Knowledge is Power

When Hermione gets cursed at the Ministry, Harry and the Death Eaters discover the power he knows not. Unleashing this power has far reaching consequences. Weasley and Dumbledore bashing – time travel story that's hopefully different.


9. Chapter 9

Sirius Black had made it to Potter Manor without the slightest hint of trouble; Harry's revelations must have the wizarding world otherwise occupied he thought. The wards had been set to allow him access and a house elf had just made him lunch, he was starting to worry about the non-appearance of his godson when Moony portkeyed in.

A brotherly hug later and Sirius was demanding information.

Remus was laughing, "I wouldn't even know where to begin far less believe that I know everything that's going on, apparently Lord Potter and his betrothed are going to sit down tonight and reveal all. That should class as a three bottle of Brandy conversation."

Remus was laughing as he watched his friend trying to come to terms with the lord Potter and betrothed part; just wait till tonight he thought.

Remus held out the portkey and both marauders headed south.


Hannah Abbot had always liked Harry, truth be told she had a bit of a crush but then so did half the witches in Hogwarts. Reading about his life had left her feeling sick that someone the same age as her had to endure so much. Hannah also felt ashamed, first she had been convinced he was the Heir of Slytherin last year and then again a few days ago when he had summed up Hufflepuffs so accurately it hurt.

Loyalty was prized by puffs but it was rather easy to be loyal to people walking around wearing the same coloured robes as you who's loyalty could be depended on. The first time she was required to be loyal to someone other than a puff she had easily let herself be convinced that Harry was setting a monster on muggle borns in the castle, despite the glaring evidence that his mother and best friend, now his betrothed was muggle born. She had failed him, and herself badly that could not be allowed to happen again.

Hannah stood up and took out her wand, "I, Hannah Abbot, swear on my magic that I will never be a student at Hogwarts again."

Every eye in he great hall was now on the little blond Hufflepuff but she stood proudly, blushing profusely but declaring her belief in Harry Potter and refusing to be part of the system that had abused the boy for so long.

Ernie Macmillan knew he'd made an arse of himself over the whole Heir of Slytherin debacle and had apologised to Harry afterwards. Reading what Harry had been going through at the time just made him feel worse.

Harry's comments about puffs and loyalty the other day had caused quite a bit of discussion in the common room and most were surprised at how insightful they were, it was almost as if he had inside knowledge of their house. When his friend Hannah stood up and took her oath Ernie knew instinctively it was the right thing to do, and was on his feet seconds later taking his own oath.

Susan Bones and Justin Finch Fletchely were both up and also took a magical oath, effectively leaving Hogwarts with a year group without puffs.

At the Gryffindor table Colin Creevey was up like a flash to say his magical oath and support his idol, Ginny Weasley stood up and had her wand out before Head Boy Percy snatched it out her hand, he then proceeded to take Ron's and the twin's wands as well.

Harry and Hermione couldn't help but think that Percival would be in for the bollocking of his life when Molly got wind of this.

Dean Thomas had spent the year wishfully gazing at the cute little redhead that gave him butterflies in his stomach, he knew that Ginny had her heart set on Harry but now that he was well and truly claimed Dean though he stood a chance with the pocket sized vision of freckled loveliness.

When her brother took Ginny's wand and she sat back down Dean thought this was his chance to console the gorgeous girl who had been such a feature of his dreams lately, one look at her face and those dreams turned to nightmares.

Clearly etched on Ginny's face was not the disappointment with a touch of anger he expected but hatred, envy and utter loathing, giving muggle born Dean the classic impression of the wicked witch of his childhood. He tried to imagine coming home to that after a few drinks down the pub with his mates; the resulting mental images had him on his feet and swearing a magical oath to leave the terrifying sight behind.

Seamus Finnigan hadn't a clue what just came over his best mate but he wasn't about to be left behind so he took the oath as well.

Lavender Brown watched as all the Gryffindor guys in her year aligned themselves with Harry, the thought of Ron 'what are table manners?' Weasley being the only one left had her on her feet.

