Knowledge is Power

When Hermione gets cursed at the Ministry, Harry and the Death Eaters discover the power he knows not. Unleashing this power has far reaching consequences. Weasley and Dumbledore bashing – time travel story that's hopefully different.


18. Chapter 18

Remus didn't usually like to admit he was wrong but in this case it was a pleasure, his premise that only muggle clothes could make a woman look sexy was shattered into a million pieces as he saw the ladies of the Institute in their new Italian made wizarding robes. Apparently it was another case of the British magical community being well behind their Italian counterparts and the group had heads turning as they made their way through the ministry towards the Wizengamot chamber where Sirius was to get his day in court.

Harry had ordered designer robes for everyone in the pale blue colour that was going to be the Institute's uniform and each had the new crest displayed prominently so there was no doubting who they were. An owl that looked remarkably like Hedwig was perched on a rather thick book that had a wand lying across it; the motto in Italian 'l'abilità è tutta' roughly translated as 'Ability is all' and said everything that needed saying about the Institute.

There were quite a few who had the Potter crest on the sleeve of their robes showing they were under the protection of house Potter, Remus as a werewolf, Amber as a squib and Filius as a crossbreed were all grateful for it. Dan, Emma and Hermione had the Potter crest displayed on the chest above that of the Institute signifying that they were family while Minerva had hers trimmed with the McGonagall family tartan rather than her clan crest. Ginny was wearing the Pomfrey crest along with Poppy while the Lovegoods, Longbottoms and Pomona all proudly displayed their family emblems.

Lord's Potter and Black led the procession and wore cloaks signifying their rank; Sirius was practically unrecognisable from the haunted, emaciated creature that was on the run. Good food, exercise, sunshine and a new haircut at Ambers 'suggestion' had made a big difference with the stylish dark blue robes emblazed with the Black family crest completing the transformation, he looked every inch the Lord he was.

They entered the courtroom and Sirius was led to the chair in the centre of the floor, he had given Harry his wand for safekeeping so they couldn't take it off him. Sirius sat there alone, quietly contemplating the things that could go wrong today but safe in the knowledge there wasn't any way Harry would accept anything other than an innocent verdict. If the Wizengamot tried to screw with him today they were in for a rude awakening, he had a slight chuckle to himself as the security guards had totally dismissed Dan and Emma as any threat. If it came down to a fight he for one was glad they were on his side and wondered what the effect would be amongst the purebloods if that cannon Dan carried was fired in the chamber.

Dan Granger's attention was on the red head that had been seated at the other side of the court, smart lady that Amelia Bones. He had heard descriptions of the Bulstrode girl but he had taken those with a pinch of salt, seeing her in the flesh left him wondering if those same descriptions weren't on the flattering side. If ever there were to be a campaign against marrying close family members then Millicent Bulstrode would be the poster girl, though it would have to come with a government health warning. She totally dominated the boys every action and even at one point spat into a hanky then proceeded to wipe a dirty mark of the side of his face, Dan remembered his late mother embarrassing him by doing the exact same thing but he was about four at the time.

It suddenly struck Dan that the boy was exactly like his father, anytime Molly was around Arthur's entire conversation consisted of "yes dear" with the word 'no' never being uttered. This girl had just replaced his mother as the person who issued the commands that he blindly obeyed, as they were betrothed he was going to be dominated by this person for the rest of his life. He felt his wife's hand find his as they both reached the same conclusion, his punishment for trying to enslave their daughter was to end up in this one sided relationship where she dictated every facet of his life. Millicent was treating him like a possession in a similar fashion to celebrities with their little dogs; he would be dressed and paraded up and down on her arm but definitely under her thumb and anything else she desired.

Harry and Hermione were ignoring Ron; they had more important business to attend to. Using Voldemort's stored knowledge they were able to identify every death eater who came into the courtroom, the place was packed and had turned into a real media circus – Lord Harry James Potter and Lord Sirius Orion Black in the same place was big news.

All the Institute staff were sitting together and if trouble started they would do their best to finish it, the exercise eight all wore armour under their robes and Sirius knew to get over there as quick as possible if spells started flying.

