Knowledge is Power

When Hermione gets cursed at the Ministry, Harry and the Death Eaters discover the power he knows not. Unleashing this power has far reaching consequences. Weasley and Dumbledore bashing – time travel story that's hopefully different.


15. Chapter 15

The silence that followed the boom of Emma's gun seemed to drag on forever but silence and Weasleys can't exist in the same space for long.

Arthur was now on his knees beside his wife trying to stem the flow of blood from the hole in her shoulder without success, it was almost as if something was lodged in the wound.

"You skinny muggle bitch!" screamed Molly, "how dare you attack a pureblood you scum, get them boys!"

The twins were reaching for their wands but Dan was having his Clint Eastwood moment.

"Go on punks, Make my day! At this distance the bullet should go straight through you and still have enough power to take out your twin." Fred and George froze, both with identical expressions of terror on their faces, as one look at this madman was enough to tell anyone he wasn't joking.

The gun in Dan's hand was unwaveringly pointing straight between Fred's eyes. "You can't imagine how much I want to kill a red head and had you been the other bastard I wouldn't be talking but already shooting. I'm sure you were involved though and that's good enough for me, just reach for your wands if you feel lucky."

Harry was covering the situation as Hermione wandlessly cast muggle repelling charms, her parents bracelets meant they were immune, she had just finished when two people dressed as muggles apparated in and very slowly removed their auror badges for inspection.

Bob Jones and David Thomson were experienced aurors and had been allocated this duty because of their backgrounds; both had a muggle born parent.

"Can we be of assistance?" Bob asked before recognising the witch on the ground, "not you again! We already told you to move on three times today, looking for another house to destroy are we?"

A confused look from his fellow auror brought forth an explanation, "we thought she'd been attacked and her house destroyed but it turns out she totalled their home all by herself," he indicated Arthur "husband works at the ministry and must have pulled strings to get her out of St Mungo's psycho ward where she ended up."

Molly's temper knew no bounds, "that muggle bitch attacked a pureblood witch, now the law states that I get to decide her punishment." She may be laying there leaking blood but Molly Weasley was going to have her victory. "Dementors kiss unless her daughter willingly breaks her betrothal." It was too late for a match with Ginny but as long as the mudblood didn't get him she would be content.

The two aurors made no attempt to hide their disgust at the witch lying there with such a look of triumph on her face, Bob thought he was going to vomit on her, David turned to Emma, "I'm sorry ma'am but as unjust as that sounds it actually is the law, I'm afraid we'll have to arrest you. There will be a trial of sorts but they'll all be purebloods and the result is pretty predictable."

Molly was looking exceedingly smug with herself, well as smug as anyone lying in a car park bleeding from a gunshot wound in their shoulder can.

The boy-who-lived had been recognised immediately by both aurors who were looking at him for a way out of this situation, Harry duly obliged.

"Auror I know the law and you are correct, unfortunately you are not aware of all the facts. You see Mr and Mrs Granger are my legal guardians and under the protection of house Potter. The pureblood witch drew her wand in a muggle area and attempted to curse two children and two muggles, my legal guardian protected myself and her daughter, my betrothed from an unprovoked attack."

"Unprovoked!" screamed Molly, watching her revenge fall apart in front of her, "she had the nerve to call me a bad mother."

Hermione cleared her throat to get everyone's attention; "well your oldest two sons fled the country as soon as they were old enough and you've just sold your twelve-year-old daughter, I would say that more than qualifies you as a bad mother."

Both aurors couldn't believe their ears, especially when Harry continued.

"She swapped her daughter for Bellatrix Lestrange's house, actually sleeps in her bed."

David couldn't hide his anger, "I'd sleep in a tent before I'd set foot in that psycho bitch's house, she should have been kissed, Azkaban's too good for that maniac."

Bob spoke to Emma, "lady you did the right thing and protected your family, there's no telling what she would have done – and in a muggle area to."

David nodded his agreement, "Madam Bones asked us to keep an eye on your venue, she must have been anticipating trouble." He glanced down at the wounded witch, "we'll take this one back to St Mungo's and get her patched up, do you have anything to add?"

Harry decided Molly Weasley had made her last attempt to interfere with his life, "normally I wouldn't press charges as I think she should be in St Mungo's until she's no longer a danger to anyone, but her husband got her out once. Everyone heard her attempting to use pureblood law to end the betrothal of the last Scion of a Noble and Ancient House, I think it's only fair that I use those same laws to extract justice."