Parvati was left in a quandary, she looked towards her twin who nodded and both stood, taking their magical oath together. The first claw had joined the exodus, but due to Harry and Hermione's confrontation with Luna's bullies; Padma was the only claw other than Luna to leave the castle.

Daphne Greengrass belonged to a family that had managed to stay neutral during the war but here was a chance to align herself with the light side, Daphne was of the opinion that the only thing sitting on the fence got you was a splinter in your arse. She nodded to her best friend Tracy Davies and the hall got its latest shock of the day as two Slytherins supported Harry Potter.

Albus fired off a noise spell to get the hall's attention, "Enough of this nonsense, get to your classes now!"

A voice boomed of the walls, 'STOP!" so demanding of attention was the command that even the ghosts froze in position. "STUDENTS WHO TOOK AN OATH COME FORWARD, THE REST OF YOU GO TO CLASSES." The amplified voice of Professor Sprout was not something to be disobeyed, though Ginny had to be dragged out the hall. The head of Hufflepuff turned on the beleaguered headmaster and let him have it, both barrels.

"You whiskered wanker, these children are supposed to be in your care yet you gave them an order that directly contravened the magical oath they just took. Are you really that stupid or do you care so little for your students that you were prepared to let them loose their magic!" She turned her ire on Minerva and Filius, "were you just going to sit there and let him walk all over you as usual?"

She lined up her main target again, "Albus I've watched your manipulations and left you alone, protecting my own house, but a young man has claimed that isn't enough – and he's right. My conscience will no longer allow me to work here, so you can take my job and shove it where the sun doesn't shine."

She walked down to the students and was pulled to the side by Harry and Hermione, "Professor what you did just confirmed our opinion of you, we would like to offer you a job!"

Sprout was speechless so Harry continued, "I was intending to hire private tutors for the four of us but it would appear our numbers have swollen, I intend to take care of them and would appreciate your help with the organisation as well as teaching. Unlike some I take my obligations seriously."

Pomona Sprout had intended to help the students anyway she could, four of them were former puffs, "we need to get them out of here so there's no danger of them triggering that oath then we contact their guardians and see where we go from there."

Harry and Hermione had enjoyed their time in Hufflepuff and genuinely admired Pomona, when she asked how you were getting on it was to see if you needed any help, not to report it to Dumbledore. "We have the place and the means professor."

A voice from the back of the hall shouted, "and here's one signature for you."

Amelia Bones had arrived at Hogwarts with a couple of her aurors looking for any sign of Harry Potter, just before entering the hall she heard the voice of her niece's best friend closely followed by Susan take a magical oath. They cast disillusionment charms on themselves and sneaked into the hall to find out what the hell was going on, they could have worn death eater outfits for all the attention anyone was paying.

When Albus gave that order she was just about to tear him a new arsehole when Pomona beat her to it. After Harry said they would face up to their obligations she had to say something, Susan had put herself firmly in the Potter camp and Amelia believed that was the place to be.

"If you have a form there Minerva I'll gladly sign it to get Susan out of a school where the headmaster gives orders that could cost students their magic." Amelia turned to Dumbledore, "looks like you lost a head of house."

"Two actually!" declared one of the school board members.

"Severus has yet to be dismissed from his post." Albus was getting ready to bullshit when the five members of the school board turned as one and glared at him.

"If Severus Snape is not immediately dismissed then you will be out of a job before the end of today. Even without that the only thing that may save you is there are no suitable replacements at the moment." The board member who spoke looked at Minerva and Filius with distain before casting a glance at Pomona.

"Sorry sir, we got there first." Harry said.

"What are your greenhouses like Lord Potter?" Pomona asked.

Hermione whispered in her ear and Pomona must have liked what she heard because her whole face lit up as she said, "I'm in!"

Amelia's professional curiosity was piqued, "just what did Severus do that is actually going to get him fired?"

It was Susan who answered, "He hit Hermione with the Cruciatus Curse."

Hannah chipped in, "but she just smiled at him, then blew his arms right off!"

Amelia and the aurors immediately drew there wands, "where is he?"

"Infirmary!" chimed a dozen people.