Amelia entered last with the raised platform of Wizengamot members now filled as the court settled down, her two favourite aurors walked in front of her before taking their places standing on the floor at either side while she sat on the raised platform. Shacklebolt was earmarked to take over from Amelia as the head of DMLE but wanted to make sure his boss lived long enough to get the reforms they wanted passed through this court, their estimated timetable was two weeks and he was prepared to wait longer if necessary.

The trial developed exactly as they hoped and the Wizengamot retired to reach a verdict after only three hours of watching pensieve memories from the shrieking shack and questioning Sirius under Veritaserum. It should be a mere formality based on the evidence presented, Harry couldn't shake the feeling of imminent danger and had slipped Sirius his wand when the Wizengamot members left to deliberate on his innocence.

They filed back in and Harry could read from Amelia's expression that he was going to like the verdict but the feeling of apprehension just wouldn't go away, the new minister started speaking and had just pronounced Sirius innocent when the shit hit the fan.

Harry noticed that one of the death eaters he was keeping an eye on was not following proceedings but instead looking at a wizard sitting to the right of Amelia, this wizard's sudden movement forced Harry and Hermione into action. The wizard had his wand pointed at Amelia and was uttering a curse as Hermione fired a stunner at him while Harry tried to summon the minister out of the curse's path.

Amelia felt herself being pulled out of her seat just as a beam of green light hit her now vacant chair and large splinters of wood smacked into her back, both legs caught the barrier in front of her but the force of the exploding chair tipped the new minister over the barrier as she felt at least one of her legs break from being trapped.

Shack and Tonks had been watching the crowd but when Hermione fired off the stunner both whirled round just in time to see their boss come head first over the banister, thankfully Kingsley was able to physically catch Amelia before she hit the floor.

Dan fired his pistol into the air and the unaccustomed noise froze everyone for a split second but that was all they needed, Harry and Hermione had another six wizards down with stunners as he raised his voice to shout above the escalating panic. "STOP! Everyone stay right where you are and the next person that reaches for a wand will be met with something stronger than a stunner."

This really did freeze everyone in place, Harry turned round to call for Poppy but the healer was already on her way to Amelia and Sirius had moved over to stand guarding Poppy with his wand drawn. Harry was livid and only Hermione in his mind was keeping his temper under control, had that killing curse been aimed in their direction there would have been no stopping him. As Harry strode into the middle of the room, cape billowing from the magic pouring off him and the stunned members began being wandlessly levitated to the floor no one was stupid enough to interfere or even put their hands anywhere near a wand. Hermione of course was right by his side.

As the member who'd fired the curse hit the floor Shack looked ready to rip his head off bare-handed until Harry stepped in and pointed to the stunned wizard next to him, "Auror Shacklebolt could you please check this wizard's wand for the last spell it cast."

Shack's attitude changed immediately, it was bad enough to try and assassinate the minister but to use an unforgivable curse to force someone else to do it for you was even worse in his book, the wand was checked in front of the whole Wizengamot and the imperious was the last spell cast. The shocks were not over though as Harry and Hermione started casting spells to remove the sleeves of the stunned members revealing six death eaters while the wizard who cast the killing curse was unmarked.

Harry needed an outlet for his anger and turned on the remaining members, "how can you sit there and allow over ten percent of your members to belong to a fanatical terrorist organisation who must freely commit a murder in their master's presence before Voldemort will accept them. These animals live amongst you and are clearly marked like cattle so why has nothing been done about it?"

"We don't have the laws in place to deal with it," moaned one member before Harry's gaze bore through him.

"This is the Wizengamot, you make the laws so lets make some today!" Hermione watched as her betrothed berated the assembled wizards and witches, she knew opening her mouth would hurt their argument, as she was just an uppity mudblood in their eyes. This time she would have to play the support role to Lord Potter but that didn't mean she couldn't help put words into Harry's mouth.

"We don't have an agenda," a court official said before he also wilted under the young wizard's gaze.

"Your newly appointed head of government is lying bleeding on the floor from a failed assassination attempt and you need an agenda to friggin do something about it! Is it any wonder magical Britain is still in the dark ages when murderers are allowed to walk free because no one has the balls, never mind agenda to stand up to them."

