Knowledge is Power

When Hermione gets cursed at the Ministry, Harry and the Death Eaters discover the power he knows not. Unleashing this power has far reaching consequences. Weasley and Dumbledore bashing – time travel story that's hopefully different.


22. Chapter 22

Harry sat at his 'birthday breakfast' and thought this was easily the best birthday he'd ever had, celebrations were very informal with the marriage blessing arranged for this afternoon containing quite enough formality for everyone involved.

His presents were mostly in the form of novelty gifts though pride of place went to a beautiful hand made chess set where he and Hermione were the King and Queen, Luna and Neville the bishops, who else but Sirius and Remus as the Hippogriff riding knights with mum and dad as the rooks. The white pawns were uniformed Dobby's with the addition of a WWII GI helmet and machine gun but the poor blacks had to settle for a row of Cornelius Fudges as their first line of defence. The black's had Dumbledore as King, Voldemort as his 'Queen' Lucius Malfoy and Snape were the bishops, Vernon and Marge Dursley were the ostrich riding knights while the rooks were represented by a couple of dementors.

Mum and dad had crafted the pieces while Remus and Sirius handled all the charm work, as a gift it was beautiful, thoughtful and priceless but as a chess set it was a dead loss.

This was for two reasons; the battle animations between the pieces had everyone in stitches of laughter – watching Snape's arms fall off while Dumbledore rushed to pick them up for his friend had Harry struggling for breath he was laughing so much. Malfoy would sneer at the opposing piece then wet himself and walk off embarrassed while the Dursleys caused their ostrich legs to buckle under the weigh of their obese passengers and had to be carried off the board by the cursing siblings. Dumbledore would offer a lemon drop while using his other hand to try and sneak curses in while Voldemort seemed to have been based on every bad drag queen cliché imaginable, right down to his snake – a feather boa. Cornelius tried to bullshit every piece he came up against whereas Dobby was deadly with his machine gun, Emma's piece was equipped with her pump action but her aim seemed off with every shot catching the black character in the groin.

The main reason it was useless as a serious chess set is that the whole thing was charmed so black could never win, if Luna was in trouble Neville would appear and rip the black piece in two while none could get within three squares of Hermione.

Harry was touched by the thought and skill that had went into the creation of the gift but it was the idea behind it that he treasured most; the dark side couldn't harm any of them.

Hermione's present had confused him, it was apparently the latest product in the illegal Harry Potter gift range, an 'I've slept with Harry Potter' t-shirt. All became clear when he saw his wife's apparel, she had the same colour t-shirt with 'so have I' emblazed across it's chest while the back bore the legend 'there can be only ONE'.

Dad was howling with laughter when he saw it as this was supposedly from his favourite movie though Harry wasn't sure how 'Dirty Harry' featured in it. His mug from Joan bearing the message 'Worlds Best Dad' almost had him in tears, as did receiving cards from every orphan old enough to hold a crayon.

He and Hermione had spoken quietly to Gillian about their concern that some of the children might be jealous over their adoption of Joan, she was able to dispel most of their worries with the fact that all of the children were now staying here and their futures had never been so bright thanks to them. She was quite sure some of the children wished it was he or she that had been adopted but they were mostly used to the process by now and their quality of life had improved beyond recognition, Jillian joked that things were now so good ordinary kids would be starting to disown their parents to become orphans and be placed here.

Neville watched his best friend baulk at all the attention and had a smile on his lips from knowing exactly how he felt; his birthday dinner last night had put him in the spotlight. Neville's smile had been a permanent fixture since that dinner when he had diverted the attention away from himself towards the beautiful angel by his side. Luna had stayed with him the night they discovered Bellatrix had escaped and he'd returned the favour after their fight with the bitch, they had done nothing more than cling to each other and taking comfort from the fact they weren't alone anymore.

He had approached his grandmother and Luna's father before his birthday, both of whom had been delighted and had beaming smiles as he knelt in front of the girl he loved more than life itself and asked her to be his betrothed in the middle of dinner. Neville had heard all the quips in the boy's dorms about 'playing the field' and having 'practice girlfriends' but that wasn't for him, he knew exactly what he wanted and his blond angel sitting next to him was it. When she had very quickly said 'yes' the cheering around the table was almost loud enough to be heard in Hogwarts and it was followed by much hugging and kissing with even Minerva having unshed tears in her eyes.

