Knowledge is Power

When Hermione gets cursed at the Ministry, Harry and the Death Eaters discover the power he knows not. Unleashing this power has far reaching consequences. Weasley and Dumbledore bashing – time travel story that's hopefully different.


5. Chapter 5

Only the fact that Hermione had never pulled a prank on her parents stopped them from bursting out laughing when being introduced to their fourteen-year-old daughter's future husband, which combined with the seriousness that both were treating the situation, set alarm bells ringing in the minds of the senior Grangers.

Harry kissed the back of Emma Granger's hand before showing her to a seat, shook Dan Granger's hand before kissing Hermione on the cheek and holding the chair for her.

As soon as they were all seated a waiter brought a selection of starters and two bottles of wine that raised Dan's eyebrows all the way to his hairline.

"I apologise for not giving you a choice of menu and wine but the waiter suggested platters of food and wine from my private cellar here, apparently my family were frequent visitors in times past. Please fill your glasses as we have quite a story to tell and you will probably need a drink before we're finished."

Dan filled glasses for himself, Emma and Remus while Harry and Hermione stuck to fruit juice. They were all picking at the starters but new the main course would be the tale they were about to hear.

"You are going to here a story that is hard to believe but never the less true, please can you hold questions until we finish it then we will answer everyone the best we can. Both Hermione and I value truth above all else since we have been lied to for years so I promise we will tell the truth as we know it." Harry stopped and removed a notebook and pen from his robes and gave it to Emma, she just smiled and held the pen poised to take note of her first question.

"Yesterday a sixteen-year-old Hermione Granger followed her boyfriend of about a year, a fifteen-year-old Harry Potter and our two best friends, Neville and Luna, to the ministry of magic and straight into a death eater trap. We were fighting for our lives when Hermione was hit with a curse that ended hers." Hermione held his hand and rested her head on his shoulder.

"When Hermione fell I went crazy, I killed every death eater in the building, and there were about a dozen of them, then I faced Voldemort and defeated him. Unfortunately my magic got away from me and destroyed the ministry building and everyone in it. Hermione and I were dead and got to meet my parents, we were offered the chance to come back and make a difference but I will be honest with you, we nearly chose not to." This brought shocked gasps from the three adults at the table, how could anyone choose not to come back?

"I was with my parents and had the girl I love with me, that fulfilled my greatest wishes until Hermione gave me a reason to come back, our future children. The betrothal rings we wear are special and Hermione now has all my memories and I have hers, we know everything there is to know about each other and still love each other more than life itself. The waiter is hovering so let's get the next course and have some time to digest the information before we answer your questions."

The waiter again brought platters of food for them to chew over while they tried to swallow the story Harry had told. The food was superb, the wine was excellent and the story was unbelievable.

Hermione looked at her mother who was onto her third page of notes and questions, "Ok mum, let's have it."

"What do you intend to change and how will you go about it?" asked Emma.

"We've already made massive changes, in the original timeline my godfather had his soul removed by a dementor while Dumbledore let it happen, we saved him and the headmaster is raging."

Remus was out his seat until Harry's hand on the professor's arm calmed him down slightly, but only slightly.

Hermione carried on the answer, looking straight at Remus. "When you heard he had been kissed, you cursed Dumbledore for allowing it then left the wizarding world for good, we never got to see you again." She glanced towards her mother for the next question.

Emma had the expression of someone who was humouring the deranged, while waiting for the medication kicking in. "If you have lived for two more years then you must know what I was planning to do this summer?"

Hermione's face went bright red while Harry started to chuckle before answering her, "I believe you are referring to giving Hermione the 'birds and bees' talk though I must say the diagrams were very informative. This should save us all the embarrassment of having to go through that again and I now totally understand where Hermione gets her obsession with colour coding everything."

