Knowledge is Power

When Hermione gets cursed at the Ministry, Harry and the Death Eaters discover the power he knows not. Unleashing this power has far reaching consequences. Weasley and Dumbledore bashing – time travel story that's hopefully different.


7. Chapter 7

Harry opened his eyes to find the beautiful Italian sunshine being filtered through his even more beautiful betrothed's soft brown hair as she rested her head on his chest while sleeping, what had caused him to wake?

He received his answer in the form of Emma Granger who approached the bed, ran her fingers through her daughter's hair before kissing both of them on the forehead before leaving.

"I don't want to wake up," grumbled Hermione, "this dream is to good, I'm in a beautiful Italian Château, lying in bed with my husband-to-be and my mum just came in and kissed me. This is my best ever dream."

"I think the future Lady Potter needs to create some better memories so we can improve the quality of those dreams," Harry replied, "and just for the record you're not dreaming, I don't want to know what's happening with mum but I hope dad is in the same sort of mood"

"Did Dobby get the package?" Hermione asked.

"Yes, little guy is working his sock off and I don't think I've ever seen him happier. Do you still think this is a good idea love?"

"Harry you know they are very independent people, once it sinks in what they have lost it could get ugly, this has the potential to go wrong but I still think it's a better option than what we would face a few weeks down the line."

"Ok, lets get showered and meet the problem like Gryffindors." He joked.

"Do you want to save water and save time?" she joked back.

Harry was actually embarrassed and their rings told Hermione the reason why, he had put on a lot of muscle and height by the time they had went to the ministry that fateful night and now he was back to being younger, shorter, skinnier and smaller.

Hermione took the boy she loved so much and kissed him with all the tenderness and love she possessed, "Harry I'm not exactly thrilled to be in my younger body either but it's still me, this is who we are now and we can't keep any secrets. I know you still find me attractive so you must know how I feel about you, we can start our training after Monday and at least get our fitness levels back up. Jogging on that beach should be so much more fun than running round a frozen lake in winter."

Harry held her tight, "sorry love, being in this younger body just brought back some of my old insecurities but we'll work on it, as much as I love the idea of sharing a shower we don't need to freak mum and dad out any more than we already have."

The sound of her daughter giggling brought a smile to Emma's face as she walked down to breakfast, this Hermione really was a different young girl to the one they had left at King's Cross Station last September and her mother wholeheartedly approved of the way her daughter glowed with happiness. The fact that this was entirely due to the boy she wanted to marry on his fourteenth birthday couldn't be denied, she was honest enough to admit that, had the couple been their correct ages, she would be rushing around making wedding arrangements – even if it was only a trip to Gretna Emma would have been happy for them.

Her relationship with her husband had become a physical one for the first time since Hermione's birth and while both had enjoyed the experiences immensely there was something sorely missing, love! Both had built barriers over the years to protect themselves from the heartache that was their marriage, she supposed that it was understandable that these barriers wouldn't come crashing down after only one night. At the moment Emma felt as if she was involved in an extra marital affair with a friend and that was not what she wanted, she needed her husband back and couldn't believe she was going to ask her future son-in-law for help.

There was only four of them sitting down to breakfast as Remus was back in Britain handling Potter business all day, this would give the four a chance to get to know one another.

Emma asked a question that she really needed to know the answer to, "Hermione and Harry, can you tell me what it felt like to share each others memories and why would you do that, wasn't there a danger of you not liking something you seen and it changing the way you felt about each other?"

The raw emotion that both were suddenly displaying made Emma wonder if she had probed to far, Harry's use of mum hinted that she just might have.

"Mum, I have faced a Basilisk, the meanest dragon your ever likely to see and the most evil Dark Lord in the world on more than one occasion but nothing, and I mean nothing scared me as much as waking up and wondering if Hermione still loved me. The others could only kill me but Hermione turning away would destroy me totally, my life before Hogwarts was pretty unpleasant and your daughters love is the one good thing in my life, it defines who I am and I couldn't survive without her."

By the time he was finished speaking his voice was barely above a whisper and only Hermione's arms wrapped around him had granted Harry the strength to finish his answer.

