Knowledge is Power

When Hermione gets cursed at the Ministry, Harry and the Death Eaters discover the power he knows not. Unleashing this power has far reaching consequences. Weasley and Dumbledore bashing – time travel story that's hopefully different.


3. Chapter 3

- Harry viewing Hermione's memories -

Harry felt Hermione's terror as she watched him trying to dodge the dragon on his broom; she was also berating herself for not kissing him while hugging before the task as she felt like there might not be another opportunity.

Harry noticed she had her wand in her hand, trying to make up her mind whether to help him or hex the people who made him compete; she was out of her seat like a shot when Harry completed the task and pounced on him when he emerged from the tent.

Harry knew there were memories coming up where he hurt her, and it was only a matter of discovering just how bad. Sure enough when the ball was announced and his attention had turned to Cho, Hermione was devastated. When she was approached in the library by Krum and asked to the ball, she said yes but Harry could now see that her intention was to get him to view her as a girl.

To see his reaction through her eyes was actually quite funny, he was standing there definitely noticing that she was a girl while Hermione was mentally screaming YES!

She had told Victor up front that they would be going as friends as she wasn't interested in anything else, Krum actually seemed quite relived as he was sick of girls chasing after his fame. He kissed her goodnight on the cheek and she walked into the Gryffindor common room where the prat Ron ruined her night.

- Hermione viewing Harry's memories -

Hermione felt his emotions run riot as Harry walked into the argument between Ron and her, as she watched herself burst into tears, Harry's insides just melted. She could feel that he loved her but Harry didn't have the emotional experience or tools to deal with it. He could stand up to Voldemort, a basilisk or a fire breathing dragon but the sight of her crying had him totally beaten. He knew he should take some action but hadn't a clue where to even begin, though punching out Ron was getting near the top of the list.

As Harry was swimming toward the sound of singing, he was still trying to work out what he'd sorely miss, talk about being under prepared, if someone had stuck Hedwig at the bottom of the lake then all hell was going to break loose. When he swam into the village he was shocked and confused at what awaited him there. Hermione, Cho, Ron and a little girl were all in some kind of sleep state and tied to posts awaiting rescue.

Hermione was almost laughing at the confusion in Harry's mind, as he didn't know whom he was supposed to rescue, when Cedric appeared and rescued Cho, Harry moved towards Hermione only to be hit by a half-shark. As Krum swam away with Hermione, she was pleased to feel the indignation pouring out of her Harry, how dare that bloody Bulgarian steal his Hermione! It was a god job that she was actually lying down in a hospital bed at the moment because hearing Harry think of her as 'his Hermione' was her greatest wish come true, she would probably have fainted if she wasn't already asleep. He had loved her much earlier than she thought.

Harry looked at the two remaining hostages and was not pleased, Cedric and Victor get to save beautiful girls and he gets Ron bloody Weasley as the thing he'd miss most, someone was having a Giraffe! Did everyone think he was gay? He had half a mind to leave him down here and save the young girl but exiting the lake with a seven-year-old girl under your arm was hardly a good image either. To hell with it, he would take them both.

Sitting dripping-wet on the bank he was delighted to see Hermione wasn't interested in Krum and kept talking to him, her face when Fleur kissed his cheeks for saving her sister was wonderful – just as Ron trying to claim some of the credit was woeful. Harry decided then and there to ask Hermione out after the last task, listening into Harry's thoughts could be harrowing but hearing that made everything worthwhile. She was also more aware of Dumbledore's manipulations, one dance with Krum and she was the thing he'd miss the most? Ron and Harry had hardly spoken all year yet she had been inseparable from the boy she loved.

As Harry entered the maze his only worry was surviving so he could ask Hermione to be his girlfriend, he had no ambition to win the tournament he didn't enter in the first place. For some reason Harry seemed to encounter very few obstacles though when he caught Krum cursing Cedric he took great delight in stunning the Bulgarian.