What Harry would never talk about was when Hermione asked her mother how to get a boy; Emma had bared her soul to her daughter about how after she was born Emma had suffered from postnatal depression and couldn't bear to be touched by Dan. This had gradually worn off over a long period of time but neither of them was comfortable making the first move, by this time they were sleeping in single beds and had drifted into the platonic roles of friends, colleagues, business partners and parents.

"You said that you have been lied to for years, by whom?" asked a blushing Emma.

"I would have to say everyone apart from the lovely lady by my side, Remus at least only lied by omission, but everyone else wanted to have a piece of the boy-who-lived. By far the worse perpetrators were Dumbledore and the Weasleys."

The Grangers appeared perplexed until Hermione explained, "In our world Harry is famous for surviving the killing curse and banishing Voldemort, though he's not dead as everyone hoped. Harry is also incredibly wealthy, something we just found out and it makes no difference to us." Dan Granger had sat quietly, content to let his wife discover just what the hell Hermione was playing at but he couldn't let the last comment pass him by.

"Hermione, how can you possibly say that wealth won't make a difference? You're fourteen and I can see how all this might impress you but I'm really starting to get angry here, if you wanted a boyfriend we wouldn't have objected but this cock and bull story has got to stop."

"Dad, the rings we wear means that there can be no secrets or lies between us, Harry knows what I'm thinking and vice-versa, he has already added my name onto the Potter account and knew I was unhappy about it but pointed out that when we married it would be ours anyway. As to the story, please ask Harry any question you want about anything that I would know, I'll even go and powder my nose so I can't be accused of helping him." Hermione and her mum headed for the ladies while Dan tried to think of something that there was no way Hermione would tell this young man.

Emma wanted to talk to her daughter alone and they had barely entered the restroom when Hermione's face was once again bright red, "I can't believe he asked him that," Emma heard her whisper. Her enquiring look told her more than she was prepared for. "Dad just asked Harry what was my favourite type of knickers when I was four, remember when I wouldn't wear anything else, I had forgotten about my Paddington Bear pants"

Emma didn't need a pad to write down the questions that were coming to her brain thick and fast, "How could you possibly know that? Does Harry know the answer and just how far have you gone with this relationship in whatever time you care to talk about?"

Hermione's wry smile had her mother really worried, "Relax mom, Harry's answering every question dad's asked, including about my pet tortoise that next door's dog tried to eat. We were waiting until we were married before sleeping with each other though we were going to elope to Gretna as soon as Harry turned sixteen. We couldn't tell you as all our mail was being intercepted, we spent the last year just keeping our heads down and training very hard. Harry really was serious when he said we nearly didn't come back, shitty doesn't even begin to describe Harry's life, and it was touch and go for a while but his parents were delighted with the choice we made. You would love them, mum; you'll love Harry, even with all the crap he's had in his life, Harry is the kindest, most gentle, loving person you will ever meet and with a set of moral and ethical values that are forged in steel. I saw his memory of what he did when I was killed, Harry didn't want to survive and only the fact that he wanted the people who had murdered me to pay kept him going. They didn't stand a chance; my Harry went through the cruellest, toughest fighters the opposition had to offer as if they were nothing. When he died killing Voldemort, his main emotion was relief that he wouldn't have to live without me. Have you any idea what it feels like to share a love that strong?"

Hermione knew she'd said the wrong thing as her mother burst into tears, she wasn't used to seeing emotions coming from her parents so did the only thing she could think off, she pulled her mother into a hug.

Emma's whole body went ridged with the unaccustomed contact before wrapping her arms around her daughter and really let her emotions go; the thought that her daughter could feel so unloved that she would even consider not coming back was eating away at Emma's insides. For a mother to hear that her child would choose death rather than the life she was leading was the final nail in her emotional coffin. She knew that she was a miserable failure as a wife but now this apparently extended to being a mother as well; her life seemed pretty hollow when her only accomplishment was being a good dentist. She sobbed so hard that it took a couple of minutes before realising that Hermione was talking to her.

