played a game until there parents got back they played various games  one game was a game they found in her aunt and uncle’s room called “naughty thoughts for old marriages” She didn’t like that the game required so much touching on each other her cousin was 15 and she was only 13 so after the game they colored her aunt and uncle came home as they were on the floor coloring.She went home soon after that they had diner and she went to bed in bed she stayed awake thinking about her life she had a lot of stress just being eleven years old she was worried that father would never come back that he would never know how she saved him but at the same time she hated him with a rage that could knock over a mountain she hated her whole family she hated her mother because she was always yelling at her for silly things like “if you don’t pick up your room you’re grounded” when it was not dirty she wrote poems to make herself feel better that night she wrote                              


                    “ I find it sad the people with the kindest eyes cry the most,the softest skin has the most jagged cuts,and the best person can put there life at risk all for you but all you do is sit there and wonder how this happened  how you were so lucky yet you put her down but you will never change she is amazing don’t talk to her or even look you don’t deserve her she’s too insecure to be ruined again you are nothing but a brute she took your hand you held hers tight she put up a fight but you knocked her down you left her there on the floor she got up again and you hurt her more shes dead shes gone this is (all your fault) X2 I find is sad she had the kindest eyes and the softest skin and she was the best i find it sad all she does is rest in the ground (the ground extend)she hurts and breaks but it’s fine good night


After about a week or so they went back to school from spring break she had classes with Sally a lot of them she didn’t talk to Sally she just stayed quiet for the next couple of weeks. One day she figured out she liked girls she had liked when adrianna and Sally were dating her so she kept it a secret from her mom and step-dad they were very religious christians.


                   A couple days after she decided she liked boys and girls a girl named ashley asked her out she said yes at first no one believed they were dating and made them kiss to prove it.She didn’t like it because she hadn’t planned it and she was new to this whole bisexual thing but she walked home with ashley one day and gave her a kiss by the courtyard of her apartment’s.A couple of children were nearby but they didn’t care they liked each other anyway.


                  That night at the dinner table her mom said “so you were kissing a person in a blue shirt huh? who is the lucky boy?” she swallowed and said “how did you know i have a lover?” her mom said “ some children told me while they were on the playground you were kissing a tall guy in blue who is it?” she said to her mother “her name is ashley she’s a girl i like girls now” her mom got a horrible face on her and said “you can’t love a person of the same gender it’s not right god must be so disappointed in you i am sorry but your not allowed to be lesbian” her mother said “but im not lesbian im bisexual” she said “i don’t care dating a girl is a sin” said her mother “then father was committing sin when you two dated?” she said with a grin “dating a person of the same gender i mean shut up you lazy fool and stop being a smartass bring your dinner to your room we’re done here” said her mother the girl ran up stairs and didn’t even grab her plate.






 Chapter 2



                              She went to her room slammed and locked the door and threw things everything she could she punched a hole in the wall a big hole right through the wall she stopped and looked at it.She took down a small poster and hung it in front of the hole she walked to the bathroom grabbed a tack and a razor she thought it would be too obvious on her wrists.She pulled down her pants and dragged down her outer thigh with it many times after that she moved the poster sideways and put them both in the wall the razor and tak she heard her mother coming up the stairs and she quickly put on pants.Her mother went to her room and didn’t bother the girl she took off her pants and saw the spattered blood.She ran to the bathroom and took a cold shower till the blood was gone she only wore pants for the whole school year she wore short sleeves so no one would suspect it.  


                    She had her mom write her notes for swimming she told her mother she was on her period her mom knew nothing about her period because the first week she got it that it was soon gone she was pregnant with the girl at only 16 years old but she had the baby at 17 so she wrote a note everyday for her soon is summer she thought she kept cutting and then came summer.She refused to wear shorts all she did was wear jeans all summer until one day.