The shock that Molly Weasley was feeling had nothing to do with the blood she was loosing from her shoulder, she was facing years in Azkaban –at best! "You little ungrateful bastard, I've been like a mother to you and this is how you repay me."

The power that Harry had displayed when confronting Mathew Boot earlier was nothing compared to the output that was terrifying four Weasleys and even the aurors took a few steps so they were no longer between the red heads and this force of nature.

"If you had actually given Hermione that potion you were planning to I would have hunted down and executed every single Weasley. You would have been the last to go, knowing your entire family had been killed because of your greed. I will let the laws you put so much faith in decide your fate."

The two auror's were ecstatic, not only were they getting to arrest the right person but both felt a lot more confident knowing this young man was on their side.

"We'll take her away and I'm sure Madam Bones will be investigating how she got out of St Mungo's in the first place. I understand you can be contacted through Gringotts Lord Potter."

Harry nodded as he watched the two aurors gather up the Weasleys and portkey away. He noticed Emma start to shake as Hermione vanished the blood and pulled down her wards. Dobby again appeared just before Harry was going to call him and took the Grangers home, returning for Harry and Hermione.

By the time they got home Emma was really shaking and Dan was pouring her a brandy, Harry pulled her to him as she started to lose it. "I shot someone, oh my god I actually shot someone."

Harry held her tight as he spoke, "And I am glad you did mum, there's no telling who her targets were as she was beyond reason. Hermione was just about to throw up a shield and I was going to put her down, you saved her limb if not her life as I don't know if I could have controlled my power." He could see his words were beginning to make an impact, "with your shooting lately you could have picked which eye to put the bullet through but you protected your family using acceptable force and we couldn't be prouder of you, I would have you watching my back anytime."

Harry sat with Emma on the sofa and Hermione joined them, both hugging her as Dan sat on the floor at her feet handing his wife a glass of brandy.

Dan waited till Emma had calmed down before asking the question that had been eating away at him, "could that bitch really have got away with her plan to split you both up or have your mother's soul sucked out." Dan couldn't disguise the shivers of dread that ran through him at the consequences of either action.

It was a sombre Harry who answered, "The magical laws would have been on the Weasleys side as purebloods, any trial would have been a joke. The purebloods are terrified of the muggle threat and the idea of mum beating a pureblood witch – she would have been found guilty before having time to take her seat."

This caused more shaking from Emma so Harry and Hermione held her tighter and both kissed her on the cheek. Dan could feel through his bracelet the kids were really helping so he was content to sit on the floor at his wife's feet, ensuring she was surrounded by love as the reality of today's events hit home.

Harry continued, "that's why we want to use the tithe system, it offers muggles the same legal protection that you benefited from today. That and the fact that I think its poetic justice when we use their own pureblood laws against them.

Hermione was sitting with her head resting on her mother's shoulder, "dad I though you were brilliant today but I think mum needs to stop you watching any more Dirty Harry movies." Her face suddenly went bright red, "HARRY! They're not those type of movies."

This, combined with the brandy actually got a giggle out of Emma, as everyone else laughed out loud, their family would be ok.


After the bullet was removed Molly's wound was soon healed, a pain relief and blood replenishing potion later and she was being led into a holding cell. Unbeknown to the witch her husband was in the adjoining cell.

Arthur was under investigation for departmental irregularities that took place to get his wife released from St. Mungo's but that's not the reason he was currently occupying the eight by six feet cell. Receiving a bride price for your daughter was not illegal, swapping her for the deeds to a house was. The fact that the house belonged to the most hated woman in the magical world didn't exactly help Arthur's case.

This left the ministry with the problem of what to do with the remaining children, three were under seventeen and the adoption of the youngest was going to have to be looked at again. The two eldest were summoned from abroad to the ministry.


The thought of going out for dinner had been rejected for the convenience of another take-away; they had just finished when the doorbell rang. Dan moved to answer it but Harry insisted on going, finding Amelia Bones with her usual two aurors waiting for him.

They walked into the living room and Emma immediately feared the worse until Amelia spoke, "Mrs Granger please relax, you will face no charges for today's disturbance, my aurors gave glowing reports on the conduct of the four of you today."

