Knowledge is Power

When Hermione gets cursed at the Ministry, Harry and the Death Eaters discover the power he knows not. Unleashing this power has far reaching consequences. Weasley and Dumbledore bashing – time travel story that's hopefully different.


17. Chapter 17

The two marauders were making there way from the beach towards Potter Institute after their morning training, the prospective pupils and parents would be arriving this afternoon and they had decided to curtail working with the dummies for the visit so had a longer session this morning. The kids were now flying and the Grangers just loved to watch so it was just the two of them climbing the stairs though if Moony didn't stop grinning like the cat that got the cream he may find himself flying without the aid of a broom. He'd been out on another date with Pomona last night and hadn't stopped smiling all morning leading Sirius to threaten throwing him off the cliff.

On reaching the Institute Remus changed their route to pass the terrace so he could give Pomona a morning kiss, Sirius was about to make a smart comment until he spotted the vision that was beside his best mate's girlfriend. She looked late twenties / early thirties, shoulder length blond hair and was stunningly beautiful, had he been in his Padfoot form his tongue would have been hanging out with a puddle of drool forming on the ground below his chin. As it was he just stood there like a total prat, starring at the girl with his mouth open until an elbow from Remus made contact with his ribs.

He looked at Remus in panic, not having heard a word that had been spoken and it now looked as if he'd been asked a question that he had no clue how to answer.

Remus took pity on his friend but still couldn't resist having a pop at him, "sorry ladies but we had a very hard training session this morning and Sirius here isn't getting any younger, this is Amber, Pomona's niece and the Institute's new professor of astronomy and astrology. We were wondering if you could accompany her into Naples to see what the Italians have in the way of telescopes as we're all going to be busy getting ready for this afternoon."

Sirius thought he'd never heard a more apt name for someone as Amber currently had the sun at her back and an almost golden aurora surrounding her, when she started speaking he couldn't help but think even her voice was beautiful.

"If it's too much trouble then I could go next week with Pomona, I just thought it would be a good idea to have something to show the parents."

With his brain finally beginning to function Sirius at last began to speak, "it's no trouble at all to accompany a beautiful young lady shopping, and Remus you know I'll get you back for that age gag. Since I don't actually work here but am in my godson's custody until my trial on Tuesday I would be delighted to help you any way I can. Please excuse me while I take a much needed shower and change into something more suitable, I'll see you shortly."

He almost ran to his room and was showered, changed and heading out his room door when a wand appeared less than six inches from his nose.

Holding that wand was the pissed Pomona Sprout that had faced down Dumbledore and Sirius wondered if Remus knew what he was letting himself in for.

"I want a word with you Lord Black," the voice itself would have pinned him to the door but the wand made sure he stayed there, "Amber has just spent a couple of months trying to get over the arsehole who ditched her in favour of a witch, my niece is a squib and doesn't need another bloody wizard leading her on. If you hurt her there will be a big black dog that's going to be neutered, do we understand each other?"

Sirius was about to be flippant when he decided this woman needed to know the truth, "Pomona, Dan Granger and I are about the same age yet when I look at what he's done with his life I'm ashamed, granted I lost twelve years in Azkaban but even before that I wasn't going anywhere. I have been doing a lot of thinking lately and what I really want out of life is to settle down with the right woman and start a family, you'll notice I said woman because witch, squib or muggle makes no difference as long as we love each other. I've only just met Amber and all I am looking for is a nice lunch with a beautiful woman who hopefully doesn't find me too much of a bore. I am not interested in casual relationships and would never hurt her, Moony and Harry would probably kill me before you got the chance."

Pomona put her wand away as she apologised, "I'm sorry Sirius but you did have quite the reputation with the ladies and Amber means a lot to me."

He just smiled, "that was the old me, the one who put revenge before my duty as a godparent, I'm trying to change and have some pretty good role models around me now. I promise you I will be a perfect gentleman around Amber, you have nothing to worry about."

She kissed his cheek, "thanks for understanding," and left him standing there thinking Moony had picked himself a keeper.


Harry was standing on the beach with his arm round Hermione thinking that today couldn't have went much better.

