Knowledge is Power

When Hermione gets cursed at the Ministry, Harry and the Death Eaters discover the power he knows not. Unleashing this power has far reaching consequences. Weasley and Dumbledore bashing – time travel story that's hopefully different.


8. Chapter 8

On Monday morning Albus Dumbledore, dressed in a set of ridiculously expensive, ridiculously colourful robes and matching hat, was whistling to himself as he made his way into the great hall for breakfast. There the great wizard was greeted by a wave of antagonism that was almost palpable, emanating from three of the four houses as well as the staff table. He just knew this had to do with Potter, especially as they were all reading newspapers. With as much dignity as possible he grabbed an issue off the nearest table and the screaming headline sent waves of pleasure throughout his old body, it would be his last happy thought for quite some time.

Boy-Who-Lived Dies


Lord Harry James Potter

Late last week the boy-who-lived and everything he stood for died in the infirmary of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. His place was taken by Lord Harry James Potter who is nobody's pawn, and will protect his family and friends to the death, leaving the rest of the wizarding world to go screw itself!

We really need to congratulate Minister Fudge, Chief Warlock Dumbledore and Death Eater Snape for achieving what Voldemort has failed to do in all his attempts, push me to the point where I don't care if he takes over because he can't be any worse to me and mine than those already in authority.

The reason behind this change of heart is simple, an innocent man who has spent twelve years in Azkaban prison without even being questioned, far less given a trial, was going to have his soul removed by dementors kiss, despite evidence clearing his name.

Sirius Black is my godfather, an innocent man who has never even been charged with a crime, and definitely no death eater, yet found himself incarcerated in the maximum-security wing of the hell on earth that is Azkaban.

My mother and father gave their lives fighting Voldemort and defending the greater good but it wasn't worth it. Their sacrifice not only resulted in their son falling under the 'protection' of Albus Dumbledore but their best friend was thrown in prison.

While the innocent Sirius Black was incarcerated, death eaters with enough gold shouted loudly that they were 'under the imperius curse' and our beloved, bribed leaders let them walk among us still, some even working at the ministry and, of course Hogwarts.

Each of the three wise men had their own reason for wanting my godfather out of the picture and they are all less than pure, here they are:

The minister wanted Sirius kissed for the positive headlines this would generate in the Daily Prophet, looking good is far more important than doing good. Did I spell your name right Cornelius Fudge?

Dumbledore wants him out of the way because Sirius is my legal guardian and might start asking awkward questions like 'why was I kidnapped as a baby and placed with muggles when my parents will expressly prohibited this action?' To late Albus I already know and also just how much your wrinkly old hands have stolen of my fortune.

The only person death eater Snape hates worse than my godfather is me, this was a win-win situation for him, as killing Sirius would also hurt me. Our beloved minister of magic was even going to reward him with an Order of Merlin, quite ironic when you think about it.

You see death eater Snape spied on a confidential conversation and reported it to his master, Voldemort. This led directly to my parents having to hide but unfortunately they trusted another death eater with their secret location and here's the ironic part, the ministry awarded the traitor with an Order of Merlin. Being the ministry though they couldn't even get that right and awarded it posthumously while the rat is still alive.

Yes Peter Pettigrew is still alive, I saw him, I spoke to him, along with other witnesses but the three wise men didn't want to listen, Sirius was going to be kissed for all the wrong reasons.

Pettigrew escaped again that night; the person who sold out my parents and murdered twelve muggles has gone looking for his old master. Make no mistake Voldemort will return, I have already banished him three times now but those days are long gone.

It's time to find a new champion and may I make a couple of suggestions, Albus Dumbledore and Severus Snape should have a lot more time on their hands since they wont be lying, manipulating or stealing from me anymore.

Some might think my reactions a bit on the harsh side so I have decided to bury that mythical character the 'boy-who-lived' and tell the real life story of Harry Potter.

Once you have read it, all I want is for you to ask yourself this simple question, if this was your experience of the magical world would you still be prepared to sacrifice your life for a cause that you no longer believe in?

I already know my answer.

What followed was a true life history of Harry Potter, from being left on a muggle doorstep on a cold Halloween night, note pinned to his blanket through all the major events up until, and of course including, the minister's announcement that Sirius was to be kissed without delay.

What was more poignant and shockingly reinforced his claims more than words ever could were the wizarding pictures taken of pensieve memories of the more unbelievable parts of the story.