At a nod from Amelia both aurors left at once, "Chief Warlock, were you intending to report this? Were there any witnesses I need to protect in case they suddenly lose their memory?"

Harry laughed, he'd just decided he liked this woman, "Madam Bones not even Dumbledore is capable of obliviating the entire student and staff population as well as five members of the school board and seven goblins."

Amelia looked as if Christmas had come early, "and what did the Chief Warlock do about this attack?"

Susan couldn't help but volunteer the information, "he told Harry to behave himself, and then Hermione blasted Snape."

The school board member was not for letting Albus off the hook, "he performed an unforgivable curse on a student without even a hint of provocation and is now in the infirmary minus hands, I would just like to hear headmaster what possible grounds you would have for not dismissing him immediately."

With as much dignity as he could muster Albus proceeded to put his foot right in it, "everyone is entitled to a trial, innocent until proven guilty."

Harry was on him in a flash, his whole body tense with anger, "so Severus deserves a trial but Sirius doesn't? Just how do you come up with this Chief Warlock – you are not the law."

Albus was on his feet, his anger rising at just how shitty his day was turning, "neither are you Lord Potter!" Harry's title was pronounced with as much sarcasm as the old man could manufacture.

Harry's smile was cold enough to freeze whiskers, "in this case I am, he attacked my betrothed allowing me to walk from here to the infirmary and legally kill him. That is my right as head of a noble and ancient house and anyone interfering with that right would be breaking the law."

"You would kill a man in cold blood, that's pretty dark Harry even for you." Albus was trying to keep the delight out of his voice at trapping the young shit so easy.

Harry's voice was quiet when he answered but everyone in the hall could still hear every word, some wished they couldn't. "Did he ever tell you how he got his mark Chief Warlock?" Harry was seriously messing with the old fart's head, "apparently when performing that curse it lowers your mental shields and he was thinking of the first time he used it. She was a muggle child who appeared to be about seven years old, Snape was really delighted that he managed to draw out her suffering enough to please his new master. After the child was foaming at the mouth and no longer responding to the curse he cast Avada Kedavra then knelt before Voldemort to receive his reward, the dark mark."

Hermione had joined Luna with her arms round Neville, both witches were hugging the sobbing boy.

"Snape still thinks of that as one of the best nights of his life, now ask me again old man if you think I could kill him in cold blood. This is the type of person you have chosen to be in charge of children and time and time again defend against being dark despite all evidence to the contrary. You are dead to me old man and the only time I want to see you is at your trial for the crimes you've committed. Out of your own mouth came the words 'no one is above the law' and I agree, not even you Albus Dumbledore."

Harry turned his back on Dumbledore and approached his friend, putting one hand on each shoulder, "did you know your mother is my godmother?" this got Neville's attention and stopped the tears. "Voldemort was going after two children Nev, me and you. Our parents knew this and made a promise that if anything happened to one pair then the other couple would raise both boys, we should have grown up as brothers Nev but that manipulative old bastard up there had his own agenda."

"How could you know that? I demand you tell me now!" Albus had seriously lost it, spittle was flying from his mouth as he screamed at Harry and his wand was pointed at the former Hogwarts students back.

Harry turned round slowly, "in the back old man, even Snape had the decency to look Hermione in the eye as he cursed her. You can demand all you want old man, the only lesson you've taught me is that knowledge is power, so why should I give it to you?" Hermione had appeared at his side, closely followed by Neville and Luna, soon everyone who was leaving was standing beside Harry with their wands pointed at Dumbledore.

The sight of fifteen students all, with the exception of Harry and Hermione, pointing their wands at Albus finally shamed McGonagall into doing something she should have done years ago. "Albus lower that wand this instant, do you realise the penalties for firing a curse at the head of an ancient and noble house?" her glare forced his wand down, the students lowered theirs but not one of them put it away. Eight of her former Gryffindors had shown more courage this morning than Minerva McGonagall had in years, that was a situation she could not allow to continue.

"Lord Potter, if you find yourself in need of a transfiguration teacher I would be honoured to be considered, I find myself unable to continue working here any longer."

