Knowledge is Power

When Hermione gets cursed at the Ministry, Harry and the Death Eaters discover the power he knows not. Unleashing this power has far reaching consequences. Weasley and Dumbledore bashing – time travel story that's hopefully different.


27. Chapter 27

The four remaining board members were flabbergasted at their introduction to the Potter Institute; young children were running about laughing and jumping into a swimming pool while adults sat drinking coffee as they kept an eye on them. Some of the students were even wearing swimwear as they alternated between reading their books and cooling off in the water, all four purebloods were of the opinion that children should be rarely seen and definitely not heard so this display of frivolity really set them on edge.

The Potters appeared with Pomona and Minerva along with two people who the governors assumed were from the Italian Ministry, their noses were further put out of joint when Harry totally ignored them and just spoke to Amelia.

"Good to see you again Minister, you know you're always welcome here Amelia." There was no mistaking the implication that the governors weren't. "May I introduce you to Francesco and Eugene of the Italian Ministry." Again no attempt was made to include any of the four in the conversation.

"Lord Potter, it would seem that your servant misplaced one of our number on the journey here."

Normally Harry spoke to the purebloods, as they wouldn't be too happy dealing with the muggle born Lady Potter but since this was exactly the effect the Potters wanted though Hermione took over.

"Dobby," she called as their little friend appeared. "These gentlemen have suggested that one of their number is missing, do you have any idea what happened?"

"I was following Lord Potter's orders my Lady, he has stated that bigotry will never be allowed to come to the institute. When I uncovered what type of wizard that man was I divested him in Diagon Alley."

Hermione was trying not to chuckle, "you may have gotten your words mixed up there Dobby."

She could actually see the twinkle in his eyes, "no Lady Potter, that is the naked truth."

She now had mental images she didn't need but as Dobby popped away the governors were working themselves into a lather, "do you allow servants to speak to you like that? I demand he be punished."

Hermione's features hardened, "Dobby is not a servant but a friend and who the hell are you to come into our home and start making demands?" They were starting to draw quite a crowd, especially since Hermione almost never raised her voice in the Institute, "I for one would like to know what you're doing here since tomorrow morning you will all be out of a job."

They were now seething at this mudblood whelp who dared to question them, "Hogwarts has stood for a thousand years and we will not allow this piss-ant place you laughingly call a school to endanger that. You will all be returning to Hogwarts pending legislation that will make it illegal for any magical person, other than a pureblood to be taught anywhere but Hogwarts."

Little Natalie Macdonald couldn't stay quiet any longer, "this is a fabulous school, from what I've heard much better than Hogwarts and my dad won't let me go there anyway."

The spittle was actually flying from the enraged man at this child having the audacity to answer her betters, he shouted at the child "well then my little mudblood bitch, you'll just have to…"

No one found out what Natalie would have to do as Harry had the man by the throat before he could finish the sentence, "no one uses that word in my school, you will apologise to this young lady immediately or I will be seriously upset."

Hermione was knelling beside the trembling Natalie, "that's why your father didn't want you to go to Hogwarts, no matter how good you and I are we will never be anything else but that to some of the magical people in Britain. No one holds those beliefs here though and that is why we'll be staying in Italy."

The man tried to mumble an apology but Natalie had got herself together and was having none of it, "you're only saying that because Harry has you by the throat so I don't accept your apology. You don't mean it, I don't want it so stick it up your jumper."

Hermione was worried for a second what the young witch was going to say but seeing her standing up to this arsehole filled her with pride, now it was time these bastards learned the facts of life. "Sixteen of us swore on our magic never to return to Hogwarts as students but you're going to change the law to force the ministers niece back there?" Hermione noticed Amelia was trying to hide the smile she was wearing at their treatment of these pricks.

"Everyone here rejected Hogwarts in favour of the Institute," she turned to the crowd that was now everyone in the Institute, "would anyone here like to change their minds?"

A resounding shout of "NO!" came from every mouth, including the professors.

Harry now took over, "you come to our home making demands and issuing threats with what authority? In Italy we don't care whether you're a pureblood or not because it's of no importance, we have some of the most prominent British purebloods among our staff and students but they're treated no differently than anyone else and that's they way they want it. Miss Macdonald here may be a first generation witch but she and her family are under the protection of house Potter and I could legally duel you for that derogatory comment you made against her but we do things differently here."