They all felt better after that as Amelia got to the real reason she was there, "Lord Potter I don't know if you're aware of this but the procedure used for the adoption of Ginny was illegal, Arthur Weasley is currently enjoying the hospitality of a ministry cell for his part in it. I fully understand and even agree with the reasons behind what you did but the law must be the same for everyone. As Molly is also in a cell my only concern here is the wellbeing and welfare of the young witch, I need to know that she accepted this of her own free will, is well, happy and being cared for. In short I really need to speak to her and as soon as possible."

Harry managed to get the 'D' out before his little friend appeared in the room.

"Do you want Madam Pomfrey to come as well Harry?" Dobby asked.

"Let the two of them decide, tell Poppy she's most welcome if she wants to accompany Ginny," Harry knew Poppy would be with her new daughter.

When Dobby left Amelia spoke again, "I want you all to know that this is purely a precautionary measure, I know Poppy and think Ginny's a lucky girl to not only have escaped her fate but ended up with someone who will be a better role model than the two currently in our cells. This is just something that has to be done to complete the investigation."

It was a worried Poppy and Ginny that Dobby brought to the Grangers minutes later, "what's the problem Amelia?" the healer asked.

"There was an incident today when Molly Weasley drew her wand on Mrs Granger."

Amelia was interrupted by Ginny, "stupid bint!" she turned to Emma, "did you shoot her?" Emma's nod drew a smile from the girl

Amelia was watching the byplay with interest but needed answers, "the result of which was that she made an attempt to break Lord Potter's betrothal and will be away for a long time."

Ginny immediately looked to her friends and was comforted when it was Hermione who answered, "don't worry Gin, we know it's nothing to do with you."

Now came the question that Amelia hoped she could live with the answer to, "Ginny can you tell me about your adoption please, take your time and don't miss anything out."

Ginny thought for a moment then began to tell her tale, "I got off the express and was told I had been sold, I was confused when Harry took me to Gringotts but I was then given three different adoption offers. The Grangers, Professor McGonagall and Poppy all offered to adopt me but the choice was mine, I chose Poppy and no offence to the Grangers here but I'm sure I made the right choice and have never been happier. We live at the Potter Institute where mum works and I will be a student there next term"

This was way better than Amelia could have hoped for and she was delighted for both Ginny and Poppy but had to get the professional bit done first.

"It is illegal to sell a minor which is basically what happened and Arthur Weasley is also in a cell for his part in this. He's claiming deception and thought he was signing a betrothal document, but as he's a departmental head in the ministry that excuse won't wash. Only a moron would be stupid enough to sign something that important without reading it and Gringotts documents can't be forged or altered. I would also like to think that any court would very quickly reach the decision that you're far more secure where you are now so by my authority I'm going to declare those documents legal and binding."

Ginny and Poppy were hugging in relief and being congratulated by everyone in the house.


Ginny entered the room at the ministry and found herself swept of her feet by a strong pair of arms, the pony tail and earring were a dead giveaway, "BILL!"

After spinning her around a few times he held his sister at arms length to get a good look at her, the new clothes and hairstyle were beautiful but it was her smile that melted the hardened curse breaker's heart.

"How are you Gin? You're looking great." Smiled Bill.

"I'm feeling great Bill, Poppy's been so good to me," she said.

Bill noticed the former Hogwarts healer for the first time, "Madam Pomfrey I can never thank you enough for what you did for Ginny, please believe me when I say my brother Charlie and I were kept in the dark about a lot of things."

"Bill over the last few weeks it seems as if the whole magical world has turned upside down, adopting Ginny was not a hard decision and has been good for me as well."

"It's also very good of you to bring her here tonight so we could see her."

Ginny noticed Percy lying on the floor, "what the hell happened to Percy?"

"Percy the prat thought the decision to sell you was a good one, Charlie was absolutely livid."

"Charlie knocked out Percy?" Ginny asked.

"No, I did!" said Bill, "that's why Charlie was livid, I hit the prat before he got the chance."

A giggling Ginny asked, "Where is Charlie?"

"He took the twins to get their trunks, they at least had the sense to keep their mouths shut which is something they're going to have to learn. There are some in this family who seem to think the world owes them a living, the twins want to open a joke shop but expect just to be handed the sack of gold needed. Both are going to be working with Charlie for six months then with me for the other half of the year, they want a joke shop they'll bloody earn it and not sell a family member to get it."

