Knowledge is Power

When Hermione gets cursed at the Ministry, Harry and the Death Eaters discover the power he knows not. Unleashing this power has far reaching consequences. Weasley and Dumbledore bashing – time travel story that's hopefully different.


26. Chapter 26

Millie was woken by Hermione, "Morning Millicent, quite a few of us start the day off with some training and we wondered if you wanted to join us. It will just be a light session today after the workout yesterday and we always feel better after it."

Millie had agreed before she caught sight of what Hermione was wearing, noticing where she was looking Hermione answered the unasked question, "don't worry, Winky will get you kitted out until we can get some shopping done today."

This was how Millicent Bulstrode found herself enjoying jogging along the beach in a crop top and shorts with her hair drawn back in a ponytail, she made quite the sight.

Emma Granger thought some parents should be shot; here was a young girl with an obvious self-esteem problem because of her size and features yet there was absolutely nothing wrong with her body.

She was about six feet tall with really broad muscular shoulders that tapered down to a slim waist, her arms and legs were again heavily muscled but her chest signified this person was all girl. The wizarding robes she wore fitted her at the shoulders then just hung straight down, giving the impression she was fat when nothing could be further from the truth.

Millicent obviously knew about hair removal but had never thought to trim her eyebrow into two distinct entities, instead of the one she had at the moment, her facial features were more chiselled than smooth but with some make-up it would really make a big difference.

She would never be a classic beauty but when she smiled or laughed her inner self shone through and with a body that any distance swimmer would be proud of Millicent was definitely no ogre.

Thanks to Millicent killing the snake they were able to suggest bringing the first task forward as they didn't need to go hunting for it, hopefully by next Saturday night it would all be over.

Harry was certain this was why Amelia was pushing for the Order of Merlin, First Class, as she didn't now need to have aurors carrying out the extremely dangerous task of combing the country searching for the beast.

He was sure Riddle would still be holed up in the old family place and their original plan if it wasn't killed beforehand called for a mass attack timed as he was losing his powers, this had worked out so much better. As it was only magic that was keeping the squirrel body alive, removing it should end Riddle's life without endangering anyone else.

Millie was really having a good time, the fact that these people were all doing this exercise to tone their bodies was a stunning revelation to the pureblood, she'd always considered herself a freak for having all these muscles yet here were women and girls who Millie considered to be beautiful working out to get them.

When they did some light work on the dummies she was amazed to see Hermione and Luna move like that and the power behind their attacks opened up a whole new world for the girl. Harry taught her a few moves and before long Dobby had to reinforce her dummy, when Millie timed it right the poor mannequin kept loosing it's head. Had she caught Bellatrix like she had intended last night there would have been one less death eater to worry about, she was easily stronger than Neville and probably rivalled Remus.

It was a very happy Millie who headed off to get her shower, she'd really enjoyed her morning so far and the girls were all excited about taking her on their shopping trip, allowing Millie to keep Ron at the back of her mind for now.


Ron hadn't slept much, watching the pensieve as Millie saved him again and again had become almost hypnotic. It was her face he couldn't take his eyes off, the expression when she let that bitch Lestrange have it turned immediately to one of concern as she tried to free him followed by devotion as she lifted him on to her shoulder and tried to get them out of there. She loved him so much yet all he had bothered about was new robes and stupid possessions, letting the real treasure she offered him slip through his fingers because he was too frigging stupid to understand what she meant to him. Ron couldn't even eat the breakfast that had been provided as his whole body was in turmoil trying to work out how he could fix this.

Cho entered with her arm round Cedric and was gushing with enthusiasm, "oh Ron, such a pity you missed seeing round this place, it's fantastic. Harry's letting me come here next Hogsmead weekend so I can see Cedric, isn't that great? We hardly recognised Millicent this morning when she was training with the others, where had she been hiding that body? Cedric had to elbow Roger in the ribs to stop him drooling over her, these Hogwarts robes definitely aren't as flattering as the Institute's design."

Dobby popped into the room and announced, "Time to go back to Hogwarts."

Ron just froze, he wasn't sure whether it was that Davies was interested in Millie or the fact that he was not going to see her before leaving but his whole being was screaming at him not to let this happen.

