Knowledge is Power

When Hermione gets cursed at the Ministry, Harry and the Death Eaters discover the power he knows not. Unleashing this power has far reaching consequences. Weasley and Dumbledore bashing – time travel story that's hopefully different.


2. Chapter 2

The both teens came to the same conclusion simultaneously, they needed the Marauder's Map.

Hermione asked her boyfriend the obvious question."Can you remember where it is?"

"I think it's in Remus's office but how in Merlin's name are we going to get it in time?"

"Well we can't go strolling about the school with a condemned hippogriff so I'm open to ideas."

Harry then had a brainwave. "Dobby!"

An instant later the little house elf appeared, bouncing up and down with excitement. "What can Dobby do to help the great Harry Potter?"

"Dobby, could you fetch us the map that's on Professor Lupin's desk? We think he left it there…" Dobby was gone before Harry could even finish, arriving back clutching the precious map within seconds.

Harry's comment of 'Brilliant Dobby' had the little elf beaming with pride. He then handed the map to Hermione before having a serious word with his little friend. "Dobby, would you like to work for me – and Hermione?"

Dobby just wrapped his arms around Harry's legs, nodding his head while crying tears of joy.

"I think you need to claim your inheritance first, Harry?" This came from Hermione, though she never lifted her head from the map she was currently studying to find Sirius.

"Oh right! I, Harry James Potter, being the last of the Noble and Ancient House of Potter claim my rightful inheritance and head of my house." Harry's declaration resulted in a light that appeared to shine through him, verifying his claim before the Potter family ring appeared on his finger.

"Dobby would be honoured and proud to work for Lord Potter and his lady."

"It's just Harry, Dobby, Harry and Hermione. Now I need to know if you can get us through a locked door in the castle? We need to get back into the infirmary before anyone notices we left."

"That would be no problem Mas… Harry."

"Good, now I would like you to go to Gringotts for me and access my family vaults, we need the Potter betrothal rings that my dad said are in a green velvet box. When I claimed my inheritance the goblins would automatically know my change in status, please inform them I wish this to remain confidential. Should the details leak out, I will be moving the Potter accounts to another bank and informing all their customers of their breach of confidentiality."

Dobby stood just that little bit straighter, the importance of the task Harry Potter was entrusting him with surprising the elf. He left immediately for the bank.

Hermione finally looked up from her studying. "Found him, but he's being held on the fifth floor. How are we going to get him out?"

Harry went over and put his arm round his soon-to-be-betrothed best friend and girlfriend. "In case you hadn't noticed, our friend over here has quite the pair of wings on him."

Hermione lost all colour from her features as her Acrophobia kicked in with a vengeance. "Harry, I think I'll meet you outside the Infirmary."

Harry held her securly in his arms. "You'll be with me, what could possibly go wrong?"

The absurdity of that statement had both of them laughing and broke the tension. Harry climbed onto Buckbeak's back before offering his hand to Hermione, who then bravely climbed behind him. Telling her to hold on was unnecessary, she simply couldn't squeeze him any tighter.

Hermione had her eyes firmly closed but was forced to open them as they approached the appropriate window. It was small and made of stained glass, glass which unfortunately didn't open. She took out her wand and vanished the window to reveal an astonished Sirius Black.

"Hippogriff for Black?" Harry asked before Sirius was on his feet, quickly climbing out the window. He had to jump the last few feet but made it and held on to Hermione. With a flash of inspiration, Harry took out his wand and conjured a new window. The new version of the stained glass now featured a dog, a stag and a wolf.

Sirius had been sitting trying to compose himself to meet his end like the Gryffindor he was. Then Harry and his friend were outside the vanished window, five stories up, pulling off an unbelievable rescue. When Sirius saw the window that Harry had conjured as a replacement, he couldn't help himself. The marauder started laughing and then couldn't stop. Hermione was forced to place a silencing charm on the now hysterical wizard.

Buckbeak had no sooner touched down on the tower than Hermione jumped off his back, Harry thought for a moment she was going to kiss the ground in relief.

Harry climbed off and hugged the relieved witch before Sirius pounced and embraced both of them. Harry though was all business. "Sirius, you need to get going and we need to be somewhere else before we're discovered."

Hermione had to remove the silencing charm before Sirius could answer. "That was bloody brilliant you two, what a team you make, and that window! I almost wish I could stay to see Snape's expression when he finds the room empty."