An observer could be forgiven for thinking that the old loony Luna Lovegood had made a return from the spaced-out demeanour she was currently projecting but nothing could be further from the truth, her gaze continually shifted from the ring she was wearing on her finger, to the powerful young wizard beside her who put it there then across to her friends who helped make it all possible.

Hermione had started a chain of events in a certain Hogwarts corridor that even now the young blond had trouble believing, though having them vouch for Neville's character had helped her trust the instant feelings she had for him. Hearing they were together in the other timeline had also helped remove any doubts there might have been, she was positive that she wanted to be Mrs Neville Longbottom and the ring on her finger shouted to the world that Neville wanted this as well.

Luna's journey from friendless, bullied, loony Lovegood to betrothed with a brother and sister who all had so much belief in her they literally put their lives in her hands astonished even her. She had felt terrible as the reality of that responsibility was brought crashing home in the fight at Grimmauld Place, Neville had held her close all night after it and explained that there was no one they trusted more to keep them safe than her. The rest of the team had played it's part as after her first salvo they never had another curse fired at them as the bitch was too busy trying to save her death eater arse. Only Dan's bullet had accidentally saved her from the reductors that Harry and Hermione had fired and Neville's clipped her as she ran away through the 'hole' she created.

Luna was jolted out of her daydreaming when she saw Harry tearing up at receiving his mug from Joan, her new niece, and remembered Hermione's whispered remark from last night. They had agreed with dad and gran to wait until they graduated before marrying but Hermione had whispered that at the Institute they would be presenting students for their exams when they were ready for them, not when age decided they should. If ever there was an incentive to study for exams then Neville and Luna had just been handed it. She was aware her betrothed would never claim his head of house status as long as his father drew breath, what Luna was unaware of was the fact that Harry had Poppy searching the magical world while Dan and Emma 'browsed the web' for any muggle treatments or doctors who could help the Longbottoms.

Luna watched as Harry went round every child who had made him a card and thanked them, ensuring that everyone of them knew they were invited this afternoon – her brother really was something else she thought proudly.


Harry couldn't remember a time in his life when he had predicted something so accurately, he and Neville could be standing there starkers and no one would even notice unless it was Luna or Hermione. They were standing on a deck that had been built on the beach with chairs containing the guests spread out in formation but leaving an aisle down the middle, Neville and he were waiting at the front but since the main attraction appeared at the back all eyes were facing that direction.

Harry couldn't fault them as he was doing the exact same thing himself, staring at the most beautiful sight he had ever seen and thanking Merlin she was his wife. Dad led her down towards them, followed by Luna, Ginny and Joan. Harry's mind was racing away with the emotion of the occasion and thinking about just how much she meant to him when he felt the calming hand of his brother squeeze his shoulder. "Easy there Harry, she's here and everyone's safe."

He realised his magic was flaring and could only nod his thanks to Neville, the symbolism of his wife walking towards him in her wedding dress smacked Harry like a bludger to the head. They were soul bound, loved each other more than words could say but the muggle raised part of him suddenly woke up to the fact that he and this wonderful young woman would be together for the rest of their lives.

Hermione was talking to him over their bond but she was trying very hard not to burst out laughing, her heroic husband who had fought Basilisk and dragon was falling to pieces at the sight of her in a white dress.

She was glad that their bond existed or the whole ceremony would have been a shambles, her husband was almost catatonic and she was quite literally putting words in his mouth. Hermione was battling to hold it together as the waves of love were being broadcast over their bond so it was a relieved Lady Potter when the clergy informed Harry he could kiss his bride, the real Harry Potter emerged as the man of action swept Hermione off her feet and proceeded to administer the kiss of their lives.

The glow that surrounded the kissing couple was so powerful the guests were having to shade their eyes as Harry poured his love for Hermione into the kiss, when they eventually finished he found his voice again, "I wanted to do that from the instant I laid eyes on you, holding off until given permission was extremely difficult."

He picked up Joan and turned to face everyone with his daughter in one arm and wife on the other, Neville beside him while Luna and Ginny were alongside Hermione. Harry looked to the crowd where mum and dad wore huge grins while the marauders were being given hankies from their girlfriends to dry their eyes, he couldn't help but wonder how he got so lucky.