As the parents and children started arriving Brutus and Cindy were revelling in their roles as head elves of the Institute and had everything running like clockwork, Dobby was more interested in serving Harry and Hermione though helped out whenever needed. The guests were led to their rooms and then a buffet on the terrace as everyone admired the view while enjoying the excellent food. This was one of the few areas where Harry thought Hogwarts had them beat, the terrace ran the full length of the building, could comfortably seat two hundred and had temperature control and insect repellent charms but it wasn't the great hall though no one else seemed to mind.

After some very short welcome speeches they were split into groups and given guided tours of the institute, Pomona had set up a classroom outdoors as the vast majority of planting would be directly into the ground. A greenhouse would be needed to house the more dangerous plants encountered for NEWT's but that was two years away yet, her explanation of the European system where the students grew plants, harvested them for potions and then studied the medicinal effects with Madam Pomfrey was a lot easier for the muggle parents to understand than turning a match into a needle or making a feather float.

Poppy was a big hit after she healed John Grady, a new first year who had fallen of his bike the previous day, watching his bruises disappear in front of their eyes brought home the benefits of magic to everyone and having a healer in campus was a big bonus.

The stars of the day though were Hermione and Harry who gave flying lessons on the beach; young Natalie MacDonald was born to fly and was soon zooming along the waves screaming in sheer delight unfortunately though not everyone was the same. Denis Creevey wasn't afraid of heights or flying, he just couldn't contain his enthusiasm and wasn't able to sit still on the broom far less control it. This provided a good teaching point though as when he fell off into the sea Harry flew over and levitated the laughing boy onto the beach, it sure beat ending up in the infirmary with a broken wrist like Neville's first attempt at Hogwarts.

Dinner that night had been organised by Dan and Dobby to finish the day off in style, they were all on the beach with barbecues being tended by elves wearing chef's hats that had Dean's design on them. There was a mixture of muggle and magical with everything from cheeseburgers to dragon steaks available and bottles of coke sharing the same ice buckets as butterbeer. Festive lighting had been erected along the cliffs and beach with tables, chairs or beach mats provided for everyone's comfort.

Amber Sprout had set up some telescopes on a platform for anyone who wanted to do some stargazing; Sirius was an almost constant visitor though seemed to do far more Amber gazing than actual viewing of the night sky. Pomona had approached Harry and Hermione with a view to her niece teaching here, she was an honours graduate from a Muggle University who wanted to get away from the British magical world. Both had been impressed with her so far and were a lot more comfortable with the Institute offering astrology as opposed to divination.

Hermione kissed Harry before speaking, "there are times when I wish it was just Luna, Nev and us but I'm sure we made the right decision with the Institute. We both remember just how terrifying our first day in the magical world was but these kids are all looking forward to coming here and their parents already know more about our world than mine did in all the years we attended Hogwarts."

It was Harry's turn to kiss Hermione, "as usual my wonderful wife to be is correct but are you sure about the OWL's love, and I know how much they meant to you."

"You mean a lot more love. If we just sit the NEWT's then we can have a three week honeymoon instead of two, no contest as far as I'm concerned. The only reason for sitting them is to add to your emancipation and our marriage, we'll be fully qualified as well meaning we're legally adults in every possible way available to us."

"So after the trial it's cram for the exams in Potter manor library, sit the NEWT's then get married?"

Hermione had a dreamy look on her face, "I'll be Mrs Potter, oh Harry this is a dream come true." The resulting snog was broken when a clearing of Adrian Greengrass's throat was louder than the giggles coming from his two daughters.

"Lord Potter, I'm sorry to interrupt but I wanted to congratulate you on the fabulous achievement your Institute is, I am delighted that both my daughters will be attending but could you answer a question for me please?" Harry nodded for the man to continue, " Mathew Boot is spreading rumours as to why his son was not welcome here, could I hear your version please?"

Harry took a moment to get Hermione's help with is reply, "when Daphne stood up with the others that morning she was making a statement that she supported me rather than the current system, that meant a lot to me and was directly responsible for the Institute being born. All those students put their faith in me and I promise to do my best to live up to it, by the same token those who remained seated chose the current system and are welcome to it."

Adrian was nodding indicating he understood Harry's point of view.

"We currently can't take any students older than us as the Institute is still growing, but younger students like Astoria didn't know me and most wouldn't have the maturity to stand and make a declaration in the great hall in front of the whole school. For the students who have shared classes with me for three years they had the knowledge and maturity to make their choice, if two Slytherins can publicly support Harry Potter then there is no excuse for anyone else choosing not to. Terry Boot made his and his father had no argument other than he wanted the best school for his son so thought he would try intimidation - big mistake."