"You need to go NOW! Only trust us, Lupin or an elf called Dobby. If anyone else contacts you, especially Dumbledore, run and hide." Harry's tone left no room to manoeuvre, he was laying down the law and Sirius had to obey until he could get more information.

Sirius climbed back on Buckbeak as Harry said goodbye. "We will be in touch soon. I've only just found my godfather and am not going to lose you now."

He flew away as the teens took the quickest route through the castle toward the Infirmary. When they reached the appropriate corridor, Hermione pulled Harry into a nearby broom closet. "As much as I would like to love, we really don't have the time." Harry didn't say any more as Hermione's lips were now on his.

As Hermione ended the kiss, she explained why they were in the broom closet. "We need to wait for Dumbledore to leave the infirmary and lock us in. When we hear the scream, it should be time to move."

Harry whispered for Dobby and the little elf instantly appeared, he presented Harry with a green velvet box. Harry opened it and two platinum rings were inside, they had a knot design with the Potter crest in the centre of the knot. Harry glanced at the girl he loved.

"Are you sure about this, Hermione? My life hasn't exactly been a bed of roses and you will be forced to see ALL of it, these can't be removed for at least ten days. Remember, my dad said the last couple to wear these ended up hating one another."

"Harry, I love you and nothing I see is going to change that, my only worry is I might murder some of the people who deliberately hurt you. I'm actually more nervous that you are going to see everything about me. What if you change your mind?"

It was Harry's turn to kiss her into silence. "Hermione, I won't be changing my mind, you are the most important person in the world to me. When I thought I had lost you, I just didn't care whether I lived or died. Without you, I had nothing to live for. This is the first step toward the rest of our lives together." He placed one of the rings on her finger and tenderly kissed her lips.

Hermione was much more confident now. "Harry, I have loved you since our meeting in the girls' toilet back in first year. That is still the bravest thing I have ever seen. I want to spend the rest of my life with you raising our family. I know you would have wanted to do this in a more romantic setting, but we need the protection these rings give us before Dumbledore and Snape try and read our minds." She placed the other ring on Harry's finger, as a blue beam of light passed between the rings both felt the connection start.

When they kissed it was a strange but wonderful feeling when they experienced not only their own emotions but the others as well. Hermione was preparing to enter full experimental mode when they heard screams reverberate round the castle, they were sure at least one of them was Snape's scream of frustration.

It was time to go. With Dobby's help they passed right through the door, leaving the old buzzard's wards still intact, and were just in time to see themselves vanishing from view. Ron was lying on a bed sleeping off his injuries and had missed everything. Harry gave Hermione a quick kiss, "I think we had better get to bed."

Hermione feigned horror. "Just because you gave me a ring doesn't mean I'm going to jump into bed with you, Potter."

Both laughed and headed quickly to lie down, trying to wipe the smiles off their faces before their visitors arrived.

The door flew open with such force it woke Ron and alerted Madam Pomfrey who tried to head off the three angry men storming into her domain. "What's the meaning of this intrusion? I have sick children here."

"We shall be but a moment, Poppy," Dumbledore answered as he headed straight for Hermione's bed. Harry got the pleasure of the greasy git and an enraged minister.

"I know it was you, Potter, and I'll prove it."

Harry could actually feel the pressure in his head from the legilimency probe that Snape was illegally performing on him, in front of the minister no less. Had they not been wearing the rings that opened the communications between each other, but denied access to everyone else, Snape would have a clear view of not only everything that had transpired tonight but the other years too. When he could gleam no information whatsoever, Snape lost it and drew his wand. It was only Dumbledore rushing over and forcing the potion master's hand down that saved Harry being hexed and at least one life.

Dumbledore had met the exact same resistance from Hermione and had turned around just in time to stop Snape making a complete arse of himself. For the old man, saving Harry was just a by-product of that event. The old goat practically dragged his tame death eater out the room.

"Excuse me, Minister Fudge." Harry calmly asked. "Can you tell me what's happening? Why was I nearly hexed in my bed by a Hogwarts Professor?"

"Don't be silly boy, why would he do that?"

"Probably because his illegal legilimency attack failed to tell him what he was looking for. You didn't know that he and Dumbledore practice it all the time on students?" Fudge's face was a picture of confusion. "Oh, and don't take any of those lemon drops he offers everyone. Snape makes them especially for him, if you know what I mean."

Fudge now looked like he was suffering a severe bout of constipation.