"Mum, it's ok, the reason Harry and I came back is to change things. Never doubt that I love you and dad but Harry is my future, my life."

Emma was washing her face when Hermione gasped, "We need to get back in there, dad's getting pissed at Harry answering all his questions and is starting to make stuff up, he just asked Harry about my former boyfriends."

"What former boyfriends?" asked her mother.

"Exactly! Dad has no idea what he's dealing with. Harry's just laughing at the moment which isn't going down to well with dad."

Dan Granger was getting frustrated at this smart arsed kid in front of him who knew more about his daughter than he did, he almost jumped out his chair when two hands landed on his shoulders, one belonging to his daughter and even more surprising one belonged to his wife. Both acted in unison by squeezing his shoulder and saying "relax" but what really got his attention was the evidence that his wife had been crying.

Hermione sat on Harry's lap and gave him a gentle kiss, "And you behave yourself!"

Harry pretended to be hurt, "Aw Hermione, I didn't even call him 'Fozzie Bear' and I know he hated when you called him that when you were younger." The expressions on the senior Grangers left them wishing for a camera, it was a sweet moment as the waiter cleared the table and brought dessert.

Emma was eating the most delicious cheesecake she had ever tasted so it was left to Dan to ask the question, "So, what happens next?"

"We go to Gringotts and find out what the manipulator has been up to, I'm hoping there will be a property that's liveable where we can spend the weekend getting to know each other again. Sorry, with all Hermione's memories, I know you as well as she does but even that's changed. This fourteen-year-old Hermione is not the same girl, she's lived another two years and they were hard years. So we really all need some time to get to know one another again and do it somewhere Dumbledore doesn't have the address of."

Hermione added, "Professor, you are included in this as well; we need to work out how to get Sirius a fair trial and then both of you can stay with us. James and Lily spoke very highly of you and that recommendation, along with our own experience of you this year, means we definitely want you to be part of our lives."

The three adults agreed they would all go to Gringotts and make a decision after that. Dan was pleased that Harry was giving them an opportunity to get to know the boy who had captured his daughter's heart; Remus was just pleased to be included.


Harry sensed the danger the instant they entered Gringotts, the hairs on the back of his neck were standing up and screaming 'look-out', trouble was coming and its arrival was imminent. "Remus, protect mum and dad." The words had barely passed Harry's lips when a goblin lunged at them with a sword.

His intended target appeared to be Emma and, while the goblin was quick, Harry was lightning. He grabbed the goblins sword wielding wrist before bringing his knee into contact with its elbow, while Harry had retained all his abilities that were honed through hour upon hour of practice, his younger body didn't posses the strength and muscle of his former self. Though the goblin screamed in pain, his elbow was unbroken and he still held onto the sword, fortunately Hermione's sensible shoes made short work of the goblin's left kneecap and Harry was able to hit the arm again, breaking it this time and causing the sword to clatter onto the floor, landing right next to Dan who immediately snatched the weapon.

Dan Granger was standing in the middle of a bank, one arm around his trembling wife while his other held the goblin blade ready to fight anyone or anything that dared attack his family. His rational mind was telling him he wouldn't last thirty seconds against a trained goblin warrior, but that side of his brain was being swamped by an adrenalin-fuelled primitive who was ready to kill every goblin in the bank. His fight or flight response was off the scale and Dan Granger wasn't for running.

Emma was clinging onto Dan for dear life, she was wrapped round his torso while his left arm tried to pull her even closer, her mind was racing but her body wouldn't respond to its commands. The scene had almost seemed to be in slow motion as she watched the creature attack her with a sword, even in slow motion Harry's reactions were a blur as he somehow managed to grab the goblin and deflect his thrust away from her. Hermione and Harry were in perfect synchronisation as they dispatched the bad guy and spun round ready for the next attack.