Hermione summoned all the governor's wands as the fighting teams swung into action; the Grangers had been sitting enjoying a coffee with Sirius, Amanda and Remus when these pricks appeared. Neville and Luna were exponent's of the study / swim method of passing a delightful Sunday afternoon so, while Hermione had been talking the other six had been pairing up and choosing their targets.

The four unwelcome visitors found themselves being dragged onto the terrace in the direction of the railing; all of the eight grabbed an arm and a leg of each governor as they began to bodily swing them while chanting. And a one, and a two, and a three - and four purebloods were released to go sailing over the safety railing that was there to protect people from falling off the cliff, it wasn't so good at protecting those thrown over it though as their screams echoed around the building. The screams ended abruptly and were promptly replaced by the entire student body of the Institute cheering.

Amelia, Francesco and Eugene were appalled, they'd just watched four men murdered and were unsure of what to do. Harry gave them a smile that left them wondering if they would be next, "relax, and come with us for a few minutes."

Dobby and Winky popped the three of them down to the beach where Pomona, Minerva, Harry and Hermione joined them as they walked up to the four bodies lying face down in the sand.

It wasn't until they got closer that Amelia noticed they weren't actually lying on the beach but floating about six inches above it, they were wide awake while appearing to be in a full body bind.

Harry addressed the soon to be ex-governors, "This isn't Hogwarts gentlemen, we don't let monsters in our school or employ professors who try to kill the students. We consider the safety of the people in our care our most important obligation therefore the cliff is warded so that anyone falling off gets saved, though captured until we can investigate how they came to fall off it in the first place. Since our piss-ant school opened there's yet to be a detention issued as all these students are here because they want to learn and we have so many placement enquires to fill the Institute more than twice over."

Harry's demeanour changed as his voice became as cold as ice, "we've tried to just withdraw from Britain and live our lives peacefully but a percentage of British purebloods are never going to let it go so this is the only warning you're going to get, come after us and we will retaliate with every means at our disposal."

Harry called for Dobby and Winky, "place these gentlemen, fully clothed, in Diagon Alley then bring us some refreshments please."

Even in these instructions Dobby found some room to be creative, therefore it was to howls of laughter that the four appeared in the window of Madam Malkin's Robes for All Occasions. They were of course fully clothed but now modelling the latest of ladies fashionable wear though Dobby's fashion sense was rather unique. The elves hadn't been ordered to remove the full body binds so left them in place as the four new mannequins looked out from the display window, seeing people they knew pissing themselves laughing at their very public predicament.

Back at the Institute Minerva had conjured a table and chairs for them while Hermione waved up to Joan and Natalie just to let them know that everything was fine. Both went back to playing in the pool under the watchful eyes of just about everyone in the place.

The elves returned with refreshments as Francesco looked as if he needed a long, cool drink. "Harry I've never seen anything that disgusted me as much as a school governor screaming at a child because of the circumstances of her birth, part of me was cheering as you threw them off the cliff."

Eugene concurred, "we hear stories coming out of Britain but that's all they are, when you see it for yourself it's sickening. Is that typical of the treatment first generation magic users receive?"

Harry thought for a few seconds before replying, "that was maybe a touch excessive because we've backed them into a corner but in general terms the answer would be yes."

"Harry it's worse than you think," Amelia said "after Voldemort is defeated they want me to have you both arrested on Saturday with some triumphed-up charges and force you back to Hogwarts."

It was a thoughtful Hermione who summed it up, "so Dumbledore gone, Voldemort dealt with and Harry and I lose our magic leaving the purebloods once more in total control of magical Britain. I can see how this would be attractive to them."

Amelia nodded her head, "you know of course that neither Shack or myself would ever give that order but just the fact they're even thinking about it makes me sick to my stomach, if you ever have a job for me just say the word. I've reached the opinion that magical Britain can't be saved in its present form, it'll have to be torn down and built from the ground up."

"We reached the same conclusion which is why we applied to the Italian ministry for citizenship."

"Lord Potter on behalf of the Italian ministry can I say that we will support you in every way that we can, we have had our eyes opened today with both our tour of this lovely school and the conditions you are trying to leave behind. I'm sure we can guarantee your citizenship before Saturday for all of your party and we have discussed the other matters and look forward to working with you for many years to come." Francesco and Eugene stood and shook everyone's hand before taking their leave.

"Sorry to land that on you today Harry but I didn't want them having time to spread their ideas around people who would be receptive to them. I thought you dealt with the situation brilliantly."