"Don't let it worry you, Minister, I'm sure Dumbledore will obliviate any memories he doesn't want you to have. At least that's what he usually does."

Fudge left the infirmary at a run as Harry tried to contain his laughter.

It was a bemused Ron who asked, "What the hell was that all about?"

"Just winding up the Minister of Magic, Ron," Harry's glance at Hermione said all that was needed. Ron couldn't be told anything, they now knew he couldn't be trusted. This, along with their new relationship, was going to put an instant strain on their so-called friendship. Both Harry and Hermione knew that their Hogwarts days were over, it was only a matter of choosing the right time and method to reveal their plans. Plans in which the Weasley family played no part.

Harry and Hermione knew what would happen when they fell asleep and neither was looking forward to it, unfortunately the rings were forcing them to relax and sleep was fast approaching.

(A/N: These rings were commissioned by a Potter ancestor who was unsure whether his future wife loved him or his fortune. As the wearer sleeps, they view their partner's life and thoughts almost like a pensieve memory. The ten day rule allows the wearers to discover exactly how they feel about each other. This is explained in the next chapter but I placed this note here to try and avoid confusion.)

- Hermione viewing Harry's memories -

Hermione had been told she would see everything that had happened to Harry in his life but nothing could have prepared her for experiencing his emotions and pain.

A four-year-old Harry was curled-up in his cupboard, silently crying. It had been Dudley's birthday and Harry, knowing from experience he wouldn't be receiving any of the food or cake, had asked his Aunt when his birthday was. He had received a beating from his Uncle and then told that his drunken freaks of parents hadn't even bothered to write it down before they died, as a worthless boy like him didn't deserve to have a birthday.

Hermione's heart was breaking as she felt the desolation that was coming from the love of her life. Had her Harry known at this time what wonderful people his parents were, she was sure he would have walked in front of the first bus he saw to be with them and end this hell on earth.

As the memories downloaded into Hermione's mind, she began to experience anger on a scale she never thought herself capable of. Watching a bulldog sink its teeth into Harry's malnourished body, while being admonished about 'your blood better not poison my dog, boy' was the final straw. She felt her magic getting away from her before a calming presence pulled it back. The memories were still painful but she was now using the information to plan their revenge. No one did that to her Harry and got away with it, they were all going to pay - even the dog.

In the infirmary ward, all hell had broken loose. There were things flying everywhere as Hermione's magic manifested itself by throwing objects against the walls, floor and ceiling. Poppy had managed to get a shocked Ronald Weasley out the ward when it all stopped. She looked at the other two patients on her ward and noticed that both beds were actually side by side, with their occupants of those beds now holding hands. She went to approach the young couple when some objects again started to levitate, as she withdrew everything settled back down. As both appeared in no apparent danger, Poppy left them alone and placed Mr Weasley in a private room.

- Harry viewing Hermione's memories -

If Hermione was unprepared for the emotions coming from her betrothed, Harry was devastated at the hurt she went through growing up. He wasn't sure how this whole time travel thing worked but it seemed mere hours ago that he watched the wonderful girl who was his future hit with a curse that appeared to end her life. Harry knew he was over protective of those he loved but even that was exaggerated out of all proportion since that fight. Anyone trying to harm his beloved was going to have to go through him first and, since the Department of Mysteries, there were very few who could come even close to that feat.

Her experiences from school were no worse than his. Hermione was ostracised and bullied by her peers because of her obvious intelligence, but it was her home life that shocked him the most. Hermione was sitting calmly discussing the latest episode of bullying with her father who was advising her to confront the bullies while he would contact the school again. She was seven for Merlin's sake and had just spent over an hour crying in her bedroom, where was the hug she so desperately wanted? He could make Hermione feel better with a simple 'love you' and a hug. Another phone call to the school would just escalate the problem.

As an 'outsider' looking in, Harry could see where her tremendous drive and almost pathological need to please authority figures came from. Her parents were highly intelligent people and Hermione tried to show that part of her as often as possible, just so they would notice her. She wasn't so much unloved, just starved of affection by parents who she had never even seen holding hands. It was a wonder Hermione managed to get born at all. A pat on the back for a perfect report card was about as good as it got.

Both had been starved of love their whole life and he silently promised to show he loved her every day. His greatest wish was to have children in the future, and between the two of them they now knew exactly what not to do. When you added the overbearing Molly 'two hugs, three meals and I'm your adoptive mother' Weasley into the mix, they really had all the 'do not' bases well and truly covered.