He eventually reached the centre and there was the cup with Cedric heading straight for it, which would have been fine with Harry except for the Acromantula that the Hufflepuff hadn't seen. Harry fired a spell at it but just appeared to enrage the giant spider that now headed straight for him. Hermione watched as Harry and Cedric teamed up to dispatch the giant insect before making the fateful decision to share the cup.

When Harry returned with Cedric's body both Hermione's were crying, her fifteen-year-old self was sobbing with relief while her younger-older self, watching Harry's memory, was distraught at what her Harry had just came through and the fake Moody was just about to kidnap him right under every ones noses.

Harry was in the infirmary while Fudge basically called him a liar yet still presented him with his winnings; having had the impostor kissed before he could be questioned only confirmed what they both now knew. In the wizarding world, covering your arse and looking good in the press was much more important than truth or justice. The Prophet didn't print lies; it just didn't always print the truth. Knowledge was power that could only be shared with the right people; if everyone knew what was going on they may think that a better job could be done of running things.

- Harry viewing Hermione's memories -

Harry saw Hermione's memories of her attempts to contact him while at Privet Prison all summer, which were thwarted at every turn, so she was not a happy camper when they met on the train, especially since he wasn't wearing a prefect badge.

She immediately removed her own and placed it in her pocket to the bemusement of Harry though the one watching her memories knew exactly what was going on. She sat beside Harry and took his hand, when she told him of trying all summer to contact him he squeezed her hand in understanding.

Ron and Ginny weren't so understanding when they entered the compartment; both appeared to be sucking extremely sour lemons, according to the expressions on their faces. When Ron proudly announced that he was going to the prefects' meeting he was again left with a sour face when Hermione didn't move to join him. She refused to answer the Weasley questions regarding her badge, or lack of, and they eventually got tired of it though they continued to glare at their joined hands.

When the prefects were told to show the new first years to their dorms, Hermione sitting unmoving with Harry drew the wrath of McGonagall. Her reply would be talked about all year, "I'm sorry, Professor, but I am unable to accept the position of prefect as it appears the badges weren't awarded on merit, when you have the Tri-Wizard champion who doesn't make prefect then there must be some other agenda being adhered to. I would have written but it would appear that every letter I sent over the summer was returned to me." She returned the badge before leaving the hall, hand in hand with Harry.

She found herself in McGonagall's office the following morning, which proved enlightening, her head of house was trying to lean on her to accept the badge since she knew Weasley would be useless but Hermione was having none of it. "Professor, I believe this decision is as much a slur on Harry's character as those ludicrous articles the Prophet seems so fond of printing. If I accepted that badge I would be condoning that slur – I could never do that. My loyalty to Harry far outweighs that to Gryffindor or even Hogwarts." McGonagall was left with no comeback.

The glares coming from the youngest Weasleys put both of them on their guard, all food and drink would be getting checked from now on. A quiet word with Lavender was called for, "Could you watch out for me? Ron doesn't seem too pleased the way my relationship with Harry is going. If I suddenly start spouting eternal love for the red-haired arsehole, please drag me along to see Madam Pomphrey. Oh, and please keep it quiet." Harry was laughing at the memory, the whole school would know by tomorrow night.

- Hermione viewing Harry's memories -

Hermione wasn't laughing at Harry's memory of their first defence class under Umbridge, she repeatedly tried to antagonise them throughout the class but both were polite and said nothing that could be used for administering a detention. Neville approached and asked if he could study defence with them, as they weren't going to learn anything here, he brought his girlfriend along – Luna Lovegood.

The Weasley menace came to a head when they sat down to breakfast a few weeks later and found their juice spiked, two stunners and two Accio potions later and they marched up to the top table, presenting their evidence to a shocked Professor McGonagall. Dumbledore interfered at once and gave both Weasleys detentions but Harry and Hermione refused to be in the same house as someone who would put a potion into your food, they were quickly joined by Neville as all three demanded either the expulsion of the Weasleys or to be resorted.

