Knowledge is Power

When Hermione gets cursed at the Ministry, Harry and the Death Eaters discover the power he knows not. Unleashing this power has far reaching consequences. Weasley and Dumbledore bashing – time travel story that's hopefully different.


21. Chapter 21

Bella was picking herself up off the floor wondering what the hell had just happened, the dazed witch shook her head trying to clear the ringing from her ears after being slammed into a wall. She had heard her aunt's portrait speaking to the strangest house elf the pureblood witch had ever seen, when Bella had noticed the Potter coat of arms on his uniform she fired off a curse at the creature. The little bastard actually had the audacity to move out of the way and then fire a curse at her; Bella was so surprised she didn't even react hence coming round on the floor with a sore head. What was the world coming to when a house elf not only tried to dodge your curses but actually fought back, they were on her masters list for annihilation anyway but Bella would ask the Dark Lord if she could deal with that one personally.

Bella was going to have a chat with her aunt's portrait to find out what else had changed while she had been away when two groups did the imposable and portkeyed into the most noble and ancient house of Black. She adopted her usual tactic of a spread of three killing curses that would hopefully hit a few but at least scatter them, forcing her opponents to seek cover.

As soon as Luna had confirmed there was nobody behind them she shouted 'clear' and they went into full attack mode, as the green killing curses came rushing towards them she levitated furniture to block their path. Sirius was doing the same job for the other group allowing six people to rain down spells and bullets on their target, Bellatrix might be good but nobody could stand up to that barrage.

The female death eater didn't have time to register her astonishment at the tactics being deployed as Bella was too busy trying to stay alive, she dived onto the floor and her momentum slid her along the recently polished surface until she hit the double doors of the dining room. Jumping up Bella frantically attempted to apparate but discovered to her dismay preventative wards were already in place so was left with no choice but to enter the dining room as the doors were destroyed just as she got clear. Bella felt something tear into her left elbow with such force that it spun her round, this was probably not a bad thing for the death eater as two reductor curses whizzed by where her head and chest would have been the second before.

The pain being emitted from her now useless arm was excruciating but Bella had quickly come to realise that if she didn't get out of here she wouldn't feel pain ever again, these were not ministry aurors out to capture her using nothing stronger than a stunner – these people wanted her dead and had the skills to achieve their goal.

The death eater had been in enough fights to recognise this battle was only going to end one way unless she got out of there in the next few seconds.

Amelia had grabbed everyone available to her upon receiving Harry's call, he told her they were working on a timescale measured in minutes so the minister had to trust they knew what they were doing. Tonks, having been brought back into the Black family by Sirius, was able to see the house but not enter it until invited by him. The metamorphous was in charge of setting up the perimeter and anti-apparition wards, Sirius would create the portkeys that would take their group inside the house and Amelia's task was ensuring the bitch didn't get away.

This proved easier said than done as glass suddenly appeared out of nowhere and forced her team to take cover, the flying glass was closely followed by a truly terrifying sight. Bellatrix Lestrange was considered the wrong side of crazy on a good day, this was probably not one of her better days as she swooped down amongst them loosing blood from the side of her head while her left arm looked to be hanging off at the elbow. She was sending off killing curses in all directions and the aurors were left scrambling for cover as she raced right through them until reaching the edge of the wards, she apparated with only one thought in her mind as her left forearm dropped onto the pavement.

Bellatrix Lestrange had escaped for now but nobody would be asking her to lift up her left sleeve as it would be empty, they weren't quite sure if she'd splinched herself or if there just wasn't enough tissue left holding the arm on during apparition.


The creature that was Voldemort was in a terrible mood and his dilemma was the polar opposite of Peter's, the more he cursed the useless servant the longer he would have to wait on Wormtail being able to take care of him again. Thus he had limited his administration of the cruciatus to the bare minimum his temper would allow though Peter still ended up unconscious. His screams had even attracted the attention of the old muggle caretaker and he had to be dealt with, fortunately Nagini was available to dispose of the foolish old man.