Poppy had done wonders as Amelia was actually back on her feet, "I don't know about balls Lord Potter but I certainly have the agenda, there was a meeting scheduled for tomorrow where every member of the Wizengamot was going to be required to show their arm. Apparently my security isn't as tight as I thought it was as they must have learned of this and came up with a pre-emptive strike, I am indebted to you and your betrothed Lord Potter."

"Minister is there any reason this law cannot be discussed and passed today?"

Shacklebolt had re-stunned and restrained the six death eaters while overriding the lockdown that had went into effect as soon as the killing curse was fired, allowing about a dozen aurors to flood the chamber, seeing Amelia injured didn't improve their mood.

The teens recognised one of the aurors so Hermione waved her hand, causing all the aurors to lose their right sleeves while Harry stunned and restrained the man before levitating him to join the others.

"It would appear these vermin have infested every corner of our society, how can they walk about freely yet an innocent man gets to spend twelve years in Azkaban?" Harry's anger was beginning to get away from him and the old arsehole in the Wizengamot who kept interrupting with inane comments was seriously not helping.

"What would you have us do Lord Potter? We have to treat people in a civilised manner or we're no better than them. As you rightly pointed out, the attacker was under the imperious curse, some of these people could have been as well"

Harry decided to let them know just what they were dealing with, he revived the seven death eaters and choose a Wizengamot member by the name of Grafton to be levitated into the chair that Sirius had been sitting in only moments before.

"Shack, you have any that truth serum left?"

The old arsehole was now on his feet, "You can't do that, what about his rights?"

"Lets ask that question after he's supplied us with some answers?" Harry nodded to Shack who quickly administered the Veritaserum and the prisoners eyes soon glazed over so Harry began.

"What is your name?"

"George Grafton"

"When did you become a death eater?"

"Third of August, 1978"

"Did you choose this of your own free will?"


"Describe to the court the events of that night when you received your mark."

"We kidnapped a family that was muggle parents with a mudblood daughter, the Dark Lord had contacts in the ministry who would keep us informed of accidental magic from these freaks so they could be culled. As was usual the woman was raped and tortured while the father and daughter were forced to watch, then we moved on to the daughter who looked about nine."

The death eater continued to describe the horrendous events though his words were spoken without emotion due to the serum; everyone in the court was struggling to comprehend how someone could carry out such atrocities to another human being, a child at that.

Harry and Hermione were having different problems; they could see the images as the scene played out in their mind. The use of the word freak caused something to snap in Harry and as he watched the horrors unfold it was Emma's face he saw when he looked at the woman who was welcoming the release of death, The husband morphed into Dan who was struggling for all he was worth to escape his bonds but was only providing amusement for the assembled crowd of death eaters. When the young girl who was being stripped morphed into Hermione, Harry couldn't take anymore. "ENOUGH!" The power radiating off him shook the room.

His voice was now hard and as unforgiving as the sharpest steel blade, "is there anyone here who thinks this piece of shit has any rights in our society?"

Not a word was spoken but the overwhelming emotion on display from everyone present was anger, "these bastards were allowed to carry out their own version of genocide while we sat back and let it happen, that could have been your family, that was my family."

Shack had administered the antidote but George Grafton wasn't too worried, he might have to do some time in Azkaban but his money would get him out before too long.

"If we want to take our country back where decent people can live without the fear of saying someone's name then we have to be prepared to deal with arseholes like this. How can we ever hope to defeat Voldemort if all his followers are allowed to freely roam amongst us, we have the means to find them but we lack the conviction to deal with the problem."

Sirius walked over and joined the teens, ripping the right sleeve off his robe to leave his unmarked arm bare. The rest of the Institute party made their way over and were all missing a sleeve by the time they reached Harry and Hermione. The challenge had been flung down and the public gallery couldn't wait to accept. They had all been ready to run at the first sign of trouble but Lord Potter and his betrothed had dealt with the problem in seconds, now they ripped their robes exposing forearms to the person standing next to them. Amelia Bones had a trickle of blood running down her face as she hobbled over to Harry and ripped her robe before turning to the Wizengamot members, her silent challenge plain for all to see. To a person they stood and tore at their robes, not one dark mark was left amongst them.