McGonagall was furious, only the headmaster could throw students out of Hogwarts and she knew he was as thick as thieves with the Weasleys so that wouldn't happen, she was going to lose her two best students and Neville had been showing a lot more confidence since taking the Lovegood girl to the Yule Ball.

Dumbledore blustered, threatened, cajoled before capitulating and the hat was brought to the hall. The trio were all sorted into the house they requested - Hufflepuff, much to the delight of their new housemates. All three had seen a delighted Umbridge taking notes of the whole event.

They had wanted to stay below the radar and a Hufflepuff Harry was a lot less threatening. They were caught in a power struggle between Fudge and Dumbledore, but since they liked neither one, they were letting them slug it out.

Fudge got his Christmas present early when the Quibbler ran a front page story on the Weasleys attempt to give the boy who lived a love potion. The backlash saw Dumbledore sacked from Hogwarts, Arthur Weasley forced to resign in shame and the new headmaster, Umbridge, threw out all the Weasleys as neither Ron nor Ginny were capable of brewing the potion they were caught with.

As Harry was clearly no longer 'Dumbledore's man' there was nothing to be gained and everything could be lost by harassing the wizard so he was left alone. This was exactly what they wanted as the four continued to train in the room Dobby showed them.

- Harry viewing Hermione's memories -

Harry relived the best Christmas of his life through Hermione's eyes, she had mentioned that her parents were going skiing and she hated it, when Luna invited them to stay with her. The two couples had become really close friends and Luna stopped mentioning imaginary animals when she realised that they actually were her friends.

The loony was just an unconscious act to stop people getting to close so she wouldn't have to deal with the emotional loss when they left her. It took the wizard with the lowest confidence in the school to ask the one pretty girl he didn't think would say no to a dance and the results were verging on the spectacular. Training and studying every night and each weekend had boosted everyone's confidence and made them a tight knit group.

Since there was no Dumbledore, and neither Sprout nor Umbridge knew Harry had never left the castle at Christmas, there was no welcoming party at the station and the night bus delivered the three of them to Luna's home. Harry had a thousand galleons in his trunk left over from summer, since he wasn't allowed out of prison or able to attend Hogsmeade, so a monster-shopping day was planned before Christmas.

Using the floo to the Leaky Cauldron where they met Neville, the first item on the agenda was bottomless & weightless bags for everyone. After that the four friends made their way to Gringotts, where Harry was going to get some gold exchanged to muggle money and visit his vault. Feeling Hermione's emotions when they found out the Weasley's had been 'visiting' his vault was scary. Harry demanded that his entire vault be emptied, except for one Knut, and be converted to muggle currency. He left the bank with over three hundred thousand pounds in his bag. Hermione had a bank account so he put most of it in there, he didn't care about interest; he didn't want the Weasleys or Dursleys getting it. Hermione wasn't happy about the situation but she could understand his reasoning and he had no desire to have an account with Privet Drive as his address.

The rest of the day was shopping, eating, movie, eating and even more shopping as the two purebloods saw the sights of muggle London; in other words, they had a blast!

Luna's father was a little eccentric but in a good way, you could sit all night and listen to his stories and he seemed to thrive on the company. When they tried to thank him for allowing them to visit he had tears in his eyes as he explained that it had been a few years since this house had been filled with such joy and laughter, he felt he should be thanking them.

Heading back to Hogwarts the rejuvenated teens threw themselves into their training and studying. Umbridge had no problems in the school and with no Voldemort activity reported, Fudge decided to use the 'if it ain't broke, don't fix it' philosophy, so he did nothing.

- Hermione viewing Harry's memories -

Hermione watched Harry's memories as Voldemort started sending him visions of a corridor culminating in the history of magic exam. She watched herself try to talk him out of it but having seen the vision herself now there was no way Harry could have ignored the torturing of Luna's dad. They were using wands to place cuts on the journalist claiming that since Potter spent the holidays with him then he must know the prophecy – there was blood everywhere. With no one outside their group they could trust, they took a broomstick ride to the ministry. Luna was a pretty good flier so she took Neville while Harry took Hermione – straight into the trap.