"Are you taking them out of Hogwarts?" his former sister asked.

"They're just treading water there so I don't see why Charlie or I should use our hard earned gold so they can pass their time with Quidditch and pranks, and anyway all the best people have left." Bill's smiled to Poppy indicated that he definitely thought she was to be included in the 'best people' comment.

"Fred and George are going to be working with us, we'll let them bank any gold earned and when both come of age it will be their decision what they do with their lives. A couple of years work experience will stand them in better stead than a few pitiful owls from a declining Hogwarts."

"What about Ron?" Ginny asked, thinking their decision with the twins could be the best thing that ever happened to them, given the chance of some real life experiences with Bill or Charlie there so they don't get into too much trouble.

"Ron has asked for permission to become betrothed to his girlfriend, her family are going to take care of him and put both of them through Hogwarts. He seemed happy enough with the outcome when we got his owl earlier."

Ginny was totally puzzled, Ron was chasing Hermione so where the hell did this girlfriend come from, and "Who is the unlucky girl?"

"Millicent Bulstrode, do you know her?"

Ginny had her fist in her mouth, biting her knuckles and trying not to collapse with laughter, Poppy giggling beside her was definitely not helping, she could only manage to nod to Bill. She remembered Ron's only concern on hearing his sister was to be sold was that he wanted a bigger room and thought his punishment was so apt, he'd certainly need a bigger room if Millicent was going to be in it.

"What's she like, do you think they really love each other?"

"Oh Bill, I can't think of any couple who deserve each other more, I couldn't be happier for the ba… boy." Poppy pulled her daughter to her as Ginny buried her face in her adopted mother's chest.

Bill watched as Ginny's shoulders shook, he thought she was crying instead of almost pissing herself laughing, she couldn't wait to tell her friends.


The group portkeyed to the cliff top above the sea, Harry spoke to Remus and Sirius, "Ok guys we're here at this time because it's low tide and we hope to get no more than our feet wet. When we get in there we three have only one task, protect Hermione."

Both Sirius and Remus cringed while waiting on the explosion from the witch about Harry's protective attitude but she just smiled and kissed her betrothed's cheek, what the hell was going on here?

"Hermione has a task to carry out and a couple of hundred inferi are going to do their very best to make sure she doesn't manage it, our job is to ensure none of those disgusting things gets anywhere near the very beautiful and soon to be Mrs Potter."

Remus and Sirius weren't sure if Harry was joking or not, neither had ever seen an inferius but then again very few people had. "Are you serious," asked Sirius.

"That joke gets old pretty quick Sirius and the answer is yes, Harry's serious though I'm beginning to wonder if mum and dad with their guns would have been a better option," the smile on Hermione's face took any sting out of her words. They all knew you couldn't kill something that was already dead with a bullet.

"Time and tide wait for no one people, we need to move now," Harry and Hermione had their brooms and took Remus and Sirius as passengers as they dove off the cliff.

They swooped down to sea level and began dodging in and out of the rock formations; the last one was so tight that their shoulders actually brushed rock on both sides and their feet dipped in the water. They were now in a large cave where they flew onto a ledge to dismount.

"Shit, you two are scary on those bloody things," Sirius thought he was a fair flier but these two were in a different league.

"Just be thankful he wasn't on his Firebolt, that's even faster."

"Hermione you know we need matched brooms to do this, I'll just have to buy another Firebolt!"

"Two Firebolts and we walk!" Remus was adamant.

Hermione took a flask out of her bag and splashed the contents all over the facing wall as a door appeared. "It required a blood sacrifice so we had Poppy draw some off us the other day and place it in flasks with stasis charms on them, we then drank a blood replenishing potion."

Harry was handing out large bandoliers full of tubes and soon the three males had them crisscrossed over their chests, Hermione wore hers round her waist and it also had a large holster. He then distributed goggles that had a slight tint to them, "as soon as any magic is detected in this cavern the inferi are going to come after us." Harry removed a tube from his bandolier and hit the bottom of it; they were immediately basking in the brilliant white light being thrown out by the flare. "These should last for a good ten minutes but don't wait till they go out before lighting another one, lets light up and mount up."

