Knowledge is Power

When Hermione gets cursed at the Ministry, Harry and the Death Eaters discover the power he knows not. Unleashing this power has far reaching consequences. Weasley and Dumbledore bashing – time travel story that's hopefully different.


28. Chapter 28

You could be forgiven for thinking that the British magical community would be getting immune to shocks but they seemed to just get bigger and keep right on coming as the whole country was again buzzing with news.

Voldemort was a squirrel – Dumbledore in jail – Hogwarts under ministerial control – trial of the century on Friday – tournament to end all tournaments on Saturday.

Eavesdropping on any conversation would find at least one of these subjects under discussion as everyone had an opinion on what was happening, while their opinions may differ what no one could dispute was that things were defiantly happening.


Hogwarts Tuesday morning brought a smile to the minister of magic's face, the difference in atmosphere was palpable as the changes in personnel began to take effect on the student's moral. Amelia also had twenty aurors staying in the castle, some were acting as teaching assistants while others patrolled the corridors but all were highly visible.

The thought of Riddle attacking the school to acquire hostages was giving her nightmares; Harry's berating of the former governors over student safety had struck a chord with her, she wouldn't be able to relax until this was all over.

The minister was here today to escort Percy Weasley to the Potter Institute, he was going to be the first young Hogwarts professor to spend a few weeks there learning his craft purely because they wanted him out the way when they broke into 'his' office on Friday night.

Amelia knew if they were caught the repercussions would be very serious but she had lived her life by doing what she thought was right and, after spending Sunday afternoon with Susan, Hannah and their friends she knew this was the right thing to do.

Amelia had faced bigotry all her life, not over her blood status but simply the fact she was a woman. When she was younger the current minister turned quite a few heads and her blond hair belied the intelligence that she had in abundance. It usually only took being knocked on their arses a couple of times for her male colleagues to get past the 'dumb blond' perception and treat her as a person.

When Voldemort killed her parents Amelia's heart hardened as she pushed herself to be the best auror she could be but when her brother and his family were wiped out it almost turned to granite, almost except for Susan. It was pure luck she had the child staying with her that weekend otherwise her whole family would have been murdered by the evil bastard she was hoping to see finally get what he deserved this Saturday.

Only two things in this world really mattered to Amelia Bones, Susan's happiness and getting revenge for her family. The death eaters had all but been wiped out in Britain and Susan was now happier, with better prospects than at any time in her short life and all thanks to Lord Harry James Potter. The head of the Bones family would walk through the gates of hell for that young man and only her ministerial position currently prevented her formally allying their houses. If she could use her position to help the magical children of Britain get a better life then she had no qualms about breaking the law to do so, Amelia also fully intended to make Hogwarts the best she possibly could before leaving for Italy at Christmas.


Percy entered the Institute unsure of his welcome; Pomona and Harry were waiting to greet him.

"Welcome to the Potter Institute professor Weasley."

"Thank you headmistress but I feel I haven't earned that title yet, especially from you. Lord Potter I can't thank you enough for this opportunity which my previous behaviour doesn't warrant, Penelope is trying to knock some sense into me though she fears she may need a beaters bat."

"It's Harry Percy, just Harry."

"Could we keep it formal for just a moment? I would like to ask what happened with my parents? Bill and Charlie were so incensed about Ginny we never got around to discussing anything else and all other sources just keep coming back as classified."

Harry didn't detect any malice in the question, he just saw someone trying desperately to find their place in life, "Percy Molly drew her wand on Hermione's mother in a muggle area and got her arse kicked by mum, she then tried to invoke pureblood law and gave Hermione the choice of either breaking up with me or watching her mother kissed by a dementor."

Percy visibly struggled to retain his breakfast, how could anyone do that to someone they claimed was like a son to them?

"I'm an easy going guy Percy until somebody threatens my family, then I will use everything that I have to neutralise that threat. I am positive you were unaware of her plot to use illegal potions against my wife and I, had that taken place I would have declared a blood feud against the Weasley family and been in no mood to be merciful."

The image of Harry dealing with Dumbledore in the great hall was enough for Percy to need the bucket that the strange house elf had just appeared with, his mind was in as much turmoil as his stomach as he tried to comprehend what his family had done. It was even harder considering that Harry had swung into action to rescue Ginny from what a seriously angry Penelope described as a 'fate worse than death' and then put his families lives on the line by facing Voldemort to rescue Ron and Millicent.