Hermione answered the rest of her mother's question, "I was terrified that Harry would see me for who I really am and not find me worthy of him, we now know that those fears were groundless but they were certainly real enough at the time. The reason for taking this chance was two fold, the second is one of our biggest secrets but we think you deserve to know. Dumbledore and Snape can read minds, it's highly illegal but they do it all the time, while we wear these rings no one can penetrate our minds except each other so our secrets are safe. The second is a bit harder to explain, when Harry died it released something behind the scar that Voldemort gave him and now everything that Voldemort achieved or learned is stored in Harry's head like a vast library containing all the knowledge we need to destroy him for good. These rings allow me access to that information."

"Your daughter in research mode is a force to be reckoned with and Voldemort has been called many things but none of them was stupid, evil psychopath – definitely! He was a genius who could have used his power and knowledge for good, becoming a great and respected wizard; instead he wanted to be worshiped using his considerable talents for pure evil. We are working on a plan to take him out with minimal risk but it's very tricky, there are certain events that we want to happen but if we change too much it could negate our knowledge of the next two years, we are walking a tightrope and after Monday hope to have as little contact with the wizarding world as possible to keep the time line intact." Harry had his emotions back under control; events that they had put behind them years ago were now fresh in the others mind, leaving the young couple a little frayed around the edges.

Harry continued, "you asked how it felt well the only way to describe it is being there while seeing, hearing and feeling every emotion of every situation, watching Hermione lay in her bed at Hogwarts, crying because I was bloody stupid over a broomstick nearly ripped my heart from my ribcage, watching as she fell in love with me was better than anything I've ever felt before. The reason I keep slipping into mum and dad is I know you as well as Hermione does and she never calls you anything else."

"So this Voldemort can be killed, for good?" asked Dan.

"Yes, he's not immortal, he just wants to be." Hermione answered "why are you so interested in the rings mum?"

Well here goes nothing thought Emma, "I would like something similar for your father and I."

Dan almost choked on his food and it took a minute for silence to descend on the breakfast table before Emma could continue.

"Harry your going to be family so this effects you as well, for more years than I care to remember your father and I have danced around each other, both afraid of saying the wrong thing so nothing of consequence got said. We became polite strangers in our own home and I can now see how our behaviour was harming our daughter as well, I have never seen Hermione happier and it's all down to what she shares with Harry. I want that with the man I've been in love with all these years but lacked the courage to tell him, we've spent so many years behind barriers of our own creation that I've almost forgotten who I really am. There were so many opportunities where the right words or a gentle touch could have changed everything but we let them all pass, too afraid it could all go wrong. The ability to know when the other needs a comforting word, a hug or just dragged off to bed is intoxicating and terrifying but I'm ready to face my fears. I realise that the flip side could end in divorce if we can't stand one another but Dan Granger is the most honest, decent human being I have ever met and I'm prepared to take that chance, a second chance at life."

Dan Granger looked at the shy, beautiful woman who had made him so happy when she said yes all those years ago. Dan had never even dated another woman as he was painfully shy himself, being partnered with Emma for a lab project at university had ignited the first spark between the couple and had grown until they were married straight out of dental school with Hermione following on just over a year later. The pregnancy and birth had been very difficult with Emma experiencing a lot of pain and afterwards their shy personalities began to emerge, with the old rule 'if you don't give affection you can't be hurt' making a re-appearance in their lives.

Dan was now ashamed to say this had also applied in some degree to his relationship with Hermione as well. The last 24 hours had been the weirdest, scariest but most exhilarating of his life and released emotions he didn't know he possessed. He silently nodded to his wife, agreeing with everything she said, they couldn't go back to the way they were and if she was willing to take a chance on him, he could do no less for the only woman he had ever loved.

Hermione was ecstatic, the thought of mum and dad experiencing what she shared with Harry would make them a lot happier, they would also realise why they couldn't bear to be apart. "We will contact Ragnok to see if this is even possible but if it is we'll get whatever it takes."

Hermione immediately began writing a note for Dobby to deliver while Harry was left to proceed with the business in hand, he handed both parents thick envelopes and let them be opened before offering an explanation, both were amazed when false British passports, drivers licences, credit cards and thousands of Euros were found inside.

"We realised that through no fault of your own the Grangers have basically become fugitives, these documents are our attempt at giving you back the freedom we all crave so much. This will allow you to travel anywhere in the world you wish for whatever reason, we hope you'll stay with us but this gives you the means to have a weekend shopping trip to New York or a romantic few days in Paris. There's even the option to tour the world and return when this is all over, just please avoid Britain until it is. We know how much we're asking you to give up and this is our attempt to readdress the balance. Anything you need from home can be brought here and we are only to glad to help in any way we can."