"Dobby I can't go without speaking to Millie."

"Miss Millicent has left to go shopping with the other young ladies, it's time to go."

As Dobby reached for Ron the boy jumped back and was now pleading with the elf, "I need to speak to her Dobby, where's Harry?"

"Lord Potter is on the beach with some of the children, he doesn't like his time with them disturbed."

Ron was now crying, "please Dobby, just a minute of his time. This is very important to me."

Dobby popped out for a minute before returning with fresh instructions, "Miss Chang please come with me, you wait here."

Cedric gave his girlfriend a final kiss before she returned to Hogwarts with Dobby, he made no comment on the now distraught red head and left to catch up on some studying.

Dobby returned and Ron found himself transported to a beach where he was surrounded by kids, Harry and Neville flew over the waves and landed beside him as two laughing boys jumped off their brooms. Dobby re-appeared handing Ron a broom as Harry spoke to him, "you might as well make yourself useful, Joanne you're with him."

Another two kids had ran over to Harry and Neville as they flew them along the beach and out over the waves, the children's laughter could be heard over everything.

Joanne looked about five and quickly mounted side-saddle in front of Ron, they had no sooner taken off than the child's curiosity kicked in, otherwise known as the interrogation.

"Are you a friend of Harry's?"

"No, not really," he answered uncomfortably.

"Well are you Neville's friend then?"

"Not really," he was now actually squirming.






The name was like a sledgehammer to Ron's heart as the tears were once again running down his cheeks, "No."

Joanne had that child's sixth sense where she knew there was more to the story and just stared at Ron, waiting on the next instalment.

Ron was like a moth to a flame and couldn't not give an answer to this child, "Ginny used to be my sister."

"What happened to your mum and dad?" Joanne asked, assuming he'd been orphaned.

"They're in jail for trying to swap Ginny for a house."

The look of revulsion on Joanne's face was another severe blow, how could this young orphan instinctively know this was wrong but he had actually gone along with it.

"Who do you live with now?"

"I lived with my betrothed but I haven't been treating her very well and she may be breaking up with me."

Joanne's next question was asked with that touch of exasperation that only a five-year-old can get away with, "do you have ANY friends?"

Ron couldn't answer other than to shake his head, tears streaming unashamedly down his cheeks at just how much of an arsehole he had become.

"I'll be your friend, if you want?" Ron looked mesmerised at Joanne who then went on to explain. "Miss Jillian always says that friends are our most treasured possessions and you can never have enough of them, didn't you know this?"

Ron could only shake his head in wonder at this child who had a better understanding of life than he did, he answered, "yes, I'd like that," and Joanne hugged him.

"You can take me back now, we've been out here ages."

No sooner had they landed than Joanne was introducing her best friend Kathleen and Ron was straight back up in the air getting twenty questions again.

The morning flew in and soon they were heading up the steps towards the institute, Neville and Harry both had younger kids on their shoulders while Joanne and Kathleen each had a hold of Ron's hands as they led him towards lunch.

Ron couldn't fail to notice the height of the cliffs as he had to climb up the stairs and understood there was a chance he could be coming back down at a slightly faster pace but he'd take that risk if it meant getting to talk to Millie. Hermione's mum had calmly stood there last night, firing whatever it was she held at a screaming Voldemort and it was easy to see where Hermione's nature came from, Ron was well aware they weren't joking that her parents might throw him off the cliff.


Millie was having a day like no other, she'd been astonished at the magical shopping section of Naples and the welcome they received wherever the group went but moving into the muggle area was a revelation. She now understood Joan's comment about the underwear shop but there was just so much choice it was hard to decide, it was only when she thought of Ron's reaction to her wearing these things that her mood dipped. She just didn't know how she was going to deal with that so put it at the back of her mind again so as not to spoil the girls fun.

They were having lunch at their usual spot when Ginny suggested trying the salon opposite, Millie looked at her strangely until she explained that's where she had her hair done and they were very good. She reluctantly agreed and was accompanied by Ginny and Luna as Joan's prediction came true and she went off with her mum to buy some things for the kids.