Remus felt like the proverbial 'spare prick' at a wedding, as he stood there impotently, unable to use his wand. He was just about to call to the dynamic duo and inform them that drawing your wand in Gringotts was a death sentence when a group of six goblins attacked, only to be torn apart by devastating spell work. Shit, they were in real trouble now.

They saw the goblins rush them and Harry mentally flashed 'shoulders and hips' to Hermione before the two teens wandlessly fired Reductos, dropping the six goblins on the floor; they weren't dead but they certainly weren't attacking anymore either. Their aim was deadly and there were at least two freshly detached goblin limbs lying amongst the carnage. Goblins were flooding into the main floor of the bank before Zutekin screamed, "STOP!" and slowly approached the group with his hands held out showing he carried no weapon. When he was only a couple of paces away, he stopped and got to his knees with his head bent forward as if awaiting the executioner's blade.

"My Lord, I guaranteed your safety while inside this bank and I have failed, my worthless life is yours to do with as you please."

"Could you please tell me what the hell is going on? I may be mistaken, but isn't it rather bad for business to attack customers in the main floor of the bank?" asked Harry calmly.

Ragnok entered and drew gasps from the assembled goblins as he bowed to the young wizard. "Lord Potter, it would appear matters we discussed earlier today came to fruition before we were ready and, for that, on behalf of Gringotts and the goblin nation, I apologise. Could we please all retire to my office while we clean the garbage off the floor?"

They made their way along the corridor with Emma still wrapped round Dan though the sword was now in a scabbard on his hip. When a goblin had asked for the sword Dan had politely but very firmly replied that he was keeping the weapon, he was provided with the scabbard as it was against goblin law to have an unsheathed blade in the presence of their leader. He held his wife tightly, realisation beginning to sink in that he could have lost her.

Hermione watched her parents knowing exactly how they were feeling, after being reunited with Harry after the battle at the ministry she was ready to drag Harry onto one of the couches in that room and ravish him. If Lily and James had appeared even ten minutes later then they would have seen quite a show. They were now sitting in Ragnok's office waiting on an explanation for the attack on their lives that was just attempted and her mother still hadn't released dad.

Ragnok began, "I am awaiting confirmation, but it would appear the goblins who attacked you are all of the same family, or clan if that would explain it clearer, they have aligned themselves with one particular wizard against the goblin nation. This treason will cost every member of the clan their life."

Harry and Hermione spoke with one voice, "Dumbledore?" Ragnok's nod of agreement had Hermione thinking.

"Wouldn't it be better to leave some of these traitors alive to testify against Dumbledore?"

"My Lady," answered Ragnok, "the word of fifty goblins would not be believed against a wizard in your world, what chance then of goblins being triumphant over the word of Albus Dumbledore?"

"What we need is some undeniable evidence that we can use to cast doubt on his character, we both know that he's a lying, manipulative bastard but proving that to the rest of the world will be quite a challenge," said Harry.

"Ah, but remember we don't have to prove it, we just give whatever facts we've got, present them to show Dumbledore in the worse possible light, then play the boy-who-lived card. You being the innocent saviour of the wizarding world controlled by the evil headmaster for reasons we don't know. Harry Potter leaving Hogwarts and, more importantly, wizarding Britain will be front page news and citing Dumbledore as the reason behind that decision will turn people against him and sow doubt in his strongest believers," answered Hermione.

"Brilliant and beautiful, how could I possibly resist," Harry said while kissing his betrothed.

"Excuse me," said Dan, "leaving Britain must have slipped your mind when we were discussing what to do next. We do have a say in this you know."

Ragnok coughed, "Actually Mr. Granger, as the betrothed of Lord Potter she is under his protection and, in the magical world at least, he is responsible for her wellbeing and safety." Dan and Emma were shocked into silence so the goblin continued, "We can prove that Dumbledore broke the law by placing you with the Dursleys against the express wishes of your parents will; we can also prove that he has paid himself five thousand galleons a month for your upkeep."