Dan looked at the documents to see Daniel Gardiner staring back at him, he was frightened to ask what the limit was on the credit card, somehow he thought their wouldn't be one. He could see both teens watching for their reaction, probably worried that he would think they were being 'bought off' so Dan decided he better say something, "Can we hire a car? I've never been to this part of Italy before and would like to do some sightseeing."

"Remus and I spotted a garage last night, why don't you take a look in there first. Please help yourself to anything you see there, treat this house and everything in it as you would your own, we are going to be family after all, " a grinning Harry answered.


Severus Snape was having a good day, Potter hadn't shown up for detention last night and he was on his way to the Headmasters office to demand the little shit be expelled. The sight of Potter walking away from Hogwarts with his head down and dragging a trunk had fuelled many of the potion masters less bloody dreams for the past few years. Harry also featured heavily in the blood filled versions as well but Snape was going to be magnanimous and settle for whatever he could get. Upon entering the office an unusual sight awaited him, Albus had both hands covering his face as if trying to deny the existence of the newspaper currently on his desk. Severus just had to read it.

Bloodbath at Bank

Astonishing events at Gringotts bank yesterday sent shockwaves throughout the wizarding world and the repercussions have yet to be realised.

A pack of heavily armed goblins charged a small group of customers and were not only defeated, they were decimated. A goblin who had a knee and elbow shattered was the least injured casualty, another six all had limbs blown clean off leaving the main floor of Gringotts drenched in goblin blood. The carnage only ended when the leader of the goblins appeared and bowed to the wizard and witch responsible for the devastation, who were the people involved I hear you ask? None other than Lord Harry Potter and his newly betrothed, Hermione Granger.

They had just entered the bank, accompanied by a Hogwarts professor and Miss Granger's muggle parents, when the dastardly deed occurred. According to eyewitness accounts the two teenagers disarmed the first goblin without the use of magic then blasted six goblins to the ground without using their wands. Everyone who witnessed it confirmed this incredible display as an accurate account.

Perhaps even more sinister was an earlier altercation involving the self same teens and their Headmaster again on the main floor of the bank where the boy-who-lived hurled accusations at the old wizard before having his wand inches from Dumbledore's face when he made to grab Lord Potter's betrothed, apparently to return her to school even though she had parental permission and in the company of her lord. The altercation ended when goblins intervened and Dumbledore was escorted from the bank at the point of a sword while Lord Potter's party was invited into the manager's office.

Whispers coming out of Hogwarts are suggesting that Lord Potter is less than happy with the school and the relationship between the boy-who-lived and the self-styled leader of the light must have fractured beyond repair when only goblins stood between them and a fight that would have the whole wizarding world clamouring for tickets.

This reporter was astonished that, when asking as usual, the goblins actually gave a statement for the first time in living memory.

'We think both of today's incidents were linked and a wizard is under investigation for banking irregularities and illegal involvement in goblin affairs'

When asked the identity of this wizard all that was forthcoming was confirmation that Lord Potter was definitely NOT under investigation.

Neither Albus Dumbledore nor Lord Potter were available for comment but this is one story that's not going to fade away, goblin blood has been spilled in Gringotts and their investigation will be painstaking and meticulous.

Snape threw the paper away in disgust, "what the hell is going on? First Black escapes from a locked room and our occlumency can't read the brats at all, then he tells the whole school about Tom Riddle. Now instead of being alone and defeated he's betrothed, has the wolf and mudblood's parents along as well; you know it's only a matter of time before the mutt hooks up with him to. He's supposed to be getting ready for the Weasley bitch to ensnare him so he can be mercilessly dumped when the plan needs him broken. Just what did happen at the bank?"

"Potter would appear to have acquired knowledge that could seriously compromise us." Albus still had his face in his hands.

"US?" Snape said dangerously, "don't you mean compromising to you, I never wanted him here in the first place. He should have been left with the muggles without discovering the magical world and the Dark Lord would have killed him as soon as he returned but no, you always have to enact some clever plan that Potter always survives. We can't kill Tom until he's fulfilled the prophecy and murdered the annoying little shit, after all that's why we told Tom about the prophecy in the first place."