He had felt the terrible hurt she was currently feeling and his magic acted accordingly, Harry didn't know what was happening in the 'real world' but he felt better because of it. He was currently watching Hermione discuss going to Hogwarts with her parents, he could feel the excitement of learning new things but that was outweighed by the surge of hope at a new start. Walking onto the Hogwarts express for the first time her feelings were almost exactly the same as his, please don't let me be sent home because I don't fit in.

Seeing yourself through another's eyes was disconcerting, seeing Ron through Hermione's eyes was a revelation. From the first time they met Ron had been rude to her, and this had continued every time she approached Harry in his presence. When he felt the hurt he caused her at Halloween, Harry would quite happily feed the redhead to Fluffy. Her emotions when a certain dark haired wizard jumped on the troll in an attempt to save her were off the scale, the boy she had been trying to befriend for a couple of months was literally putting his life on the line for her.

- Hermione viewing Harry's memories -

Hermione watched through Harry's eyes' as she stood frozen in place while the troll wrecked the bathroom. He could see it was only a matter of seconds before she was hit with the club and did the only thing he could think of, he jumped on it. He couldn't believe she had lied to McGonagall for them.

Getting his perspective on flying was awesome. She now understood that, after spending most of his life in a cupboard, the freedom a broom afforded provided some of his happiest memories to date. When she had screwed her courage up and hugged Harry before he went to face Quirrell, it was the first hug for both of them.

After defeating one evil bastard, another evil bastard sent him to live with a whole tribe of vicious, evil bastards. Watching as he received his meagre rations through a cat flap meant she was really going to get creative with their payback. Oh they were all so going to suffer for what they did to her Harry.

The hurt he felt over the whole 'Heir of Slytherin' was nothing compared to his sense of loss when he saw her lying in the infirmary petrified. Hermione had felt a wave of jealousy when he received that singing valentine but seeing him sitting holding her petrified hand showed he loved her before any of them even knew it.

Watching as the terrified twelve-year-old fought that basilisk and Riddle was awe-inspiring. Even when he was dying though, his thoughts had turned to his friend lying in the hospital. Harry saved Dumbledore's job, got Hagrid out of Azkaban before he was once more shipped off to those bastards and the prison that was Privet Drive. He only escaped by blowing up his Aunt.

He didn't even make it to Hogwarts before the madness resumed once more, dementors on the train set the tone for the year and a convicted killer after you just added a bit of spice to the mix. Hermione saw that discovering Sirius was his godfather, innocent and wanted Harry to live with him was the best thing he had ever felt. The legalised murder of Sirius Black almost broke Harry James Potter, it was back to being four in the cupboard and his friends were banned from contacting him. Surviving summer only landed him in that flaming tournament.

- Harry viewing Hermione's memories -

Harry looked through his girl's eyes as she watched him holding on for dear life as his broom kicked and bucked beneath him. This was his first experience of Hermione's 'Help Harry' mode, her whole mind and body was focused on the problem and sprang into action. She'd only been in the magic world a few months yet here she was setting fire to a professor's robes to save her Harry.

He felt her utter elation as she solved the riddle of the Basilisk but her last thought as Hermione was petrified was that she let her Harry down. When she recovered there was only one thought in her mind, find her Harry and she almost thought it was worth being petrified to hug him in the great hall.

Harry looked in horror as he saw himself fall from that broom after the dementors had invaded the quidditch pitch, Hermione thought he was dead and the feelings were exactly the same as Harry's in the Department of Mysteries. When he got the Firebolt it brought it all back to her and she did something she never would have believed possible, she went to McGonagall. When Harry wasn't speaking to her, she cried herself to sleep every night. Hermione's only consolation was that he was still alive. She had done it for his safety and he had turned on her, Harry felt like a right shit.

When Dumbledore closed the door and Sirius had his soul removed by the Dementor, they both cried all night. Professor Lupin was so disgusted with the decision he left not only the school but the magical world and they never heard from him again.

Hermione had defied Dumbledore and written to Harry that summer but her letters kept coming back undelivered, even the ones sent by muggle Royal Mail.

When they got back to Hogwarts she was really worried about him, those feelings kicked into overdrive when his name came out that bloody goblet. As she watched him walk away there were only two things she was certain of, he didn't put his name in the goblet and it was 'Help Harry' time again.

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