     Her friends invited her to a beach party and ended up wearing jeans and a long sleeve shirt she covered up as much as she can “you should get into a bathing suit” her friend Alysa said “i don’t have one” she said “i brought an extra” Alison said “no thanks i don’t like to swim” she said. Alison  looked at her with a frown that could see into her soul.Alysa quickly grabbed her and brought her to the bathroom “i can’t believe it you cut yourself” Alison said “no i dont i dont cut”she said “yes you do i can see the neglect in your eyes why are you so sad? what makes you sad enough to scar your skin with cuts and burns?” said Alison “i have no one at all they don’t care its bad enough i am already insecure.


                     They make fun of my insecurities i am not good enough she hurts me so much and he touches me my legs and arms and he locks the door and she makes me feel bad and yells at me because i am terrible” she said the tears ran down her eyes rapidly.Alison just sat there “who are these people?i’ll be by your side forever” said alysa “you don’t know who they are you can’t ALWAYS be there for me can’t you see that?” she yelled at her friend “yes i can i’ll sleep at your house i’ll move in with you”Alison screamed back “if you come he’ll get you too” she said she grabbed her bag and ran out to her car to leave.


                Alison ran after her “JUST TELL ME I’LL HELP” she yelled “YOU CAN’T HELP me….” i’ll always be there for you no matter what Alison ran to her car and jumped playfully on her they both fell down there tears where laughs they both walked down to the beach she put on shorts and a bathing suit under it so no one would see the scars they talked in the water a lot about who he and she was Alison listened and they agreed that she would stay for the weekend when he gets her the most.Alison stayed the whole weekend but she didn’t want Alison to leave before Alison left she brought the girls mom up to her room where she was waiting for her to leave they closed the door and all three of them sat down “someone is touching her” said Alison she looked shocked so did her mom “what do you mean who is touching her?” said her mom “i mean she told me someone in this house is abusing and touching her” said Alysa.


                           “Who is it? I know it’s not me or your brother and steve wouldn’t do that either” her mom said “Show her the bruise and other things” said Alison to her she didn’t want to Alysa grabbed her friend’s arm and pulled up the sleeve there were many bruises and it looked like a whip had hit her arm .“Someone is doing that to her when they touch her you need to put a stop to this” said Alison to the girls mom “but i can’t stop it if i don’t know who it is” said her mom “who is it honey?” the girl got so sad she started crying “It’s dad” she yelled “dad? you mean steve he wouldn’t do that to you” her mom said “it’s not steve it’s dad my real dad i tracked him down on facebook and he’s been meeting me to hang out like father and daughter but he hits me and hurts me”she said “Your father has been meeting with you?” said he mom “yes and he does all these things to me i hate it” she said “does he touch you?” said her mother “yes he it’s me and punches me and i can’t do anything about it” she said her mother replied “does he ever touch your girl parts or make you touch is boy parts?” “no mom but he hurts me and i need to tell someone” she said “i can’t tell the police” her mom said “why not?” she responded quickly “ because of a lot of things that happened when you were little you could be taken away or i would be in jail” said her mother they heard Alison’s mother knocking on the door Alison ran down the stairs with her bag and left the girl’s mother just stared at her.


                               Alison left her mom left the room and went down stairs her step-father and brother came home nothing was said to her and her mother they didn’t speak at all that week the only words they said where goodnight and good morning until the girl goes with her father in secret she had told her step-father she was going with friends and told her mother nothing.She got in the car and went off they went into the woods in a place she had never seen he had her get out of the car he had her get some berry for somethings special she left into the woods and then she heard tires she ran back out and he was gone she was lost she started going down where they had gone but she ended up by a wall she walked following the wall to the left she came by a stream and took a drink it was getting dark she decided to find somewhere close to the wall to sleep.