Pomona led the shocked wizard for a seat as a tea service appeared in front of them, Percy had trouble getting the cup to his mouth as his hand was shaking so much from the effects of information he'd just heard. There was not one shred of doubt in Percy's mind that Harry was deadly serious or that he was more than capable of carrying out his threat and ending the life of each and every Weasley.

"Harry I thought they were in jail because of complications or irregularities with Ginny's adoption, I would never participate in anything illegal like trying to break a betrothal. It has also been rather forcibly brought to my attention that while Ginny's situation may have been within the current laws that didn't make it acceptable, this is a view I now share with my fiancée and can only hope Ginny will let me try and apologise."

Harry could see that Percy was sincere but warned him anyway, "Ginny is only now starting to recover from basically being sold to the highest bidder by the man she trusted above all others but her brothers casual acceptance of the situation has given her scars that may never heal. Bill was here for a while trying to help her come to terms with it but she wouldn't even look in Ron's direction last week, I'll tell her you would like to talk to her but the final decision is hers and hers alone. Ginny is our friend and we're very protective of our friends here, you'll find the atmosphere a lot different than the antagonistic attitudes encouraged at Hogwarts."

Percy was about to defend Hogwarts when Pomona cut him off, "I would suggest the best way to treat this trip is to keep your eyes, ears and mind wide open while the mouth stays firmly shut, you're here to learn a different way of doing things but it will take an open mind. If people like Minerva and Filius think this is a better system of learning then it would be prudent to give it a try, when you have make your own mind up then adjust your teaching style accordingly."

Percy nodded in agreement before being led away by Brutus to his room.

"Do you think Percy will ever loose the brush pole that's stuck up his arse?"

Harry couldn't help but laugh at his favourite headmistresses comments, "I think Remus is corrupting you but to answer the question I suspect we need to make sure he sits down to dinner tonight with Joanne and Kathleen. Penelope appears to be a good influence on him and those two managed to get Ron's head out of his selfish arse. If Percy upset's Ginny though he's out of here!"


Ginny had more on her mind than easing Percy the prat's conscience, she was in the same class with him as McGonagall demonstrated how transfiguration should be taught. Her best friends were in this bloody tournament where Riddle might make an appearance and before that the trial that was going to rake up a lot of mud that could end up heading in her direction.

Hermione had recommended she go with them and then everyone would see she was Ginny Pomfrey and sitting beside the Potters, that should hopefully silence a lot of the criticism that could come her way. She was dreading seeing Molly as Amelia had informed them she would be a witness against Dumbledore but Bill told her that it was Arthur's idea to sell her, apparently Molly had went ballistic when she found out what he'd done.

This fact brought the young witch no comfort as she was sure the woman would have had some other diabolical plan that involved using her body to bring gold to the Weasleys, quite hard to reconcile that your former parents were going to use you for a legalised form of prostitution. She had till Thursday to make her mind up but since it was now Wednesday and she still wasn't sure then Ginny was going to have a long chat with mum tonight.


Susan, Hannah, Daphne and Tracy were the delegation that approached Pomona with a serious matter; as usual it was Hannah who got the ball rolling.

"Headmistress, we would like to attend the tournament on Saturday to show our support for Harry and Hermione."

Susan backed her up, "all the other contestants will have the support of their schools and we want to let them all know that we back our champions."

Pomona frowned, "well, technically they're not entered as Potter Institute students since we weren't invited to compete."

Tracy butted in, "I really don't think that matters as they will be perceived as representing the Institute."

Daphne pressed home the point, "therefore us not going will be interpreted as not supporting them and that can't be allowed to happen."

Pomona could see the girls were very serious and this wasn't some ruse to get them away for the day, "are there more students who feel like this?"

"Pretty much everyone," came back at the headmistress in four different voices.

Pomona had one rule when dealing with head of school duties; she would just think 'what would the whiskered wanker do' and then do the complete opposite. He would have dismissed the girls out of hand and thrown some feeble excuse their way like a master tossing a bone to a starving dog and expect them to be grateful for his attention.

