Knowledge is Power

When Hermione gets cursed at the Ministry, Harry and the Death Eaters discover the power he knows not. Unleashing this power has far reaching consequences. Weasley and Dumbledore bashing – time travel story that's hopefully different.


23. Chapter 23

Remus John Lupin sat drinking coffee on his balcony as the rising sun not only reflected off the gold band that adorned the ring finger of his left hand but the tears running down his cheeks as well. Remus had lived a hard life and, after many years of practice building his defences the werewolf practically never shed a tear. The difference here was that he had no defence whatsoever against tears of joy having only witnessed the phenomenon on others before now.

He had awoke this morning wrapped in his wife's arms with memories of their lovemaking still in the air, he gently left their bed and stood gazing in awe at this woman who was not only his wife but carrying their unborn son in her womb.

His tears had started then and now halfway through his coffee they still hadn't abated, it was then he felt her arms slip around his neck as she gently kissed his cheek while asking him if he was all right. Remus didn't know how to answer and found himself taking marriage advice from his fourteen-year-old married honouree nephew.

Harry had told him that no marriage could survive if based on lies as the four of them had sat down to a dinner, prepared by Dobby and Winky in this very house two days before their wedding. They had proceeded to tell Pomona everything that they had told Remus as he held his wife to be while she cried at what the fates held in store for people she loved.

Pomona had been hoping she could convince Remus that since he was going to be a married man and an expectant father he could be dissuaded from going along on any more 'missions'. Knowing the truth and the type of man her future husband was she realised it was impossible for him to abandon his post.

As Harry and Hermione were preparing to leave that night they hit the couple with one last shock by handing them the keys to the house as a wedding present. The house had five bedrooms and was one of six in a secluded cove overlooking the Mediterranean about fifty kilometres south of the Institute.

What Remus and Pomona didn't know was that the Potters owned all the houses in the cove and over the next few years their neighbours would include the Blacks, Longbottoms, Grangers and Potters.

The Italian ministry had a whole different attitude to the werewolf problem and treated the condition as an illness, marriage was actually encouraged as it meant that the sufferer would have support during their transformation. They had also looked extensively into children born to people carrying the disease and had yet to find a case of an affected child. It would seem the only way to propagate the species was by the transformed werewolf biting someone who wasn't one which explained why the compulsion to do so was so strong. The Italian ministry was trying to eradicate the disease with the use of wolfsbane to prevent any new sufferers being created, a decision that the werewolf population of the country gave it's wholehearted backing to.

It was an accumulation of these things that led to Pomona finding her husband of four days sitting with tears running down his cheeks.

He led his wife onto his knee and held her tight as he spoke, "I am so far beyond all right that it's scaring the living daylights out of me. What we have here is most peoples' dream but with my condition I couldn't even allow myself that luxury, the pain of knowing it could never be a reality was just too much to bear. Yet now we're married, sitting in our own home with our son growing happily inside you and today we go back to jobs we both love. I've had so little happiness in my life that it's all just a bit overwhelming sometimes."

Pomona kissed her husband, she had truthfully been worried about telling him she was pregnant but those concerns proved groundless, he had spun her through the air before stopping suddenly and sitting her on a chair. She was about to protest that she wasn't that fragile when Remus dropped to one knee and took out a ring, he'd apparently bought it days ago and was waiting on the right moment to pop the question. Their wedding had quickly followed and been a quiet affair at the institute before coming here for their work-shortened honeymoon.

She held her husband's face and stared directly into his eyes, "Remus you are a good man, a great husband and you'll be a wonderful father. I will do my best to let you know that you are loved every single day of our lives together, you also have an extended family that loves you very much and I'm delighted to be part of it."

Harry had welcomed her to the 'family' after their disclosures that night, finding out that the three of them choose her former house was probably the only good part of the full back story for the pregnant witch. Pomona thought this version of time was so much better and had received no arguments from the others at the table. She knew how close the eight were and now understood the reason why, they all shared a common goal that centred round Harry Potter and the demise of Voldemort.

She joked to Remus that maybe it was her hormones changing that were messing up his emotions, she was only half joking when she said he was welcome to the labour pains as well.

This cheered Remus up and he kissed her before suggesting breakfast, after all it wouldn't do for the headmistress to be late on the first day of school.