Chapter 3



                            The next day she woke up and washed off in the stream she then got out and started walking again as she was walking she stepped on a rock it started sinking.She heard a noise that sounded like a bulldozer she started running she ran until the noise stopped she then started slowly walking back and she saw that under the wall was a tunnel but had she opened it? She slowly tip-toed down the concrete steps and came to what looked like a subway station like you used to see in new york city.She walked around and saw a sign it said “Pennsylvania subway next stop New York ->” she went the way the arrows pointed and kept walking there were no lights but there were enough cracks in the roof of it where she could see just enough to get by she fell in the tracks a couple times.She heard a creek she didn’t know what to do she was alone in a dark subway she was scared.She started running and running and didn’t stop until she saw a stairway it was glowing the top of it was so bright it seemed to be the 100th one she had past as she was running.


                                 She sprinted up the stairs and saw a huge light she then closed her eyes and went to go back downstairs and fell she woke up in a hospital room and felt a sharp pain in her arm she looked at it and there was a cast on her arm it didn’t have a color like the other ones did they put that on last? She looked over there was a needle in her arm it was about an inch deep in her skin then she closed her eyes and fell asleep she woke up in the same room she turned her head but felt a sharp pain in her neck right by her left jaw she turned as much as she could and looked there was a window it was bright it shined in her eyes and she turned her head back it looked like a hospital room but instead of the ones in new york which were blue they were red everything was dark red like blood in fact everything was splattered not complitlely but it seemed everything was white but was splattered red it looked like a murder scene in a white room she only saw a little splatter that someone had missed it was obvious by the smell someone had died in that room within the last 5 days it was a rancid egg and sour kraut smell she heard footsteps coming it sounded like high heels but she didn’t want to stick around to find out she tried to get up then realised she was strapped to the table the light suddenly shut off at she heard a slam and a scream she heard more and more people coming she struggled as much as she could there were two latches holding her down and she moved her broken arm it hurt and she screamed out in pain just as she stopped screaming she saw a shadow in the doorway it was her doctor her real doctor the one who did real surgeries he looked scared.He grabbed her right hand and unstrapped the table to let her out he looked to be in a hurry and said “C’mon, we don’t have much time!” He had a deep yet familiar voice.



                         He grabbed her arm and ran with her down two flights of  stairs he buckled me up in his car.He drove off with her in his green truck she didn’t know what was happening but she just stayed quiet.She noticed that he had locked the doors and windows she couldn’t get out.They finally arrived the place looked like it was his house it was a dark green with a touch of blue it was a very big house around ten times her houses size.He unlocked the car and they bolted inside he had her sit on the couch while he explained everything.First her started with where they found her “When we first found you the police saw you running up the stairs there was a killer on the loose and we were looking for any spots they would hide at” he said he went on “they flashed a light to see what was making a noise and you fell down and passed out.