Hermione added to the argument, "Ravenclaw house decided en mass not to support Harry and I, we think the incident where we publicly called them on their bullying of the girl we think of as a sister had something to do with it. Apart from Luna only Padma chose to follow us and now the so-called 'smartest house' are realising they have made a big mistake, we have had enquiries from almost everyone of our year group but they have all been given the same answer – that year group is full. Luna and Ginny have spent the summer here and are studying hard to skip a year which will take it to full capacity."

Harry smiled knowingly, "my information is that apart from the Ravenclaws only two other students from our year have confirmed they will be returning to Hogwarts and, as yet no new staff have been appointed. We understand why they're panicking but it's not our fault that Hogwarts standards are slipping, they should be looking nearer to home for answers to why that is."

It was a thoughtful Adrian Greengrass who continued, "if you have that information then you must know about the children of death eaters being taken care off," Harry said nothing but the fence sitter had heard and seen enough to make up his mind. "Lord Potter I have been impressed with your achievements but they pale in comparison with the dedication to your ideas and commitment to those who have faith in you. Daphne is a good judge of character and the way she has been treated while attending your Institute has been first class. My family and I have faith in you therefore I would like to publicly align the house of Greengrass with the house of Potter."

Harry immediately held out his hand, "it would be an honour sir," and both shook hands as a light flashed through them signifying their magical agreement.

Daphne was shocked at how quickly her father had decided the fate of their house, she totally agreed with him but thought he would sit a while longer to see how the land lay. Even her years in Slytherin though couldn't contain the question she was desperate to ask, "what did happen to Draco, Pansy and the rest of them?"

"Oh don't worry, they're being well taken care of and continuing their education abroad," Harry's smile gave nothing away.


Draco Malfoy was lying in a bunk bed in severe pain and cursing Harry Potter when the miracle occurred, he realised that it wasn't Potter's fault as a smile crossed his face when he remembered the reason he was suffering.

Stepping off the express had led to a whirlwind of new adventures as he was taken shopping for everything he would need. Draco then spent the night in a hotel where he made the most important discovery of his life; he watched his first music video on TV. The pureblood Draco Malfoy was hooked on scantily clad females 'booty shakin' to rhythms he'd never heard before, as hobbies go this seemed pretty harmless compared to being an apprentice death eater.

At the camp Chuck and Bob had decided that they needed to take the 'pasty Brit' under their wing and show him how they do things in the good old US of A. Draco didn't understand half of what they were talking about but since their knowledge of Britain consisted of it being an island on the other side of the Atlantic his ignorance was usually just put down to him being English.

Draco's hormones were in overdrive as every female in the camp wore shorts and something called a 'belly top', which confused the hell out the pureblood as it's sole purpose seemed to consist of exposing female midriffs so you could see the jewellery pierced into the girls bellybutton.

Chuck and Bob then decided they would broaden his horizons which directly led to his condition, sneaking out last night to meet three girls Draco made some startling discoveries, his cologne drew every mosquito in a two mile radius, he couldn't hold his beer worth shit, hangovers must surely be worse than the cruciatis curse and snogging a muggle girl was way better than kissing Pansy Parkinson.

When his hangover had worn off sufficiently to allow his higher brain functions to once again perform their duties these revelations would change the pureblood for ever, after all something that good simply couldn't be wrong.

America was the land of opportunities and since he would be spending at least the next four years here Draco intended to seize as many as possible, his pureblood father had ruined the Malfoy name in Britain by perusing outdated beliefs and worshiping some half blood psychopath leaving him parentless and penniless so there was nothing to go back to.

Draco thought of the opportunity that was going to await him tonight again and suddenly came up with a brilliant plan, he would cut down on his drinking, give the extra beer to Trish which should bring him even more opportunities and best of all, Potter was paying for everything. Draco may be beginning to form his own opinions and beliefs but he was still a Slytherin.


