Knowledge is Power

When Hermione gets cursed at the Ministry, Harry and the Death Eaters discover the power he knows not. Unleashing this power has far reaching consequences. Weasley and Dumbledore bashing – time travel story that's hopefully different.


6. Chapter 6

The laughter at the table was interrupted by Dan Granger, "sorry if I'm raining on anyone's parade here, but don't we get a say in this marriage? Hermione is after all only fourteen and still our daughter, we could simply remove her from Hogwarts."

Hermione jumped in before Harry could say anything, "when you signed the form that allowed me to attend Hogwarts it wasn't just a contract with a school, it basically stated your daughter was a witch and would be joining the magical world. For me to be removed from this world would need the agreement of my magical guardian, my parents and myself. When I entered the magical world Albus Dumbledore was my magical guardian, that was totally unacceptable and my betrothal to Lord Potter here remedied that situation. So now Harry is my betrothed and magical guardian and if you think there is any way either of us would agree to your suggestion then your not as smart as I always thought you were."

"Mr Granger," Harry continued, "what you have to understand is I'm not some hormonal teenager after your daughters body."

"Your not?" cried Hermione, feigning shock "Oh Harry darling, I'm going to be so disappointed."

"Not helping dear." Harry cautioned.

"Sorry, just couldn't help myself"

"As I was saying before being rudely interrupted." Hermione stuck her tongue out at him, "I intend to be with your daughter for the rest of our lives, I watched her die in front of my eyes and that will not happen again." The passion in his voice combined with the fire contained in his eyes gave credence to the fact that this was no normal almost fourteen-year-old boy.

"We know how precious life is and having been given a second chance at life we intend to live it to the fullest. We will truthfully say that our wedding on the 31st July will be our first time together but we have no intentions of being parted until then. I make no apologies but we will not sneak about as if we're doing something wrong." Harry felt Hermione's arms go around him as her head rested on his shoulder.

Harry continued, "what I will apologise for is pulling you both into a war that you had no knowledge of and I'm afraid what we tell you is going to be based on your relationship with us."

Dan was starting to lose his temper at being dictated to by this young lad but Emma put her hand on his leg; the shock of this unaccustomed contact was enough to keep him in check for the moment. "Could you explain that last comment please Harry," asked Emma.

Remus was about to leave when Hermione asked him to stay, "Remus, we hope you and Sirius will stay with us, we would like to consider you both family. If things had turned out different you know that you would have been part of Harry's life all these years and there's a lot of catching up to do. We will explain what we can later."

Harry turned to the Grangers, "I have all Hermione's memories so as an outsider looking in I know what the family relationship is, I also know why thanks to two years of memories that you don't have. Mr Granger today in the bank you were in way over your head yet you stood there, sword in hand, ready to kill for your wife and daughter. There was never any doubt in my mind that you love both dearly and I know how Hermione feels about her dad, if I may say so Mrs Granger's feelings were also glaringly obvious." Dan looked at his wife and did something he hadn't done in years; he leaned over and kissed her on the cheek. They were both blushing like teenagers.

"The point I'm trying to make here is that it's not just Hermione and I who have been given a second chance, we all have. As to the relationship with us, we hope it can be a close one where we can come for advice, a much-needed hug or even a kick up the arse if we need it. If you wish to keep it polite, Christmas and Birthdays we will understand but you must also understand that we would have to be careful what we say. I am not being dramatic here as today's events proved, people are either trying to kill or control us and I'm afraid you are both going to get sucked into that."

"After what happened today I don't think there's any way we could doubt you about a war going on but I feel we are being asked to make decisions here by a boy we just met today without most of the facts. I hope you understand where my frustration and even anger is coming from, my family is in great danger and I don't have a clue what's going on." Dan was as usual trying to be reasonable but it was getting harder with each passing moment.

Emma had seen the effect that Hermione's hug had on Harry when he was getting upset so she emulated her daughter and hugged her husband, resting her head on his shoulder. She could feel the tension leaving his body and the contact felt so nice she was almost crying at the thought of what she had denied herself for so many years, she agreed with Harry this was a second chance for them as well.

"We will try and explain it as best we can, there are five factions in this battle, the goblins, Voldemort and his death eaters, Fudge with his ministry lackeys, Dumbledore and his worshipers – especially the Weasleys, with of course Hermione and I slap bang in the middle of it. After today we're pretty sure the goblins are now on our side, this is a massive boost as the other three have been courting them and with Dumbledore now persona non grata we're already well ahead of the game." Harry explained.