"You mean to tell me that while my Harry was getting bread and water passed through a cat flap in his door at Privet Prison, that old bastard was pocketing fifty thousand pounds a month to keep his wrinkly old arse covered in those hideous robes he wears. That's over seven million pounds he's stole and we want it back- with interest!" raged Hermione

Dan was beginning to get some idea what she meant by 'incredibly wealthy,' seven mil was a big number whatever way you looked at it.

Harry made the decision, "I want any charges we are able to bring perused vigorously, all moneys to be recovered and any fines levied, in short we hit the old bastard with every legal option available to us. Meanwhile, Hermione and I will attack him publicly, if we can have him fighting on multiple fronts, he will have less time to notice us disappearing. Hopefully we can do him some permanent damage but at the very least have people questioning his decisions."

Remus just sat there in awe of this young couple, he had thought James and Lily complimented each other but these two took that to a whole different level. They were physically still teenagers but he couldn't help but think this is the couple that his friends would have eventually become. Harry and Hermione both had what was once called 'old souls' in that they acted more mature than their years. Hermione's comment about Privet Prison was not forgotten either but filed away for when he and Sirius could pay the muggles a visit, preferably at night with a full moon.

Ragnok's features contorted into a scary grin, "Dumbledore hailed himself as 'leader of the light,' but throughout history that title has usually been held by a Potter. The restaurant you had lunch in is normally packed and reservations almost impossible to get, the owner closed when he heard Lord Potter wanted to eat lunch there and talk to his betrothed's family. Your grandfather gave his father the gold to start the business and wouldn't take it back when they were successful, the table you sat at today was last used by your parents on their wedding anniversary before going into hiding, only Potter's and their guests are allowed to use it. This is the kind of dedication Dumbledore can only dream about because the Potter's have been respected in the wizarding world for centuries and, if I may say so, the latest Lord Potter looks well on the way to continuing that tradition. When Lord Potter speaks, the wizarding world will listen and there's nothing that Dumbledore or his lapdog Fudge can do about it, though they will try."

"What we need is a bolt-hole that we can live out of the gaze of Dumbledore and the ministry, somewhere secure but with room to train," said Harry.

Ragnok brought out a folder and at first glance there were three possibilities, none of them perfect but each had their own positives. Potter Manor in Aberdeenshire looked the best but it was still in Britain and closer to Hogwarts than they would like, the ranch in Kansas was a front-runner but the winner was the Château on the Amalfi Coast in Italy for the simple reason that Harry had never seen the sea.

Dan Granger was left cursing Harry's relatives, how the hell could the boy not have seen the sea; we lived on a bloody island for Christ sake.

Ragnok provided them with portkeys to all three choices, Harry and Hermione got wallets that they could withdraw any currency they needed straight from their vaults with a muggle credit card thrown in.

They agreed that Monday would be D-Day, the day that Dumbledore got some payback. Harry called for Dobby as they were unsure of the state of the building they would be portkeying into while Hermione had arms full of ledgers and scrolls, including the Potter will. Harry then held out the portkey and the six left Gringotts for Italy.


They arrived at the Chateau to be greeted by two bowing elves, Brutus and Cindy, who welcomed their Lord and Lady to the cliff top retreat. The building seemed to consist of white walls, marble floors and carved pillars at every turn. The entire party was coming down from an adrenalin-induced high and were feeling the strain, Remus had transformed last night and Harry and Hermione hadn't been exactly idle either. Dan Granger had a sword on one hip and a wife on the other; she still had her arms wrapped round him with her head buried in his chest. Harry asked that they be shown to rooms where they could have a nap and freshen up before meeting for supper to discuss their next moves.

Dan and Emma were shown into a lavish room but both teenagers would have bet they didn't care, they never once took their eyes off each other and Harry wandlessly cast a silencing charm on the room before they moved on to the master suite where Hermione immediately kicked her shoes off and lay on the bed, noticed her new robes had some blood on them so off they came as she asked Harry what the silencing charm was all about.