It was a different Millicent Bulstrode who looked back at Millie from the mirror and it was quite a shock, the girls in the salon had pulled off a miracle as far as she was concerned. Her hair was cut to frame her face and now had subtle golden highlights through the brown, an eyebrow wax and facial had been followed with the application of makeup, Millie was so pleased with the results she almost spoiled it by crying.

Joan hugged her on sight as they headed into a sports shop for training clothes where Millie's new look and athletic body drew quite a bit of attention from the male assistants, it was a happy group of girls who ended up back at the institute in time to get ready for dinner.

Millie and Joan walked on to the terrace at dinnertime and were immediately accosted by Roger Davies, "Miss Bulstrode, would you do me the honour of joining me for dinner?"

Before she could answer a nervous voice beside her chipped in, "actually Roger, I was hoping she was going to join me, would you do me the honour Millie?"

She turned and there was Ron holding out a red rose for her with pleading in his eyes, she took the rose and just nodded.

Ron then knelt down and offered Joan a yellow rose, "could I borrow your aunty Millicent for a little while please?"

Joan stared straight into his eyes, "you make her cry again and my dad will throw you off the cliff."

"If I make her cry I'll jump of the cliff myself."

Joan accepted this and the rose as she walked over to her parents, leaving them alone, though Roger was not amused as Ron took Millie's hand and led her over to a table for two that had just appeared.

"What are you doing here Ron?"

"I didn't want to leave without talking to you so I begged Harry for the chance to see you, fortunately the Grangers are having a night out with the Lupins and Blacks otherwise I'd be still in that room."

"Harry and Hermione told me why you all split, is it true?"

"Millie I won't lie to you, I didn't do anything but knew what mum was planning and would have went along with it. I have been an idiot, arsehole and any other words you want to put in there, it cost me my friends and my sister but last night the price was too high. The thought of losing you was the shock that my selfish system badly needed, I haven't slept or eaten since making you cry and I'm willing to crawl over hot coals just to be with you again."

Millie had the beginning of tears in her eyes, "you really hurt me last night Ron, I can't go back to the way things were."

"I don't want to go back Millie, I want to go forward with you at my side. Being betrothed means that you intend to spend the rest of your life with that person and that's what I want more than anything. When you asked me those questions last night I just panicked and my brain shut down, I'm not the cleverest person in the world and it takes a while for some things to sink in. Watching you cry hurt me more than Pettigrew's knife ever could, I love you Millie and am so proud of my betrothed I'll stand up on this table and announce it to everyone here if it would make you happy."

Millie had tears streaming down her face as Roy felt hands bite into each of his shoulders and looked up into the hard gazes of Neville and Harry.

"Hold on a moment guys," Millie said before grabbing Ron by the front of his robes and pulling him across the table to kiss him senseless, after they were done she spoke to the two wizards without ever taking her eyes off Ron, "sorry guys but I'm going to have to disappoint you both, I'm keeping him!"

Neville laughed while Harry's comment about a 'good cliff going to waste' was only partially in jest.

Ron was holding both her hands on the table, "are you sure Millie?" her nod lifted a great weight off Ron as he smiled at his betrothed, "Luna was right, you are too good for me. Your new look is fabulous love, I didn't mention it sooner in case I gave the impression that was the only reason I wanted to make-up."

She leaned over and whispered in his ear, "wait till you see what I'm wearing underneath."

Ron's eyes glazed over as his imagination went into overdrive, using strength of will he didn't know he possessed he shook his head and had to apologise to his betrothed.

"I'm sorry love, Harry's done me a great favour I don't deserve by letting me stay here to speak to you, for us to do anything that breached his hospitality would be like spitting in his face. As much as I want to, I just couldn't do it."

Ron found himself being hauled over the table again and the recipient of another snog that registered on the Richter scale.

"Could you tell me what I did to deserve that so I can try and make a habit of it?"

"You thought of others before yourself, you're learning."

"I had two five-year-olds very successfully point out the error of my ways today, I'll introduce you to my new friends Joanne and Kathleen later."

"If they're anything like Joan I can't wait."

They had finally calmed down enough for their food to arrive though Ron still had one major item to discuss, "Millie I think Harry would let you attend here and I think you should, it's a far better school than Hogwarts and we could still see each other at Hogsmead weekends. He might even let me come here to see you once in a while, I know he'll never forgive me and I understand why but he's not vindictive. What do you think?"