These girls were concerned for their friends and the more Pomona thought about it she found herself actually agreeing with their point of view, "ok girls I'll speak to Harry and Hermione and get their opinions on the matter before I get back to you. I have to warn you though we have safety concerns for Saturday and they might not want our students anywhere near Hogwarts, and also everyone and their granny wants to attend so tickets might be difficult to come by."

The witches left happy knowing at least their concerns had not only been listened to but given a fair hearing, they might not get the outcome they wanted but at least they would know why that decision was made – they may not like it but you had to respect it.


Glenda Bulstrode hadn't slept a wink, she was excited, apprehensive and more than a little overawed at the thought of meeting the Potters. The Bulstrodes would have been considered middle-class in the muggle world, comfortable without being wealthy, pureblood but with little influence and absolutely no aspirations of doing any social climbing. Neither side had thought them important enough to court their support the last war and that suited the family just fine.

They had no books on etiquette in the house and when Glenda asked Millicent how she was supposed to greet Lord and Lady Potter her daughter had just laughed at her, now she was standing beside Millicent, clutching her bag containing the gold her husband had given her while staring at the oddest house elf she'd ever seen.

"We're ready Dobby."

Glenda didn't like to contradict her daughter but she didn't feel anywhere near ready.

The elf called Dobby deposited them on a large terrace that was obviously their dining facility where everyone seemed to be just finishing breakfast, formal introductions went over the cliff when, with a battle cry of 'aunt Millicent!' a little dark haired girl hit her daughter with the force of a stunning spell. Both were laughing as Millicent spun her round and the distraction caused Glenda to turn back around and be faced with a tanned and muscled youth who owned the greenest pair of eyes she'd ever seen.

"Hi, I'm Harry, this is my wife Hermione and that bundle of mischief that just attacked your daughter is Joan."

Glenda didn't know what to do as her mind went on a vacation that involved lots of sun, bare skin and the liberal application of lotions, Harry Potter had just shook her hand and was now taking her by the arm.

"Let's get you something to drink while we finish our breakfast, those two will be a while yet." Joan was still in her aunt Millicent's arms and talking a mile a minute as she filled her in on everything that had been going on since they last met, Harry couldn't help but chuckle as he heard 'pony' mentioned for at least the third time.

Glenda was half way through her coffee before her brain finally rebooted, "oh where are my manners, I'm sorry but I just got a bit overawed there, I'm Glenda Bulstrode."

Dan was laughing, "don't worry Glenda, you should see the effect Harry has on the witches just walking down Diagon Alley, Hermione's almost had to draw her wand a couple of times."

"I thought they were after you dad," answered Hermione

"No, that was just the wizards," chipped in Harry drawing laughter from all the table and Glenda finally got to say what she needed to.

"I would like to thank you all from the bottom of my heart for what you did for my daughter, Millicent told me they wouldn't have made it if you hadn't turned up and got them out of there. For that the Bulstrode family owes you a debt that can never be repaid."

Harry again took the tearful witches hand, "if there is any debt then it is from the Potters to your daughter, her actions that night did us a great service and, should you ever need anything you only have to ask."

Glenda could feel the sincerity pouring out this young wizard as her daughter made her way over, "mum, this is Joan who just might challenge her mother as the smartest witch I know."

Watching Millicent's interactions with this young girl was yet another whole new side to her daughter that hadn't been revealed before, her head was already spinning and she'd been forewarned by Millicent that the shopping experience would have that effect on her, perhaps she needed something stronger than coffee.

Emma recognised the look, "hi Glenda I'm Emma, and don't worry I know exactly how you feel. The first time we met Harry he informed us he was marrying our daughter and then we had to fight our way out the bank, Dan still has that goblin's sword hanging on our wall."

Glenda was beginning to get her head round the problem she was having, she was looking at this situation as a pureblood. This was where a lord who you owed a life debt to would have had you kissing their boots while they deliberated over what they wanted, these people were..?

Just people didn't sound right for this extraordinary group but it was the best she could come up with, little did she know that she would have made Lord Harry James Potter's day with that sentiment.

Glenda had tears running down her cheeks, the day had been one revelation after another but nothing had prepared her for the sight that was before her eyes, this Italian genius of a robe maker had surpassed any and all expectations she had. Her daughter, Millicent Bulstrode, was beautiful and the proud mother couldn't contain her tears of wonder and joy.