"Eh, your dad looked as if he was about to get very lucky and I for one don't really need to hear that, Hermione what are you doing?"

"I'm getting comfortable in our room; yes Harry, OUR room. If you think I could sleep somewhere else then you're very much mistaken." Harry could see Hermione was getting herself set for a good old rant so, like men the world over, he settled down to listen intently and hoped to nod his head in all the right places.

"And another thing Potter, I had my diary all marked out for months, fifty five days we had left until your birthday and our trip to Gretna. Our current situation has just added TWO YEARS to that figure, this is unacceptable! Forget Voldemort, forget Dumbledore, your number one priority is sorting this out. I will not lose you again." With this Hermione burst into tears and flew into Harry's arms. They lay on the bed and she was asleep in minutes.

Harry managed to untangle himself from the sleeping girl and headed for a writing desk in the corner of the room and put his thoughts onto parchment, he quietly called for Dobby before sending his little friend off on an important errand. Harry lay beside Hermione and soon found himself losing the battle with sleep.

He awoke with a curse almost fired at the stranger who was in their darkened room before realising who it was. "Not a good idea to shake Hermione or me awake, Mum. I nearly stunned you and you know how crabby Hermione is when just wakened."

A muffled, "I heard that Potter," came from his love.

"Harry," said Emma "that's the second time you've called me mum, not that I mind too much, but would you care to explain what's going on?"

A blushing Harry owned up, "I have all Hermione's memories in my head and she has never called you anything but mum so I really have to concentrate to remember it's Mr. and Mrs. Granger."

Emma doled out her third hug of the day as she grabbed the still blushing Harry and whispered, "Thank you for saving my life in more ways than you know." Harry just smiled and returned the hug, he took that to mean that she and Dan had graduated way past hugging in the last few hours, well that and the fact that he was sleeping on the same bed with her daughter and she hadn't even mentioned it.

They fact that they were still wearing clothes probably headed off the bawling out though Harry knew it was only delayed as Hermione fully intended to stay with him from now on, not a conversation he was looking forward to having with the Grangers, but neither he or Hermione were going to sneak about pretending to sleep elsewhere. Should be an interesting supper.

After a quick wash and finding clothes laid out for them, they headed down to the terrace where a table and candles awaited them. Everyone was blown away with the view as the platform actually extended out over the cliff, providing views of the bay of Naples and the island of Capri.

They sat down to a meal that the elves had prepared and Harry noticed that Dan had a smile on his face that made Ronald McDonald appear glum by comparison. There would never be a good time to bring up the subject of sleeping with his daughter, but it wasn't going to get much better than the present so Harry was about to go full steam ahead and damn the torpedoes when Dobby arrived with a letter.

Hermione actually felt Harry's relief as he read the letter before he confused her by bursting out laughing. The whole table was looking questionably at him so he just decided 'what the hell' and went for it.

"My betrothed and I were all set to get married at Gretna Green on my sixteenth birthday and we both decided to wait until we were married before sleeping together. Due to the fact we travelled back in time our bodies are now two years younger though our minds are still our original age. My betrothed informed me that waiting another two years was not an option she was willing to consider and subtly suggested I get my arse in gear and find a way around this problem; well I think I may have. As the last surviving member of an ancient house, I can legally marry at fourteen, which I will be in fifty four days."

Hermione sat on his lap and gave him a kiss that curled his toes before asking, "Why were you laughing then?"

Harry clearly didn't want to share the information but knew he had no way to hide it from her, "I also have the right to take more than one wife but Ragnok advised against that as I would also have another set of in-laws and he seems to think that you are more than enough for me to handle."

Hermione looked straight into his eyes before kissing him again.

Remus said, "Just goes to show that you don't make it to be leader of the goblin nation by being stupid." Laughter echoed of the cliffs for the first time in many years.

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