Hermione watched Harry duck and weave while sending off spells at the death eaters but when he saw her get slashed and go down from that curse, Harry's magic went mental.

He was vaguely aware that Neville was muttering something while supporting Luna, but the broken nose made it unintelligible, while Harry's glowing green eyes fell on the wizard who had murdered his Hermione. The death eater literally ripped into two pieces and his death screams reverberated throughout the ministry, Harry calmly walked on looking for his next victim. Four dead eaters later he came across Lucius who hit him with the Cruciatus curse, Harry just stood there as the curse hit him in the chest with no visible effects. In reality Harry was using the curse like a conduit and quickly draining all of Malfoy's magic into himself, he had no idea how he was accomplishing this and neither did the Hermione watching his memories. A kick in the face of the now kneeling muggle Malfoy put him out of the fight.

The crazy bitch that hit him with the death curse actually wet herself when he just absorbed the spell and kept walking toward her, he was using neither wand nor words, just thinking about what he wanted done and his magic was doing the rest. He walked right passed boneless Bella who was in severe pain as all her organs pushed down on top of one another causing her death within minutes.

Macnair was just vaporised with all that remained of the executioner being a greasy spot on the wall. Harry was making his way back to the atrium, killing every death eater he saw. When he got there he hit the jackpot, Voldemort.

Harry took the glass ball out of his pocket, "This what you're after?" he casually dropped it in front of him and while Voldemort was watching intently, Harry started siphoning off Tom's magic.

"What is this power you have Potter?" asked Voldemort before realising what Harry was doing, he hit the young wizard with a Cruciatus as the floo system started depositing people into the atrium.

Harry was struggling to cope with the now double feed and the shear amount of magical power involved, he put his head back, opened his mouth and screamed as his magic let go.

Harry's magic knocked out every pillar or wall on this full floor, which brought the whole ministry of magic building pancakeing down on their heads, it was non-survivable, and everyone in the building and a few outside it died.


Harry opened his eyes and found himself in a place unlike anything he'd seen before, there were no walls or ceiling that could be seen, just two sofa's, a table and countless library shelves filled with books. He was trying to figure out where he was when something moving at speed registered at the edge of his vision, Harry quickly spun round but nothing could save him from the ferocious attack.

A brown-eyed, bushy-haired bombshell exploded right on top of him as Hermione threw herself at the man she loved, her arms were round his neck while her legs encircled his waist as she proceeded to snog him for all she was worth. Harry wasn't sure where they were but at this precise moment he didn't care because this was heaven, they were interrupted when someone spoke, "Well there's something you don't see every day!"

A second later Harry and Hermione had their wands pointing at James and Lily Potter.

"Oh so that's the way it is, greet each other with hugs and kisses but we get wands pointed at us! He must take that from your side of the family, Lily," said James.

Harry's legs buckled and, as Hermione was still wrapped around him, they hit the floor in a heap thought their wands still covered the two newcomers.

Lily smacked James on the back of the head, "That's a fine first impression to make on our son and his girlfriend, and just how was he supposed to pick up pointing a wand at someone from my family? Honestly James!" said Lily as she moved forward and helped Hermione regain her feet. She then pulled Harry up and squeezed him so tight he thought a rib would break.

"Oh Harry, you couldn't have picked a better girl to spend the rest of your life with," said Lily, "even now she's standing there, with her wand in her hand, ready to fight for the man she loves." Lily opened her arms and invited Hermione into the hug, she was reluctant but as soon as she got there it just felt so right that the tears started to flow. Harry had started crying the moment his mother had hugged him, but now with the two women he loved holding him, the dam broke and all those years of holding his emotions in check were washed away.