They'd came in earlier and Hermione had told the woman that Millicent was going to become the youngest ever recipient of the Order of Merlin, first class, and she plus her mother needed something to match the occasion. Glenda wasn't fooled, it was the Potter name that had the whole shop buzzing round them rather than any award.

They had then went to other shops, the muggle side was out of this world, and she'd even had her hair 'styled' but it was their return to the dress shop that found Glenda having to sit down as her wobbly knees threatened to give way.

The garment was almost a combination of a dress and a robe, ivory in colour and made of the finest silk. It had long sleeves but was cut so you could see part of her shoulders and low enough at the front to display some cleavage. It clung to her bust, waist and hips, beautifully emphasising her figure before continuing on down to her ankles with a slit up the side to aid walking as the garment clung to her legs. The green trim around her neckline sparkled as she moved and on closer inspection was discovered to be emeralds.

Glenda had never seen anything so fine in all her life, it was aristocratic without being ostentatious and made Millicent look elegant and refined. Glenda was then dragged into a changing room where her robe matched her daughters in colour and material but was cut more in keeping with her age, shape and station as mother of the award winner.

Both Bulstrode women stood together in front of a mirror and desperately wanted to hug each other but were afraid to mark these wonderful clothes, little Joan Potter broke the ice.

She handed over a long velvet box, "aunt Millicent you look beautiful, this is for you."

She bent and kissed the girl before opening the box to find a delicate white gold bracelet that was encrusted with emeralds, her hand was shaking so much that Emma had to put it on the girl's wrist.

"Lady Potter, you haven't let me pay for a single thing all day, this is too much!" moaned an amazed Glenda.

"It's still Hermione and it's not too much, and we'll all be there tomorrow night clapping louder than anyone else."

Hermione hugged Millicent; "you know Ron's going to flip when he sees you in that?" The girl's nervous laughter indicated that she was still unsure of the Hermione / Ron dynamic so Mrs Potter tried to put her mind at ease, "the only reason I used to argue with the lazy git is because I could see there was a good wizard in there somewhere, it just needed the right witch to bring it out and I'm pleased he found her."

Hermione could see the beginning of tears in Millicent's eyes so quantified her statement, "I still say your much too good for him though." This had them laughing as Millicent lost the last of her fears while the dress was pronounced finished.


Amelia glanced at the gallery and saw Ginny surrounded by those she loved, Joan Potter was practically sitting on her knee; Poppy was on one side of her while Harry and Hermione were on the other. Neville and Luna sat directly behind with both Bill and Charlie in front.

Bill was now the head of the Weasley family as Arthur had been tried earlier and stripped of that right as well as sentenced to a year in prison though he'd already been locked up for a third of that. Charlie was in the country due to his job and had shaken his head in disbelief as the man he once respected had been led out of the chamber earlier, now it was about supporting his sister.

Everyone in the chamber was staring in shock at the wizened old man that had to be helped to the chair and then wrapped in a blanket, only Amelia banging on her gravel got the room settled down again.

"Yes that is Albus Dumbledore and his condition has brought a change to today's proceedings," Amelia now had the attention of everyone. "The healers have advised me that Albus Dumbledore wouldn't even survive the trip to Azkaban and since Lord Potter scared the dementors so badly, they now refuse to leave the island."

There were quite a few noises of derision coming from the members of the Wizengamot over Amelia's claim about the dementors, she had been told part of the story of how the two had used a time turner to save Sirius and wished she could have seen the look on Fudge and Dumbledore's faces.

Any doubts the members had were laid to rest as a large silver stag appeared in the chamber, it strolled up to Tonks and licked her face while Connie was able to stroke its neck. Prongs had just given new meaning to the term 'corporal patronus' and it didn't take too much imagination to envisage what damage those antlers would do to a dementor. Both aurors were becoming weak at the knees with the amount of positive energy that prongs was emitting, the entire chamber could feel it before the stag winked at Amelia and then vanished.

The silence in the chamber was broken by the voice of a dark haired eight-year-old, "Dad, that was so cool! Can you do a pony?"

Joan found herself engulfed in a hug by her aunts Ginny and Luna though both seemed to be trying to contain their laughter.

Amelia got the Chamber back to order, "so Dumbledore will spend the remainder of his days in a secure ward at St Mungo's, today we are going to put on trial not so much the man but the reputation he'd built himself and see justice dispensed to his accomplices in crime."