Albus glared at his professor, "Everyone knew when he was due to attend Hogwarts, I had no choice in the matter but thought getting him close to that useless, lazy Weasley would have held him back, we couldn't even kill the mudblood trapping her in a toilet with a mountain troll. Then my own bloody phoenix goes and saves his blasted life from that basilisk, and refuses to take us down there to harvest it. He carries an amazing amount of luck and inspires loyalty in nearly everyone he meets, no wonder Fudge is terrified of the boys popularity."

"He's an arrogant prat that I'm going to enjoy taking down a peg when he turns up, wandless magic my arse, they just don't want to prosecute the boy-who-lived." With that Snape stormed out the office and Albus returned his head to his hands, looking for inspiration.


Cornelius Fudge was delighted with today's story in the Prophet, it took the populations minds of the fact that they had Sirius Black in custody and he escaped again. The fact that two wizards who were more popular than him appeared to be at each other's throats was manna from heaven, if both ever joined forces Fudge knew whom the public would support. Maybe it was time to make overtures towards the boy-who-lived, he was after all, looking for a new mentor.

He would ask Lucius about it the next time he saw him, Fudge was actually surprised that he had not had a visit from the blond Slytherin before this, he wondered where he was.


Remus was sitting having tea in Longbottom Manor and secretly thanking Harry for the new robes, his old ones would have made him stand out like a sore thumb. He knew fine well it wasn't the robes that got him sitting here chatting with the Longbottom matriarch, the name Potter opened doors.

"Neville has of course mentioned Harry but I never realised they were close," said Augusta.

"Harry counts Neville as his best friend and that's why I'm here, there will be story's appearing in the Quibbler on Monday that are totally accurate, they're very friendly with the owner's daughter and Harry will be writing the piece along with his betrothed. The outcome is that both will be leaving Hogwarts and want to take their friends with them, private tutors will be used and the four will probably end up sitting their exams early. Both Harry and Hermione are convinced that Neville will be a great wizard but there are things going on at the castle that hold students back."

Remus could see the elderly woman reeling from the shocks he was firing at her, Neville was Harry Potter's best friend and a great wizard who Hogwarts was holding back was quite a lot to take in. Remus couldn't recall the boy speaking in class unless asked a direct question.

"Do you really think my Neville is being held back?"

Remus answered as truthfully as he could, "your grandson is brilliant at herbology and if he was the same at potions the world would be his oyster, unfortunately his boggart is professor Snape, the potions teacher. He bullies Neville mercilessly and the only break he gets is when the man picks on Harry. Neville is a powerful wizard who's biggest problem is his lack of confidence, working with Harry, Hermione and Luna will solve that and you should see an improvement very quickly."

Augusta had heard enough, the houses of Longbottom and Potter had been aligned for centuries and the thought of her grandson carrying on that tradition and becoming a better wizard in the process was a pretty powerful argument, she signed the piece of parchment that Remus had brought from Lord Potter.


Dan Granger was sitting at an outdoor café looking out on the Mediterranean Sea, cappuccino in hand, beautiful woman by his side and a red Ferrari Daytona convertible parked at the kerb. Part of him felt he needed something stronger but then he wouldn't get to drive that wonderful car. Harry's comment about a garage had set them off for a look and what they found had again emphasised the casual wealth of the young man.

Hermione had told them last night that Harry thought his trust vault was all the gold he had and money meant very little to him, having never had any before. He'd already arranged unrestricted access to all Potter vaults for Hermione and named her as his next of kin.

His garage had five classic sports cars that left Dan rooted to the spot, his decision was made when Emma sat in the passenger seat of the Ferrari parked beside them.

How could one person change your life so much in such an incredibly short time? This was the question playing over and over in Dan's mind, well it was easier than trying to answer the one that frightened the life out of him, what to do about Hermione?

What do you do when your fourteen-year-old daughter, who's also a witch, has just time travelled back from the future, where she was dead, and now wants to marry her millionaire lord wizard on his fourteenth birthday!

Dr Benjamin Spock never prepared them for that, shit Spock on Star Trek couldn't solve that one, Dan would have to sort this out using his own logic. They say when your child gets married you don't lose a daughter but gain a son, Dan had the feeling in this case it was an either / or scenario. If it came down to choice Hermione would choose Harry every time over her parents.