An incredibly thin, plaintive ragamuffin that was a seven-year-old Harry, sitting quietly in his pathetic cupboard, frightened to make a sound.

Voldemort's face coming out the back of Quirrell's head and trying to kill an eleven-year-old Harry Potter.

Harry killing a sixty-three foot Basilisk with the fabled sword of Gryffindor.

A small boy plummeting to the earth after being attacked during a school Quidditch match by dementors the ministry had placed there for his supposed safety.

Peter Pettigrew in the shrieking shack pleading to Harry for his worthless life, four other witnesses watched while Snape lay unconscious on the floor.

It was a compelling story that shattered the myth and instead showed a child who had been abandoned, abused, manipulated and lied to by just about everyone he had met in his life. Surviving the killing curse was now going to be considered the least of his achievements, surviving his life since that night was a far greater deed.

Harry and Hermione had debated long and hard what to include and exclude from the article, there was no mention of prophecies, horcruxes, the fact that Sirius was an animagus or how he was rescued though just about everything else was in the Quibbler which was selling faster than it could be printed.

For all its reputation for mythical beasts the paper could now legitimately list amongst its achievements the first picture of Voldemort, a Basilisk and the man thought to have died a hero's death. It was incredible to think just how little was known about that night yet even what little they did know was proved to be completely wrong.

Albus was sitting on his throne at the staff table by the time he had finished reading and he was worried, he was formulating his rebuttal when the doors of the hall opened to admit five members of the school board, each with a copy of today's Quibbler clutched in their hand.

Dumbledore had just about managed to placate them enough to get the discussions moved out of the view of the whole school and into his office when the doors opened again and a delegation from the goblin nation entered the great hall.

The delegation was led by Master Zutekin, flanked by six goblin guards as he approached the staff table where Dumbledore was still seated; the goblin removed a scroll from his robes and began to read aloud.

"Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore, you are charge with conspiring with a goblin clan to subvert and overthrow the legal ruler of the goblin nation. You are also charged with conspiring with a member of that clan, namely Sickyle, to illegally remove gold from the account of which he was in charge. Lord Potter has requested we use all means legally at our disposal to recover all the gold stolen from him and to punish the guilty parties involved, we are well aware this is a school full of children so have left the traitor Sickyle's head on the desk in your office rather than present it here."

This brought about an audible gasp that rippled through the hall, which had been unusually silent as everyone strained to hear what was going on. There was also the thought that if they stayed quiet they wouldn't be noticed and sent to their common rooms or classes.

Zutekin continued reading, "all of your accounts have been frozen and all assets seized, should you make an appearance at any goblin facility you will be arrested and tried under goblin law for your crimes against our nation. All documents pertaining to your illegal dealings against the goblin nation and Lord Potter have been forwarded to the investigation arm of the auror department along with a request that you be arrested and handed over to the goblin nation."

Albus knew that Hagrid would dance Swan Lake with the Bolshoi Ballet in front of the Queen before the ministry would hand a wizard over to the goblins. The 'all accounts' had him terrified; he wasn't sure how many accounts they had frozen but if they got them all he was in deep shit. Being vilified in the press was one thing but being poor scared the life out of him, he had spent his considerable number of years quietly amassing his fortune and could not contemplate being poorer than a Weasley.

Albus had totally overlooked the fact that the goblin declaration had just validated the entire Quibbler story in the minds of everyone present in the hall, staff, students and school governors were all reassessing their dealings and reactions to the headmaster.

It was into this reflective atmosphere that Harry and Hermione walked arm in arm into the great hall, "sorry were late for breakfast," said Harry "but it doesn't really matter as we're just here to collect a couple of our friends."


The ministry for magic was in total meltdown, it seemed like half the population of the wizarding world had turned up and being rather vocal in their demands, the magical multitude had spoken.

The wanted Fudge sacked, justice for Sirius and a delegation sent post haste to Lord Potter, begging him not to abandon them, most were old enough to remember how the first war was progressing before baby Harry's intervention. Not one person currently in the ministry building had any illusions that they would do any better the second time around.

Harry Potter was the saviour of the wizarding world and the idea they had treated him so badly he would leave them to the not so tender mercies of that monster Voldemort did not bear thinking about. This needed to be fixed, and quickly, their leaders had better deliver or they wouldn't be their leaders much longer.