Hermione knew what was bothering her dad and tried to explain, "When Harry killed Voldemort in the ministry it was for the forth time," Hermione started counting them off on her fingers to her astonished parents and Remus, "as a fifteen month old baby, earning him a scar and a nick-name, as an eleven year old when he possessed our defence teacher, as a twelve year old with the complication of having to kill the Basilisk that petrified me and again at the ministry when he had his twelve best death eaters with him and still got his arse whipped. That's why we're in the middle; no one else has even hit him with a spell. Harry is like the super weapon that two factions want to control while the third wants it eliminated."

'Do you know why Voldemort wants to kill you and, perhaps more important, why he wont stay dead?" asked a bewildered Remus.

"Yes to both questions Remus, the first will have to stay a secret as only three people know it, the other one being Dumbledore. Had we known the secret there's a very good chance we wouldn't have been anywhere near the ministry that night. The other question we will answer after Monday is over lets just say we know how to end it now and will need your help with a few things first. Mr & Mrs Granger I know that I'm putting Hermione in danger but she informed me as soon as we became a couple that we were in this together, she doesn't do 'little wife waiting on her big strong man to come home' was how she put it though I'll spare her blushes on the exact language. When the Weasleys tried to dose us with love potions…"

The Grangers were only a split second behind Remus in registering their outrage loudly. Dan Granger was livid, the thought that someone would try and slip his daughter drugs for that! His mind was torn between thinking Hermione had made the right choice with this boy in front of him and having visions of how good it would feel to use a certain redheaded boy's face as a punchbag.

Once they had calmed down Harry told them what had happened in the future, "we caught Ron and Ginny red handed in the great hall but Dumbledore refused to expel them, shit he was probably at least aware of it, so we demanded to be resorted out of Gryffindor and entered Hufflepuff with Neville. Luna's dad owns a newspaper and the whole incident made the front page, Dumbledore got fired, all four Weasleys got expelled and we kept our heads down and trained like mad for most of the year, you saw some of the results today in the bank."

"Why didn't you use stunners? The way you were casting those spells you could have picked which eyeball to hit, and all wandless to!" Remus couldn't quite hide his admiration.

"We've found that since we came back our wandless is a lot easier, my power level took quite a jump and these rings seem to be helping Hermione as well. The bastard that hit her in the ministry had been stunned at least once but they kept reviving them and we learned a hard lesson, when your outnumbered you don't have the luxury of using stunners, when you put them down they need to stay down and blasting off a limb will do that every time. When the choice is them lying bleeding or us lying dying then it's a no-brainer."

"Mum and dad, what Harry isn't telling you is that he would only let me stand with him if I could handle it, we worked so hard that even without the rings we knew what the other was going to do, with Neville and Luna we were holding our own against Voldemort's best and had the same tactics that we used in the bank been applied they would have taken a beating. We were firing disabling hexes while they were throwing lethal stuff about like confetti, we learned our lesson well."

Harry tried to finish up, "so we have a psycho megalomaniac who wants me dead, a master manipulator who doesn't want me to have a life and a Muppet of a minister who's terrified the boy-who-lived myth is more popular than him. All of which we had no control over –until today. We used information and talent to legally empty the twelve richest death eater vaults and immediately it's discovered all hell will break loose, these people will be coming after us as in most cases we even have the deeds to their homes. This may sound foolhardy but it's much better to actually fight them than let their wealth be used against us."

Hermione said, "in our first twenty four hours back we have saved Sirius, claimed the Potter inheritance, became betrothed, left Hogwarts, defied Dumbledore, made death eaters destitute and fought a battle in the bank, no wonder I'm knackered. Poor mum and dad must feel they're in an episode of the twilight zone, you do realise that we can't go back to the house or your practise until we get this settled?"

"Do you have any idea of timescale?" Dan asked.

Hermione thought for a moment, "Even if all our plans work out exactly as we hope the best that could be achieved would be Christmas but your options are limitless and money is no problem, you can live any dream you ever had. Death eater's torture, rape and kill for fun, getting their hands on my muggle parents will rank just below killing us. I know how much your practice means to you but it's not worth your lives, nothings worth that." Harry was now holding an emotional Hermione; it had been a stressful twenty-four hours.

Harry continued for her, "Our schedule is set until Monday, after that we're pretty much playing it by ear. Lets all take time to process the information and get to know one another before making decisions. Mr & Mrs Granger I'm really sorry but Hermione is correct, returning to your old life just now would be worse than a death sentence, they would enjoy torturing your wife while making you watch and trying to get information so they could do the same to your daughter. You can't reason with them and unless we get you some automatic weapons you would be helpless against them."