Draco was kissing his tearful girlfriend goodbye and promising to call her on his newly acquired mobile phone, he was a little taken aback that he could talk to Trish from hundreds of miles away with the muggle device. He had meet her parents who had taken an immediate liking to him and asked if he wanted to spend Christmas holidays with their family, Trish had explained he was an orphan who was attending a boarding school in Massachusetts on full scholarship.

Draco's original intention of using Trish as something to help the summer pass so he could get back to his own kind had quickly fallen apart with the realisation that she cared for him more than any of his friends or even his parents did. This muggle girl had been his constant companion all through the best summer of his life and he had no hesitation of accepting their offer for the Christmas holidays.

Draco didn't know if Trish was the one for him and quite frankly at the moment he didn't care, he was just going to take things as they come and enjoy his life as much as possible. He was certain of one thing though, if he and Trish did eventually split up it wouldn't be because she was a muggle. Draco had come to realize that it wasn't blood, birth or breeding but the person who counted.

With that Harry would consider the small fortune he had spent on the former Slytherin good value for money.


Ron Weasley marched onto the platform with Millie on his arm but more intent on displaying his new robes than his betrothed. Ron thought this could be a stellar year for him, no twins to prank him, no Potter or Granger to lead him into danger and he could almost feel his new broom under him when he took his rightful place on the Gryffindor Quidditch team. He was prepared to be magnanimous and wait to next year before becoming team captain along with prefect.

The food at the feast had hardly time to give the red head indigestion before Dumbledore destroyed his dreams, it was bad enough Percy the prat was his head of house but no Quidditch – that was illegal surely.

Dumbles was giving this competition the hard sell and Ron's interest peaked at the phrase 'eternal glory' but it was the thousand-galleon prize that finally made him sit up and take notice, only to have it snatched away by an age limit that he couldn't meet. The explanation for this that the competition was extremely dangerous ended any and all interest Ron had of being a competitor, he slunk off to his dorm knowing he would be alone this year but hadn't reckoned on finding Millie waiting on him.

Albus was trying to present a calm exterior as he sat through the feast looking down on his domain but inside he was seething with anger at the very noticeable gaps in the house tables. That little bastard Potter, just who does the little shit think he is? He had tried to give the Tri-Wizard tournament a big build up but since most of the hall were ineligible and of those who were only one could take part in the minds of almost every student this in no way made up for the loss of a year's Quidditch.

He also had to try and placate Horace who was looking over the students like the head judge at a dog show and coming back with the result that there was little of pedigree here. Horace didn't give a shit about blood purity, influence and how he could get his hands on it was the potions professors stock in trade. He collected people like others acquired chocolate frog cards and set himself up as a self-styled favour broker with his 'commission' helping to fill his years with life's little luxuries.

Wood's gasp of horror at the no Quidditch announcement hadn't escaped the old wizard's notice either meaning another compulsion charm for the former team captain tonight, he would soon be up to a charm a day to keep the impetuous boy under his control.

It was a very disgruntled Hogwarts as the staff and students making their way to have a night's sleep before classes started in the morning, Millicent Bulstrode could probably lay claim to being the only happy person in the castle.


The contrast at the Potter Institute couldn't have been more pronounced with an almost party atmosphere prevailing between the students, staff and occupants of the orphanage. The only announcement that drew any dissent was when Pomona declared she was unable to teach potions, this was instantly forgotten as the deafening cheers greeted the news that the new Mrs Lupin was pregnant.

Sirius had been in a bit of a funk at dinner last night when Luna of all people pointed out the blindingly obvious, "Sirius we've only ever had Snape teach us potions so you don't exactly have a lot to live up to. I'm quite sure Joan would make a better teacher than the greasy git."

The small witch in question currently had Crookshanks on her knee with Hedwig perched on the back of her chair as both familiars vied for Joan's attention. "Who's the greasy git Snape?" she innocently asked.

"He was a teacher at Hogwarts who was also a bad wizard but your mother kicked his arse," Sirius replied jovially "I just wish I had been there to see it."

Joan seemed to think for a minute while making sure to stroke owl and Kneazle equally before asking, "why would they let a bad wizard teach at a school full of children?"

This earned her a kiss on the cheek from her dad, "told you she was smart, only eight and already she has a better grasp of the situation than Albus bloody Dumbledore."