She and Shack had carefully prepared the questions they were going to ask so no mention of horcruxes escaped the proceedings, part of the prophecy was bound to leak but since everyone already thought Harry was the chosen one this shouldn't do any damage. With that in mind they were only charging the slug with molesting children as this would ensure at the very least he spent the rest of his life in Azkaban.

The slug was led in and chained to a chair beside Dumbledore before the truth serum was administered, after the first few questions ensured the serum was working properly they got down to the business of slaughtering Slughorn.

"How long have you been abusing the students at Hogwarts?"

"Since the mid 1930's."

Considering that this encompassed the time scale that over half of those in the chamber passed through Hogwarts he would be lucky to get out of here alive.

"How did you stop your victims reporting these actions?"

"I perfected a potion that has the combined effects of an imperius curse and memory charm, they would do what they were told then remember nothing."

Shack had heard the answers before and still wanted to kill this arsehole so he could sympathise with the reactions going on around him, counting his blessings that he hadn't attended Hogwarts he asked the next question.

"Was Albus Dumbledore aware of your activities?"


Pandemonium erupted that was only brought back under control when Connie and Tonks fired off noisemaker spells.

"What did the Chief Warlock of the Wizengamot do about your activities?"

"He blackmailed me to resign so Snape could take over then blackmailed me again to return when Snape was arrested."

"Did you continue your activities upon returning to Hogwarts this September?"


"Was Dumbledore aware of this?"

"Yes, it was used as an enticement to get me to accept a lower salary, I was told there was financial troubles at Hogwarts."

"No further questions," said Shack and as the appointed defence councillor looked ready to murder the slug it was only a matter of sentencing, his guilt was there for all to see. This actually took about thirty minutes longer than the ten Shack expected as they tried to work out what punishment would be worse, spending the rest of his life in Azkaban was eventually settled on.

Snape was next to find himself sitting beside his former headmaster, the precedent had been set so it was soon time to ask the meaningful questions.

"Are you a death eater?"


This answer meant that Snape's life was already forfeit.

"Did you leave Voldemort's side?"



"He's a psychotic arsehole who's as likely to murder his own followers as anyone else."

"You told me it was because you loved Lilly," croaked Dumbledore

"After she had soiled herself with Potter I wouldn't touch the mudblood bitch and am glad the dark lord murdered her."

In the gallery Hermione had hold of her husband and was so glad that the marauders were working at the institute allowing Minerva and Filius to attend. Harry seemed to be sticking to their 'don't get mad – get even' policy but she was positive nothing could have prevented Remus and Sirius from ripping this handless wanker to shreds. Minerva was in tears as the revelations mounted about her former mentor while Filius gave the impression of a Jack Russell terrier that wanted to bite their ankles.

Shack told Dumbledore to be quiet before returning his attention to Snape, "are you aware of a prophecy linking Lord Potter and Voldemort?"


"How did Voldemort discover this?"

"I told him."

It took a few minutes for order to be restored as it sunk in that Snape was responsible for the Potter deaths.

"Why was Harry Potter placed with muggle relatives in direct contravention to his parents will?"

"Albus wanted him kept weak and ignorant so the dark lord could easily kill him when he returned."

Harry was now holding back his wife as pandemonium reigned, Albus Dumbledore wanting the dark lord to murder the chosen one went against everything the magical world believed in.

"Why did Dumbledore want Voldemort to kill Harry?"

"The prophesy said one had to kill the other, when Potter was dead we would then take care of Voldemort and be the heroes of the wizarding world. I would take over as headmaster, then minister when Albus passed away."

This answer was greeted with total silence as the enormity of their plans unfolded and, more importantly the likelihood of their goals becoming reality had their plan succeeded. With their saviour dead the wizarding world would have been served up on a silver salver to anyone who could save them from Voldemort.

"What happened to Harry's godparents?"

"Albus used his influence to make sure that Black stayed in Azkaban without a trial while telling the Longbottoms it was now safe to come out of hiding. The fact that it clearly wasn't and he said so loudly in this chamber to get the Potter documents sealed and the brat hid away was never questioned. Albus can say two opposite things at the same time and people believe him without question because he's Dumbledore."