Dan was shaking his head in disbelief, "My fourteen-year-old daughter wants to marry a Lord on his fourteenth birthday, a Lord who everyone wants to kill, control or idolise. As a result of this we now find ourselves in the front line of a war we knew nothing about, you may be knackered but I don't think I'll be getting any sleep tonight."

"Way to go mum!" joked Hermione.

It was a blushing Emma Granger who asked, "Hermione, where did this sense of humour come from?"

"Mum we were training every day, before and after classes, and all day at weekends. When your body is so sore you can hardly bear it there are only a few options open to you, quit – no way, crying gets old fast so that just leaves laughing, if you can still laugh you can push yourself just a little bit more."

The determination in her daughter's eyes was something she was used to, but combined with the passion she now held it was a potent mix. Emma still hadn't got over the shock of this afternoon, knowing that someone wants to kill you is bad enough, watching your little girl and her boyfriend totally decimate the attackers in seconds without even breaking sweat was the most terrifying yet wonderful sight she had ever seen. Emma had watched helplessly as there were bodies and limbs flying everywhere with the stench of blood almost making her vomit, yet the two children were so in tune with each other as they protected the group.

She wasn't used to being helpless and something Harry said was tugging at the back of her mind, "Harry could we get some guns? I never thought I could take a life but watching that today has changed my mind, if anyone wants to come after my family I'll gladly put a bullet in the bastards head!"

Dan and Hermione were looking at Emma as if they just recognised the woman she was, Dan could be right with his earlier prediction, he probably wouldn't get any sleep tonight, he probably wouldn't be complaining about it either.


Lucius Malfoy wouldn't be getting much sleep that night either though for a completely different reason, he was standing in a now empty Malfoy family vault reading the note that was left for him, which was proving quite a difficult task as his hands wouldn't stop shaking.

I left something precious in your care yet information has reached me that you let it be destroyed. I have emptied your vault and will put an end to your line at my earliest convenience. I look forward to residing in my new mansion - Disloyalty will be punished. LV

Narcissa Malfoy was not a happy woman, firstly her favourite restaurant had closed at lunchtime then when they finally got admitted for dinner they were told that the bank had refused to honour the payment. Now standing in an empty vault she read the note over her husband's shoulder and shuddered, Narcissa was not a believer in pureblood supremacy only gold and lots of it was important to her. She didn't even care if her next man was a muggle as long as he had the wealth to supply Narcissa Black with the luxury she so obviously deserved.

Narcissa had already mentally moved on from the dead man standing beside her, she had briefly considered saving her son's arrogant arse but the threat to end the Malfoy line handed him a death sentence as well, she didn't want to be caught in the crossfire. There was also the fact that the gold she had squirreled away over the years would go further with only one using it and she had more chance of snagging her next husband as an unattached widow than with a teenage son in tow. It was looking like Lucius was going to have his hands full so she should have no problems slipping away, Europe was calling.

Lucius was in a quandary, his whole world had just come crashing down around him and he wasn't sure where to turn. He had objects at home that he could sell but as soon as it got out he was in financial difficulties the price he could normally expect would drop like a stone. His so-called friends would be circling like wolves round a wounded animal, he should know, as it was usually him that led the pack. He needed gold fast and South America was looking better by the second, a little gold could go a long way in places like Peru. He knew his wife well enough to know she would be making her own plans; there was never any love but more a mutual respect at just how ruthless the other was. He wondered briefly if she would take the boy and came to the conclusion probably not, he wasn't going to be burdened by the arrogant little tosser either; he could always sire another heir but only if he remained alive, little prince Draco was on his own.

Lucius asked the goblin if they would be willing to purchase some items, the positive reply lifted his spirits for a brief second before he heard the rest. "Unfortunately the market is flooded at the moment and prices are at an all time low" answered the goblin, following his instructions to the letter.

Lucius swore to himself but was left without any other options; he needed to get out the country fast. He had no idea that this was the third time today this scene had played out or that in every case they had come to the exact same conclusion, sell what they can quickly and flee the country. Lucius was also unaware that Harry and Ragnok had made a deal where they bought everything as cheap as possible then to slowly sell the items with all profits set to start an as yet un-named charity foundation, poor Lucius was getting screwed twice.

Harry and Hermione never dreamed they could be so lucky, eleven of the twelve death eaters would have fled the country by Monday, fear of Voldemort's wrath blocking any other thoughts apart from getting as far away from Britain as possible. The Dark Lord demanded total loyalty and the idea of confiding in another death eater was usually a one-way ticket to a painful demise. Everyone of them had seen their master dispense death on a whim, when he said you were going to die only one person had ever survived – those were not good odds to gamble your life on.