It was finally Amber who got through to Sirius, "it's my first day teaching to, would you like to come up and we can compare lesson plans?"

Sirius almost choked gulping down coffee in his haste to assist his girlfriend while the rest of the company struggled to contain their laughter.

At the feast Seamus thought that all the coaching on girls from his big cousin over the summer was already paying dividends. He was sitting with his arm around an unprotesting Ginny, which, according to his cousin was the sign a girl wanted you to go a little further. He was keeping up his banal banter as his hand slowly made it's way down her shoulder before being attacked by a pitbull that was trying to pull his arm out it's socket. The Irish lad looked up into the very angry eyes of one Neville Longbottom, but this was not the Neville that he had shared a dorm with for three years. This was a Neville that had easily whipped Malfoy's arse and looked ready to do the same to him.

Neville didn't shout but there was no doubting the menace in his words, "move it or loose it, your choice but make it fast."

Seamus didn't like the second option so moved it as far away from Ginny as Neville's vice-like grip allowed, he was extremely relieved when Neville released his arm and gently led Ginny away.

The whole table had watched the byplay, which wasn't over as Luna took the now vacant seat, "you all heard what happened to Ginny at the end of last term?" nods of agreement allowed Luna to continue, "then you are all aware of what fate awaited her if Harry hadn't acted?" Visible tremors came from every female at the table.

"Ginny is having a hard time understanding how her former family could have done that to her and, even though she escaped her fate she still has nightmares over it."

"That's perfectly understandable," answered Daphne who'd spoken to Ginny at the open weekend and was appalled at the story.

"What Ginny needs now are friends, not morons trying to paw her." Her eyes were boring into Seamus who was defensively rubbing his arm.

"She should have said something then, and just what gives your boyfriend the right to grab me like that?"

"Ginny only trusts two boys, Harry and my Neville and they're both very protective of her. Neville showed great restraint with you, the auror that knocked me over had to spend two days in St Mungo's"

"What spell did he use?" A curious Daphne asked.

It was actually Susan who couldn't wait to answer after having the event described to her in great detail by her aunt, "Neville didn't use any spells, he took that auror apart with his bare hands before they got ready to take on the full department, the four of them put down ten aurors in six seconds."

There was silence at the table as they all looked towards Neville who had his arm round Ginny and was speaking to her.

Hannah just had to ask, "Em Luna, are you ok with your boyfriend having his arm around another girl like that?"

"Oh Neville's not my boyfriend," Luna exclaimed, deliberately drawing out the painful silence before putting them out of their misery, "Neville is my betrothed and Ginny is one of our best friends."

There were squeals from the girls present as demands were made to see the ring while all the boys silently and independently came to the decision that they wouldn't be laying a finger on Ginny Pomfrey.

Ginny was slowly calming down in the safety of Neville's embrace, she knew she should have told Seamus to piss off and that would have been the end of the matter but she had froze at his first touch. He had taken her silence as a green light to proceed to the next stage and only Neville's intervention had saved the situation from going any further, Seamus Finnigan feeling her up is not something she considered as desirable. It all came back to the two boys she trusted, Neville and Harry were men amongst boys who treated her as well as Bill and Charlie. She had come to the decision that any boy interested in her was going to have to match up to those standards, she couldn't see herself dating any time soon and that was just fine with Ginny Heather Pomfrey.


Bellatrix Lestrange found herself caring for her lord while the rat was away establishing if the Weasley boy had returned to Hogwarts, she also found herself questioning her life choices. Before the Potter brat her lord was handsome and charismatic but with powerful, influential and utterly ruthless added to the mix. His death eaters were the badest people on the planet and kicked arse almost unopposed.

She couldn't help but compare that to there current situation where this creature, a one-armed one-eared witch and a wizard whose greatest talent was turning into a rat was all they had. They had no money, power or influence and were reduced to robbing muggle stores at night for food and necessities.

What really worried her was this creature thought that as soon as he returned to a body people would once more be flocking to worship at his feet, from Wormtail's experience and her own encounter in the Black family manor she seriously doubted that was going to happen. Bella was often accused of not playing with a full deck and this was an image she cultivated because she was a very smart lady, her name struck terror into her opponents, which always gave her an edge in a fight.

The fight at Grimmauld Place had greatly affected the witch, she wasn't sure if it was being seriously outmatched for the first time ever or the fact that she lost her dark mark along with her arm but Bella was now looking at things differently and not liking what she was seeing.