Albus still couldn't get an answer from the Weasleys and when he tried to floo there he ended up at the public floo fireplace in Diagon Alley, deciding to investigate the mystery he apparated to the Burrow. The old wizard was actually shocked to find the house totally destroyed and the magical tent in the garden unoccupied, he knew he'd hardly been out of his office in weeks but didn't think he could be so behind that something like this could escape his attention. After finding no clues he apparated to the ministry in his search for answers.

As he marched through the ministry atrium he was astonished to find himself being stopped at the security checkpoint by a disgruntled guard.


"My dear man you must know who I am!"

"Don't see an identification badge so I'll ask again before calling security, Name?"

"Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore, Order of Merlin, First Class." He realised that was the only thing he hadn't lost yet and the muttering guard seemed to have other ideas.

"Should have lost that as well, leaving the boy with those animals and never even checking on him," he stopped muttering and writing before looking back to the old wizard in front of him. "Reason for visit?"

"I don't see that's any of your business," Albus blustered.

The guard let out an audible sigh before sitting down his quill and going into 'procedures for idiots' mode, "let me explain the system to you, when a member of the public wants to enter the ministry they complete this form, receive a visitors badge and get directions to their destination. No form means no badge which means no entry, have you got that?"

Albus was desperate to dispute his status as a 'member of the public' but couldn't think of an argument so just nodded in agreement.

"Reason for visit?"

"To enquire about the location of some friends of mine."

"Didn't know you still had any." The guard muttered before asking, "what are their names and who do you want to see."

"The Weasleys and I think Madam Bones would be best suited to deal with my enquire."

Another mutter, "figures it would be them," before he delivered his bombshell, "Minister Bones is much to busy to deal with people who walk in here off the streets because they can't find someone, I'll get you an auror."

He was so taken aback by the fact that woman was now minister he didn't hear the guards first request, he glanced down and there was the guard's hand waiting on his wand. Albus hadn't let another's hand touch his wand for many years and he was loathe to let this jumped up janitor get his mitts on it but his choices were limited and he needed to find the Weasleys. Watching as his wand was weighed definitely qualified as a new experience before turning to find that black auror standing right in front of him.

"What can I do for you?" Shack asked in a voice totally void of any warmth or enthusiasm before reading the badge the old coot had been forced to wear. "If you're looking for the Weasleys then I'm sorry but that information is classified so I'll wish you good day and show you the way out."

This was how Albus Dumbledore, greatest wizard of the age came to find himself standing on the ministry steps, he had been politely escorted out the doors and his visitor badge had disappeared as soon as he left the building. As he was standing there contemplating his next move, the hostile stares of passers-by began to annoy him so he apperated to the Weasleys nearest neighbours hoping he'd have better luck at the Lovegoods.


Roy MacDonald was standing in the magical shopping area in Naples and the experience put the final seal on his decision, translation spells had been used before they left the Institute but it was the body language being displayed that spoke volumes to the muggle.

He was comparing this experience to the one they had in Britain where his family had been visited by a Hogwarts professor who informed them magic was real and Natalie is a witch, a few pointless tricks later (why would you want to turn a table into a pig?) and they were taken to Diagon Alley. There the family were given a provisional supplies list and instructed where to buy each item but it was the stares, sneers and even open hostility that greeted the MacDonalds everywhere they went that had unsettled Roy.

Natalie was an only child who had been a precious gift late in the couples life when they had almost given up on ever having children, and now both parents were agonising over a decision that would have a major effect on all their lives. It wasn't until they attended the meeting for the Potter Institute and Dan Granger spoke that the family realised they weren't alone, his words resonated deep into their souls as a third option they were so desperate for became available.

'There are parents sitting here today that are wrestling with the hardest decision of their lives, I know because three years ago my wife and I were in the exact same position. If at that time I had the information that I do now our daughter would never have set foot in the magical world and we would just have made a monumental mistake. You see my daughter is a witch, it's not an illness or condition to be cured, it's who she is!'

Both parents had practically made their minds up that Natalie would not be attending Hogwarts but those words had changed everything. After seeing the elation on his daughters face on that iconic moment when she flew on a broomstick for the first time it really drove the message home more than any words ever could, their daughter is a witch.

Standing observing this magical community that had welcomed them with open arms and went out of their way to make them feel comfortable was the final box ticked for the MacDonalds, Natalie would be a witch in a country where she was accepted irrespective of her linage and would not be going to a school that her parents couldn't even see.