"This is the first step to reclaiming our world but it isn't enough, this bastard sitting here thinks his position, heritage and money allows him to rape, torture and murder nine year old children with impunity, well he thought wrong." Harry put his hand out towards Dan and took his pistol, he walked right in front of the still bound death eater, "your wished to become a death eater and today I'm going to make that wish become reality, eat this you sick bastard!" Harry pushed the muzzle of the pistol into the man's mouth and pulled the trigger, blowing the back of the death eater's head off.

He strolled over to the six death eaters lying bound on the floor, they all heard their compatriots confession and had similar stories to tell, by the time Harry got there with Dan's pistol still in his hand they had all wet and soiled themselves. "These people are terrified of Voldemort for good reason, he's a sick, evil psychopath who would think nothing of killing them if they failed him. We on the other hand give them rights and privileges that their mark says they don't deserve. Voldemort will return but I say we let him come back to a barren desert, no money, no followers and nobody willing to join him because of the consequences they will face." Harry indicated over to the dead George Grafton.

"If we take these steps our country has a chance, if he returns to most of his recourses still in place then heaven help you, because I won't."

Hermione could feel Harry was running on pure adrenalin and that was starting to wane, she would need to get him out of here soon before his actions hit home because this was going to be bad. She had also seen the images and when Harry started seeing the Grangers in their place Hermione was amazed that he actually held it together so well. She had no qualms about what he had just done and in fact Hermione was fighting the urge to take her mother's gun and shoot the six shits who were still lying on the floor. She was going to have to be strong for Harry as this was going to rip him apart.

As he finished speaking Dobby appeared and took both their hands before vanishing them home, blowing the ministry wards apart in the process.

Amber stood as the Institute crew had sprang into action, she had found herself surrounded by people who were ready to fight to protect those like her who couldn't fight back. Watching the Grangers with their guns and seeing the graphic effect a bullet had on a death eater Amber knew what she had to do next. As Harry and Hermione left with Dobby she put her arms round Sirius and kissed his cheek, "I've seen you training in the morning and would like to join, I don't want to be helpless anymore."

He looked into her gorgeous eyes before replying, "I'm afraid you wasted that kiss as it's actually Remus you need to ask, he's the expert on guns."

She kissed his cheek again, "I don't think I wasted it and if I kissed Remus aunt Pomona would be pissed at me, you never want aunt Pomona pissed at you no matter what."

"Thanks for the warning but I had already figured that one out myself."

"Sirius, don't you think we should be heading home?" asked Emma, "I'm really worried about Harry, I only shot that bitch in the shoulder but I felt terrible after it. He must be going through hell."

"They have each other and I suspect that's all they'll need for now, Dobby won't let any harm come to them," Sirius answered.

"You realise that could so easily have been us if Harry hadn't stopped him as a baby."

"So did Harry, that's why that arsehole's dead but by the look in Amelia's eyes this isn't finished yet. Let's take our seats because I've a feeling we're about to see history being made, in fact I would bet you and Dan have already made it by being the first muggles to meet the Wizengamot."

The same old arsehole was heard to mutter, "Are we just going to let him kill a man then leave here as if everything's fine?"

Amelia Bones was on adrenalin high as well, almost being murdered will do it every time. "Johnston you celebrated with the rest of us when that young man defeated Voldemort as a baby, is it just the fact that this happened in front of you that upsets your outdated moral belief that these animals deserve better treatment. I propose that aurors be given the right to ask ANY citizen of magical Britain to roll up there sleeve, do I have a second?"

"Minister Bones!" came the shout from the public gallery, "could we change that to any citizen can ask, rather than just the aurors. This is our country and it's about time we reclaimed it."

The roar of approval that followed this remark was more than she could have hoped for, Amelia had deliberately stopped her aurors from moving the body as she planned to railroad through some drastic measures and it would do no harm for their to be a reminder of what they were up against. Using a dead death eater as a visual aid might be considered unethical but the bastards had tried to kill her, leaving Susan an orphan, so screw ethics and full steam ahead. "I agree with that change with the proviso that we don't have kangaroo courts taking place up some back alley, justice will be administered only in this room." She looked towards the body leaving no doubt in anyone's minds what she meant by justice before turning back to the Wizengamot, "all in favour say aye!"