Her time in Azkaban was bad but she suspected her master's ordeal was a lot worse and that great intellect was now the wrong side of insane, with the current political atmosphere sweeping the country they had nothing to offer potential new recruits.

Bones had made it crystal clear, possessing a dark mark was a death sentence and would also see your possessions seized, a high price to pay for being encouraged to rape and torture a few muggles. Her master was certain all he had to do was kill Harry Potter and the world would shudder at his name before paying homage to the greatest wizard who ever lived, Bella suspected that even if he managed the task Potter would become a martyr that would unite everyone against her master.

She was between the proverbial rock and a hard place but her options were severely limited, there was no place in Britain that was safe for Bella and she had no funds to go anywhere else. She was tied to this creature that used to be her master by the simple fact that she had no other options open to her, she just wished Wormtail would hurry up as the creature really freaked the pureblood out and it was becoming harder to hide these feelings.


Life at the Institute settled down and although everyone was working hard they were enjoying it, Sirius always had a flair for being the centre of attention and now he got to be that in front of his classes every day. He originally followed Pomona's lesson plans to the letter but as his confidence grew the new potions professor was starting to adapt them to suite his own inimitable style of teaching.

Sirius thought back to the conversation with his mother's portrait and how he had decided to get some direction into his life, well he now had a job he was growing to love, an extended family he really loved and a woman he absolutely adored. The only cloud on the horizon was their approaching clash with Voldemort, Sirius swore that when they defeated him and if he survived then he was definitely going to do a Moony and ask a Sprout to marry him.

A weekend in New York for Hermione's birthday was the highlight of September, with Joan, Neville, Luna, Ginny, mum and dad there as well they had a ball. A night out on Broadway to see "The Wizard of Oz" left Dan and Emma answering questions all evening and they thought this could be a great teaching exercise, to let the magically raised children see where most muggles perceptions of witches and wizards originated.

Everyone knew this was the calm before the storm but the first storm cloud was unexpected when it arrived. The last signature on the plea for help ensured Harry and Hermione couldn't ignore it; they arranged to meet with Pomona and Minerva to see what was possible.

The headmistress could sense something was troubling the young couple so asked right out what the problem was, the answer from Harry was totally unexpected but she also couldn't help but wince at the last name and vowed to help any way she could.

"I've received a plea for help from some students at Hogwarts, all have a Quidditch connection with me but claim the standards of teaching at Hogwarts have slipped so badly that they now fear for their exam results and are beseeching us to allow them to transfer here. Apparently potions is the only subject that has improved while Defence, Transfiguration, Charms and Herbology are all being taught by eighteen year olds who don't seem to be receiving any help from the headmaster. Oliver Wood's teaching is so erratic that they think he is under a spell and since I know he would never turn his back on a career in Quidditch to teach I have to agree with them. The problems are that they are all older than our current students and could we accept these six without opening floodgates that would see others applying as well. The names are Katie Bell, who's sitting her OWL's, sixth year's Angelina Johnson, Lee Jordan, Alicia Spinnet and Roger Davies with NEWT student Cedric Diggory."

Pomona knew the fate of Cedric in the last time line and, even though they had made many changes, the thought of getting one of her favourite students out of the tournament altogether was a powerful incentive.

Hermione had felt how much Cedric's death affected Harry and this was a golden opportunity to insure that couldn't happen again, it would also really piss Albus Dumbledore off to not only lose his best contestant but Angelina would have been a strong contender as well.

"I think we could quite easily handle the timetable aspect of it, with only six students having three different levels in one class wouldn't matter. They would still be taught their subjects better than Percy Weasley could manage; Albus has made these appointments with no regard to the education the students would receive. I really don't think Hogwarts is going to survive this," said Minerva.

Pomona had a worried expression on her face before Harry reassured her, "the Potter Institute will remain open and in Italy for many, many years, we are gradually moving out of Britain all together and would only ever consider returning if their laws fell into line with those we live under here. As it will probably take decades for that to happen we will only be visitors in our own country and are actually considering taking out Italian Citizenship."

This came as a great relief to Pomona as her husband and son would be sneered at in the current British wizarding society but she was still headmistress and had to make decisions based on that. "The biggest problem I can see is our library is currently only stocked with books up to OWL level, I know that was Hermione and Emma's priority but we could have a student taking his NEWT's this year."