There were no doubts that the kids loved each other and that whole being in each others heads meant they knew each other better than any couple ever could. The magical war thing sent chills down his spine but his daughter standing beside the man she loved, sharing his trials and tribulations made him prouder than he had ever been. Watching the two of them in action at the bank had been breathtaking.

Harry was hardly a new concept to them having been reading about him from Hermione's letters and he was all she talked about during the holidays. They had been prepared for her boyfriend to be one of two boys and, considering the behaviour of the other one, Dan was certain she had made the right choice. He liked what he'd seen of Harry so far and he certainly had the means to take care of Hermione, that last thought caused a chuckle that Emma responded to.

"Have you made your mind up yet?"

Dan was still chuckling, "not quite but you seem to have, care to share?"

"Apart from the age issue I'm delighted for them, it's apparently legal in their culture so my intention is to sit down with Hermione and chat about the contraception options available to her, I don't want to become a grandmother just yet. We raised our daughter to be independent, responsible and to think for herself, we can't really complain with the result. Harry is a fine young man who makes her very happy so I choose to believe that they are nearly sixteen and seventeen, thus solving the only problem I had with the marriage."

Dan was again reminded where Hermione got her intelligence, and beauty from, she had summed everything up neatly, accept the ages they were before travelling back in time and his problem was solved. That shouldn't be too difficult since both acted with a maturity well beyond their biological years. He leaned over and kissed the wonderful woman by his side and noticed some jealous looks from the local males, yes Dan Granger was a lucky man he thought.


Harry and Hermione had spent most of the day working on the articles they hoped to get printed on Monday. One attacked Dumbledore, his illegal actions concerning Harry and the safety of Hogwarts, trolls, three-headed dogs and basilisks. It also highlighted employing a defence teacher possessed by Voldemort while hiding a magical object the Dark Lord was known to be hunting in a school full of children. They also hammered home the point that his first two defence teachers had tried to kill Harry and Dumbledore had appointed both.

Dumbledore thought he was being clever by transferring money out of Harry's vault into a muggle bank but three days later the same muggle bank account transferred the exact same amount into a Gringotts account under his control, until the goblins froze it that is. When this was combined with blocking the Potter will and his illegal placement with the Dursleys it should do considerable damage to the leader of the light. While not expecting him to do time in Azkaban, he was too slippery for that, they were hoping to strip him of as much of his power base as possible.

Snape was also exposed as a death eater who was instrumental in having Harry's parents murdered, they had discussed mentioning the prophecy instead just reporting eavesdropping on a private conversation while spying for his master.

The other article attacked the ministry and was a calculated gamble, fighting on so many fronts would be foolish but their plan was to toss in these articles like hand grenades then retreat back to Italy and hope the in-fighting would do them some good.

They intended to keep their heads down and train; Voldemort was their main target.

Harry and Hermione were walking around outside, trying to get the lay of the land when Dobby appeared beside them with a package from Ragnok.

Harry knelt down in front of his little friend, "Dobby, you're amazing!" they had just discovered elves could blush, "can we get you something to replace that tea towel? This would not be clothes but a uniform for you to wear."

It was a nervous elf who replied, "Dobby would like a uniform but could it please have at least one pocket, Dobby has never had a pocket and always wanted one."

Hermione knelt as well, "of course, we'll get you pockets, would you like any special colour?"

The little elf had a glazed look in his eyes before replying, "lots" and popping away.


Remus was back in time for dinner reporting success in all ventures before heading off to bed directly after eating, leaving the four once again at the table.

Hermione spoke, "I know you want to experience the same as us but the best that we can find is a pair of bangles that will let you feel the others emotions, because you're not magical it's so much more difficult to accomplish what you want. Harry and I had an idea of pushing our magic into them which we hope would power the bracelets long enough to do what you require before they revert back to normal."

Harry cautioned, "this has never been tried before so there are no guarantees but we wouldn't even suggest it if we didn't think it was safe. They final choice has to be yours though."

Dan and Emma had discussed many things today, Hermione and Harry, closing their practice, Hermione and Harry, securing the family home and Hermione and Harry, they had both avoided this subject since breakfast but it couldn't be deferred any longer.

"Do it!" said Dan, looking lovingly into his wife's eyes.

Harry held a bracelet in his clasped hands, letting his magic flow into the object. He then gave it to Dan to place on his wife's wrist while Hermione charged the other, giving it to her mum for placing on Dan. A magical pulse jumped between the bracelets and both muggles jolted upright, eyes wide open as the connection established.