It was unanimous, as was the law waiving death eater's rights so they immediately received a trial under truth serum and the final law passed stated that any death eater who had committed rape or murder would face a mandatory death sentence. Sirius was right, history was made and the magical world was changed forever.

The body was then removed and the death eater Auror took it's place in the chair, as Shack was about to administer the serum the now ex-Auror made a plea, "Minister Bones, I freely admit I made a serious error of judgement when I was younger and have worked tirelessly trying to atone. I plead guilty willingly accept whatever fate the court decides but would like to spare my family the details of my crimes."

Amelia looked at the man she had worked along side and trusted with her life in the field, she had trouble equating his actions with that of a death eater but the mark was there and he had plead guilty. "Are you aware that this is a mandatory death sentence you're pleading guilty to?"

He held his head up, "Yes and I deserve it, I only wish to spare my wife and son the details."

She glanced amongst the members and nobody seemed to have any objections so she passed sentence, "the court accepts your plea of guilty, you shall be placed through the veil of death tonight at eight o'clock, take him away."

The other five death eaters all started spouting information, trying to shout over each other in the hope of getting a lighter sentence. Rather than mess about with silencing charms Shack just stunned four of them while the fifth was placed in the chair.

Every Auror in the ministry had been called to the chamber and required at wand point to show their arm and thankfully there were no more death eaters, the Aurors then began to leave in teams of three to arrest every name the death eaters in the chair gave them.

By the time they had finished with the five former members the first Aurors were returning with their prisoner, standing on no ceremony they were strapped into the chair and administered serum.

Amelia was beginning to feel the effects of her near miss but a pepper-up potion was keeping her going, they were achieving more here today than they had in decades.

They called a halt to the proceedings at three o'clock with eighteen death eaters sentenced to death that night and another five names being hunted by her Aurors. She planned on trying every inmate of Azkaban by the same method to eliminate the death eaters and assure herself there were no more "Sirius Black's" serving time for crimes they didn't commit. Between today efforts and the purge on Snape's information she felt at last they might be getting on top of the situation, walking through the ministry Amelia had to smile at the last nail in the death eater's coffin. Every single person was wearing robes with a sleeve missing, this statement of innocence would spread throughout their world like wildfire and before the week was out anyone wearing both sleeves would be repeatedly challenged at wand point to show their arm.


Hermione led Harry into their bedroom and led was the operative word; he had started going into shock almost as soon as they arrived home. He just stood there as she removed his clothes before placing him in bed; she then undressed and joined him before pulling her betrothed tightly into a hug.

He was unresponsive until speaking over the bond, 'Hermione how can you bare to touch me, didn't you see what I did to that defenceless man!'

Hermione spoke back to him, "Harry there no longer is me, I, or you – only we and us. Of course I saw what you did and the fact I made no attempt to stop you surely tells that I agreed with your decision. I saw the same vision as you and if Voldemort hadn't been stopped by baby Harry Potter that version of history would probably have come true."

'I thought I was loosing you again, I won't let that happen I swear I won't.'

"You could never loose me Harry, we're together for all time like your mum and dad."

This seemed to be the right thing to say as his arms slowly wrapped round Hermione as he sobbed holding the girl he loved more than life, slowly crying himself to sleep holding onto the one person in the world he relied on.

Harry awoke with a strange feeling until he remembered where he was and why his betrothed was wrapped in his embrace, after a while he gradually relaxed before finding his voice, "eh Hermione, did you know we were both lying here naked?"

She smiled at him, "Harry I can tell you the exact second you discovered it, I'm sorry but it's rude to point."

They both laughed before snuggling into each other, "Harry, your birthday is in twelve days but I really don't want to wait any longer." She started to kiss away any semblance of sense the boy had left.

"Well if you're sure…" no more words were used or needed.

Dobby was outside their bedroom door casting silencing and locking charms that Dumbledore would struggle to break, his charges were going to be given the time alone they needed to heal.


Millie and Ron had left the trial soon after Harry and Hermione, making their way down Diagon Alley. She noted her betrothed was seemingly in another world and this really scared the large Slytherin, Millicent wasn't stupid and knew she had taken advantage of the handsome Gryffindor. Being betrothed to someone her own age was a bonus she didn't expect but the pureblood by her side was far beyond her wildest dreams and she was so happy she could burst.