"Mum and I are sorting through the other books and will have the library up to NEWT level by Christmas, Cedric could have a reusable portkey to Potter Manor Library which rivals Hogwarts and should contain anything he's looking for."

The nodding heads seemed to signal that everyone was happy with that idea so Harry pushed for a decision, "I think we really need to move quickly because if the old goat gets wind of this then his wand will be firing out obliviate spells quicker than mum's automatic pistol."

They all agreed to go for it but this brought out the other problem, the rest of Hogwarts wanting to transfer here. Again Harry solved the problem, "students wanting to leave Hogwarts for a better education is not our fault and with the orphanage based here we will be at full capacity. I agree with Minerva though, this could spell the beginning of the end for Hogwarts. They will have to fire Dumbledore, completely revamp the staff and syllabus then spend lots of gold on the castle improving facilities. Whether there is the political and financial backing to do that is again not our problem, I am hardly likely to donate gold to an institution that we are in direct competition with."

It hurt everyone in the room that the situation at Hogwarts had got so dire that closure seemed a real danger but they had responsibilities to the students who had signed up to attend the Institute and that had to take priority over sentimentality.

Harry phoned Amelia to do something he hated, asking for a favour. As he was also reporting a suspected crime and the favour was more administrative than anything else he was confident she would say yes.


The atmosphere inside Hogwarts was that of a wet weekend in Scunthorpe, there was no Quidditch, no house cup and the only thing worth commenting on was when Romilda Vane thought she would make a play for the new Ron Weasley in the great hall. Even that was over in seconds as Millicent Bulstrode snatched the girl up by her long dark hair and tossed the screaming witch the full length of the Gryffindor table. Professor prat aka Percy rushed over to officiate when Millicent just pointed at her betrothal ring and stared at her future brother-in-law daring the professor to try and punish her. A situation that McGonagall would have dealt with in seconds saw the new head of house back down from a fourteen-year-old witch, changed days in Hogwarts.

Therefore the arrival of the minister and head of the DMLE with the accompanying aurors made everyone sit up and take notice, a sense of anticipation swept through the hall as the five walked towards the head table.

It wasn't strictly necessary for Amelia to be here but she had invited herself along as any opportunity to stick it to Dumbledore was not to be missed in her book. Her years of being an auror meant it was second nature for her to automatically scan any room she entered and the great hall of Hogwarts was sending her signals that she didn't like.

The atmosphere seemed to be one mostly of depression and when she glanced at the top table it was immediately obvious where one of the problems lay, the kids were being taught by kids. She would have to talk to Harry about their agreement to take on Voldemort first as Albus was doing untold damage to their society with his blatant disregard to the educational needs of Hogwarts students.

She also couldn't help but notice Percy Weasley looked as if he hadn't slept in weeks and was beginning to lose his hair while Oliver Wood actually had a nervous tick at his left eye as the old fool sat on that ridiculous golden throne and ignored the fact that his world was collapsing down around his ears.

"Good afternoon minister, to what do we owe the pleasure of this visit?" Dumbledore barely kept the sarcasm out his voice.

Amelia on the other hand was all sweetness and light as she slipped the knife between Dumbledore's ribs, "oh we just popped in to let you know that your petition to have Igor Karkaroff, the Durmstrang headmaster given diplomatic immunity was unanimously rejected. Any death eater entering our country will face the same fate as the rest of their brethren – no exceptions."

Albus tried to bluster, "but surely as a visiting headmaster he should be shown the reverence that position deserves?"

Again Amelia kept her voice light as she twisted the knife, "the only head I know that deserves reverence is Headmistress Lupin who's doing a wonderful job and loved by her students, I know Susan thinks the world of her. The days of people carrying a dark mark being given respect are gone forever, they don't deserve anything but the veil of death which is exactly what awaits them should they set foot in Britain."

Amelia was delighted by the old goat's reaction as not only did her barb strike home but the news of a Mrs Lupin being Headmistress had shocked him to his core, now for phase two while he was off balance.

"We have received a worrying report from a concerned parent about a professor teaching here, Oliver Woods could you come down here a second please?" Amelia was still smiling and she hadn't even needed to lie, Harry was concerned and a parent as she watched the young man walk round the table towards them as Albus only now realised he should have protested.