Two people and more importantly two flares to a broom as they flew over the water that was teaming with inferi to the island in the centre, the three guys took protective positions around Hermione who was beside a pedestal mounted stone basin. There was a green glow being emitted from the liquid contained within and an extremely strong shield across the basin's top to prevented access.

Hermione sat down her flare to provide working light and removed the cordless hammer drill from its holster on her belt, she then began drilling into the bottom of the basin.

Sirius though he'd seen some sights in his time but these things were terrifying, how do you fight something that's already been killed, he glanced round to his godson who was standing there with a flare in one hand and his wand in the other. One of the creatures tried to rush past and get towards Hermione only to be met with a flame curse from her betrothed; Sirius would swear the boy was glowing with power. All that was left of the thing was a pile of ash, Harry had instantly incinerated it and Sirius felt a lot better.

Harry and Hermione never took their eyes of their allocated tasks but both were communicating all the time so he was aware his betrothed was almost through the basin while Hermione knew that she was safe in the protective bubble they were providing.

Remus thought Hermione must be nearly done because the inferi were getting desperate, one got too close and he had to defend himself, he waved the flare into it's face and as it screamed Remus shoved the flare down it's throat. He danced back and followed Harry's example of the flame curse, this gave him the few seconds he needed to light another flare and push them back again. He dreaded to think the trouble they would be in if they were standing here with just their wands.

The drill kicked in Hermione's hands as the bit broke through into the basin; she withdrew it and stood aside as liquid from the basin drained onto the floor. When the last of the liquid emptied from the basin its shield collapsed, allowing her to reach in and take the locket.

"Got it!" was all she said but it was enough.

Harry dropped the flare he was holding right in front of him, he ignited another and placed it to his left before repeating the process to his right. Remus and Sirius had carried out the same procedure and they now retreated back into the circle of light, ignited another flare and remounted the brooms.

It was up and away as they headed towards the exit, another flask of blood and it was negotiate the rocks time. The sea had risen slightly and they barely kept the brooms dry but negotiating the last obstacle was met with screams of joy and almost vertical climbs on the brooms.


Emma was sitting trying to read the Sunday papers but eventually gave it up as a bad job when she realised her gaze was resting more on the mobile phone placed on the table than it was on the newsprint.

Dan was making no pretences, he couldn't even sit as he paced back and forth across the room, the phone rang and he pounced.

"Hi Dad, we got it and apart from getting our feet wet everything was perfect. Nobody has as much as a scratch on them though Sirius and Remus might need a brandy but I think that was our flying."

Dan hadn't said a word, he was just so relieved to hear his daughter's voice, and she must have assumed he would get to the phone first.

"Are you going after the second one today?"

"Yes" she answered, "with a bit of luck they'll both be gone and we can go home tonight."

Dan just had to smile at her already calling the Institute home, "ok but you be careful and phone the minute you're finished, bye love."

Emma went back to being uneasy while Dan resumed his pacing, "I wish we could have went with them," she said to her husband for about the twentieth time today.

"So do I dear but we can't do anything against magical traps except distract the very people who need to concentrate, thankfully this is the last one."

"Just as well, I don't think my nerves could have taken another one," her husband silently agreed.


They arrived at the tiny dilapidated cottage with a dead snake nailed to the door and Harry stopped Sirius and Remus from going any further, "sorry guys we need to do this one ourselves."

"Oh no way, we've seen what Emma can do with that pistol, there's not a hope in hell we can allow you to go in there without us."

Sirius was nodding in agreement with Remus, when Emma was in the zone with a pistol in her hand she was downright scary – just ask Molly Weasley.

Harry and Hermione started to speak in tandem, thinking that the demonstration would be as important as the words in making these two see some sense.

"It's not that we don't want you,"

"Its just not practical."

"This is a very small cottage."

"And if the shit hits the fan."

"We know exactly what."

"The other is going to do."

"Where and how."

"They're going to move."

"You could get."

"Someone seriously injured."

"Or even killed!"

"Stop!" implored Sirius, "you're giving me a sore head. Do you honestly just expect us to just sit here while you go in there and face that alone?"

Hermione kissed him on the cheek, "of course not Sirius, we have another job for you."

"About half a mile along the road is a graveyard that contains the remains of Tom Riddle's father. If the remains are removed and disposed of that cuts off one avenue for him to acquire a body, we want you to take a stroll along there and deal him as big a blow as we are in here." Harry had his game face on, he knew what could go wrong in the cottage and didn't want Hermione anywhere near it.