Fudge was in shock, plastered all over the Quibbler was information that he didn't want the general public to be aware of; he took the crowds that were gathered in the atrium as confirmation of the correctness of his notion that the public couldn't handle the truth. He had ordered Amelia Bones to send aurors to arrest the Potter brat under causing a public menace charges but she had refused, citing all the aurors were needed to protect the ministry at the moment.

Fudge's sense of self-preservation kicked in as he realised that removing protection from the minister at this time was not a good idea. Amelia Bones knew Harry had committed no crime, she also knew having him arrested would cost the Head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement her job, though she doubted if her aurors would even obey that command.

Fudge was making the same mistake Dumbledore was, in any choice between the three wizards almost all the general population would choose the boy who saved them from the nightmare that was the last war.

The thought of Voldemort returning sent shivers of dread running through the battle hardened woman, Amelia knew that the peace time cuts to her department left their world seriously under protected to the threat of another war.

Fudge was bemoaning the fact that he was having to make his own decisions; Lucius had still not made an appearance and he was getting worried. The much-maligned minister then decided, against all advice offered, to speak to 'his people' and explain there had been a misunderstanding.

He appeared on a platform, looking down on his people as the crowd became silent, Fudge took this as a sign of respect and started addressing them in the most condescending tone imaginable, little realising that the only words they wanted to here was "I resign!"

Fudge stood stock still, shocked beyond belief while looking at the ripe tomato that was currently sliding down his previously spotless robes. The muggle influence on the wizarding world was never more apparent, to fire a spell at the minister of magic, even one that was as big an arsehole as Fudge, came with an extended vacation in the dementor hotel on the lovely island of Azkaban.

On the other hand conjuring a piece of ripe fruit and letting the minister have it broke no laws, felt great and totally humiliated the pompous prick. The air was soon alive with ripe fruit being banished in the direction of the minister, magical people would never lower themselves to throw something when a banishing charm was more accurate and required no physical effort.

Amelia and the attending aurors had immediately erected shield charms to protect themselves from the onslaught; she eventually had the aurors cover Fudge with their shields after he started looking like a bottle of ketchup.

She cleaned his robes using her wand before offering her un-listened to advice once again, "there is really only one way out of this situation that leaves you any dignity whatsoever Cornelius."

He nodded and they got the crowd quietened down again before Fudge spoke once more, "I apologise if I have let you down, a minister cannot perform his duties without the will of the people behind him. With this display here today it is blatantly obvious I no longer have your support therefore I have no other course of action than to tender my immediate resignation as minister of magic."

The corresponding cheer and applause was the loudest Fudge had ever received in his entire political career.


Albus glared at the young couple with no sign of the kindly grandfather façade he usually tried to portray, "Mr Potter you cannot waltz in and out of Hogwarts as the notion takes you, the school rules are their for the protection of everyone. No one is above the law, not even the boy-who-lived."

Harry just shook his head, "you never learn do you old man."

McGonagall exploded, "Mr Potter, you will treat the headmaster with respect!"

Harry's voice was colder and contained more power than anyone had heard before, "respect has to be earned, you lost all right to criticise me about respect when you stood back and allowed a member of your house to be cursed by Malfoy right in front of your eyes and did nothing. You let that old fools pet death eater give me a detention, insult my betrothed and you were too much of a coward to interfere. You made us ashamed to have been Gryffindors."

You could have heard a pin drop in the hall with McGonagall appearing as if she'd been physically slapped.

Harry turned his attention back to Dumbledore, "and as for you old man, I have told you to address me as Lord Potter. School rules for our protection, are you bullshiting me? I am so glad that you think no one is above the law but I would like to wager this is another one of these 'do as I say, not as I do' situations. One name old man – Snape!"

Albus tried to get the conversation back on safer ground, "I was merely pointing out that to officially leave you need written permission from your guardian to make it legal."

Harry walked forward to McGonagall, "I believe this falls under your remit as deputy, here is my permission slip stating that I am leaving Hogwarts for good, effective immediately. This is Hermione's, Neville's and Luna's stating the same."

As Harry handed them to McGonagall he was joined by Hermione, Neville and Luna at the front of the staff table. Albus was out his seat like a flash and snatched Harry's permission slip out of McGonagall's hand.

"This slip is not legal, it's signed by Miss Granger's parents!" Albus declared triumphantly.

"Behind the times again old man, Daniel and Emma Granger are now my legal guardians in the muggle world, as Lord Potter I am emancipated in the magical world and need no guardian."