They also decided pretty quickly that any money spent would be in Naples rather than Diagon Alley though Natalie was insisting she get a Harry Potter poster, which weren't on sale in Italy yet. That little Creevey boy had taken her picture with Harry and Hermione and the poor soul wouldn't get a moments peace until his daughter had the print. She was obviously crushing on Harry and from what Roy had seen of him so far Natalie couldn't have picked a better role model unless it was his girlfriend Hermione.

Adrian Greengrass had explained the incident that Emma Granger was involved in and the alternative outcome had she not been under Lord Potter's protection, he would gladly sign a tithe agreement tonight when he confirmed Natalie was going to be attending the Potter Institute.


Albus was not a happy bunny, he was quickly running out of options and this was a situation he had little experience of. The Lovegoods had proved fruitless, the Grangers must have been on holiday, Privet Drive now had a rather large crater where number four used to be and even the Longbottoms were out of the country. He was scratching his head while trying to figure out his next move when he decided to try the Clearwaters; Penelope had been Percy's girlfriend for over a year now and might have some information he could use.

Penelope answered the door clearly flustered and her face only got redder as Albus enquired about the Weasleys, when Percy popped his head round the door still buttoning his shirt the reason for his girlfriend's embarrassment was clear.

Dumbledore was delighted that the situation would keep both of them off balance and he finally might get some answers.

Penelope left to make some tea while Percy spun the tale of Weasley woe from Molly destroying the Burrow, Arthur swapping Ginny for a house and the attack by the muggles on a pureblood going unpunished. Albus now found himself in a bind as, no matter how much Percy thought otherwise, both his parents were in serious trouble and definitely wouldn't be available to teach at Hogwarts come September.

Penelope returned with the tea and Albus suddenly had the answer to his problems right in front of him, "Mr Weasley I was very impressed with your tenure as Head boy, so much so that I would like to offer you the post of transfiguration professor and head of Gryffindor house."

Both eighteen-year-olds just sat there with their mouths hanging open but Dumbledore wasn't finished, "Miss Clearwater I hold you in the same high regard so therefore would offer you the post of charms professor and head of Ravenclaw."

Albus knew he had them but decided to sweeten the deal since it wasn't costing him anything, in fact he would be saving a fair bit on salaries as he had no intention of paying them anywhere near their predecessors level. "The posts of course come with their own accommodation which can be adjoining rooms if you so desire."

Percy Weasley had been convinced he would have to move abroad for employment, as the Weasley name was now a hindrance in the ministry, all that hard work and years of study for naught. His two older brothers were both successful in their chosen fields but he planed on outshining them both, now here was his opportunity and he would get to be with Penny as well.

The young couple just reached out their hands for each other before giving their unconditional answer, "YES!"

"Excellent," beamed the old wizard, "now if I could ask you both to start on Monday as there is a mountain of paperwork to get through and it will also give you a chance to work on your lesson plans. You will of course be paid from the date you arrive at the castle and the elves will have rooms ready for you."

It was actually pathetic to watch the way both thanked him as if he'd just done them the biggest favour in the world, instead of them helping Albus out the shit, people were so easily led. He was sure both would receive good NEWT's but wasn't worried about their qualifications, after all even breathing wasn't a requirement for being a Hogwarts professor.

He left a lot happier than he arrived and decided to pay Mr Woods a visit and conscript him into the defence professorship, he was aware that Oliver wanted a career in Quidittch so he might have to use some compulsion charms. After all if the curse held true it would only be for the one year and again Albus would save gold on his salary too.


Harry and Hermione were sitting discussing the arrangements for their honeymoon with their mum and dad, if that wasn't strange enough the invitation to accompany them floored Dan and Emma. It was Harry who explained, "we feel as if we've just found you and in my case that's true. Hermione and I used to think that as long as we were together then nothing else mattered, we now realise how naive that was. We want parents, children, aunts, uncles and friends."

Hermione continued, "before we came back the only experience we had was our friendship with Neville and Luna, now we have loving parents, a couple of honouree uncles who seem to have their eyes on adding some aunts and closer friendship with quite a few people. What we have with each other is magical but our relationships with those around us has grown beyond our wildest dreams."