Peter had muttered something last night about having a plan but he was too enraged even to listen, oh how he wished for a better servant than Wormtail.

Magic can do amazing things, sometimes it almost seems sentient because at the exact same instant an agony riddled Bella apparated but without a destination in mind. All that her pain-muddled brain would process was 'must find master' so magic took a hand, granting both of them their wish and the death eater appeared before her lord once more. She managed to mutter 'master' before collapsing at the creature's feet.


Amber had joined Ginny and Joan as they waited for news, Pomona was trying to be angry at Remus for not telling her he was going but was much more worried about her wizard not coming back that she wasn't able to sustain it.

When they heard the ringing sound Amber was up like a shot and sped to the nearby room containing the telephone, she answered it and sank to her knees before realising that they were all looking at her with grim expressions. "It's Harry, everyone's ok with nothing more than a few cuts and bruises."

Joan buried her face into Ginny and cried her little heart out in relief until Amber tapped the girl on her shoulder, "it's Hermione, and she wants to speak to you."

She took the device with trembling hands and heard the instantly recognisable voice coming from it, " hey Joan we're fine, I told you nothing bad will ever happen to me while Harry's there. He could hear you crying all the way to London and didn't want you to worry; we have to talk to some people here and might be a while. You enjoy yourself and we'll be home to see you soon."

Everyone could see the instant change in the little girl's demeanour, she still had tears running down her cheeks but her face was now the proud owner of one of the widest smiles available, Joan whispered "love you" not realising that the device in her hands would send those words straight to Hermione and require Harry to catch his wife as her knees buckled beneath her.

Joan handed the device back to Amber and almost skipped out the room with no concept that a thousand miles away a bushy haired, brown eyed witch was clinging to her husband crying tears of joy. The post battle adrenalin rush may have amplified the effects those words had on her but she wasn't sure, what she was sure of was that both she and Harry were growing very attached to a young witch named Joan.


They were in the kitchen of Grimmauld when Harry summoned Winky, she immediately made them all tea and informed Harry that Dobby had a fractured shoulder which Poppy had healed, he was to take it easy for the rest of the day but should be fine by tomorrow.

Sirius had spoke to his mother's portrait and she had suggested that Bella and Cissi be cast from the family then this couldn't happen again, a couple of spells on the tapestry and this was accomplished. He took the family pensive into the kitchen so they could review this morning's event and save Amelia asking lots of questions. There was already elves repairing the damage they had caused and even the doors had been put back together.

They had all been told the grim news that Bellatrix had wiped out some random muggle family for a bite to eat and a few hours sleep which just made them angrier that they hadn't finished her earlier when they had the chance.

Shack, Amelia and her protection detail watched along with the eight as they made their superior numbers count and the minister couldn't help but compare this with their poor performance outside. They watched as a piece of debris cut Neville's cheek and another slammed into Emma's chest, Dan's bullet almost separating the death eater's arm while a reductor from Neville almost separated her head from her shoulders but instead took her ear off. She had caught them out when she had run towards the large window and blasted it with a spell just before reaching it, Bellatrix had jumped through the hole and raced away from the house.

When it was over Shack and Amelia were very impressed with their tactics but it was left to Connie to pour cold water on them.

"Those tactics wouldn't work for the auror division for the simple fact that I can't think of anyone I trust enough for me to stand against a killing curse and hope they blocked it. They stood there and never doubted that the other members of the team would do their jobs and protect them, I've never seen anything like it and am so glad they're on our side."

Hermione just smiled at the auror, "the difference is we're all family and couldn't let each other down if we tried, we trust the other members of the team with our lives because we have to. We're the ones who are going to end this war because we're the only ones who can, and that information ladies and gentlemen is classified. This is not our idea of some recreational fun and we left some very worried people behind including an eight-year-old who was breaking her heart, once Voldemort is dead these suits will be hung up for good."