James joined wrapping his arms round the two teens as they stood as a family, trying for a fleeting moment to fill a void that existed in each of them. They eventually had to sit down, Harry ended up in the middle of both women who showed no signs of letting him go ever again. His dad chuckled and sat on the other couch as Harry asked the all important question, "Are we dead?"

"That's a question that we can answer later," said James, "there are some things we need to tell you then a decision will have to be made. This situation is a junction in time, there are two paths that can be taken with the consequences affecting everyone in the world – so no pressure you two!"

"James, if you can't be serious and do this properly then we could end up losing this chance. Behave!"

Properly chastised, he continued, "When you let your magic go in the ministry it destroyed Voldemort's body but it also caused massive damage to the magical world. When the death eaters started throwing dark curses at you it set off alarms, and most of the senior members of the ministry, as well as all the Aurors and Dumbledore, had entered the building when it came down. The reason that this is a catastrophe is Voldemort isn't dead,"

Both teens' shot up, "What!" Harry couldn't believe it, "How could he possibly survive that?"

It was Lily that replied, "The same way he survived that Halloween, you killing him in first and second year as well as again today. He split his soul and placed it in objects, creating horcruxes, and he cannot die until these are destroyed."

Hermione was crying again, "All those plans; all that work, for nothing. We couldn't even take him with us!"

Lily was hugging the crying witch as Harry just sat stunned; he'd given it his best shot and came up short.

James continued, "Umbridge will become minister for magic and start passing laws that will further fragment the wizarding world, anyone not pureblood will probably leave the country, and by the time Voldemort returns all that will be required is for him to make an appearance and the ministry will fold like a deck of cards."

Harry felt as if he was going to be sick, his mother pulled him closer before speaking, "That was the bad news but there is another alternative. You can be sent back to a time when you can do most good."

"Time travel?" asked Hermione

"Yes" James replied "but this time you will be better prepared. It's said 'Knowledge is Power' and we intend to prove that right. The night Voldemort hit you with that curse he unintentionally created a horcrux, you!"

Hermione caught on immediately, "The scar."

"Right again," answered James, "but should you go back, the horcrux would be gone but all the knowledge Voldemort had in his head is stored in these books here, a residue of the horcrux. They are not really books, it's just the way your mind has organised all the information as you will, in effect, have access to everything he knew."

Harry sat quietly thinking through his options; in the end, it was his father who couldn't wait any longer, "Well?"

"I'm trying to think of a reason for going back but can't think of one, so people's lives will take a down turn – my life has been shit ever since the night you were murdered and I haven't seen anyone making sacrifices to try and change it. Everyone I've ever loved, everything I've dreamed about is here with me now. Why would I want to give this up and go back where everyone tries to control my life? If my options are this or the Dursleys then my choice is not difficult."

His parents were speechless; they were so sure their Gryffindor son would charge forward that they had never even considered this a possibility. While they were sharing bemused expressions with each other, Hermione took Harry's face in both hands and tenderly kissed him before speaking.

"Harry, I would like to give you a reason to go back, in fact I would like to give you many reasons to go back – our unborn children. My greatest wish is to have our children and watch them growing up, showering them with love. If we stay here we would be happy, I'll be happy anywhere as long as we're together, but something will always be missing, taking your son on his first broom ride or the daughter who will have her daddy wrapped round her little finger before she can even speak. I want this for you so badly I would face Voldemort myself if I had to, but it's your decision to make."

Harry took his wonderful girl's face in his hands and kissed her, pouring all his emotions into that one gesture and leaving his parents misty-eyed. "Hermione, you just described my deepest dreams and desires, and in those dreams you are always by my side just as you are in life. Would you do me the honour of being my wife?"

"Any time, any place, I'll be there – just so there are no doubts here; that's a definite YES!"

Their resulting embrace/snog was only broken by the sound of his crying father blowing his nose, this was the opening Lily required to hug the couple and welcome Hermione to the family, immediately followed by James.