"My place is at my betrothed's side, would you leave me to come here?"

Ron's immediate reply of "never!" earned him another searing kiss.

Roger was sitting watching the couple with murder running through his mind; he would have been in there if that carrot-topped dickhead hadn't showed up. He may have lost this battle but if Bulstrode stayed here she would be his, he was actually shocked she chose Weasley over him tonight. Roger usually got his way with the younger girls, then it was time to move on to the next one – or two as his eyes settled on the Patel twins.

A dunt in his back caused him to turn as he found himself confronted by Lovegood, but this girl was no loony.

"Had Harry asked my opinion you would never have been anywhere near the Institute but as this is a second chance for everyone I'm prepared to give you the benefit of the doubt. All the younger girls in Ravenclaw were well warned about you and while you might be able to get away with collecting girls like trophies in Hogwarts the same does not apply here. This is a much smaller school where we all look out for one another, there's no place for a Lothario here. Millicent has made her choice and you will respect it otherwise, instead of another notch in your headboard you'll be looking for another school as you'll get your arse kicked right out of the Institute."

Roger wanted to tell this girl to go screw herself but something in her eyes told him this might not be a wise choice so he just gave a grunt and turned back round to the table.

Lee Jordan was bursting with anger, "look Roger, we only added your name because you begged us to get out of that place, Harry and Hermione have went to a lot of trouble to bring us here and I for one am bloody grateful. I phoned home today and it's all over the British wizarding papers that they not only fought Voldemort last night but also took down Dumbledore to; Harry snapped both their wands in the great hall. Slughorn was arrested for abusing students and the ministry is going to take over the running of Hogwarts from Monday. Do you really want to go back to that because if you screw with Harry or any of his friends that's your best option, assuming you leave here alive that is."

Roger was torn, on the one hand the Institute was far superior to Hogwarts of even his first year but on the other he'd just been told in no uncertain terms that his 'love them and leave them' policy wasn't going to be tolerated here. He now realised the disadvantage of attending a school where the owners were students, they knew bloody everything that went on in the place.


Amber held on to Sirius as they slowly moved across the floor, it could hardly be called dancing but she wasn't going to complain. Asking her aunt if there was a job available as she was sick of the discrimination she faced in Britain was, without a doubt the best decision she ever made. The man who currently held her in his arms was everything she'd dreamed about since being a little girl and then some; tall, dark and hansom just didn't do Sirius justice.

They had gone dancing and she couldn't help but smile as Mr and Mrs Lupin glided past, her aunt was glowing with happiness as she held onto her husband. Pregnancy really suited her and Amber was slightly envious, though she hoped lord Black would ask her to be his lady one day soon. She didn't understand everything that was going on but trusted this wizard with her life, she could tell he was holding back and was sure it had nothing to do with her being a squib.

Their reactions last night when they discovered Millicent had killed that snake had been so over the top that she had felt uncomfortable, until she saw her aunt pounce on Remus and kiss him as though their lives had been saved. Whatever generated the party atmosphere she was grateful for it as she was having a splendid evening.

Emma clung to her husband as they danced, both had almost cried in relief at the destruction of the last horcrux, this could now be ended and their kids lead a near normal life. Yes they would have to face a dragon each but Harry had beaten it last time and they were so much more powerful now. They now had the opportunity to sit back and do nothing as a now mortal Riddle had to come to the tournament or die, they were both praying for the second option but would be there just in case – as would Amelia with everything she had.

This was a lovely night but next week could easily eclipse it, if the afternoon produced the right result then everyone would be dancing next Saturday night. For the first time since the attack that day in Gringotts she was starting to believe her family might just emerge from this war unscathed.


The frigging squirrel had its tail in a tuft once more, that high-pitched voice sounded so out of place with the snarling snout that it became surreal. Bella likened it to her sister Cissi wearing her number one haughty expression while farting 'God save the Queen' in tune; the two just didn't belong together.

How he ever expected purebloods to kneel at the paws of Riddle the rodent was beyond her, only the potions she was taking kept her from skewering a squirrel and now the great bushy tailed one was ordering her around again.