Shack looked to Amelia who nodded confirmation that Hermione spoke the truth while his brain started putting the facts together, "this would explain our orders not to engage Voldemort in a fight, and can I assume that the snake is similar to that tiara?" A knowing smile from Harry and Shack connected the final few dots to form a picture he wasn't sure was to his liking, "does this mean the Prophet actually got something right for a change, you are the chosen one?"

It was actually Luna who answered the head of the DMLE with such venom in her voice that her friends got worried, "he might be the chosen one but that doesn't mean he's going to face that bastard alone, we'll be with him every step of the way and right by his side when he ends this once and for all."

Neville pulled her into a hug; the pensive had been hard to watch for Luna because this was no longer training. If she missed a block then it wasn't house points lost or a detention, a member of her family was going to be injured or worse. During the fight she had been just carrying out what she had learned but now sitting down and watching her actions left the young blond witch terrified.

Harry tried to reassure her, "Luna we know you had the worst job today but you are by far the best at defending the group and there's no one I trust more to keep us safe, you were absolutely brilliant today and I'm so proud of you but I'll let Neville administer the kiss I want to give you Sis."

One Neville administered kiss later and Luna was almost back on an even keel, they would talk about it later but she appeared over the worse of it for now.

Amelia was deep in thought for a moment before asking, "Harry, could you and your group fight some aurors as a demonstration? It was clear today that our current tactics are going to have to be reviewed and I think the sight of four 'children' whipping the arses of some over confident aurors would go a long way to highlighting their deficiencies."

"We currently practice three to one odds but I don't know if we want to give that advantage to aurors, lets say ten with nothing stronger than stunners as we wouldn't want to hurt anyone."

The cheeky way Harry said it had the auror's backs up but Shack had just watched a display that none of his department could match, individual match-ups he was confident his aurors would do well but their teamwork was devastating. "I would be really interested to see your training methods, would it be possible to observe a session?"

"As long as you don't mind getting up early and don't inform the aurors we'll be facing about it," Harry answered, "will you be alright for tomorrow mum?"

Emma couldn't help but smile every time Harry used that word, "should be, bit sore at the moment and expect to be bruised but Poppy should have me fixed up in no time." She then turned to Remus, "could I get a heavier weapon? I felt most of my shots were being deflected by all the debris that was flying around while Dan's seemed able to punch through it."

A wolfish grin appeared on his face, "how about a pump action shotgun with some charms on it to make it recoilless?"

A shudder passed through Dan, Hermione and Harry at the thought of what that weapon could do in Emma's hands but she just gave a dainty smile and replied, "that will do nicely."

"Remus Lupin you have totally corrupted my mother!" Hermione's remark was said in jest and they all had a chuckle at Emma's obvious joy at getting a bigger gun.


They arrived back at the Institute to much hugging by Ginny while the two Sprout ladies dragged both Marauders off for Merlin knows what. Joan had heard the commotion and came hurtling round the corner and launched herself at both Potters, clinging on and taking assurance from the fact they were back in one piece. The two injured were taken to see Poppy by their partners while Harry and Hermione sat on a sofa with Joan in between them.

Hermione kissed Joan's forehead, "told you we'd be fine."

"I was so worried" she answered, "why do you have to fight, can't someone else do it? Harry's already fought the bad wizard, isn't it someone else's turn?"

With her eight year old logic Joan had got right to the crux of the matter and Harry wasn't about to brush this bright girl off with some glib excuse. He had his arm around her shoulder and then took one of her little hands and brought it up to his scar, "when I was a baby the bad wizard killed my mum and dad before trying to kill me, it didn't work and he left me this. He's tried twice more since then and will keep on tying to hurt me and my family, which is why we're here in a place that's hard to find. He will never stop coming after me, my wife, mum and dad Granger and any children we have, which is why we must fight him so that we can live our lives without fear. We intend to beat him so we can live happily ever after."

"Not all fairy tales end that way," replied the bright little witch.