The fifth member of their team was a healer from St Mungo's in auror robes who took less than thirty seconds to confirm that the young man was the victim of multiple compulsion charms, it was a wonder he was still functioning. A nod to Amelia and the healer used an St Mungo's emergency portkey to get them both to the wizarding hospital, these portkeys went out through all wards, as it wouldn't do to be injured and be unable to get to hospital until you were dragged outside your own protection wards.

Before Albus could say anything about the abduction of his defence professor Amelia delivered the final blow with a sickly sweet smile on her face, "just one final small point, the following students have asked for a transfer to the Potter Institute for Sorcery and Spells and have been accepted. Here are their forms signed by their parents and since I'm visiting Lord Potter this afternoon they can leave with us to save you any trouble with arrangements."

Shacklebolt had just stood back and admired his mentor's handling of the whole situation and she had impressed the hell out of him, her sweet smile hiding the vicious bitch underneath as she had just well and truly shafted the self styled 'leader of the light'. He knew that his own style would have ended in a confrontation while Amelia had even managed to insult the bastard and still remain smiling.

Albus looked like a volcano ready to blow it's top, he couldn't see a way around this and the bitch had even taken away his option to play for time. "I was unaware that Potter's school had the capability to put students through their exams."

"Oh you don't need to worry about that, Lord Potter provides the best facilities I've ever seen to his students and has some of the smartest and most experienced professors in Europe teaching there. Its only problem is size but when you aim to be the best there's nothing wrong with a bit of exclusivity, is there?"

Shack was having trouble holding his laughter in, not satisfied with shafting the old bugger, Amelia had just dropped his britches and spanked his arse in front of the whole school. This was absolutely priceless.

Dumbledore practically threw the forms at Percy before storming out the hall leaving the head of Gryffindor to read out the student's names.

The jubilation expressed by those leaving seemed to make the students left behind feel even worse, Cho Chang was in tears as her new boyfriend tried to console the beautiful witch.

"I'll talk to Harry for you, he's a really nice bloke" Cedric said as he held her in his arms.

She shook her head, "if I had been mean to him then he probably would have accepted an apology but I was terrible to someone he now apparently thinks of as his sister, he will never forgive that. I've made my bed and now need to lie in it but I'll miss you terribly."

He kissed her before saying, "I'll still talk to Harry, even if it's only a visit I'll get to see you somehow. We both know this place is going downhill fast and I've worked too hard to let my future be affected by professors who can't answer your questions because their knowledge is barely beyond mine."

"Father's already trying to get me into another school for next year but we'll manage to stay together somehow," she kissed the Hufflepuff before he had to leave.


Emma was alerted that something was going on by the decidedly female squeals of delight emanating from the terrace, she turned the corner to see her son being set upon by three beautiful witches. The only thing that kept her from interfering was the sight of Hermione standing laughing though she did notice her daughter had rather a tight hold on Joan who seemed ready to kick some ankles.

"Its ok, these are Harry's team mates and this happens after every game, usually because he's just caught the snitch and won it."

The three girls then descended on Hermione and were soon all fawning over the adorable Joan.

Harry then approached the three guys and shook their hands though Cedric asked him or a quick word, "Harry, I've just left a very emotional girlfriend behind…"

Harry cut him off before he could mention Cho by name, "I'm sorry Cedric but we had to make some serious adjustments just to let you six attend, we are at full capacity now and can't squeeze anyone else in. We currently have one wing set up for use as an orphanage until their new building is ready and just can't push the boat out any further no matter who it is."

Cedric had to accept that but asked if he could portkey into Hogsmead when the Hogwarts students were visiting, Harry didn't have a problem with that and even suggested his girlfriend might like to portkey to Italy for a visit. Naples had Hogsmead whipped from every conceivable angle.

While Brutus got the new students settled into rooms Amelia asked for a word with the Potters.

Shack, Tonks and Connie joined them as Dobby served refreshments while Amelia aired her concerns, "Harry I know we agreed to go after Voldemort first but Dumbledore is doing untold damage to the students and even staff at Hogwarts, I don't know how much longer I can continue to take no action."

Harry deliberated over his answer as he discussed the best way to handle this over the bond with his wife, head-on seemed to be the only option, "Amelia, can I ask what plans you have in place for Hogwarts once you remove it's headmaster?"