Harry alertly glanced round the room making sure they hadn't missed anyone amongst the gun smoke, blood and gore while he wondered just how things could turn pear shape so quickly.

Their holiday had started off in Australia where their visit to the Sydney Opera House didn't go quite the way they planed, they loved the performance of 'The Pirates of Penzance' but Joan wanted to march right up to them and in her own style inform the cast that pretending to be an orphan was wrong. Harry had to explain to her that they said the same words every night and only acted as pirates while Hermione tried not to chuckle at the thought she had created a monster, Joan had wanted to kick their ankles since her mum told her that's what you do to bad people. They had to constantly remind themselves that their daughter had no concept of muggle culture and that her gran and granddad were probably the first she'd ever met.

There week in New Zealand led to their daughter discovering and falling totally in love with horse riding and wanting to take the pony home with her, Dan and Emma were confident that before too long there would be stables built at the institute.

In each of these countries they had spent time discovering as much information about the native magic lore as possible and visiting each magical village or street they could. Thus when they arrived in Argentina it was only natural that they would visit the magical section of Buenos Aires, as they passed through the bar that guarded the entrance Harry heard his name called and turned to be confronted by three of Voldemort's inner circle.


Lucius Malfoy was angry, not the anger of someone being in your parking space or eating the last piece of cake you wanted, this was an all-consuming disease that spread through every part of the death eater's body like a cancer. He had escaped to Argentina and bought himself a ten bedroom 'ranch' so wasn't exactly roughing it, the problems began after he had settled in and started to let his mind ponder just how he got into this position.

A chance meeting with Greg Goyle in Buenos Aires had Lucius reaching for his wand but Greg held his hands well away from his wand and said, "we need to talk."

Sitting with a bottle of firewhisky Greg then explained how he had met Antonin Dolohov who had the exact same problem as him, empty vault and a letter from the dark lord expressing his disappointment and promising retribution. Both death eaters had figured they'd been scammed and reckoned there were very few people who could pull it off, Lucius took some perverse pleasure when Greg told him that his name was top of the list of suspects but since he was here then Greg assumed that something similar had happened to him.

Lucius hated to confirm this but couldn't come up with another reason for being there, this also left the problem of just who did pull it off and, more importantly, what were they going to do about it. They're problem was lack of information and they agreed to meet the following week and invite Dolohov along, meanwhile they needed to learn as much as possible.

At the meeting the following week all their hopes and dreams of regaining their wealth, power and influence lay in tatters as the old newspaper in front of them had a picture of a dead George Grafton with the explanation of how the back of his head came to be missing. The changes in British law effectively handed each of them a death sentence should they ever return and without any gold to spread around the Wizengamot to fund a reversal they were basically exiled.

The three continued their weekly meetings and as time marched on only one name kept being associated with the changes happening in their homeland, Potter.

Lucius was at first so pleased he'd escaped with his life but was only now beginning to realise just how effectively they'd been duped, even Dumbledore couldn't have pulled this off so how could a teenage boy? His anger fuelled the hatred he felt for the brat until it became all consuming and the focus of all his endeavours, the fact that he was helpless to do anything about it only exacerbated the problem. The blond death eater was beginning to think it was effecting his mind as he could have swore Harry Potter just walked into the bar but that just couldn't be, as he recognised the mudblood he knew it had to be the brat and had shouted 'Potter!' before his brain had time to engage.

Harry and Hermione had researched Voldemort's memories to gain information on how the death eaters fought, their tactics of attacking the weakest member to force the others to try and shield them would certainly be used here. There problem was that they were in the middle of a bar, in a foreign country and had no idea how the locals would react, there were soon going to be bodies on the floor and how many was dependant on factors outside their control.

Harry started to speak as he felt mum and dad take up positions either side of him, there was no chance this situation would be resolved by talking but he was just trying to buy a few seconds for Joan to get behind him and Hermione's confirmation she had their backs.

"That's Lord Potter to you Lucius, so this is where you and you're murdering friends are hiding out from justice, Dolohov and Goyle have both been sentenced to death as have you Malfoy."

Dan's gun was in his hand as soon as he heard the name Dolohov, kind of hard to forget the name of the bastard who 'killed' your daughter, Emma also had her shotgun in hand but her target was the creep who set that monster on Hermione though she could now see how Draco became such a tosser.