Watching his reactions when he saw his friends had left her confused so Millicent asked the one question she really didn't want answered, unfortunately she was falling in love him and couldn't live without knowing the truth. "Ron, would you rather be with Hermione than me? Is that why you're so quiet?"

The question shocked Ron but not nearly as much as the answer did his betrothed, "are you serious? Did you see what they did in that courtroom, what he did! Hanging around with those two is a one-way ticket to an early grave; you wouldn't believe some of the shit they put me through. If it's a choice between them or you then I've made my decision and will gladly be sticking with you."

Ron's feet actually left the ground as an ecstatic Millie engulfed her betrothed and gave him the snog of his life in the middle of a busy Diagon Alley.

Ron's feet were still of the ground as he put his arms round his betrothed and started to return he kiss, the image of the back of that death eater's head being blown off was a startling reminder that there were a lot worse things in life than being betrothed to Millicent Bulstrode.


It was late when the two finally left their bedroom and headed towards the terrace in search of some supper, they could easily have had something brought to their room but understood people would be worried about them. Harry was now more worried about Dan and Emma finding out that they hadn't waited till they were married than the group's reaction to his performance in court, this caused Hermione to smile as that was why she had pushed him earlier, well one of the reasons anyway.

They walked in and Harry was accosted by two blurs, one with long blond hair and the other red with black streaks as both began to kiss him all over his face. Hermione chuckled at Harry's discomfort, "should I be getting worried here girls?"

It was Luna who answered, "I just want Harry to know our feelings haven't changed because of today, I still love him." She gave him another kiss before holding him in a tight hug.

"Hey, I just thought it was a good excuse to get to kiss Harry!" Ginny Weasley would have meant those words but coming from Ginny Pomfrey her friends understood she was trying to lighten the mood.

Neville also kept it light, "sorry mate, you know I love you but I really prefer blonds so no kisses from me."

Harry was mortified though when Augusta came over and gave him a hug and kiss, "young man what you did today has set our world on a course that will eventually eradicate the evil that is Voldemort and his followers. The houses of Potter and Longbottom have been allies for generations and I for one hope this is a tradition that can be continued."

"Madam Longbottom, Neville is our brother in all but name and between us we hope to continue the tradition for a few more generations yet." Harry was tearing up and when he saw Emma approach him in the same condition they held each other and let them flow.

"Harry that man was pure evil, I was ready to shoot him myself."

"Mum when he was talking I started imagining you and dad with Hermione in the same position, I will not let anyone harm my family and if I have to become an outcast to achieve that then I'm willing to pay the price."

Dan had joined his wife in holding the young man who was now their son in every way that mattered, "I was imagining the same as you Harry, thinking of all the witches and wizards who never got the chance to discover who they were before being brutally murdered. These are not just statistics anymore, kids like the Creeveys, little Natalie MacDonald and even our Hermione wouldn't be alive today if you hadn't stopped him as a baby. I know what it cost you to do that today and I wish that I could have pulled the trigger in your place but Harry Potter doing it changed your world."

Harry looked confused until Sirius led the group over to the table so they could get some much needed food into them before he would explain, "when you left it was a pretty pissed Amelia Bones who rounded on the Wizengamot and Merlin did she get some changes made. You can now legally be asked by anyone to lift up your sleeve and prove you don't have the dark mark, if you do then it's straight to trial with Veritaserum and the guilty are sentenced to death. I don't see you becoming an outcast any time soon."

Dobby popped in and actually looked embarrassed, "Minister Bones would like to speak with you, she's been asking for hours but I told her you were unavailable at the moment."

Hermione could feel Harry's apprehension; he actually expected to be arrested. "You did the right thing Dobby, could you fetch her now please?" It was a smiling Dobby who popped away to obey his mistress's command.

"Dobby told us the same thing, just what were you up to?" The smirk on Sirius's face grew wider the redder Harry got but he hadn't reckoned with Hermione.

"I'm sorry Sirius but we can't tell you, it would be considered cruelty to dumb animals to make an old dog jealous."