Dumbledore seemed to shrink into himself, "you gave out the Dursleys address in the Quibbler yet no longer live there, have you any idea what you've done?"

It was Hermione who answered and the look on her face scared the shit out of anyone with a hint of common sense, "on the contrary old man, we know exactly what we've done!" Anyone messing with her Harry was in a whole heap of trouble.


Vernon Dursley was having a good morning, no a brilliant morning – the best morning in over twelve years.

When that man had turned up in Privet Drive on Saturday, Vernon had almost shut the door in his face as soon as he mentioned his freak nephew's name, what a mistake that would have been.

He was offered ten thousand pounds and given a guarantee that Harry would never contact them again if they signed over his guardianship to a couple of dentists, Vernon would have paid money to be rid of the freak.

He had finished his breakfast, even kissed Petunia before heading out the door to work and discovering why only half the wizarding population was currently at the ministry, the rest were in Privet Drive and they were pretty pissed off.


Severus Snape was in a foul mood to eclipse all his other foul moods combined, Draco had rushed to his godfather's room at first sight of the Quibbler, clutching a copy purloined from a first year puff.

They were striding towards the great hall with Severus desperate to find a victim to unleash some of his anger, he would bet that new records for points deductions and detentions would be set today. How dare that arrogant little shit print those things about him, the fact that every word was true had no baring on Snape's anger. He didn't even consider that he might be in trouble, Albus would sort this out and Potter's life would be hell from now on.

They entered the great hall and caught sight of the object of all his hatred and anger, standing there in front of the staff table as if he owned the school, Snape literally screamed "POTTER!" and his wand had sent a curse flying before his brain had even engaged.

As soon as she heard Snape's voice Hermione whirled round and the cruciatus curse hit her squarely in the chest, the pain was unbelievable but only for a split second as Harry was in her mind telling her how to beat it and his hands were placed on her shoulders to provide the power if needed.

Pomona Sprout had read today's Quibbler and watched this morning's events unfold with an uneasy feeling in the pit of her stomach, she had read what that poor boy had went through and liked to think if he was in Hufflepuff she would have stood up to Albus and Severus better than her friend Minerva did. She didn't think she was a better witch or head of house than Minerva, she just didn't believe every word that came out of Albus Dumbledore's mouth was the truth. If he'd pulled some greater good crap on any of her puffs she would have exploded in his face, she might only manage to singe that ludicrous beard but at least she would make her point. Minerva just followed along blindly and Filius followed Minerva's lead.

When Severus entered and fired that darkest of curses she was on her feet and reaching for her wand before the impossible happened right in front of her, the Granger girl just stood up straight and accepted the curse, smiling at Snape in the process.

The sweat was pouring down Snape's face as he tried with all his might to end the curse but to no avail, the mudblood bitch had got in the way and now was even smiling at him.

Albus Dumbledore shouted, "Enough! Mr Potter end this at once."

Harry calmly replied, "Students, staff and members of the school board please note the usual behaviour in Hogwarts, the head of Slytherin house fires an unforgivable curse at a student who's not even holding a wand yet it's my fault. Professor Snape can do no wrong and literally gets away with murder, just out of interest how did he escape going to Azkaban? You really have outdone yourself this time old man."

Harry's voice took on an icy tone again, "your pet death eater has just attacked the betrothed of an ancient and noble house in front of hundreds of witnesses. His arse belongs to me and anyone interfering will, I can assure you be dealt with in an appropriate manner."

Harry was trying to divert attention away from the fact that Hermione was draining the power right out of Snape's magical core, they had quickly decided to leave him just a fraction above a squib, he should be able to cast a 'lumos' but not much else, a reminder of what he'd lost. Of course he was going to lose more than that.

Snape's power drain very quickly reached the required level then Hermione cast a wandless reducto which blew off his wand hand, simultaneously Harry cast the same wandless spell removing his other arm just below the elbow.

Draco had made his way to the side, un-noticed he thought, and had his wand lined up on Potter when a stinging hex made him drop his wand. Luna had tracked him from the second she was sure Harry and Hermione had the Snape incident under control, Malfoy's wand hadn't hit the floor before the right fist of Neville Longbottom connected with the blond Slytherins jaw, Draco went down like a sack of potatoes but Neville had years of contained anger to release and jumped on him to continue pummelling the hated face of his worse antagonist.