The 'all set' from his wife over their bond told him their daughter was safe and she was guarding their backs, both Potters would have to protect the other three from curses and could already feel their magic coursing through their bodies getting ready to respond.

Lucius was beyond talking, his hatred combined with the firewhisky he'd consumed saw him stand straight up and fire the death curse at Harry's chest, when the green beam of light hit the young wizard and had no effect other than he now seemed to be glowing the whole bar held it's breath. A second later Lucius Malfoy was no more; the muggle hating death eater met his end through contamination of his blood. His blood was contaminated with whatever Remus put in those shells Emma was firing because the blond death eater's now not so pure blood was splattered everywhere as mum's torso shot had almost cut him in two.

Dolohov had the muggle bitch lined up with his favourite curse about to pass his lips when he suddenly didn't have any, he wasn't aware of this though as Dan's bullet hit him in the mouth and he was dead before he crumpled to the ground.

Goyle aimed the cruciatus curse at the little girl peering out from behind Potter, his only thought was her screams would hopefully distract them long enough for him to escape. Harry's seeker reflexes paid dividends though as his hand shot out in front of his daughter and caught the curse, that the bastard would try and hurt her ignited Harry's fury. Instead of draining the magic out of him Harry used the energy from the death curse to pour magic into the death eater and overloaded his magical core, Gregory Goyle Sr. exploded and covered everything in gore.

Goyle had actually hired two local wizards from the city's criminal elements as bodyguards but they were made sit at the other end of the bar so they couldn't overhear any conversations, they came at the group from behind but had totally dismissed Hermione as any threat. Both soon found themselves on the floor missing a limb each as the young Lady Potter let loose with two wandless reductors.

Harry was quite a sight, having survived two unforgivables and being splattered with bits of Goyle, he stood there with the power radiating off him and demanded, "Are we all finished yet? Anyone who waits till I clean myself off then comes forward to challenge us will seriously piss me off."

The thought of a seriously pissed off Potter was way too much for the clientele to deal with as they very carefully made their way out the bar.

A few personal cleaning charms later and Harry walked towards who he assumed was the bar owner, the man stood with both hands placed firmly palm down on the bar and didn't move a muscle as he attempted to be as unthreatening as possible.

Harry dropped a bag of gold on the counter, "sorry about the disturbance and mess, this will hopefully compensate you for any loss of business and pay for the cleaning. My family and I are here on holiday and our only objective was to see some sights, not look for trouble."

"Do not worry Lord Potter, the minister is my cousin and I will swear the truth that those men attacked you without provocation. If I could my lord, instead of the gold may I request a slight favour?"

That same night the sign outside had already been changed to 'Harry's Bar' with the picture of the owner standing with his arm around the young lord taking pride of place behind the counter. It was standing room only as news had spread of the 'battle of the bar' and the story was getting more outlandish with every telling, which wasn't hurting business in the slightest. Another chapter had been added to the boy who lived legend and the bar must have been the size of Hampden Park to accommodate all the witches and wizards who claimed to have witnessed the event.


It was a tired Ginny who made her way down to breakfast; she'd had the nightmare again last night. She never gets to see his face just the wrinkled old hands undressing her as she stands there helpless and alone, every night the hands get a bit further before she wakes up screaming. The dreams had been every night now for over two weeks and it wasn't coincidence that this coincided with Harry being away from the institute, Ginny had them before but never this frequent or severe. She was sure it was exactly like Hermione claims; she believed wholeheartedly that nothing bad could happen to her when Harry was here but the problem being he wasn't here.

Her friendship with the four was better than at any time but Harry would always be special in her eyes, he had saved her life twice now and she knew he wouldn't hesitate to do it again. She'd got over her fixation with the boy who lived only to find that the real Harry Potter was so much better and a bigger hero than ever. She felt her friendship with Harry pushed her to be so much more than Ginny Weasley ever could be, that he and Poppy were offering her a life she could only have dreamed of, instead of old men abusing her body.

She thought she must be still sleeping as the small missile that was Joan Potter targeted her, as they weren't due back for days yet.

"Aunt Ginny! Sorry we missed your birthday but I've got your present in my trunk and we had a great time up until the end."

Ginny now had the young witch in her arms and looked around for her parents but only Dan and Emma were there.

"Mum and Dad have gone to get your birthday present and I'm not supposed to tell you that."