"Can you stay for the day?" asked Hermione "we really need a plan of action that covers more than the Institute and will arrange a meeting for after dinner tonight."

Amelia was delighted at the chance to get to spend the afternoon with Susan and Hannah as the other four worked on an agenda for tonight's meeting.


Jillian Green was wondering why she had been included in tonight's meeting but the revelations that she heard had her head spinning.

Harry started the meeting, "can I say right from the off that the Institute will remain open, this is non-negotiable as too many of our futures are tied into this venture and it's the right thing to do."

This settled everyone as the meeting continued, "the bigoted purebloods are beginning to realise the threat this venture is to their power base, both politically and financially. They are already trying to make life difficult for us and this meeting is to tailor our response to that threat."

It was a thoughtful Amelia Bones who replied first, "Harry I can no longer continue as minister for magic, I could never be a party to some of the suggestions made today and will resign after the tournament is completed. I will hold off long enough to watch your backs and offer whatever protection I can while you're forced to return to Britain for the tournament but I could not do this job past Christmas. I find myself taking more showers than at any time in my life and I need to get out before I become acclimatised and all the stench starts not to bother me."

Hermione had a big smile on her face; "Amelia we had a job already picked out for you and were hoping we could entice you away from the ministry in the New Year. Our meeting with the Italian ministry was not just about our citizenship but the future of our students and even their families. What do you think will happen when the first student's job application form arrives on someone's desk with the Potter Institute listed as the school they attended? Our students will be ostracised in Britain so we are looking to arrange an alternative for them, the Italian ministry have offered instant citizenship to any student who completes their education at the Institute. This offer also includes their immediate family and all hell will break lose in Britain if this news leaks."

Hermione gave that news a minute to sink in before continuing, "it's not just that their ministry agrees with what we're doing here but the fact that everything in the Institute has been purchased locally and the fact our students all spend their gold in Naples has been a big boost to the local wizarding economy. We're looking to buy land and build our own village, even if we open a couple of shops or businesses they'll still be buying their produce or raw materials locally which helps everyone. We would like you to head this project Amelia and be our link to the Italian ministry, we have a couple of years yet before we get our first graduates but I would like the option to be open to students and their families by the time they've sat their OWL's. This should open up a whole new world of careers to them."

Everyone at the meeting thought this was a brilliant idea but none of them were under any illusions that the British purebloods would do anything but retaliate.

Harry brought Gillian into the conversation, "we may have to re-think our plans to have the orphanage located at the former Malfoy manor, the link between ourselves is now well known and I couldn't let anything happen to the children because of us. I know that Joan is the only child to have been adopted since we brought you out here and for that I feel I must apologise."

Jillian bursting into laughter was not the reaction that the Potters expected, "forgive me but that was just too funny, in all the time I've been associated with the orphanage the children in its care have never been happier. The people in this room have given of their time so freely that their days are filled with Minerva's magic, Hermione's stories and even Dan introducing them to the Saturday morning cartoons. The older children have been so kind to them and they love sitting on the terrace, eating their meals and chatting with whoever joins the table. You have provided them with such a better life and hope for the future with the promise of an education that your apology just cracked me up."

It was a relieved Harry who answered, "we had hoped to convince you to stay in Italy and we'll build a new orphanage beside the Institute, we also want to attach some stables and provide horse riding as a pastime."

Emma started celebrating and kissed Dan, who was left to do the explaining, "After watching Joan on that pony in New Zealand we had a bet as to how long it would take to have them here at the Institute. I just lost and owe my lovely wife a night out, can I borrow the Ferrari son?"

Harry could only nod his head while smiling at the folly of betting against the Granger women, "Jillian we will open an office in Diagon Alley where prospective parents can make an appointment to visit and allow the ministry child services a contact point. We may find ourselves with the occasional Italian child but I think this would always be a short-term measure if the local authorities were stretched."

Minerva spoke next, "we have a problem in identifying next years students, the first generation magic users will just be contacted by Hogwarts and we have no access to the list."

It was a thoughtful Hermione who asked the question, "How does the list work?"

"The magical book records every birth of a witch or wizard in Britain, it automatically generates the Hogwarts letter and sends it to the correct address by owl on their eleventh birthday."

"So let me see if I've got this right," said Hermione "the magical book has the name and date of birth of every witch and wizard under the age of eleven?"

"Yes," answered Minerva, using her explaining to small child voice "but without the addresses we have no way to contact them."