Bella suspected that she was the only death eater left in Britain, unfortunately they could neither confirm nor deny this as stupid squirrel had been hopping mad and tortured to death the only person they had with a dark mark.

She was aware that these potions were addictive and rapidly affecting her personality but the alternative of facing up to the reality she now found herself in was just too much for the pureblood. Better to be bombed out your head than trying to cut those pointed furry ears off with a blunt instrument, chewing them off was no longer an option available to her. Searching for food was one thing but how the hell was she supposed to eat nuts without teeth? Squirrel soup or stew was going to be on the menu shortly as she didn't know how much longer she could stomach this.

When Bella found a copy of today's Prophet she could now work out exactly how long that would be. If he didn't kill her for bringing him the news that Tom Marvolo Riddle had to compete in a tournament or lose his magic then in a week he would be getting his nuts dry-roasted in hell and Bella would be free.


Xenophilius Lovegood was chuckling to himself as he came up with more and more ludicrous headlines for tomorrow's special edition, the Prophet thought they had stolen a march on the wily editor with their Hogwarts story but he wished he could see their faces tomorrow when they read this. It was with a sigh that he scrapped all the headlines featuring Voldesquirrel or Squirrelmort, instead deciding on the provocative headline that screamed across the front page.

Black Magic defeats Dark Ritual

Lord Sirius Orion Black was wrongly sent to Azkaban for a crime that saw the man he considered a brother murdered by Voldemort, his actual brother Regulus was also murdered by the direct orders of the self styled dark lord for fighting against him. Regulus had been courted by the dark side and enticed to join before even coming of age, evidence has been presented to the ministry that proves beyond doubt that this young wizard was fighting for the light side when he was killed and has had his name exonerated of any wrongdoing.

It is with this background that Lord Black has sworn to aid his godson Lord Potter in the fight against Voldemort and on Halloween dealt him a massive blow.

"We were aware there was a certain dark ritual that could have returned Riddle to a body and took measures against this. We swapped one of the critical ingredients, which had devastating effects on the result. Lord Voldemort has returned in a new body, unfortunately for him it's in the form of a six-foot squirrel! The leader of the pureblood supremacy movement is not only a half-blood but now has a cute busy tail and a voice so high it would make a Eunuch sound like a baritone."

The following photographs show the Potters banishing the bushy-tailed one up a tree before capturing his wand, which was later snapped at Hogwarts. Lord Black described what happened that night.

"The couple in the picture are Ronald Weasley being rescued by his betrothed Millicent Bulstrode after they were abducted earlier in the day from Hogsmead. Both Lord Potter and myself have recommended this courageous witch for an Order of Merlin for facing the three most dangerous terrorists in the country without a wand and still managed to save her wizard. Not only that but she killed Riddles familiar, a very large poisonous snake and severally injured Bellatrix Lestrange while making their escape from the shrieking squirrel. Voldemort was so upset at the result of the ritual that he tortured Peter Pettigrew to death, poetic justice for the rat who betrayed the Potters to his master on another Halloween night."

As this blow was being delivered in a graveyard, another plan to defeat Voldemort was coming to life at Hogwarts with 'Tom Marvolo Riddle' being forced by binding magical contract to compete in the now Hex-wizard tournament or lose his magic. Hogwarts will be crawling with ministry aurors hoping he'll show up and though the use of glamour's or polyjuice can't be discounted it only works within the same species as the recipient. This reporter fails to see the benefit of turning into a six-foot chipmunk or gerbil as a means of disguise, even ministry aurors aren't that stupid.

Lord Black also explained Dumbledore's actions that night, "Earlier in the Summer Lord Potter had dropped charges against Dumbledore providing he would resign his political positions of power in the wizarding world. When it came to light that three Hogwarts students were missing and the headmaster wasn't even aware of the problem, Minister Bones was left with no option but to recommend Hogwarts come under ministerial control, especially considering the charges faced by the latest head of Slytherin. This left Dumbledore with no job and about to be charged with serious multiple breaches of wizarding law, he decided to go out with a bang by firing a deadly curse into a group of youngsters."