"No and I promised myself I wouldn't lie to you, we are doing everything in our power to make sure we get the ending we want."

Joan buried her head in his chest but Harry still heard the whispered "I want it to." It was time to speak to Jillian Green.


Jillian had been half expecting a visit from the Potters so wasn't to surprised when they asked to speak to her, their opening comments did however catch her off guard.

"We are having our marriage blessed in a few days, it was originally going to be our wedding but since we're soul bound that's no longer necessary. The ceremony and party will take place here and everyone from the orphanage is invited. We plan on taking a three week holiday straight after it and that is where the problem might be, we would like to take Joan with us and are speaking to you first to ask if this is possible." Hermione found she was nervous waiting on an answer.

Jillian was not drawing out the silence deliberately but trying to figure out the best way to handle this, these people were effectively her bosses. Eventually she had only one option as the welfare and happiness of Joan was her only priority here. "Can I ask why? Please forgive my question but I have to know your intentions towards the child, I see her getting closer to you every day and to take Joan on a three week holiday then hand her back to me would be cruel beyond measure."

Harry and Hermione smiling at her was not the reaction she expected until he spoke, "you have just confirmed our faith in you as the best person for the job, let's see if we can put your mind at rest. We are both extremely fond of Joan and that fondness is growing by the hour but this is not a decision we wish to rush, as the thought of hurting her doesn't bare thinking about. Hermione and I are pretty sure that we want Joan to be part of our family and feel that three weeks together would turn that into being certain. Assuming Joan would accept us as parents we would start proceedings as soon as we return to formally adopt her."

This was what Jillian had been hoping to hear and she couldn't keep the grin of her face, "well normally I would say you were too young to take on that many responsibilities but having watched you both closely I can't think of two people I would rather see Joan go to. Shall we send for her?"

Winky appeared with a bemused Joan who immediately went to sit with Hermione as Harry spoke to the young witch, "there's a delay with the new building so everyone's going to be staying here for a lot longer than we thought and will be at our marriage blessing on Saturday." It was plain to see that Joan thought this was great news.

"After the blessing Hermione and I, with mum an dad will be going away for three weeks and we'd like you to come with us." Harry saw her expression change to one of uncertainty and understood the reason why, "Joan we're very much alike you and I, I was also left on a doorstep and wondered what I had done wrong to deserve it. Going to sleep every night hoping that tomorrow would be the day when I would wake up and find it had all been a mistake, this is your tomorrow Joan. We want you to be our daughter and for you to use these three weeks to see if that's what you want. Don't feel you have to be a perfect little angel or the deal's off, we've already made up our minds and this is to see if you can put up with us as parents."

Joan had tears running down her cheeks for the third time that day but had never been happier.

"I have to warn you Joan that Hermione is very crabbit in the morning," this earned him a playful hit from his wife, "and she also hits her poor defenceless husband for no reason." This had all three girls laughing though Harry wasn't sure whether it was the poor or defenceless jibe that caused it. "Are you sure you want her for your mother?"

Joan nodded emphatically before both girls became entangled in a mutual hug involving lots of tears, Harry watched before turning to a Jillian Green who had tears unashamedly running down her cheeks, "I don't think we need to wait those three weeks, do you?"

She just smiled at him, "I never thought you did in the first place, I'll get the paperwork started today and I can't see the ministry giving you any hassle over it. Not when you've got the ministers mobile number in your phone."


Voldemort managed to revive Wormtail and got him to seal Bella's wounds then force some blood-replenishing potion down her throat, they had burgled an apothecary on the continent to maintain a supply of unicorn blood needed to keep him alive but they had also grabbed a variety of potions as well.

When Bella regained consciousness and Voldemort discovered all his loyal death eaters were not only being hunted down but also taken from Azkaban and killed as well, only the fact that he was so weak saved the two servants. It was with great trepidation that Peter administered his master's potion but Voldemort wanted revenge on those who'd wronged him and Potter was top of the list.