Luna was now wrapped round her betrothed while Neville envisaged using his knife to render Snape into potion ingredients. Snape had long since ceased to be his boggart as Hermione had rendered the greasy git harmless and the young wizard was now far more afraid of anything happening to Luna.

"How did Dumbledore try to have Harry killed?"

"He kept coming up with more and more elaborate plans but the brat and his mudblood always seemed to escape, even when she was petrified the bitch was still helping him. Every time we thought we had them something would come to their aid. We even had them sent into the forbidden forest at night for detention and a bloody centaur saved them from Voldemort."

Shack administered the antidote, Snape's admission of being a death eater was enough to see him take a short trip through the veil but he had no intention of going quietly.

"Potter! How does it feel to have your whole life manipulated and any one who ever loved you either dead or lying to you?"

Harry slowly stood as Shack hit Snape with a silencing charm, he found his daughter wanting to be held in his arms while Hermione stood at his side. Dan and Emma were sitting in front of them next to Bill and both rose to their feet, as did Neville, Luna and Ginny. Filius had to stand on a chair to register his support but Minerva, Poppy and the two Weasleys were also on their feet.

"I'm not sure if I should address you as prisoner Snape or Snivillus Squib but, as I have friends that are squibs I'll just call you a greasy git. To answer your question I feel blessed to stand here with my daughter in my arms, wife at my side, mum and dad in front of me and my brother and sister behind while surrounded by friends and colleges. Remus is happily married to our headmistress and expecting a son while teaching at the best school in Europe. Lord Black is our potions professor whose gathering up his courage to ask a beautiful young woman to marry him though as everyone can see she plainly loves him he's no reason to worry. All you have in the world is your hatred for everyone and a bitter, twisted, broken old man to keep you company."

Harry then addressed the Wizengamot, "I am aware that the punishment for death eaters is the veil, I would like to plead for this case to be awarded life in Azkaban. Living in that hell hole while not even being able to wipe your arse is, I think a more fitting punishment for his crimes than a quick, painless death."

The vote was instantaneous and unanimous as Snape was led away to join another Hogwarts potions professor in Azkaban, gone was the haughty look or the trademark sneer as the handless death eater was now crying like a two-year-old in a tantrum.

Shack turned to the Wizengamot, "the article that was written by Lord and Lady Potter and appeared in the Quibbler has been found to be correct in every detail. Pettigrew's body was recovered from where Voldemort murdered him on Halloween and I am one of a select few who have seen the carcass of that Basilisk and the photo just doesn't do it justice."

A lot of glances were cast in Harry's direction with these comments.

"It was also true that while lord Potter was being starved and abused Albus Dumbledore was stealing five thousand galleons every month from the Potter vaults for over twelve years. In this time he formed a relationship with the goblin in charge of the Potter account and was using Sickyle to try and overthrow the goblin government, they have issued a death sentence against Dumbledore and over fifty goblin traitors paid with their lives."

The Wizengamot wasn't too bothered about fifty dead goblins but stealing over half a million galleons while a child was being abused was deplorable.

"Dumbledore uses anyone he thinks necessary to achieve his aim including a young man he forced into becoming a defence professor. Oliver Wood had a promising Quidditch career ruined because he has had so many compulsion charms cast on him by Dumbledore that he has now been left with a nervous twitch that will rule him out of playing professionally. Dumbledore has lied, cajoled, bribed or cursed witches and wizards in his unrelenting quest to be supreme ruler of the magical world, remind you of anyone else?"

While the Wizengamot were digesting this Molly was led into the chamber, she was walking on her own until she spotted the red hair in the gantry and the witch just broke. Her knees gave way and she was wailing like a banshee with the realisation that her greatest fear looked likely to become a reality; although they were alive she was still going to lose every one of her children.

Ginny was sobbing at the sight of a bald Molly as she had to be carried to the chair after glancing in their direction, Shack had to cast a couple of cheering charms on her before she was settled enough for him to administer the truth serum.

After allowing time for the serum to take effect Shack began his questions.

"What was the Weasley involvement in Dumbledore's plans?"

"He wanted Ron to split Harry and Hermione leaving the way clear for Ginny. His plan was then for Ginny to dump Harry just before Albus had arranged a confrontation against Voldemort, he wanted the boy broken and defeated."

"How were you to achieve this?"