Hermione just glanced to her mum and dad, "Just leave that to us, with a name and date of birth it's a lot easier to trace someone in the non-magical world. For people of magical backgrounds an advert in the Quibbler inviting applications should do the trick. That book should have most of our students for the next ten years in it, how do we get at it and can it be copied?"

"I'm certain the information could be reproduced but not the enchantments that power the book. I would need to get into my old office at Hogwarts to do it though."

"We're planning on awarding Millicent Bulstrode the Order of Merlin, first class, officially it will be for rescuing her betrothed but we all know it's for rendering Voldemort mortal." A few gasps around the room alerted Amelia to the fact that they didn't all know and she'd put her foot in it.

"Ok, everything said in here tonight is confidential and nothing more so than that last statement." The tone of Hermione's voice left no one in any doubt she was deadly serious, her eyes travelled from Jillian to Minerva taking in Filius, Poppy and Amber en route. "My husband has already destroyed Voldemort three times but he had taken steps to ensure he could keep coming back. We've been working to ensure that couldn't happen again and that bloody reptile was the last piece of the puzzle, Millicent killing that snake has saved lives, some of them might even be in this room now. That piece of information is the biggest secret in the wizarding world at the moment and could endanger many lives if it became public knowledge."

Harry continued seamlessly from where his wife left off, "Most of us saw what happened when Dumbledore realised his number was up, he wanted to go out in a blaze of glory so can you imagine what Voldemort would do? We're hoping his life as a squirrel is so bad that he will accept his fate, thinking that he wont actually die and have the opportunity to return in a more suitable body."

Poppy was looking at her daughter who got the slightest of nods from Harry, "yes mum I knew, the diary that possessed me in second year was one and I was there when they destroyed another in Hogwarts before saving me again. I don't like keeping secrets from you but that wasn't my secret to tell and Riddle might have moved them had he heard even a whisper of what was going on."

Poppy just hugged her daughter, "I'm not angry at you Ginny, just sorry you couldn't share that burden."

"She shared it with us Poppy," said Luna "Neville and I weren't involved in those operations but it was worse just sitting here praying for their safe return."

Minerva's quick mind had put together the pieces and she now had tears in her eyes at the enormity of what these two had achieved, "I'm so proud to even say I know you far less work for you both."

Sirius was never one to let a situation get to serious for long, "why thank you Minnie, Remus and I are quite fond of you to."

Her pretend scowl just cracked everybody up and it was left to Amelia to get things back on track, "I agree with Minerva and there isn't an award high enough for what you've achieved though I totally understand your reasons for refusing any and all from the British establishment. We could hold Miss Bulstrode's award ceremony on Friday night in Hogwarts, invites would of course be coming your way and if Minerva and I went missing for fifteen minutes I'm sure you could cover for us."

This sounded like an excellent plan that was quickly agreed upon though Amelia's mood darkened at the next part, "I was hoping we could just let Dumbledore die in peace without ripping the wizarding world apart with another sensational trial but I now realise I was wrong. You have destroyed the man but unless we go ahead and demolish the mythical reputation he had fabricated for himself then I fear we may face repercussions in the future. There are some very short memories going about and the last thing we want is that manipulative old bastard being hailed a martyr and providing a rallying point for an anti-Potter movement."

"Could we do it on Friday then we would only have to go to Britain once, stay at mum and dad's after the award ceremony on Friday night then back home after the tournament on Saturday." Harry thought for a moment, "we'll need to factor in a visit to Gringotts as well."

Amelia agreed the trial would be for Friday morning and, considering the amount of evidence levied against the old coot, it shouldn't last long.

"Why do we need to go to Gringotts?" asked Dan.

"We have substantial holdings in the British wizarding world, I wish to use these to cause the bigots as much harm as possible."

Sirius immediately concurred, "The Black's are in the same position and I would like to join you on this," his next words were spoken to Harry but his eyes never left Amber "the Blacks are also leaving Britain, settling down in Italy sounds like a great idea to me and if I can also hurt the society that sentenced me to hell for twelve years while murderers walked free so much the better."

Harry was trying not to smirk, "we already got you a house next to Remus and Pomona, we were just saving it as a wedding present."

Sirius still hadn't taken his gaze from Amber, "not before Saturday," he whispered, "I don't want to jinx all the good fortune that's been coming my way."

"I can wait," answered Amber then immediately proceeded to make a liar out of herself by pouncing on Sirius and fiercely kissing him.