Hermione of course was well aware of this and was having none of it; they were going to face everything together for the rest of their lives.

"Are we supposed to just walk in there and start digging?" Remus wasn't too happy about letting them enter that cottage themselves.

The smirk on Hermione's face signalled trouble, "Aren't you supposed to be marauders? Why don't you just pretend to be two gentlemen out looking for a quiet somewhere to spend a little alone time, hold hands as you walk in the cemetery and I guarantee anyone around will give you a wide berth."

"Just don't go letting the muggles see your wands!" Harry managed to say before he and Hermione burst out laughing.

"Ok Reme love lets go. We're obviously not needed here and in this light you're actually not bad looking!"

"Sirius I may be a werewolf but that doesn't mean I don't have standards." After everyone had a good laugh to relieve the tension Remus continued, "you two take care and head towards us when you're finished, we'll meet on the road and get the hell out of this place."

Hugs were exchanged as the two marauders started walking, "I've a feeling that we're going to be the butt of wand jokes for the next few days," said Remus.

"I very much doubt it, can you see them telling Dan and Emma that they went after that one themselves, I know I'm saying nothing. Since when did you start having standards?"

Remus thought for a minute, "I think it was seeing Harry with Hermione and wondering how these Potter men always get the best witch of their generation. Heaven knows if anyone deserves happiness it's Harry but in a few weeks the son of our best friends will be married and we're not only still single but with no prospects of that changing in the foreseeable future."

"So you're not going to ask Pomona then?" Sirius saw the panic in his friends eyes, "what, you think I haven't noticed the way you look at her? I can honestly say I've seen her checking you out as well."

Remus had run the full gamut of emotions from panic to shock but eventually and surprisingly hope, he knew he could trust Sirius not to joke about something like this. That was filed away for later because they had a job to do, "ok how do you want to play this?"

"Well as much as I love you I refuse to hold your hand in the cemetery, especially after that standards jibe."

"I was thinking more along the lines of a man taking his dog out for a walk," said Remus.

"OK," agreed Sirius, "but no collar and lead, that just makes me thing of McGonagall and Flitwick for some reason."

"You too?" shuddered Remus as a man took his black dog for a walk. He wondered what the hell Padfoot was playing at when he picked up a road kill squirrel until he realised the marauders plan. "Brilliant Padfoot but you better brush those teeth before I get my goodnight kiss." The chuckling Remus was drowned out by the growls coming from the big black dog.

They got to the cemetery and discovered it was deserted and a bit run down, the Riddle grave was no problem to find as it had easily the largest monument in the entire graveyard.

Padfoot dropped the dead squirrel and Remus transfigured it to resemble a human skeleton, he then performed a switching spell before transfiguring Riddle's remains into a walking stick. The man with a walking stick and his dog casually exited the cemetery and headed down the road. They found Harry and Hermione sitting on a low wall while she phoned her parents to confirm they were all ok and that the second one had been a lot less trouble than the first, especially with Harry's parcelmouth ability.


Emma had started preparing lunch as soon as she discovered they were safe, the relief in the house was palpable and Dad was even able to sit down. She heard the laughter coming from the back garden signalling the troops had returned.

Harry decided to finish their business before entering the house and put on his dragon hide gloves before taking a basilisk fang and stabbing the ring with it.

Hermione had put up a silencing charm to contain the dreadful screams and she once again banished the black goo before handing Harry the locket. He repeated the procedure on the locket and nothing happened.

The teens exchanged glances before Harry repeated the procedure using a different fang but still nothing happened, he cast a scourgify to remove any traces of venom before opening the locket and watching as a note fell out.

Hermione picked up the note, unfolded it and began to read out loud,

To the Dark Lord

I know I will be dead long before you read this

but I want you to know that it was I who discovered your secret.

I have stolen the real Horcrux and intend to destroy it as soon as I can.

I face death in the hope that when you meet your match,

you will be mortal once more.

R.A.B. (JKR – HBP)

Sirius felt as though he had been struck by a bludger and actually dropped to his knees as he held a shaking hand out to Hermione for the note, one glance was all it took to confirm the very familiar handwriting. He had tears streaming down his face as he spoke, his voice choked with emotion, "My brother didn't die a death eater!"

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