Once everyone had somewhat settled down, Hermione asked a question. "If the information is in Harry's head, is there any way I can access it?"

Harry's father wore a frown. "There is, but I'm not sure I would recommend it." The looks both teens were giving him forced James to continue. "In the Potter family vaults there's a special set of betrothal rings that haven't been used for centuries. They were made for an ancestor who was unsure if the woman he loved wanted him or the title of Lady Potter. The rings will basically give all of your memories to whoever wears the other ring, you will also be able to speak to each other without talking and Harry can grant you access to any part of his mind. Be warned though, the rings can't be removed before ten days and our ancestor ended up hating the woman. While you wear the rings, no one else will be able to access your minds and your secrets will be safe from everyone but each other."

"What are the Potter family vaults?" asked Harry

"That bastard Dumbledore!"

Harry and Hermione were shocked, not at the sentiments that they both agreed with but at the venom and language coming from Lily Potter.

"I know you both dislike the old goat, but when you hear what he's done, you might want to go back and kill him again. He's done so much it's hard to know where to begin so we'll go right back to the start of all our troubles – that prophesy."

James took up the story, "Snape heard part of the prophecy and told his master, Voldemort. There were two children that fitted the profile, you and Neville, but he chose you and marked you with that scar. After he was banished, Sirius tried to take you with him but Dumbledore had decided you were going to the Dursleys and used Hagrid to fetch you there, leaving you on the doorstep like a newspaper. Our will clearly stated you were NOT to go there under any circumstances and contained a list of people willing to take you. He sealed the unread will and declared himself your magical guardian illegally, and with Sirius somehow being denied a trial, there was only Remus who knew we had a will. Dumbledore played the werewolf card and denied him the right to any contact with you at all; Remus was as much a prisoner as Sirius and his whole world crumbled that night. By law, Dumbledore should have told you about your inheritance when you reached eleven, but if you knew that you were the richest person in Britain with many houses and the ability to claim emancipation, you would have been out of Privet Drive and out of his control faster than he could list his titles. We also suspect he has someone working with him in Gringotts to help him pull this off."

His mother was doing her best to convince him to return, "If you go back, you will be Lord Potter and emancipated, Hermione would come under the protection of the House of Potter as your betrothed, your rings will be invisible unless you specifically tell the person. You never need to go anywhere near Privet Drive again, unless you want to kick some Dursley arse, and you will be able to live anywhere in the world and hire magical tutors, keeping you away from Dumbledore's manipulations. You will keep all your memories and magical power; you know the prophecy and how to defeat him. All the knowledge of the horcruxes is here, stored in your mind, and though we don't know when you will go back to, we know it will be a time that you can do the most good."

They chatted for a while before James and Lily seemed to receive a message, "We're sorry, but you have to answer now."

Harry and Hermione held each other tight before answering, "We're going back."


As they waited, both suddenly looked as if they had been petrified before falling into each other's arms. "Where are we? When are we, Hermione?" asked Harry.

"Oh Harry, your scar is fainter and my teeth are enormous again!" she looked around and saw Buckbeak, "This is the night Sirius was kissed."


A thirteen-year-old Lord Harry James Potter awoke in the infirmary holding his fourteen-year-old betrothed's hand, Sirius was saved, Remus wouldn't leave the magical world, he was never going back to the Dursleys and extremely angry Albus Dumbledore was standing at the bottom of his bed.

Harry ignored the irate ingrate and looked into Hermione's eyes, he was really worried that now she had seen all his memories she wouldn't want to be with him anymore. "Are you ok love?" he nervously asked.

Hermione's beaming smile was worth more than any words but her "Wonderful!" made his heart soar.

Dumbledore was not used to being ignored, far less his mental probes being rebuffed, and he was not a happy wizard. "Lord Potter, I demand an explanation."

Harry and Hermione had the exact same thought, someone had talked.

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