Harry knew that whatever her faults she was a superb teacher, and where McGonagall went Flitwick was sure to follow. "Professor I have cast aspersions over your blind loyalty to your former head teacher, but I never thought anything other than you were a brilliant teacher who is passionate about her subject. My only reservation would be whether you could be trusted not to tell tales out of class."

Minerva knew exactly what she was being asked, "I'm quite prepared to swear a loyalty oath my Lord and understand the need for one."

"I think there has been more than enough oaths sworn here today, lets get to that later," answered Harry who was pleased his prediction came true as Filius asked for a job as well.

Dumbledore's rage was matched by the members of the board; Hogwarts had just lost all four heads of house and any chance of sacking Albus. They could place him on probation but with what was happening next term they couldn't afford to lose him from the castle as well. They would have to draft in emergency teachers for the rest of the week to save Hogwarts from having to close early.

"Lord Potter I really must speak with you about a matter of some urgency," Amelia said.

"Madam Bones please call me Harry, if you want a job I will gladly hire you but then who would I trust in the ministry? I think we need to take any discussion out of this castle, you are welcome to come with us, see where Susan will be staying and join us for lunch after we get our business done."

Harry had been communicating with Hermione using the rings and she was already speaking to Zutekin about contacting parents and informing them of what happened today.

Harry spoke to everyone who had cast their oath today, "I would like to thank Hannah and every one else who gave such a public display of faith this morning and hope I can live up to it. Gringotts will contact your guardians and explain what occurred, it will then be their decision what happens next – those of muggle decent will be able to phone home from where we're going. Dobby!"

Dobby appeared and drew stares for his dress code, "their trunks are all packed and rooms are being made ready as we speak, we have called some elves from other Potter properties to assist but four elves have asked the castle for permission to join our house and Hogwarts said yes, the final decision is yours Harry Potter sir."

Harry held a brief mental debate with Hermione before making a decision, "tell them they would be most welcome Dobby."

Hermione came over and gave Harry the information gleamed from Zutekin on the portkey, which allowed it to be expanded so everyone could take hold,

"Don't we need to be outside the Hogwarts wards?" Minerva asked.

"This portkey will take us home from where ever we are," Harry gave a bow to the now departing goblins before portkeying out of Hogwarts where a headmaster sat alone at the staff table while the board members were in an impromptu huddle trying to figure out what to do next.


It was an astonished Dan, Emma and Remus who watched the cavalcade enter the château; Harry and Hermione were like pied pipers as they led their guests into the room that had become the family lounge.

The three adults were not helped by Harry's announcement to the company, "welcome everyone to the Potter Institute of Sorcery and Spells."

"When did that happen?" Remus asked.

Hermione was trying not to laugh, "you know Harry, and he just makes it up as we go along but I love him for it." Her betrothed was given a demonstration with a searing kiss.

Harry held her close and forgot about everyone else, "are you sure you're ok?"

"Why, what happened?" demanded Dan.

Susan again filled in the blanks, "Snape used the cruciatus curse on her."

Dan and Emma were angry but Remus was enraged, he was holding Hermione at arms length looking into her eyes to asses the damage before anyone realised he'd even moved.

"I'm fine Remus but thanks," she embarrassed the werewolf by pulling him into a hug but her dad wasn't buying it.

"I thought you could protect her Harry?" he asked accusingly.

Hermione just sighed, "Dad, I don't have a scratch on me while that bastard is in the infirmary rendered harmless."

Susan just couldn't resist it, "and handless!"

That broke the ice and everyone who was there laughed off all the tension that had accumulated throughout a pretty stressful morning.

Dan and Emma wanted to hear what happened this morning so Remus took everyone else to get them settled in their new rooms that the elves had arranged, Harry and Hermione sat down with the Grangers and Amelia to find out why she was looking for him in the first place.

After the introductions and confirmation that she could talk freely in front of the Grangers, Amelia started bringing them up to date on what happened at the ministry.

"Lord Potter, as of this morning the manhunt for Sirius Black has been called off, if any one has a method of contacting him could they please pass on the message that he has been released into the custody of Lord Potter until a trial date can be arranged. Does these arrangements meet with your satisfaction my Lord?"