The only one who didn't flee was Peter Crabbe, he was on his third day of a bender with a quickly diminishing sack of gold before attempting to saunter into Gringotts, stagger would be more accurate, with a 'lady' on each arm. When the goblin cashier told the drunken wizard he had no gold in his vault his 'ladies' disappeared back into the night, fat, ugly, bad breath and body odour could all be overlooked for the right price which he apparently no longer had.

Crabbe was so incensed at loosing his ladies that he went for his wand, he was so drunk that he had trouble getting his wand out, so much so that the goblin guard had time to walk over and wait on him eventually pulling his wand before hitting him on the head with the flat of his axe. They had just got the stench of traitor's blood out the bank and he had no wish to start again with this filth. Goblins were not averse to spilling blood but there had to be some honour involved. There was no honour in beheading a drunken wizard; an extended stay in a goblin cell would do him the world of harm.


Remus asked for a word with Harry and they walked round the property while Hermione chatted with her parents.

"Harry, why am I here?" asked Remus

He thought for a moment before answering, "we want you to work for us, we need a teacher, a destroyer of dark artefacts but more importantly someone we can trust implicitly, at the moment all we have in that category is Dobby. Neville and Luna will be leaving Hogwarts as well and we're going to need some good teachers, we are also going to have some serious dark objects needing destroyed but mostly someone we can count on if things get tough. The Grangers could go either way at the moment and honestly I can't blame them, if that was my daughter in there I would probably be going nuts about now."

"Harry I am more than willing to help but I won't accept charity!"

Harry burst out laughing, "Remus you will earn every Knut, we plan on setting the record for OWL's and NEWT's this summer, destroy Voldemort and his most prominent death eaters as well as clearing Sirius Black's name before Christmas. You are going to be involved in that and teaching Nev and Luna, does that sound like charity to you?"

Remus shook his head in disbelief before Harry continued, "if we achieve all our goals you better believe you're in line for a massive Christmas bonus! We can tell you more of our plans once we finally leave Hogwarts on Monday, the chance that Dumbledore or Snape could read your thoughts is just a risk not worth taking as the knowledge isn't needed at this time. Monday we hope to sit down and tell you, Sirius and possibly even the Grangers what we're up to."

"I'll say this for you two, there's no half measures and you better not let your betrothed know you left a certain wedding off that list." Remus answered.

"Oh that list was only the things we'll need your help with, Hermione and I hope we can manage being man and wife by ourselves." This set the both of them laughing.

"Harry when I was wandering I became a muggle bodyguard in the middle east for a few years, I am very good with a gun and know where to lay my hands on suitable weapons for Dan and Emma, both lethal and non lethal." Remus actually looked embarrassed but Harry gripped him by the shoulder.

"That's brilliant and something Hermione and I would like to learn as well, if you can do that tomorrow then we can get our business done on Sunday. I don't want to leave the Grangers here alone so that should work; you can start teaching them as soon as you get the equipment. Please remember money is no object so buy the best that's available and suitable, I would hate for someone to get injured or worse when a bit more gold could have prevented it."

Remus got the message as they headed back inside; he was working for the Potters now.


The big black dog looked round from the bush it was currently lying below to see an elf wearing, in addition to it's tea towel, one sock.

"Sirius Black sir, I am Dobby with a present from the great Harry Potter."

The dog transformed into the gaunt and filthy figure of Sirius Black while Dobby sat a large basket down beside the wizard and disappeared.

Sirius looked in the basket and immediately swiped a chicken leg to munch on while he checked the rest of the contents; a blank piece of parchment intrigued him until he remembered seeing Hermione with a certain map to find the correct window, chuckling as he gave the Marauders password and watched the words appear.

Dear Godfather

The basket contains enough supplies to last for a couple of days, please note the clean clothes and personal hygiene products and take the hint!

Every witch and wizard in the country is looking for you as Fudge just slapped a large price on your head so stay low for now.

On Monday we hope to have them all in a tizzy and that's when you make your move towards the following address:

Potter Manor can be found at One Deeside Lane

Stay here until one of the people you know to trust comes for you.

Be safe

H & HR

Sirius didn't need to sniff his armpit to know he needed a wash but when he read the address his memory of being there in much happier times came flooding back, as he progressed to a meat pie he couldn't help but wonder what his two favourite people had cooked up for Monday.

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