If anything Harry's face got redder at the accompanying laughter but he calmed down a fair bit noticing that Dan and Emma were joining in and not trying to murder him, Hermione had both arms around him with her head on his shoulder when Amelia arrived with Dobby.

The Grangers and Sirius followed their charges as they escorted the minister into their study for a meeting as Dobby served tea while they waited to see what the minister of magic wanted, the fact that Shack and Tonks weren't here let Harry relax on the arrest issue.

As usual Amelia wasn't one for small talk and got straight down to business, "Lord Potter you will face no charges for what transpired today as I and many others believe you did the magical world a very big favour by giving it a kick up the arse. All the death eaters that you and Miss Granger exposed today have been tried, sentenced and executed under the new wizarding law your actions allowed to be formed."

Harry was visibly relieved that he wasn't going to be facing any charges and once again Hermione had her arms round him with her head on his shoulder, their actions this afternoon seemed to have done the almost impossible task off making them even closer.

"On a more personal note I would like to thank you both for saving my life today in more ways than you know," Amelia opened her robes and lifted her jumper showing a dragon hide vest. "The money you gifted the auror department will mean that all our operatives will have one of these as standard issue in a matter of days. Poppy told me some of the splinters that impacted into my back would have done serious damage but for this vest. We have also tripled our intake of recruits this year and next leaving me a lot more confident about our future than I was a few months ago."

Harry and Hermione were pleased that things were working out so well but felt Amelia hadn't got to the real reason for her visit yet though thought that would soon change, they weren't wrong.

"Now we come to the problem I have and the real reason for my visit, it's plain to me that you have an incredibly accurate source of information that I don't. All six members you stunned after the attack were death eaters and I found myself asking how you could know when all my entire department had was a few unsubstantiated rumours. There is not a shred of doubt in my mind that we're on the same side but as minister there must be things we can work on together to resolve this with as little loss to our side as possible."

The all understood Amelia wasn't asking for any political or personal gain, she felt every auror loss personally and was willing to do anything to eradicate those visits where you had to tell somebody their loved one had been killed in the line of duty.

"Minister we have a plan that hopefully will meet that criteria and we will gladly accept your help when the time is right, recent events may have put those plans beyond salvage at which point we will certainly bring you into our full confidence as we try to end this. Our generation has known relative peace and we hope to finish off Voldemort so the peace will extend to our children and beyond, at the moment only Hermione and I know the plan and that's the way it's got to stay for now but that doesn't mean we can't work together or share information."

They had been discussing it over their bond just what they could tell the only person in the ministry they trusted, "minister the horcruxes that you became aware of have been found and destroyed bar one, Voldemort has a very large snake as a familiar that he's made a horcrux. The snake is always with him but can be killed like any other animal, which will leave him mortal. Before you start organising search parties there's a very important fact that you need to be aware of, it's been prophesised that he can only die by Harry's hand." Hermione's words had Amelia's head whipping round to face Harry for confirmation.

He nodded and Hermione continued, "if your aurors come into contact with him they need to get out of there as quick as possible, take a shot at the snake if they get the chance but don't engage Voldemort in a fight they can't win."

Amelia found herself lost for words for one of the few times in her life, to anyone else that would be a death sentence but his friends and family had all rallied behind this extraordinary young man and she actually believed he could pull it off. She was trying very hard not to imagine Susan in the same predicament; even with her as minister it was very doubtful they would get a positive outcome.

"Lord Potter I can only wish you well and reiterate my offer that I will swing the whole weight of the ministry behind you, all that's required is to ask and if it's within my power it's yours."

"How would you like to capture a death eater whose escape from Azkaban was masterminded and carried out by a high ranking ministry official?" Harry's question had Amelia on the edge of her seat, eyes burning with righteous indignation.

"Please tell me more Lord Potter."


When Roy MacDonald had confirmed Natalie was going to be attending Potter Institute he had politely asked the young lord if there was anything he could do to repay his generosity. The answer had Roy chuckling and he was still laughing as he gladly granted Harry's request, the form in front of him was Natalie's acceptance letter for Hogwarts. He had ticked the box to indicate his daughter would not be attending and in the space provided to give a reason he wrote 'taking the PISS'. He placed the form into the envelope provided for muggle parents and wished he could see the face of the person who opened it.

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