"By any means possible, he was going to provide any potions that were required."

"Did you agree with this plan?"

"I agreed to go along with it but not the plan, Albus wanted him dead but I wanted Harry married to Ginny. I had been pestering him for years to arrange a betrothal contract but we now know he never had the power he claimed to have and was not Harry's legal guardian."

"How did you come to be arrested?"

"I lost my temper and pulled my wand on a muggle, when she defeated me I tried to use a pureblood law to break lord Potter's betrothal."

Shack didn't see there was anything further to be gained with the questioning and gave the antidote.

Amelia spoke to Harry, "lord Potter could I ask if you have anything to say on this situation before we consider sentencing?"

Harry was watching Ginny receive hugs from everyone around her as the tears streamed down her face, "Minister my main concern here is for my friend Ginny Pomfrey, I think seeing Molly Weasley handed a long sentence or Dementors kiss would be detrimental to her recovering from the ordeals inflicted by her former parents. I would be satisfied if she received the same sentence as her husband with the proviso that she wasn't allowed to contact any of her children after her release, they of course may contact her if they wish."

Ginny suddenly had her arms round Harry and was sobbing into his chest as he held the young witch and tried to offer words of comfort. This more than anything influenced the Wizengamot and Harry got his way, Molly Weasley was going to be living in Azkaban until next summer.

Bill Weasley didn't become a Gringotts curse breaker by being stupid, his parents had just been given an unbelievable easy ride through the court and he couldn't help but think that the young wizard currently with his arms round his sister had something to do with it. There was no mention of the Weasley greed that had caused so much heartache for the Potters and if his suspicions were correct, Harry had not only saved his two youngest siblings but his parents as well, at least he knew Ginny appreciated it. The Weasley family had already been deeply indebted to this young wizard before acquiring this latest round of debts but had treated him deplorably, a mistake the new head of the Weasley family would be doing everything in his power to atone for.

Amelia then used her memory of Dumbledore's attack in the great hall to be projected for al to see, the viewing of it left a sickening taste in everyone's mouth. The supposed leader of the light using a spell designed to maim and kill in a hall full of children destroyed any shred of doubt that might have been lingering in peoples minds.

Unfortunately it was here that all the minister's carefully laid plans unravelled as outraged members of the Wizengamot demanded that Dumbledore explain what the hell he had been playing at, they were baying for blood and not about to settle for anything less than hearing directly from their former chief.

Shacks and Amelia were desperate that news of horcruxes not leak from this trial, it would have been better waiting until after Voldemort was vanquished but the healers were reducing his life expectancy twice daily and she couldn't get any of them who could say with any conviction that the old goat would still be alive next week. They had never seen or even heard of a case like this, because of Dumbledore's age his magic had been a big part of keeping him alive but now he didn't have any his body was starting to shut down piece by piece.

Albus had been slipping in and out of the trial as he now found it incredibly hard to concentrate for prolonged periods but the chance of being the centre of attention again seemed to invigorate the old goat as he got his final chance to screw them all over, he was Albus Dumbledore and they should never have questioned his decisions.

Gone was the twinkle from his eyes and his voice was weak but the spoken words caused mayhem, "Madam Minister, members of the Wizengamot I realise my behaviour seems odd at best and in some cases extreme but you are not in possession of all the facts. Anything I have done has been for the greater good of the wizarding world because, as much as we would wish otherwise, Harry Potter has to die before Voldemort can be defeated as he has a part of the dark lord's soul in his head. It was involuntary placed there the night he received his famous scar."

Every pair of eyes in the chamber quickly shifted from Dumbledore to Harry with Ginny now sobbing for a different reason, only the group that knew the full story were aware it had been removed and Harry had a crying Joan to deal with as well.

"Madam Minister do you have anyway of testing these claims, please forgive me if I don't accept the word of a man who's lied to me my entire life." Harry passed Ginny over to Poppy as the three Potters made their way to the centre of the court chamber as Joan point blank refused to release the hold on her dad. Anyone wanting to kill her dad was going to have to kill her as well because she wasn't giving him up for anything, and from the way mum held on to both of them Joan knew she felt the same.

After about ten minutes where Hermione really struggled not to hex the smug expression off Dumbledore's wrinkled mug an unspeakable arrived with what looked like a silver tube and Amelia explained what was about to happen.