Harry couldn't contain the smile that had broken out all over his face, "that's brilliant Madam Bones, if I see him I will be sure to pass on the message."

Amelia nodded in understanding, she would bet her pension that Harry was involved in the escape and new exactly where his godfather was, she was also sure the man was innocent and would do everything in her power to prove it. "Minister Fudge resigned this morning after an angry mob started pelting him with ripe tomatoes, the ministry is not quite sure how to proceed as it would appear the Chief Warlock will be facing criminal charges as well."

The thought of the minister getting pelted cheered the teens up no end but they needed decisions made, "if Harry offered to drop the charges with the proviso that Dumbledore resigned from the Wizengamot do you think he would take the offer?" Hermione asked.

It was a thoughtful Amelia who answered, "He just may, would you like me to make that offer?"

Harry nodded, "we don't think he's going to end up in Azkaban so resigning might be better than a prolonged court case holding everything up, this way he has no charges against him and we still get what we want."

Amelia became sombre, "sadly I have some bad news for you, it would appear an angry mob of witches and wizards congregated outside number 4 Privet Drive this morning with the result that the house and automobile have been totally destroyed with your aunt and uncle being transfigured into a ostrich and a walrus. The muggles had turned up before a magical reversal squad could get there, both animals were knocked out using some kind of fired dart and removed from the premises, we reckon that with everything else that's happening it might take weeks to trace them."

Harry and Hermione were almost falling off their seats with laughter, the image of Vernon as a walrus with a tranquiliser dart protruding from his arse completed the journey, they were on the floor with tears running down their faces.

Only years as an auror allowed Amelia to maintain a straight face but it was so very hard, she so wished she could have been there.

"Your aunt and uncle have officially been posted missing in the muggle world with your cousin being collected from school by his aunt Marge. Officially I have no position on this, unofficially one of the reversal squad has offered to let you have the memory of the muggles trying to subdue both animals for a signed Harry Potter poster for his seven year old daughter."

"You can get posters of Harry?" Emma asked, not quire believing it.

"You can get anything with Harry's face on it, I'm told the teenage underwear is a big seller." Amelia wasn't joking so Emma looked towards her daughter and lifted an enquiring eyebrow.

"Mother I have the real thing, why would I need the underwear? That's not to say that half the witches in Hogwarts don't own a pair."

Harry was in too good a mood to let this trouble him in the slightest, "Amelia I would sign it in blood for that memory, and I would quite happily meet the little girl and thank her dad for making my day."

"Ok official business over but on a more serious and personal level if you both have found a way to defeat the torture curse as head of the DMLE I would be eternally grateful if you would share that knowledge."

'Amelia this is not one of those 'knowledge is power' situations, quite the opposite in fact as you need the power to use the knowledge. When a curse is fired at you it is basically someone releasing their magical energy and commanding it to have a certain effect on the victim, if the intended victim is powerful enough they can override that command rendering the magical energy harmless."

Amelia was flummoxed at Harry's explanation so he stood up to demonstrate, "if you fire a stunner at me your commanding magical energy to leave your body and render mine unconscious." She nodded that she understood that much, "if I change the command on that energy to give me a nice warm glow then I've rendered the curse harmless."

Amelia understood the theory; it just didn't seem possible so Harry invited her to cast a stunner. Amelia stood, fired her stunner then had to sit back down in shock as she watched Harry just absorb the curse with no ill effects whatsoever.

"You need an immense amount of magical power before that can be achieved, Hermione is about ninety five percent of the way there but I was able to share some of my power with her due to our betrothal bond."

Amelia looked like someone had snatched the holy grail right out of her hands, both teens knew this was not a selfish thing but the thought of protecting her aurors and her niece, they decided to take a chance.

Hermione asked, "Madam Bones could we have a witches oath that you will not tell anyone the information we're about to give you, I promise none of it breaks any laws."

Amelia needed these two to trust her so gave her oath immediately.