Amelia seemed taken aback by the question and glanced at Shack who just shrugged, "I had assumed that you and your staff would move back to Hogwarts, taking over the running of the castle." Even as the words left her mouth she realised the absurdity of that statement and was not in the least surprised by Hermione's answer.

"Amelia our intention was always to remain at the Institute, we agreed to take care of the Voldemort problem and think that is quite sufficient. Hogwarts has been discussed amongst the staff and us but you have to look at it from our point of view. Even with Voldemort and his followers gone the opinions that matter in magical Britain are almost exclusively purebloods. To them I'm a mudblood, Remus is a dark creature, and Pomona will be vilified for marrying him then don't even mention what their unborn son's treatment will be. My parent's could have ended up in Azkaban for protecting me while our wonderful daughter was continually overlooked because of her unknown blood status; Amber is a squib while Filius is of mixed race. Look at what we're creating here then ask yourselves why we would want to give this up to return to the pureblood bigotry of Britain."

The minister was beginning to realise the enormity of the problem in front of her, she was at heart an auror and had been concentrating on what she saw as the biggest threat to their society. It was just beginning to sink in that even total success in her objective would still leave their world in dire straights.

"Amelia I like you as a friend and even minister but please don't ask me to support something that actively encourages bigotry, every student at the Institute pays the same fees and every single item in the building was purchased locally with the same price being charged for everyone."

A bemused Tonks had no idea what Harry was alluding to and asked him to explain, when he did it made her blood boil.

"At our best guess the Grangers were being charged twelve times the fees of someone like Malfoy, they were also being charged extra for every item they bought in the alley as the pureblood families all get discounts. We are currently withholding printing this news as our priority has always been to take down Voldemort and we don't need this distracting us from that goal."

Amelia had become aware of this since becoming minister and Susan attending the Institute but the other three were furious.

"Does that mean my father would have been overcharged for me attending Hogwarts?" Tonks asked.

It was Hermione who answered, "As he is a muggle born the answer would almost certainly be yes but that's not even the worst of it, the curriculum at Hogwarts has been 'dumbed down' because the purebloods were struggling with the harder aspects and being continually out performed by people beneath their station. The OWL's and NEWT's sat here will be the more difficult European version."

This was news to Amelia who could only shake her head at the disaster waiting to happen she'd inherited from Fudge.

Harry summed their problem up nicely, "to get the best teachers and facilities costs a fair bit of gold, the purebloods wont pay the price as their children usually just trade on the family name for positions or to set up a suitable marriage. Without the rest of us in Britain to subsidise their lifestyle I don't see how it can continue, it won't happen overnight but if businesses continue to offer subsidies without the other customers there to offset losses then they won't be in business for long. We suspect Hogwarts may be amongst the first casualties and take no pleasure from that fact, the Institute is bursting at the seams and our only required entry qualification is that they don't support bigotry."

The four people who left the Institute to return to the British ministry all had a lot on their minds, none of them could fault the Potters for what they were doing. The purebloods had looked after their own interests for centuries so how could they complain when someone started taking care of the rest of the wizarding world? Each of them was also certain that there would be uproar when they found out what was happening, fair play was a fine ideal as long as you were the one that was winning and the purebloods wouldn't take this lying down.


Cho Chang was sitting in the Ravenclaw common room writing a letter to Cedric, the headmaster seemed to be trying to cheer them up by announcing a visit to Hogsmead on Halloween. The other schools would be arriving in two days and a feast was planned for that night, now the following day had a trip to Hogsmead and their traditional Halloween feast would be the precursor for choosing the champions. Cho couldn't care less; it was the thought of seeing Cedric in three days that had her smiling. All she could hope for was that Harry would allow him to come; spending Halloween in Hogsmead with Cedric would be so romantic.


Wormtail was for once a happy rat, as he made his way across the grounds heading for the forest to apparate back with the good news. The old fool had played right into their hands, it would be a much easier task to take the Weasley boy from Hogsmead than trying to spirit him out the castle. He was also happy that Granger's ugly Kneazle was no longer about, that beast nearly had him on more than one occasion. His master would have his new body on Halloween and Peter would love to see someone ask the Dark Lord to raise his sleeve, now that would be something worth watching and a change from him being on the receiving end of his masters wand.

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