                  They brought you to the hospital to make sure you were alright they caught the killer but you were in the hospital for seven years in a coma, over time your mother came to see you at the hospital she stopped coming after 3 years she was convinced you were dead.Your mother decided suicide was the only answer to not feel sad anymore.” She looked shocked and started to cry but he went on “Your stepfather then later couldn’t live with the pain of no daughter or wife and he then turned to suicide.” He finished “but what happened to my brother?” She asked “He became a doctor and brought you to his house and now you’re sitting on his couch” He replied. She looked so shocked but she knew he was connected to her somehow, this was her brother.She didn’t know how to react to this so she ignored it “but what about Alison?” She asked “She went into a deep depression without you shes still in a deep depression she has hope your still alive that’s the only reason she didn’t commit suicide i told her that you would wake up one day and she believed me” He said he continued  “i can give you a ride to her new house” she leaned forward and gave him a hug.She started out towards the truck he grabbed his jacket and keys and got in the car they drove off they stopped at Alison’s house and she jumped out and ran to knock on the door. Alison opened it she was wearing tattered clothes her shirt looked to be a stained potato sack, It was really a white t-shirt covered in stains she  looked to be bigger than she had remembered Alison’s pants looked like old jogging pants. She stood there waiting for Alison to recognize her but Alison just looked at her with a sad face finally Alison opened her mouth and said “Are you here for the rent i’ll go get it” Alison walked to the living room slowly and brought out a stack of money “Here see you next month” Alison slammed the door closed.She started to cry that alison didn’t remember her then she knocked on her door again. Alison opened the door with an irritated look and said “What do you want again you have the money just go on with it” She just continued to stare and then said “Ummm do you know who i am?”.Alison looked at her closer “You look familiar but i don’t know you i am sorry” She grabbed Alison’s hand and looked her in the eyes.Alison started to tear up and gave her the biggest hug she could give she knew now it was her friend Alison started crying with tears of joy she couldn’t believe her friend was here standing before her “But how are you here you were in a coma” She looked at alison and said “i woke up and i came directly to see you i have no one but you and my brother and i love you both so much i missed you so much” Alison said “ i missed you too but know your here can you spend the night please i missed you” She looked at her brother and ran to the car “Can i stay over at Alison’s house tonight?” he said “sure but be back tomorrow i wanna spend time with my baby sister” she said “ok bye” he drove off back to his house and she dashed to the door and ran into Alison’s house “Who was that in the car?” Alison’s said “Umm that’s my brother” she said “No that wasn’t , your brother died in a car crash two years ago” Alison said “what do you mean? He was just in the car sure he looked different but i’m sure that was him” she replied “I am not lying or trying to joke i think i still have the newspaper in my bedroom” Alison ran up to her room and brought her along after closing the door.Alison opened the door to her room and looked all over the walls.She looked around and she realised all these articles were of her family and how they had died over the past 7 years she couldn’t believe what she had saw all her family’s life lines “how come you have all this?” she said “Well i wanted to show you once you woke up….if you woke up but you did so it’s all good now” said allison she continued “Here it is! Right here your brother died in an accident from a drunk driver it says he died instantly from a tree that caused head trauma it was distracted driving so he was probably texting people” the girl looked shocked as she said  “But then who was that in the car he saved me who was that?!?” Alison looked at the girl “i don’t know who that was but he looked familiar”  











Chapter 4





                       They woke up on Alison’s floor but there was a purple dust around them they didn’t notice it it was like a purple gloss but when you touched it, it felt like air like nothing was there at all. They got up and Alison took a shower while the girl got dressed she picked up her shirt off the floor and as soon as she did she saw the dust she wasn’t alarmed she didn’t know what it was but she didn’t really care she got dressed and went downstairs.She just now noticed the cracks on the walls the creaking steps how run down her house is now. Alison came downstairs  “So where’s your mom?” she said “I don’t know she left about 3 years ago and didn’t come back, When she left there were men dressed in full white body armor standing behind a women in all black she was white with black hair and black sunglasses, She is now a queen her name was Cassandra there has been so much change since you left” Said alison “but our democracy is run by presidents how is she a queen?” she said “I don’t know but if you question it too much you go to the “lucky” chamber” she wondered what it was but didn’t feel like asking she was too afraid. She looked up at Alison and asked “ so how do you pay rent and everything?”. Alison looked at her with a slight smile but she could see it was sadness filling her eyes “ well my mom had a safe in the basement we keep all our money there and i have a job too”.  Just then we heard a loud crash from outside Alison's apartment.

They opened the door and rushed outside to find dead bodies surrounding the parking lot they quickly closed the door and alison grabbed her hand. Alison pulled her into the basement and they turned on the old T.V. just then an alarm went off on the T.V they looked at each other in shock as the announcer said “ War has struck in america all around after Queen Cassandra passed a new law many rots were started and she sent her soldiers out to collect all humans to be saved from the war. Please if you are a human and you are not against Cassandra go outside and raise your hands up her soldiers will pick you up and bring you somewhere safe this is jennifer black and thank you for hailing our queen”  The t.v. shut off quickly but no one turned it off “ i will never hail the woman who took my mother” alison said in a stubborn tone she looked at the girl “  i'm so sorry about all of this”

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