Knowledge is Power

When Hermione gets cursed at the Ministry, Harry and the Death Eaters discover the power he knows not. Unleashing this power has far reaching consequences. Weasley and Dumbledore bashing – time travel story that's hopefully different.


14. Chapter 14

After their laps of the beach and working with their dummies, the Grangers were then shown some spell work as the magical contingent fired curses for fifteen minutes at moving targets conjured by Dobby. Dan and Emma then proceeded to take their turn at target practice using automatic handguns and exploding the myth that muggles were helpless by hitting the most targets of the morning, Dan was good but Emma was amazing. The concentration on her face as she blew targets away and reloaded in such a smooth motion impressed the hell out of all the watchers.

Emma finished and found herself in a hug by her daughter, "mum that was awesome!"

Emma just looked around the group before answering, "I swore to myself that the next time my family needed me I would be prepared."

It was Luna who helped with the emotional moment, "I don't know about prepared Mrs Granger but you nearly scared the life out of me. Any pureblood is going to get the shock of their life if you pull that out and start firing."

Like all good boyfriends Neville was learning the most important rule, agree with anything your girlfriend says, "Luna's right Mrs Granger, while they're busy spouting off about how much better they are than you, just take out your gun and put a hole in them."

"Ok, great shooting there mum and you can watch my back anytime but I have one last surprise for this mornings session." Dobby arrived with their four new brooms as the colour drained from Hermione and Neville.

"We are going to do some flying practice if you four want to hit the showers." Dan and Emma sat on the sand, they'd never seen anyone on a broomstick before and weren't about to miss this.

Harry was trying to push confidence into Hermione as she was starting to shake, "we're going to be flying slow and low over the water, the worse that can happen is you getting wet."

The four took off on their new brooms.

Ginny and Poppy were sitting on their balcony, drinking tea and watching the group train. Ginny wanted to be down there so badly but what really hurt was that if the Weasleys had just befriended Harry without ulterior motives Ron, her and possibly even the twins would have been included in Harry's plans. Being a Weasley had cost her so much.

Poppy could easily see the longing in her daughter's eyes as she watched her friends training for the event most of the magical world knew was coming, Potter verses Riddle. It would appear that Harry was not going to face this alone and Poppy's new maternal instincts were delighted her daughter was sitting here beside her and not on that beach. That all changed as Ginny began softly crying as she watched them get on their new brooms, knowing she had the same broom lying untried and unused in her new bedroom.

Ginny had seen how close the four were as they joked around while running and in-between throwing kicks and then spells at the dummies, Ginny also understood that in a life or death situation you had to be able to trust the people by your side. Her brain knew all this but it didn't make it hurt any less, especially when they took out their brooms.

"I don't have a problem with you joining them to fly and I doubt Harry or Hermione would either, why else would they buy you a new broom," Ginny couldn't believe her new mother but it made sense. She was up like a shot and back with her broom seconds later, flying of the balcony before circling back to kiss Poppy's cheek and a 'thanks mum' could be heard from the blur heading straight down to the beach.

Ginny carefully approached Harry and Hermione, startling the witch and having her fall in the sea was not the ideal way to earn back her trust, "do you mind if I join in?"

"Of course not, could you keep an eye on Neville while Hermione and I see what these brooms can do."

If that surprised Ginny the next couple of minutes were a total shock as the pair gave a demonstration of formation flying that was out of this world.

Unbeknown to Ginny, Harry had been in his betrothed's mind as soon as they'd left the ground, eradicating her fears and giving her the experience she needed; when Ginny flew alongside he could feel the mood of his beloved change.

Hermione had always been embarrassed about her lack of flying prowess, the fact that Harry enjoyed it so much only rubbed salt into the wound but with their bond Harry's skills were at her fingertips. It was almost like Harry was flying both brooms, which in effect he was as they rocketed towards the beach and their parents.

They pulled up right in front of a terrified Dan and Emma, "if I still had my gun I would shoot you both for terrifying the life out of us, I was under the impression you couldn't fly well Hermione, you could have fooled me!" Dan was actually shaking watching that display, his only reference being witches in the movies, which never contained synchronised aerial aerobatics.

"My Harry is the best thing I've ever seen on a broom and a wonderful teacher, Dad how would you like to fly on a broomstick with a witch? I promise no tricks – just flying."

Harry took Emma and the four flew steadily towards an excited Ginny, "that was awesome you two, Hermione you were amazing – shit you could both be Quidditch pro's!"

"Thanks Ginny but any children of Harry's are probably going to fly before they can walk and I didn't want their mother letting them down by not being able to handle a broom."

Harry jumped in, "put your broom through some turns Gin, we'll keep an eye on Neville now. Just don't go outside the wards."

"Thanks Harry, he's doing great! I just told him to follow Luna and he seemed more than happy to do that."

As Ginny shot away Emma turned to her daughter, "was that really necessary Hermione?"

"Yes mum it was, Ginny seems to be getting the message and we hope she can be our friend for real this time but there will be some I'll have to show just how fast this witch can become a bitch. Harry's exceedingly famous, filthy rich and seriously, seriously cute and a lot of witches are going to fancy their chances with my husband. I'm not going to stand for it as our bond means this has to be an exclusive relationship, the thought of my Harry with someone else would kill me. To us our bond is something wonderful that defines who we are but to others it is a challenge to be overcome by whatever means possible."

Harry added his opinion, "I was hoping for ruggedly handsome but suppose that will come as I get older though my Hermione is right as usual, the law states anyone interfering with a bonded couple faces charges of attempted murder. We are bonded for the rest of our lives and couldn't be happier. I wouldn't hesitate to kill any man who laid hands on my wife."