"Wormtail, tell me this plan of yours?"

Peter now wished he'd kept his mouth shut as his master administered the torture curse until he was unconscious anyway, now he was literally putting his head on the chopping block with no measurable gain for him. If the plan worked his master would take the credit, if it failed he would pay the ultimate price and even with the telling he risked his master's wrath.

"Master, the Potter brat is out of our reach for the moment but it's still vital that you get a new body, I may have a way to accomplish that and deal the brat a devastating blow." The fact that he wasn't cursed yet encouraged Peter to continue, "when I was keeping an eye on the brat in his dorm over the years one thing was constant, the boy who's pet I pretended to be was always there to save Potter's arse. He killed the troll you released in the castle and only his sacrifice allowed Potter to face you with the stone, he was in the chamber of secrets but the resulting rockslide when he defeated the formidable Gilderoy Lockhart prevented him accompanying Potter further. He even faced up to Black and the werewolf and is the Potter boy's closest friend and truest ally. If you choose pureblood Ron Weasley for the renewal ceremony you will be removing a foe whose been a thorn in your side with the additional benefit of crushing Potter with the loss of the person he thinks of as a brother."

Peter had heard all these stories directly from Ron as he talked to his pet and wasn't overly concerned if the boy had embellished his role in proceedings slightly; he was a lot more concerned at the moment with saving his arse.

Voldemort thought over the plan and had seen how close both boys were in his time as Quirrell, this plan might actually have some merit and he wouldn't have to wait so long to regain his body either. "Are you sure he wouldn't have left Hogwarts with Potter?"

"The Weasleys are a poor family but proud purebloods, they would never take gold they hadn't earned honestly. He'll be at Hogwarts."

"You just staked your life on it Wormtail, in September you will sneak into the castle to make certain that he's there then we can make preparations to snatch him right from under the old fools crooked nose. While everyone else is waiting on the champions being chosen we will perform the ceremony on the night of Halloween, sending Potter his friend back piece by piece."

Bella was at first unsure if this was in fact her master but hearing his cruel genius banished all her doubts, she was home once more.


The eight plus one marched into the ministry resplendent in their Institute robes, they'd actually been stopped in the Alley and asked to lift their sleeves where upon a laughing Harry had to ask the gentlemen if he would accept his word as their armour came down to their wrists and there wasn't a force on this earth strong enough to make Emma, Hermione and Luna take their tops off in public. When Harry was recognised they nearly fell over themselves trying to apologise though the group did notice they were the only ones sporting two sleeves to their robes.

The plus one was of course Joan who proudly wore her robes with the Potter family crest feeling like she finally belonged, Harry had spoken to her about the danger they might face in public so she knew exactly what to do. Get to the centre of their formation and make herself as small as possible, though considering she felt ten feet tall walking down the street holding her mum and gran by the hand that might be difficult.

They entered the ministry building and Tonks was waiting on them as they were ushered through security and straight to the auror training area, it had a large empty duelling arena in the centre with viewing positions all around it and had Harry shaking his head.

"Amelia you seen our pensive memory of Bella's fight and visited the Institute to watch us go through our paces, is this really how you train aurors?"

She actually looked embarrassed, "Fudge would only allow us duelling practice and any sort of combat training was forbidden, we wanted to wait until after your demonstration to reinforce the need for change."

"Sorry Amelia, Joan you stay with gran and granddad while we go and give a demonstration."

Emma pretended to be angry at Harry's use of the word 'gran' but both she and Dan were delighted with the outcome, they knew their children were desperate for a family and hoped this might see Hermione waiting till she was at least eighteen in this timeline before having a baby. In the meantime they got a delightful granddaughter to spoil and who could fail to fall in love with Joan.

The four removed their robes leaving them in black tight fitting clothes over their body armour, the time Remus spent as a bodyguard had also taught him knives and each of them had a blade of some description concealed on their person.