Emma was very frightened as she felt the other presence in her head, once she realised it was her husband she relaxed and was overcome with the bliss of sharing something so intimate, so pure – she knew immediately her fears were unfounded – this man loved her with everything that he was.

Dan was looking at the teens with tears in his eyes, "this is what you have? This is what you share?" their nods of confirmation just increased the rate of his tears, "this is worth more than cars, houses, all the gold in that bank of yours, this is priceless!"

His daughter smiled and held both her parents hands, "we know, do you understand now why we couldn't be parted, it would be cruelty beyond measure."

Both Grangers had no words available and just nodded, Harry and Hermione had to help them to their bedroom, as both were unsteady on their feet.

Harry's awakening was a carbon copy of the day before, except that Emma sat on the edge of the bed after kissing them.

"Are we to assume that it worked then?" asked a smiling Hermione.

"We recounted and relived everything from our first meeting until the bank yesterday, and now your father may be the only man in the world to have truly experienced pregnancy and childbirth. It was eye opening to see how stupid we both were and there really was no hiding place thanks to these bangles. We can still feel each other's emotions and it's like carrying around a piece of the person you love, words just can't describe how wonderful it feels. We now understand and totally support your marriage in July, just please no grandchildren for a few years yet." Emma again kissed the now blushing teens and left them both wondering if it was all a dream.


Xenophilius Lovegood was wearing his reporter head today and wanted verification on most of the allegations contained in the articles, it was one thing to claim a mythical creature existed but another to attack the most powerful wizard alive AND the ministry at the same time. Harry and Hermione had come prepared.

The goblins had provided them with all the documents regarding Dumbledore's illegal activities and pensive memories of fluffy, Quirrell's demise, the chamber and the shrieking shack were all the confirmation he needed.

He refused to accept payment for sending copies to all the students in three of the four houses of Hogwarts, all the professors except two and all departmental heads in the ministry saying, "this story will mean I will sell every copy that I print."

His mood darkened at the memory of his daughter limping along the corridor because some bullies had hidden her shoes but he was laughing while watching them get their comeuppance in the great hall at the hands of these two teens. The vision of Snape not only condoning Malfoy's behaviour but also punishing Harry into the bargain had the now angry editor reaching for a quill to sign the parchment allowing Luna to leave Hogwarts.

Harry and Hermione were exhausted by the time they got home, who knew sitting in meetings all day could be so tiring. Now all they had to do tomorrow was go to Hogwarts, confront Dumbledore, make sure Snape and Malfoy kept their unknown appointment with Poppy Pomfrey and leave for good, taking Luna and Neville with them. What could possibly go wrong?


Neville, Luna and Sirius all got a visit from one of the strangest things any of the purebloods had ever seen, an ecstatic Dobby was dressed in what could loosely be described as camouflage military combat fatigues that had pockets everywhere, including one on his jacket that had his name stencilled across it. Harry had given his little friend a few gold coins to buy stuff to put in his new pockets. The little guy seemed to have everything in there but the kitchen sink, though the fact he may have one hidden away with a shrinking charm on it could not be discounted.

Neville and Luna were both given advanced copies of tomorrows Quibbler and a copy of their 'get out of Hogwarts free' permission slip. Both would be early for breakfast tomorrow and looking forward to the show.

Sirius received another food parcel and a bag of dead ferrets for Buckbeak along with tomorrows Quibbler, reading what Harry had to endure had him in a rage but he knew this was not the time. The marauder in him couldn't help but chuckle at their plan, when this story broke tomorrow all eyes would be diverted away from the hunt for Sirius Black, he was really looking forward to a bath and a bed.


Albus Dumbledore had just had a relaxing bath and was currently sitting up in bed sipping hot chocolate, today's newspapers had no new information and the story, like a fire without fuel, would soon die out. Since that bloody hippogriff escaped the other night everything had been spiralling out of his control and he needed to understand why. He had re-examined every scrap of information from every angle and was still none the wiser, this was not a situation he was comfortable with. He needed to get hold of Potter and put an end to this lord and betrothal bullshit, how dare the arrogant little arsehole think he had any say in these matters, after all it wouldn't do to let people think they had a choice. Albus placed his now empty mug on the night stand and turned to attempt a few hours sleep, he would just have to wait and see what tomorrow brings.

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