Hermione was smiling as she continued; "when we released that article all we hoped for was to have Fudge and Dumbledore at each other's throats, allowing us to quietly train and carry out tasks we've set ourselves. Harry has defeated Voldemort three times but he keeps coming back, our tasks are to strip away his protection and finish him once and for all. We are hoping to achieve this before Christmas."

Amelia knew she wasn't being lied to or bullshitted, all her years in the force had given her a very good nose for those things. She also knew that this was only part of the information but if they carried out their task she was quite prepared to cut them some slack, shit she would do anything even remotely possible to assist them.

"How can I help?" was her reply but she wasn't ready for Harry's answer.

"By becoming minister of magic!"


Daphne Greengrass admired the beautiful room she was going to be sharing with her best friend Tracy, it had the Slytherin dorms beat all ends up with even it's own on-suite and a balcony. No more sharing a shower block and, with the boys being on the other side of the corridor, no worries if they decided to sunbathe for an hour or three. With Susan and Hannah on one side and Lavender with the Patel's on the other she didn't even have to endure that troll Millicent or Pansy 'when Draco and I are married' Parkinson. Her only concern was the reaction of her parents, she hoped they'd understand but if not she would be doing her schooling in France next term, even without the oath stepping back into the Slytherin dorm would probably cost Daphne her life.

Dean Thomas thought he'd made one of the best decisions of his life, even though Seamus and him were sharing a room with Colin he still considered himself to be streets ahead of where he was this morning. All three boys had muggle backgrounds and had phoned home, getting immediate permission to stay there for now and continue their schooling with Harry next year. Potter was apparently the new magic word for opening doors in their world and all the parents were delighted their kids were associated with him.

Dean was also re-assessing his choice in girls after that narrow escape and realized he must have been blind; there were currently four single guys here, and Colin. There were seven unattached females; each one of them gorgeous, and Dean liked those odds a lot better. Neville and Luna hadn't stopped holding hands since this morning and after his wicked take down of Malfoy he would have been serious babe competition but the little blond former claw looked to have him off the market.

Dean couldn't remember the last time he looked forward to classes as much.

Neville's whole world had been turned upside down, he'd just left Hogwarts after knocking Malfoy's lights out and it looked like he had a girlfriend as well. He glanced at the little blond who just smiled and nodded, yip – he had a girlfriend!

It was amazing how well they just fitted together after only speaking to each other just a few days ago, Neville sensed in his new girlfriend the same fragility that he had in abundance, and he was sure combined they could be greater than Neville and Luna alone, they complemented each other so well.

Luna walked hand in hand along the corridor with her first ever boyfriend and wondered how she got this lucky, one minute walking along the Hogwarts corridor in pain from being forced to wear the wrong shoe to then watching her tormentors fall over themselves trying to make it up to her.

When Harry and Hermione left she had gravitated towards the wizard by her side, he came with excellent references so she gave him her trust. They had rooms next to each other on the same floor as Harry and Hermione because they had been expecting to leave Hogwarts; the rest of the morning was just plain crazy.

Watching Neville beat his tormentor was hard and she knew he would have felt terrible if he'd hurt Malfoy any more, Luna was sure it was in reaction to the curse Hermione was under that Neville acted like he was possessed and holding him as he cried confirmed this. Once he trusted her enough she would hear the story behind it but what she really wanted to listen to was the promised explanation from Harry and Hermione – her friends.

Sirius arrived in the château and only Moony holding on to his arm stopped him from making a run for it, there seemed to be people everywhere before he noticed McGonagall smiling at him then his godson and new betrothed held him in a hug.

"Harry James Potter if you don't tell me what the hell is going on right this minute then your godfather is going to deliver you a smack round the head."

"Relax Sirius, the manhunt is called of and you have been placed in my custody until a trial can be arranged, so if there's any smacking to be done I will be the one doing it dear godfather. Looks like your coming to stay with me rather than the other way around" Harry's laughter could be heard in every word.

"Welcome to the Potter Institute of Sorcery and Spells," Hermione laughed.

Sirius looked to his oldest friend, "Remus what's going on? Are these two taking the piss?"

"No but every one else is!" the laughter spread as people started getting Remus's joke, Dean had just thought of a brilliant idea for a t-shirt.

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