They walked into the middle of the arena and went into their diamond formation but with Neville and Harry swapping positions, they were pretty sure that the aurors were just going to stand there and try to overload their shields with a constant barrage of stunners. Their counter was for the Potters to provide shields for the group while Neville and Luna picked the aurors off, if things got hairy Luna would assist with shields as Neville reduced the pressure by knocking down their opponents.

The quartet could see the looks of distain coming from the aurors as they surrounded the kids, they felt insulted that they were being forced to participate in this farce of a publicity stunt and intended to end it quickly.

They got their wish but not in the manner they thought, when Amelia said 'go' both Potters had shields up that reflected back everything that was cast at them, in the end Neville and Luna only had to stun three of the aurors and the whole thing from start to finish took six seconds.

The watching audience of aurors and ministry officials were shocked into silence, as the teens started reviving the downed aurors one of them didn't take it too well. He sprang up and knocked a surprised Luna onto her back before striding towards the arena exit, he didn't get to take two steps before an enraged Neville Longbottom was all over him.

Donald Carrick knew he was in deep shit and couldn't see a way out of it, he'd tried to blame the entire Lestrange fiasco on that bitch Hammer but the fact that he was now stuck behind a desk while she was on ministerial protection duty told everyone what the outcome of the upcoming enquiry was going to be. When he got the offer of participating in the demonstration against Potter and his school friends he grabbed the chance like a drowning man, here was his opportunity to shine.

He had just managed do dodge his own curse that was reflected back off their shields when the little blond bint hit him with a stunner, the same blond bint reviving him proved just to much for his ego and he shoved her out the way as soon as he stood up. The disgruntled auror had only taken a step when he found himself face to face with an enraged Neville Longbottom; Donald took a swing at this kid as well before finding himself in a world of pain.

Donald Carrick fancied himself as a muscular young man but his muscles were purely for impressing the ladies, Luna may appreciate Neville's but they were primarily for situations like this. He easily dodged the auror's attempt at a punch and landed two solid ones of his own, the prick then made another feeble attempt, which he effortlessly blocked and followed up with another few strikes. He could see the man teetering so decided to finish him off using Hermione's signature move with an adaptation of his own, he smashed the auror's kneecap and spun quickly round connecting his elbow with the pricks now broken jaw resulting in him crumpling to the floor unconscious.

Neville turned to see the rest of the team had his back and a quick glance upwards showed the other team forming up with Joan casually moving into the centre, for a few seconds the whole situation had the potential to go pear shaped as every auror in the place was embarrassed at how easily they had been defeated.

Connie caught the movement out of the corner of her eye as the other team formed up and knew all it would take would be one spell to start a fight that would be hard to stop, she deliberately moved her hands away from her wand while at the same time stepped over to cover Amelia's back. She was delighted that Tonks had caught on so quickly and mirrored her actions to protect Shack; Connie had seen these people fight against animated dummies and their mannequins had put up a far better fight than the static dummies that called themselves aurors.

Harry broke the tension, "do we really want to do this? We were invited here to show tactics that may help save lives only to find an auror knocking a thirteen-year-old witch to the ground because his ego was dented, well witches and wizards her fourteen-year-old boyfriend just dented more than his ego. Either Mr Longbottom or myself have the right to challenge this prick to a duel for his actions against Miss Lovegood but we are content to consider the matter dealt with if you are. If not then let's have at it because we've got business to see to elsewhere this afternoon." The power was now radiating off both Potters with blades being drawn by all four members of the team, the noise of Emma pumping a round into her shotgun sounded like thunder and kicked Amelia out of her stupor – she had expected the aurors to lose but the manner in which they did shocked her to the core.

"Aurors stand down!" Amelia shouted.

"You can't give that order minister, only the head of the DMLE can," a scarred old wizard shouted.