Ginny couldn't help but laugh as she hugged her 'niece' "well I wont tell them if you don't." she spun round as a very familiar voice was heard behind her.

"Your aunt Ginny is very good at keeping secrets little one."


Joan found herself still in her aunt Ginny's arms but now wrapped up with this stranger's as well and the little girl wasn't sure how to react, then she saw her mum and dad smiling and knew it was ok. She had stood and watched as that bad wizard had fired a curse at her only to see her daddy catch it in his bare hand and throw it straight back at him, Joan now believed her mother that nothing bad could happen to her when her daddy was there and he was here. She hadn't even been scared as she was in her protected bubble, surrounded by her family and nothing could hurt her there.

"What are you doing here?" Ginny asked.

Bill just smiled, "the official reason is that I'm spending the next week checking the Institute wards for Gringotts best customer, unofficially I'm here as a late birthday present to you from your friends over here."

Ginny put Joan down and rushed over to hug the Potters, "thanks you two, I really missed you."

Harry kissed her cheek, "happy birthday Gin and we're hoping talking to Bill can help you with these nightmares."

Ginny looked shocked that they would know about them but Hermione gave her a hug, "you're becoming a good friend Gin, and we do anything to help our friends."

Poppy was watching worriedly, she hoped her daughter understood why she had phoned Harry about the nightmares and it didn't hurt the mother / daughter trust they'd slowly been building. It was obvious to the healer that her dreams were getting stronger due to her saviour being on the other side of the world, her rational side was telling her she was perfectly safe but in her sleep that was no help. Speaking with her favourite brother should help her to see that treating children the way she had been was not normal behaviour nor something Bill approved of.

Poppy was sure it was her other brothers casual acceptance of the situation that compounded the trauma for her adopted daughter, Bill telling her they were wrong would hopefully break the cycle as she couldn't live with the Potters for the rest of her life – much as she'd like to. The healer was relived when her daughter glanced over and mouthed 'thanks mum,' this parent lark wasn't as easy as it looked but Poppy was loving every minute of it and taking the good with the bad.

Ginny whirled on the Potters, "please tell me you didn't cut your holiday short because of me?"

"No," answered Harry "we had a run in with some death eaters and it kind of spoiled the holiday mood so we came home. Lucius Malfoy finally paid for what he did to you last year."

Ginny couldn't help but throw her arms around him, "thank you Harry."

"It's actually mum you should be thanking, she was quick as lightning with that shotgun of hers."

She did as Harry suggested and hugged Emma Granger, "it's ok Ginny I've seen the Basilisk and remember Hermione was petrified too, he finally paid for his crimes against our family."

The breakfast table all wanted to here the details but Joan's, "my dad caught a curse aimed at me with his hand and threw it back at the bad wizard," had folk humouring her until Dan confirmed it.

The rest of the day was spent catching up with events though a phone call to a very pleased Amelia Bones confirmed the Argentinean ministry weren't even considering any charges and delighted to get rid of some vermin, they had enough criminals of their own to deal with without importing any from Britain.

The Potters were pooped and after a lazy day headed off to bed after dinner, it was Harry's turn to tuck Joan in and he could see his daughter had something on her mind. Joan was small for her age with long dark hair but it was her brilliant blue eyes that Harry thought were her best feature, like Hermione you could see the intelligence and thirst for knowledge behind them but what told him she was troubled was her nose. She had a beautiful button nose but when she was concentrating really hard or troubled about something Joan's nose would 'twitch', Harry and Hermione thought it was adorable and the cutest thing they'd ever seen and the fact that it gave him prior warning she was troubled about something didn't hurt either.

"What's bothering you love, you know we can talk about anything to us."

In one long burst Joan got it off her chest, "I'm sorry daddy, I know I was supposed to make myself small and not be peaking to see what was going on. I just knew I was safe but you had to do that to the nasty wizard and for that I'm sorry, I promise the next time I will curl into the smallest ball I can."

Harry hugged is daughter and kissed her forehead, "oh darling, I just hope there never is a next time but if he hadn't seen you he would have aimed at gran or granddad because they think they're helpless muggles."

Joan was chuckling, "they sure showed those bad wizards they're not helpless."

Her laugh was contagious and Harry joined her, "they sure did love, are you ok now?"

She hugged and kissed him as an affirmative before lying sleepily down, "goodnight dad, love you."