"This is a rare instrument that is used to determine that a person's soul has departed after they've been administered a dementors kiss. It will also show if more than one soul inhabits a body."

Harry kissed his daughter before putting her down and her mum whispered in her ear, "remember darling, nothing bad will ever happen to us as long as your dad's here."

The unspeakable activated the instrument and a silver cloud formed in front of Harry, as it split in two Dumbledore's shout of triumph was easily eclipsed by Ginny's scream of terror for her friend. The rest of the chamber collectively held their breath as one part of the cloud formed a miniature prongs while the other took the shape of an otter and swam around Hermione.

As the clouds faded Harry spoke to the unspeakable, "could you carry out the same test on the Lady Potter please?"

A quick affirmation from Amelia and the test was performed; the results were the same with miniature prongs galloping over to Harry while Hermione's otter seemed to enjoy playfully teasing Joan.

It was only when Hermione released her patronus and the silver otter glided through the chamber causing Joan to chuckle that light dawned on the unspeakable, "you're soul bound?"

"Yes my wife and I are soul bound and were shown our entry in the book of souls by the minister of magic. Were the results obtained conducive to those circumstances?"

The unspeakable's whole attitude changed, "yes lord Potter there is no sign whatsoever of any other soul present apart from your bond with lady Potter."

Joan sprang back into her dad's arms and had both arms wrapped tightly round his neck in relief while they headed back to their seats, as they walked passed a dumfounded Dumbledore Harry leaned in and whispered, "told you old man, three steps ahead of you at every turn."

As the Potters were walking away Albus shakily got to his feet and started screaming at them, "You insolent, ungrateful, ignorant little shit! I hope Voldemort kills you and your mudblood bitch…"

Dumbledore's complexion matched anything that Vernon Dursley had managed to achieve over the years but Vernon, though grossly overweight wasn't a one hundred and fifty year old former wizard. While Harry always thought his uncle Vernon would drop down dead as his temper pushed his blood pressure through the roof, the greatest wizard of the age being killed by a temper tantrum was just a bit much.

Albus Wulfric Percival Brian Dumbledore had a blood vessel burst in his head, the puppet master collapsed like a marionette who'd just had his strings severed and died before the healers could do more than cast diagnostic scans. After today's hearing there would be no state funeral or crypt on the grounds of Hogwarts, considering his crimes and complete lack of finances he would receive a lonely pauper's cremation.

As the Potters left the chamber Harry unknowingly provided the headline for all tomorrows newspapers when he turned to Hermione and said, "one dark lord down, one more to go."


Bella's mood was as dark as her maiden name; she'd been tasked with getting that goblet and used that as an excuse to give a certain squirrel the slip. She might have been sleeping rough for the past few nights but at least she was able to sleep with both eyes closed instead of one eye open for the rodent Romeo. No left arm also meant no dark mark so he couldn't trace her while she struggled with the hardest decision of her life.

More years ago than she cared to remember Bella had pledged her life, body and magic to her lord, that furry creature bore no resemblance to her master but if the goblet recognised the squirrel as Riddle then she had to be careful. Magical oaths don't contain any small print, escape clauses or leave room for interpretation, if magic thought the horny hoarder was her master then she was walking a tightrope that could cost Bella her life.

Bella had been given a direct order to try and get the goblet to save the squirrel and she would have to do enough to satisfy her magical oath preferably without getting herself killed, she had no intention of losing her life in the service of the squirrel.

Her best option would appear to acquire some hostages to exchange for the goblet but with what was at stake they would have to be someone connected to Potter or Bones otherwise they would just be acceptable casualties of war. The problem was the death eaters had left Bones with only one family member who was currently out the country along with Potter and everyone close to him. Bella would love to get her wand on the bitch that put steak off the menu for her but Bones had Hogwarts crawling with aurors and made sure everyone knew they were there.

Bella drank down a potion that she didn't recognise not caring of the effects, she had just grabbed everything she could lay her hand on when she high-tailed it away from the Squirrel and was now down to her last remaining few.

The last death eater in Britain decided that fate was going to have a major part to play in this, she would try and get as close to Hogwarts as possible and see what came her way. If fate decided to land something right in her lap then who was she to question that, if not then the squirrel would be pushing up daisies and Bella just hoped she would still be alive to piss on his grave.

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