Shack shrugged his shoulders; "we intended to weed out the hangers on by departmental evaluations, if you wish to attack Lord Potter and his party it will save us the time and paperwork. These people, including the two muggles behind me with weapons drawn, faced up to Bellatrix Lestrange and her killing curses while aurors cowered behind any cover they could find. We've just seen them in action and I've watched them training and these eight would make mincemeat out of the whole auror department. We have grown complacent, fat and lazy which cost an auror his life last week, and for what reason? What did we achieve in the last war except to free death eaters with enough gold to bribe the right officials. What you see before you is the future of magical law enforcement in this country, we will be adapting most of their training methods to suit our needs and entry to the program will be based purely on ability. The days of family influence in my department are over and anyone who doesn't like it can hand in their badge and robes now."

Kingsley's deep voice was booming of the walls by the time he was finished, the line had been drawn and aurors now knew what was expected of them though four would resign before they were pushed. That option was not available to Carrick, Amelia wanted him tried in court and Shack was only too happy to comply.

He had known that, thanks to continual budget cuts and being forced to except people who barely knew one end of a wand from the other, the department was in poor condition. The two Lestrange incidents and today highlighted just how far they'd sunk. Thanks to Lord Potter's generosity and with Amelia's backing he now had the funds and political will to rebuild the department into one that could kick some ass instead of getting it whipped by some teenagers.

With the crisis over Emma placed the tip of her shotgun into it's holster and marvelled again at how it shrunk to fit before becoming invisible, she then took her new granddaughter by the hand and headed down to meet the kids.

"Uncle Neville that was so cool the way you hit that man who hurt aunty Luna," Joan loved the idea of having family so much that she was 'adopting' everyone into it with aunt Ginny and the marauding uncles added for good measure. She wasn't sure what status the Sprout ladies had in her new family but was looking forward to calling them aunty as well.

Joan hadn't just been adopted into the Potter family as everyone else seemed to have adopted the little girl as well, "your aunt Luna could have beat him up but she'd just had her nails done and didn't want to break one on his hard head." Neville loved to hear her calling him uncle as, like the other three he'd led a lonely life up till now and adored his extended family.

Amelia cleared her throat to get their attention, "Lord Potter I have some people here you agreed to meet."

Harry was racking his brain with even Hermione puzzled until they saw the man with a little girl, clutching a poster.

"Hello lord Potter, I believe the deal was that I provide you with a memory copy of your relatives arrest and you would sign my daughters poster."

Harry immediately knelt down to speak to the girl and sign her poster, Joan watched the scene with a hint of jealousy until she felt her mothers arms go around her from behind and then she bent down and kissed her cheek.

"He's your father now honey but look how happy he's made that little girl just by talking to her and signing a poster, this is just something we Potter girls are going to have to get used to but never forget it's us he loves. If any women or girls step over the boundaries though you have my permission to kick them in the ankles."

Joan was giggling but her dad was roaring with laughter from reading a piece of paper.

He rejoined the group still laughing, "it seems that when the charms wore off reverting the Dursleys back to human both were still in the quarantine cages, the muggle authorities think they're some kind of animal rights group and had managed to lock themselves in while freeing the walrus and ostrich. Vernon keeps screaming that it's the freaks doing this so they're sending him for psychiatric tests before charging them."

"Well this is my wedding present to you love, Dobby got Ragnok to track it down for me but it's yours to do with as you wish," Hermione handed Harry a legal document that had him confused at first until he realised what he held in his hands.

"I thought we could go today love and take the whole family to visit," Harry grabbed his wife before twirling Hermione around and soundly snogging her.

"Could someone please tell me what my daughter just volunteered us for?" Dan asked.

"Your brilliant daughter is just taking the new family motto to a different level, 'don't get mad, get even' but I only hope she's never mad at me."


Dudley Dursley's life was going down the toilet, literally. He had spent his entire summer so far cleaning out his aunt's dog kennels, who knew the little bastards could shit so much. He was forced to do the work while his aunt sat getting slowly pissed on sherry and bemoaning her lot since mum and dad got arrested, before that her excuse was they were both missing.