"One last thing Harry," Amelia asked "when you offered some tutoring for the young Hogwarts professors did you include Percy Weasley in that?"

Harry glanced at Ginny for some guidance but she just shrugged, "as far as we're aware he was never involved in the plot against us, Percy would never break the rules. His treatment of Ginny's predicament still leaves a lot to be desired though so we may have to think about it."

"He was apparently hoping to apologise to Ginny for his behaviour but was too busy beating up Sluggy and then comforting his fiancée. The Clearwater girl has been extremely good for him and pointed out the error of his ways by using her wand aimed at his 'wand' and threatening a banishing charm if he ever even thought about selling one of their children. I think we can safely say that Percy is going to be a changed man, one way or the other."

A bemused Neville asked a question that he couldn't figure the answer to, "Harry, if you can build a new orphanage next to the Institute, why not extend the Institute to hold more students?"

Harry beamed at his brother in all but name, "Nev, we could easily up our numbers here but we have no intention of doing so. We like the atmosphere generated by the fact we all know each other so well and the smaller classes make for a much improved lesson."

"Harry is quite correct," said Minerva "at Hogwarts we were limited to learning one spell a lesson to allow the slower students to keep pace. Here classes are small enough that the gifted can forge ahead while I even have time to aid any stragglers."

Neville had to admit that he enjoyed classes much more here than he ever did at Hogwarts.


Harry was tucking Joan in when the twitching nose alerted him that she was troubled about something.

"Dad, why did that man scream at my friend Natalie?"

It was a sombre Harry who tried to answer his daughter, "In Britain there are people who think they are better than everyone else just because of who their parents are, I love your mum's parents but that man today would class her the same as Natalie because they're not magical."

She thought for a minute before asking in a hurt voice, "Is that why no one ever picked me?"

Harry had her in his arms in seconds, "if you had been picked then we would never have gotten to meet and I can't imagine our lives without our wonderful daughter. Never ever think you're not good enough because we think Joan Potter is the most perfect daughter in the whole wide world. It doesn't matter to me if your biological father was a prince or a pauper, all that matters is that you now call me dad and my heart does cartwheels every time I hear it."

Joan was clinging to her father when she felt another pair of arms join the hug as her mother kissed the top of her head.

"Listen sweetie, men like that is one of the main reasons we're living in Italy. They wouldn't put up with behaviour like that in this country."

"But why do they allow it in Britain then?"

Harry couldn't help but think that the child's logic always managed to get right to the heart of the problem, "because that's the way it's been for hundreds of years and the people with the power don't want it to change. Britain once led the magical world but they then seemed to think there was no more to do and have rested on their laurels for so long that the rest of the world is now passing them by. They couldn't care less how bad a state the country gets into because this is all they've known for generations and they're teaching their children the same values."

Hermione tried to give her an example, "when your aunt Ginny's parents tried to get a bride price for her to build a new house, her brothers accepted this because they had been raised to believe this was acceptable behaviour for purebloods."

There was a slight look of panic in the child's eyes, "I hope I'm not a pureblood!"

Hermione chuckled before kissing her on her brow, "sweetie there isn't enough gold on this planet that could buy you from your dad though I do pity any boyfriends you bring home. Between your dad, granddad, uncles and aunts the poor boy is in for a tough time of it."

Harry quietly thought that Emma and Hermione would be worse than the rest of them put together and any potential suitors were in for the grilling of their lives.

Joan made a face that only an eight-year-old could pull off, "yuk! Who wants a boyfriend? I'd rather have a pony any day."

It was a much-relieved father who answered his daughter, "that is the best news I've heard all day so we'll just have to see what we can do about it."

Joan's whole face lit up with an expression that melted both her parents' hearts, "really? A pony?"

Harry tucked her in before kissing her cheek, "really."

Joan watched as her parents left her room with their arms around each other, her dreams tonight wouldn't now feature that purple-faced man screaming at her. Instead they would be filled with equestrian adventures and the thought that she was so glad nobody had picked her before her mum and dad visited the orphanage.


Amelia entered the great hall as the students were at breakfast and the audible sigh of relief from some of the older students was not for her presence but rather for the people she'd brought with her.

The minister of magic made her way up to the podium and addressed the hall, "good morning Hogwarts, as of today the school comes under ministerial control. The older students amongst you will of course recognise the people with me, Madam Griselda Marchbanks is head of the Wizarding Examinations Authority and has agreed to take over the role of headmistress until a suitable replacement can be found. Professor Tofty is a senior examiner but has consented to teach potions and be the new head of Slytherin while the defence course will be taught by a rotating pool of aurors."