After a few punches a gentle hand on his cheek stopped his onslaught, Neville looked up into the face of an angle as Luna softly spoke to him, "enough Neville, your better than he is in every way, he's not even worth your anger."

She offered him her hand and Neville took it, standing up to see that Snape was down and bleeding while Harry was looking at him and smiling.

"Now do you understand why I want a Longbottom guarding my back? You two are quite the team you know."

Neville glanced down and realised he was still holding Luna's hand, it felt so right that he had no intention of letting it go anytime soon.

Since Snape entered the hall until the Potter's rendered him harmless had taken about a minute, but it was a minute that would have major repercussions on the wizarding world. Hermione Granger had taken out Snape while under the cruciatus curse, Harry Potter had just made Dumbledore back down, add to that the two most bullied people in the school had just demolished the worst bully.

Albus was trying to regain some control over a silent great hall that had just witnessed events thought to be impossible, Poppy was sealing Severus's wounds as the parts removed were blasted to pieces. He asked tiredly, "Harry what do you want?"

"I don't want anything and here's something to save you hours of scheming to try and get me back under your control," Harry took out his wand, "I, Lord Harry James Potter swear on my magic I will never be a student at Hogwarts again."

Hermione, Neville and Luna all took the same magical oath in front of a still shocked and silent great hall, it was with an air of defeat that Dumbledore slumped back into his seat as the quartet headed towards the doors.

Harry and Hermione were trying to appear calm but inside they were bouncing about like two year-olds on a sugar high, though it was adrenalin pumping through their bodies.

Hermione felt no remorse about what they had just done to that evil bastard and her core had just received a permanent boost. To receive the dark mark you had to kill someone in front of Voldemort, torturing him or her first for the Dark Lord's entertainment got you extra death eater points.

The had both read the account of Snape's initiation and the fact that it involved a muggle child of about seven left them both feeling quite sick, the fact that stupid old bastard then employed him to teach in a school beggared belief.

They would have preferred the knowledge that they could ignore the cruciatus curse to have remained a secret for just a little longer, but Harry had acted instinctively as soon as someone tried to hurt her.

Harry was struggling to believe they'd pulled it off, even the part about filling the two hospital beds. He would watch with interest to see what happens to that greasy bastard who tried to hurt his Hermione, he was so tempted to kill him outright but decided to make him suffer, he should go to Azkaban for casting an unforgivable, on a student no less but Harry wouldn't be surprised if Albus weaved some tale and the bastard got off.

The only thing stopping him pushing the situation was without magic he was already being punished and without hands, eating breakfast was Snape's new challenge, he could forget potions. Even that bastard of a rat needed his body's magic to make that silver hand work. Harry wasn't too worried about Snape looking for revenge, having the knowledge of how to fire a gun wasn't much use if you didn't actually have access to one, far less the means to hold it.

Harry had discussed with Hermione the possibility of turning dark but she had explained lovingly that neither of them could ever stand back and watch someone tortured, far less carry out the act themselves. They now classed Death eaters as rabid dogs for which there was really only one treatment, both had been brought up as muggles and now wondered how many of those missing persons cases in the news were death eaters carrying on their traditions.

As far as they were concerned having a dark mark amounted to having murderer tattooed on your forehead, their doubts could be put to rest with a quick glance at Voldemort's memories and discovering just how evil any marked individual was.

They were nearly at the doors of the great hall when all their carefully laid plans went tits up, neither Harry nor Hermione could believe who had caused it, Hannah Abbot!


Excerpt from BBC News

The emergency services in Little Whining were called this morning to deal with the most bizarre incident any of them had ever seen. A house in Privet Drive appeared to demolish itself for no apparent reason while the top of the range family car was discovered crushed into the cupboard under the stairs. What was even stranger was the ostrich and walrus that were found in the back garden, both animals appeared to be in a state of extreme distress and attacked anyone who came near them.

A specialist from London Zoo was eventually called in and had to shoot both animals with tranquiliser darts before the situation could be brought under control.

When asked for his opinion the specialist replied, "this really is a strange case, both animals are obviously used to being around humans, in fact you would almost think they knew what a gun was. The walrus couldn't move much due to his size so was rather an easy target, the ostrich though zoomed about for a few minutes before actually trying to hide behind the walrus. As an ostrich only hides its head I was left with rather an obvious shot in the end."

Both the ostrich and walrus are now being held in government quarantine facilities until their origins can be established, and a police search is being conducted for the owners of the property, a Vernon and Petunia Dursley.

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