He'd been working like the freak all summer and missed his telly, playstation, snacks and gang but if he didn't work he didn't get fed. Dudley at first thought his aunt Marge was joking, and then he was sure he could outlast her but when the dogfood started looking appetising big D knew it was time to pick up the brush and shovel.

She would inspect the kennels in the morning and how well he was fed depended on the results though as the sherry consumption was getting progressively worse they'd had to settle for take-away the last couple of nights.

Dudley was wearing an old pair of torn dungarees while leaning on his brush as he paused to wipe the sweat of his face when all his attention switched to the Rolls Royce that had just turned into the drive heading towards the house.

He made his way over and his tongue was actually hanging out at the sight of the girl who the chauffeur was helping from the car, she was so beautiful that he didn't notice the person that came out next until he spoke.

"Hello Dudley, love your new look. It really brings out the colour in your eyes, actually mate you look like shit!"

Dudley was now wondering if it was such a good idea to drink the remains of the sherry left when his aunt Marge eventually passed out because what his eyes were telling him just couldn't be true. The young man was dressed in clothes better than anything his father had ever owned and standing with his arm around the goddess that had exited the Rolls first. A young girl and an older couple joined them, though the woman was definitely still hot.


"Got it in one Dud, just brought my family along to meet you. This is my wife Hermione, our daughter Joan, mum and dad Granger and not forgetting our chauffer Remus."

Dudley wasn't sure if it was the sun, sherry or the smell of all the shit but something was definitely off here, he didn't get time to say any more as aunt Marge and Ripper came out the house.

Ripper didn't know anything about fancy clothes or cars, he just sensed the boy he'd been trained to attack so he did, unfortunately for the misguided animal a certain big black dog was waiting in anticipation of this very event.

Padfoot leapt from the car and had Ripper by the scruff of the neck before the poor mutt even knew what was happening, the large dog then vigorously shook the now squealing bulldog before tossing the animal to land heavily at the large woman's feet.

"That vicious dog will be destroyed, attacking my poor, gentle Ripper in his own garden no less. I shall be contacting the authorities at once." Marge was bristling with so much indignation that she never even noticed who was standing there, it wasn't until the vicious dog walked over to the group and was hugged by a little girl, Joan so loved her uncle Padfoot, that she recognised Harry.

"Boy!" she screamed, "what are you doing here? Get off my property now."

"Actually Marge that's what I came to see you about, if you would be so kind Remus."

"Right away lord Potter," the marauder walked forward in his chauffer uniform and only his years of pulling pranks allowed him to keep a straight face, he handed the woman who made Molly Weasley look thin a bunch of very official looking documents.

"You see Marge my wonderful wife bought me this land as a wedding present, your current lease stipulates I am required to give you one months notice of eviction and that is what you now hold in your hands. On the first of September the bulldozers will be here to eradicate any trace of these buildings, as someone who actively encouraged her dog to bite a little boy you will receive no sympathy from me or my family."

This colossus of a woman who had been Harry's most malicious maligner and venomous chastiser crumpled to the ground and wept into the notices she had been given.

Harry felt no elation, took no pleasure at her predicament rather his feelings were more that justice had been served and he could now put his past behind him. He would carry the physical scars for the rest of his life but the mental ones were being healed with lots of love from those around him.

Dudley was now in awe of his cousin, he'd always been taught to respect those who were 'better off' than the Dursleys and to sneer down at those below. Harry was now obviously of the other category but Dudley was now unsure of his own place in the world.

"Harry, what's going to happen to me?"

Harry considered this for a moment before answering, "I would have much preferred an orphanage to Privet Drive but I wasn't given a choice. You've been heading down a bad road Dud but the choice is yours, clean up your act or the Dursleys will be starting a new trend of family units in prison. I don't intend ever to meet you or your family ever again, I'm very happy to have a family of my own now."

Dudley watched as the gorgeous girl, her hot mother and the little girl all hugged and kissed his cousin before they climbed into the Rolls and drove out of his life forever.

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