This editor for one will be eternally grateful that Lord Potter was there otherwise I would be writing an obituary for my thirteen-year-old daughter who was in the group that the 'headmaster' tried to murder with a deadly curse.

Another person delighted with Lord Potter's actions is the current Hogwarts head of Gryffindor, Percy Weasley.

"When my fiancée and I accepted teaching posts at Hogwarts we assumed the headmaster would aid us in this new challenge, instead he poured administrative tasks that he himself was meant to fulfil in our direction with the result that I didn't even know my brother had been abducted by death eaters. The revelations of Slughorn's behaviour sent me over the edge, this person was directly responsible for my sister and fiancée almost being killed by means of a diary he helped create. I only wish there was a worse punishment than a Dementors kiss that could be applied here."

On the conduct of Dumbledore the former head boy was even more scathing, "the Potter's had their eight-year-old adopted daughter with them and Dumbledore fired a curse that would have cut the little girl in half. This once respected wizard committed this atrocity in full view of the youth of the wizarding world. Only Lord Potter's extraordinary actions prevented a bloodbath in the great hall of Hogwarts."

This great wizard once shone as bright as the robes he famously wore but when we looked beneath the surface what faced us was a whole web of lies and duplicity, theft and abuse of power.

The ministry had been building a cast iron case against Dumbledore but his actions of Halloween speak for themselves, this was not an action that any light sided wizard could even contemplate far less attempt. It would now appear that we have had another dark lord in our midst all these years without even knowing it, like a muggle magician he used his colourful robes and personality as a ruse to fool the public so they couldn't see what he was really up to.


Ron and Millie's entrance into the great hall caused quite a stir, since her return Cho had prattled on incessantly about how good the Institute was but the proof was now standing right in front of them. If two days there could make that change in Millicent Bulstrode then everyone in the hall was going to try like mad to get an Italian transfer as soon as possible.

It had been a tearful goodbye this morning between 'aunt and niece' with Harry eventually saying they could come for a Hogsmead weekend along with Cho, the smile he received from a crying Joan was worth the world to her dad. She promised her aunt Millicent they would go shopping again though no mention was made of Ron joining them; he had a long way to go before Joan would forgive him for making her aunt cry.

Percy actually hugged them both and congratulated Millie on her nomination for an Order of Merlin, the two looked stunned until they noticed what everyone was reading. The old Ron would have exploded at the picture of him being lugged on Millie's shoulder and her nomination, this Ron reached up and kissed her in front of everyone before telling his brother that he was so proud of her.

Millicent just held him tight, this was the wizard she loved publicly acknowledging he returned those feelings and Ron was so going to be rewarded as soon as she could get him out of here.


Charlie Weasley was a powerful wizard, both physically and magically. Charlie Weasley was also boiling over with anger at the wizard he had physically pinned to the wall in front of him, the only thing stopping the red head from punching the said wizard's head off was the sight of George lying on a cot with his ear cursed off.

"Just what in the name of Merlin were you two trying to achieve?"

Fred's feet weren't touching the ground as his elder brother looked ready to kill him, "we were trying to lighten the mood, everyone around here is so serious."

Charlie didn't think he could get any angrier but had just been proven wrong, "serious? Of course we're frigging serious! This is a dragon reserve; a mistake here doesn't earn you a detention or lose house points. A mistake here will cost you a limb or your life, explain to me how twenty dragon handlers puking their guts up is lightning the mood?"

George tried to help his twin, "we thought it was funny."

"You're lying there missing an ear and if I hadn't pulled you out the way that curse would have killed you. Is that funny to you?"

"How were we to know they would react like that?"

Charlie took a deep breath and tried to explain, "this is the real world, you slip someone a potion in there food that makes them violently ill, they're going to treat it as an attack and respond accordingly. They won't laugh, they won't think it's funny, they'll just retaliate and start firing curses at you."

Charlie lowered Fred so his feet at least touched the ground, "we were supposed to take three dragons, nursing mothers mind you, to Hogwarts in a few weeks. We just got an owl that they need six nursing mothers for this weekend; you couldn't have picked a worse time to try a prank. I was going to put your names down to go but I don't think the other handlers will want you anywhere near them, when you perform dangerous work you need to know that the people beside you are trustworthy and reliable. With the best will in the world I can't put Fred or George Weasley into either of those categories."