Cheers and applause greeted the announcement as these appointments definitely met with the student's approval, comments like 'at last, people who know what they're doing' came from every house table. Amelia might be quitting her job and even this country at Christmas but that didn't mean she wasn't going to do her best until then to ensure whoever took over from her found a much better situation than she had inherited.

Her next announcement went down even better, "this Friday, dinner will be a slightly more formal occasion as the ministry expresses its thanks one of your own. For exceptional bravery and courage under fire Miss Millicent Bulstrode is being awarded the Order of Merlin, First Class."

The noise was thunderous, even Slytherins lost their usual reserved manners at the news that a member of their house was receiving this most prestigious award. Ron was actually sitting with his betrothed at the Slytherin table as they now ate all their meals together at one of their house tables and no-one was going to object, especially now.

He was kissing Millie congratulations when she suddenly shot out of his arms and ran away, he was confused until the reason became apparent as she returned with her arms around her parents.

"Lord Potter wrote to us and explained what happened before we read about it in the Prophet, we're so proud of you," said her mother.

"As are we," said Amelia who had came up behind them, "there will be an award ceremony here on Friday night where you four will be the guests of honour."

A delighted Millicent lost her smile as a thought that proved she was all woman crossed her mind, "what am I going to wear?"

Amelia was laughing before pulling out a note, "this is permission to leave the school on Thursday, and a certain elf will collect both Bulstrode women for a day's shopping with Emma, Hermione and Joan in Naples."

The head of the Bulstrode family hadn't said a word since entering the hall, every father thinks their daughter is beautiful but the change in Millicent since the first of September had shocked him into silence. She was currently entangled with her betrothed, whirling the red head around in her joy that had her giggling loudly and half the hall was laughing with her instead of at her. The medal would bring great honour to their family but the change in his daughter's behaviour and appearance was a greater reward to the very proud father.


The sound of sobbing from the ministry holding cell wasn't heard by another living soul due to the heavy silencing charms in place, distraught didn't even begin to describe how Molly Weasley felt.

She had been informed that the trial of Albus Dumbledore would be held on Friday and she would be called as a witness, this news extinguished the last faint glimmer of hope she had managed to keep burning. Molly was sat on her bed, which, apart from the commode was the only thing in the cell taking stock of her situation.

She was wearing a grey threadbare robe that by no stretch of the imagination could be called flattering, combined with the fact that her hair was refusing to grow back and the bald witch didn't have a lot going for her.

It was bad enough that everyone was going to hear what she had attempted but to go to court looking like this was just too much for Molly Weasley. She was aware that she had shed a few pounds since her incarceration but it would have to be stones before she looked any better in these robes.

Molly had resigned herself to the fact that Azkaban beckoned and her only goals in life now were a hot bath and a clean robe before having to face everyone in court. She realised that this was a trivial matter compared to the charges she was facing but it was all she had left, to accept her punishment with whatever dignity she could muster.

She was sure Harry would be under the thumb of that bossy mudblood bitch and wouldn't lift a finger to help, Molly's only consolation was that her daughter was safe and not being pawed over by some old man after Arthur's incredible stupidity.


Bella awoke to find herself entranced by the red eyes of her beloved master, she could feel his gentle touch caressing her body.

"I'm sorry I hurt you Bella but I need you to find that goblet for me."

Bella had been lost in those eyes until he opened his snout and spoke in that grotesque voice, then it all came flooding back to her with the force of a tsunami.

The night in the graveyard, a half-blood rodent and then her being crucioed into unconsciousness for returning with the news that 'it' would have to compete in a tournament or lose 'its' magic.

Her body was trembling from the cruciatus exposure while her mind seemed even more confused than it had been lately, but not as confused as Riddle the squirrel who seemed to take her bodies reactions as proof 'its' ministrations were having a positive effect on the female death eater.

Bellatrix had no intention of providing creature comforts for this abomination of magic so did the only thing any pureblood princess could do, she vomited all over his fur.

The Technicolor yawn seemed to take the edge of the randy rodent's ardour as Bella silently swore on her mother's grave that she would kill the squirrel before she allowed it to put its paws on her again.

Bella knew the dark lord was one sick puppy but thinking squirrel seduction techniques had a cat-in-hell's chance of working on a pureblood witch emphasised just how delusional the great bushy-tailed one had become – she needed to get away from here.

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