"What we are trying to say is that while we might appear confident and assured, we're flying by the seat of our pants most of the time. When the locket turned out to be a fake we just panicked, after calming down we were able to access Voldemort's knowledge and discover who R.A.B. was but we still couldn't have got it without Sirius. We have only one plan and if that fails we don't know what else to do, he could disappear for years and then come after our children to get to me. He has to die by my hand but we refuse to put our lives on hold while waiting on that to happen." Harry had the beginning of tears in his eyes.

"Mum, dad we would really love for you to come with us, just to make sure we don't get into too much trouble. Harry always feels better knowing you've got his back covered."

Emma watched as their façade cracked before crumbling and leaving two insecure teenagers behind, the look of pleading in their eyes almost broke her heart. She had Harry enveloped in her arms before even realising she had moved, he was clinging to her as his tears flowed and Emma began to understand the pressure these two were under. Even allowing for their trip back in time Harry was just turning sixteen and had the weight of the world on his young shoulders, apart from Hermione, Nev and Luna seemed to be the only positive things in his whole previous life.

His admission of never having seen the sea until he came here had foretold of a much deeper problem and his revelations of his relative's treatment had confirmed this. She had to hope that the Dursleys never crossed her path or her ever present pistol would see some more action, Emma wasn't sure if she could restrict herself to a single bullet in the shoulder as this boy was now her son in everything but blood.

She could feel Dan mirroring her emotions as he hugged their daughter so she pulled back, kissed Harry on the forehead and said, "of course we'll go with you, now just what have we let ourselves in for?"

A folder appeared on the table as Hermione chuckled, "thanks Dobby"

It was a very contented Harry and Hermione who lay entwined in bed that night with their honeymoon itinerary agreed, now they had to go to Gringotts tomorrow after Sirius's trial and iron out all the details. They also intended opening accounts for all the children who had now joined them under a tithe agreement, for the agreement to be legal they were required to take the money from them but their was no law that said it couldn't be returned to the children. Opening Gringotts accounts and issuing debit cards linked to them would allow their parents to transfer money directly to their kids in Italy without paying exchange fees. Gringotts were taking the view that the short-term loss in fees would be recuperated by all the extra customers this would bring in.

The open weekend had been an astonishing success with every single prospective student signing-up to attend, Adrian had told of Emma's encounter and they all had taken advantage of the tithe agreement. The Potter Institute would have fifty-nine pupils come September and enough enquires to fill it twice over, Hogwarts was going to be missing over seventy pupils between them and Salem not counting anyone else who dropped out.

If anything they were even closer to Nev and Luna now while Poppy was turning out to be just what Ginny needed as the change in the girl was a lot more than cosmetic. Sirius and Remus were out on a double date, supposedly to take his mind off the trial tomorrow but both suspected ulterior motives and noticed that the two Sprout women seemingly were all in favour.

They weren't too worried about the outcome but they were all going in a show of support for Sirius, in full armour and loaded for bear. They weren't looking for trouble but it just seemed to keep finding them so they would be prepared for anything.

Counting their blessings as well as the number of days till their wedding the two teens fell asleep with smiles on their faces.


At the Bulstrode residence in England another two teens lay in bed though only one of them was awake, Millicent was perhaps the only person in Britain who was a louder snorer than her betrothed but that wasn't why he couldn't sleep. Tomorrow Ron was going to have to face up to his actions of what he was trying with Hermione and the fact that Millie was now his betrothed, he had absolutely no idea what to do.

Normally his mother would have dealt with the situation leaving him free to dream about food, Quidditch and girls in that order. He had images of everyone he had ever known in his entire life gathered in Diagon Alley to laugh and ridicule as Millie dragged him down the street, he still wasn't sure if getting killed by Mr Granger wasn't preferable.

It almost felt that it was him who was on trial tomorrow with the guilty verdict already in and it was only his punishment that had still to be decided, he was dreading what tomorrow was to bring and every time he closed his eyes visions of a fate worse than death haunted his dreams, Weasley twins with Millie as their mother.


Bertha Jorkins closed her eyes for the last time in an Albanian hovel as the creature that was Voldemort decided she had no more information to give and murdered the witch. Bertha had left on holiday the weekend before the Harry Potter story broke in the Quibbler so neither Voldemort nor Wormtail were aware of the changes taking place in Britain in the last few weeks. This didn't matter though as his plans were now made, Voldemort would be returning to Britain and this time Harry Potter was going to die.

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