"What if we apologised?"

"Promised to behave?"

"We really want to go back."

"I'll ask," said a despairing Charlie "all you had to do was make the tea and serve the food, I didn't think even you two could screw that up."

He left the twins with some serious thinking to do, both were more committed than ever to being their own bosses but it would appear that the only way that would happen was if the kept their heads down and worked. Every time they felt like pulling a prank they would just have to think of their shop, Weasley Wizard Wheezes, and think about the gold they needed to make their dream a reality.


Amelia Bones felt as if she was going to be physically sick, the report in front of her generated feelings she didn't know she was capable of. The minister of magic so wished that she had gotten a couple of kicks at the 'slug' that night in Hogwarts, if she had this information then he wouldn't have gotten out of that castle alive.

He had been plying his perversion for many years and continued even after being caught and blackmailed by Riddle, the training and information he had passed to the boy was terrifying and explained how a powerful young wizard was able to create a horcrux at seventeen.

Another event that stood out was the fact that Dumbledore was aware of his behaviour with the young male students and actually brought the pervert back to the castle as head of house. He had originally used the information to get the 'slug' to resign, thus creating a vacancy for a twenty-one-year-old Snape to become head of Slytherin and potions professor despite having no teaching experience and being a marked death eater.

The more she learned about their society the more it sickened her and she was beginning to think that Harry had the right idea, quit the country and leave the bigoted purebloods to seethe in a putrid stew of their own concoction.

As the board of Hogwarts governors entered her office for their meeting she was finally convinced that bigoted Britain could not be saved, it would need torn down and rebuilt from the ground up.

It was the first words out of some pompous pricks mouth that did the trick.

"Minister, we want you to order those people back to Britain and pass a law banning any magical children not of pureblood stock from learning magic anywhere but the ministry approved location of Hogwarts."

Amelia was amazed at just how far these arseholes would go to protect their hold on any semblance of power, "and just how do you propose we do that?"

The smug bastard replied, "after Saturday the threat from the dark side should be over, we simply arrest the Potters after they compete. We can generate some charges for their attack on the headmaster, which we all witnessed. If they choose to return to Hogwarts and do what they're told then the whole matter can be dropped."

Amelia knew she would AK this bastard before ordering the arrest of the Potters but had to think fast, if these pricks started to generate any kind of support this could get ugly very quickly. Opinions in the wizarding world could change more dramatically than the fabled British weather as was proven in the great hall at Halloween, she reached for her mobile knowing Harry would understand that when she called him Lord Potter there was a problem.

"Lord Potter I currently have the Hogwarts board of Governors in my office and they would like a chat with you … that would be so generous of you my lord, we will expect Dobby and Winky shortly."

She turned to the board members; "Lord Potter is currently meeting with officials of the Italian government but has extended an invitation for everyone to join him at the Institute."

"We must move fast before that Potter brat takes Italian citizenship or that could cause serious complications when we arrest the little shit."


They all spun round to view a sight never seen by any of them, an enraged house elf wearing strange cloths.

"How dare you shout at your betters, punish yourself now!"

Dobby grabbed the wizard and disappeared as Winky spoke, "we are here to take you to the Potter Institute."

Dobby popped back and between the two elves the party was soon in Italy though they did notice that one of their number was missing.

"Where's Howard?"


Howard was at that moment living a nightmare, that little freak of nature had dropped him in the middle of Diagon Alley. This in itself was not a great problem but the lack of any clothing whatsoever definitely was.

The screams of women reverberated the length of the alley as he scampered up and down, trying to cover himself with his hands while looking for somewhere to get off the busy street but when the screaming began being replaced with laughter he didn't think it could get any worse.

The first witch who fired a stinging hex at his bare arse soon changed his mind and moving his hands to cover his backside left the women with a more tempting target. With the hexes came shouts and comments, 'what a lot of fuss over a little thing like that' hurt more than the hexes.

When a pair of aurors managed to stop laughing long enough to stun the Hogwarts governor, unconsciousness was a blessed relief for the latest pureblood to underestimate Dobby.

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