Harry tucked the covers round her neck before kissing his almost sleeping daughter, "we love you to, goodnight Joan."

Out on the terrace Dan and Emma were sitting with brandies in their hands as a nightcap when they were joined by Remus and Pomona, "are you two all right?" their werewolf friend asked.

It was Emma who answered, "actually Remus I'm fine which has got me slightly worried, I nearly cut a man in half with a shotgun and was sighted on the other when I saw Harry had it covered yet I feel no remorse at all. If you'd seen that bloody great snake beast Remus perhaps you would understand, it almost killed Hermione, Harry and Ginny and today the bastard who engineered the whole thing got better than he deserved. If I could have made it slow and painful I would have, does this make me a bad person Remus because I would do it again without a second's hesitation."

"If you're a bad person then there's no hope for any of us Emma, think back to that first night when the kids told you this was a war and you ended up in the thick of it just because your daughter loves Harry. You swore you didn't want to be helpless again and you have achieved that and more, the man you killed would have killed Harry and Dan, then taken his time over you, Hermione and Joan. I am classed by the British ministry as a dark creature but that bastard just wasn't human and didn't deserve to live, you have done a great service to the world in general today and I wouldn't be surprised if there wasn't an award coming your way for this."

"The only reward we want Remus is to see our family being able to live in relative peace, being in the thick of it was so much better than sitting waiting on a phone call to see if everyone's ok, I couldn't go back to doing that."

Pomona was listening to the conversation but thinking back on the last few weeks and the effect they could have on the rest of her life. When they had returned from London and the fight with that evil bitch she had been so relieved and, after dragging Remus to her room to tear a strip off him she ended up ripping his clothes off instead. Remus was still on an adrenalin high and his usual voice of reason was bludgeoned into silence by another emotion that took over as Pomona threw off her robes.

It was hours later when the doubt began to set in for both of them, Pomona was forty five to Remus's thirty six and although this was not a great difference especially in the magical world she hadn't exactly been fighting suitors of with a sharp stick. Pomona had resigned herself to a life similar to Poppy or Minerva and had thought she would be quite happy with that, now this gentle powerhouse of a man had changed her whole outlook on life and she knew her old one held no appeal now.

Remus on the other hand felt he had taken advantage of the situation having expected it to take months to reach this point, if at all. He planned on letting Pomona view his transformation next week before they even thought about taking this relationship any further, now it would kill him if she couldn't accept what he was.

Pomona happily said she wouldn't miss the event and hadn't treated her wizard any different before or since, she was far more worried about the event she missed the following week. Pomona hadn't been a virgin but could hardly be called experienced either and it had been years since she had been intimate with someone, Remus wasn't exactly thinking with his big head and the thought of contraception didn't even enter their minds. It was not what entered Pomona's mind that had her in such a tizzy, she was going to have a quiet word with Poppy tonight and didn't know what she was going to say to Remus if the quiet word gave the result she expected.

Therefore it was an emotional Pomona who answered Emma, "I couldn't agree more, sitting here knowing that you lot were going up against Bellatrix Lestrange was some of the worst time of my life and I'm not stupid, I know it's going to be Voldemort soon. I just wished I'd trained with you because being left behind is soul destroying. They say your mind thinks the worse case scenario but I can't think of anything worse than going against those two."

It was Dan who answered this time, "not going against them."


Ron Weasley was in the shower trying to remove grass stains from his butt cheeks and thinking to himself that he was finally getting a handle on this betrothal business. Millie's dad had promised him a new broom if he made his house Quidditch team and with Potter, Woods, Fred and George all leaving he thought he had a chance at it. He'd been flying for a few hours when Millie had appeared and was not pleased.

"Ronald, you have been ignoring me just so you can fly that stupid broom."

"Millie I want to become a professional Quidditch player and need to practice, this is for our future together."

This was also exactly the right thing to say as Millie's mood changed in a microsecond and she showed her betrothed how much she appreciated his efforts the only way she knew how, she pounced on her betrothed there and then.

Ron knew the Bulstrode's weren't Malfoy rich but they certainly weren't Weasley poor and he would be going to Hogwarts tomorrow as the first Weasley ever to attend with new robes and books. Since that day in the courtroom and his acceptance of his situation things had been looking up for Ron Weasley, he felt another hand begin helping to remove the grass stains which only confirmed his hypothesis that things were certainly looking up.

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