"I'm not picking on Ginny mum," Hermione said "she has had the situation explained to her as clearly as possible, it will just take time for things to settle down."

They eventually caught up with Neville, "looking good Nev, and the best news is we don't have to climb all those stairs back up to the Institute, lead us home Luna."

The blond led the formation, with Neville in the centre and the double loaded brooms either side, as they crossed the sand and headed up the cliff, Ginny joined at the rear and the five brooms touched down beside the pool.

Ginny quickly approached Hermione, "is it ok if I thank you and Harry for yesterday and this morning?"

Hermione smiled, "of course Gin, how did it feel flying without all the hair whipping about you?"

"It was just the best ever and the broom is amazing, I can't thank you enough," she hugged and kissed Hermione on the cheek before doing the same to Harry and practically skipped back to her room, clutching her new broom like it was the crown jewels.

"That is one happy witch!" giggled Hermione.

"And there's another one!" Harry indicated towards Luna who was wrapped round Neville and tasting his tonsils.

"You did wonderful Neville, I'm so proud of you!" exclaimed his girlfriend when she surfaced for air.

"So am I," exclaimed his grandmother.

Augusta Longbottom had arrived by portkey and sat sipping iced tea with Minerva on the terrace watching the training on the beach below.

If the truth be told she had a hard time believing Remus Lupin's claims for her grandson yet she had just watched with her own eyes as he lived up to them, where was the shy, clumsy Neville she knew.

Like just now kissing the blond witch in front of company and not caring a jot, this was not a boy but an assured young wizard.

Even after hearing her speak he calmly turned to face her with an arm still around the blond and gave a genuine smile, "hi gran, when did you get here? This is my girlfriend Luna Lovegood."

Luna wasn't sure what to do or how to act so just said, "Hi!" Neville kissed Luna's cheek before introducing everyone else, "This is Harry Potter, his betrothed Hermione Granger and her parents Dr Dan and Dr Emma Granger, everybody this is my grandmother."

Harry came forward and shook her hand, "welcome to the Potter institute and thank you for allowing Neville to stay. If you would excuse us we're rather in dire need of a shower before breakfast then we can all have a chat."

Augusta Longbottom actually laughed, "you're excused my Lord Potter, a shower is definitely a good idea."

Everyone trooped off for his or her showers as Augusta received a further shock when Neville kissed her cheek saying, "see you soon gran" and left with his arm still round Luna.


Harry expected fireworks at the staff meeting that afternoon and wasn't disappointed, Minerva's volatile disclosure caused eruptions amongst everyone but an atomic explosion measured in kilotons had Dan Granger as it's delivery system.

"You mean to tell me that not only was my daughter receiving a sub-standard education but we were being vastly overcharged to subsidise some red headed pureblood so the bastard could brew a potion to have his way with my girl."

Dan stormed from the room and Emma was about to follow when Hermione put her hand on her mum's arm, "I'll go mum."

She found her father standing gazing out over the bay, He didn't turn round as he spoke to her, "I'm sorry princess, it's not about the money. Your mother and I wanted the best for you and thought Hogwarts was it. Instead we find that you never had a chance, that the dice were loaded from day one and even your life was put in danger. I'm beginning to understand why Harry was so angry about being lied to, parents are being asked to make decisions beyond their knowledge and the few facts they are given are lies. I'm finding it hard to look Minerva in the eye at the moment."

Hermione hugged her father from behind and could feel the tension start to leave his body, "if I hadn't attended Hogwarts I would never have met my Harry and I'll never be able to thank you enough for that. As to the rest just try what Harry and I do, don't waste your energy getting angry – use it to get even!"

Dan turned and held his daughter, "I'm sorry I failed you as a father, when I heard you say you nearly didn't come back it almost ripped the heart out of me. You have been loved since the day you were born and it wasn't your fault that I could never show it, that young man who loves you more than life itself should prove that."

Hermione kissed his cheek, "This is our second chance dad and you can be the best grandfather in the world, our children will have a couple of crazy uncles but only one granddad."

Dan gave her a shocked look but Hermione continued, "that's the only reason we came back, I hope to have our first child before I'm eighteen."

"Well if we can agree that you wait until you're at least seventeen to give me time to get used to the idea I'm happy for you," laughed Dan, "now I'm assuming that you and your other half have a plan to deal with these bastards robbing parents blind." Hermione's smile gave him all the answer he needed.

Back at the meeting three former Hogwarts heads of house were joining the dots to form the picture of why there were no Weasleys in the Institute and Dan wanted to kill at least one of them, glances in Harry's direction brought confirmation.

"We made the discovery while they were still at the planning stage otherwise there would have been a body count." Harry got a slight nod from Poppy and continued, "Ginny wasn't directly involved but she's a smart girl and probably had her suspicions."

Another nod from Poppy delighted Harry, this was not because they were proved correct but that Ginny had someone she could confide in. if Poppy Pomfrey couldn't keep Ginny on the straight and narrow then no one could.

Minerva, Pomona and Filius were more convinced than ever they had made the right decision to come here, that these two had pulled out all the stops to help Ginny after what her family was going to attempt spoke volumes for the character of their new employers.

Harry comforted Emma, "it's ok, they're having a father and daughter chat."

She gave Harry a peck on the cheek, "I can feel him calming down already."

Father and daughter re-entered arm in arm and took their seats as Harry began speaking, "I came up with the name of the Institute as a joke but we have now discovered the purebloods have been taking the piss for years. Muggle borns are not only charged extra for board and tuition at Hogwarts but every single item they buy in Diagon Alley as well,"

This seemed to be news to everyone there so Harry continued, "when the Grangers enter into magical world the first thing they need to do is exchange money, being charged commission for the privilege. Paying for robes in Madam Malkin's using my ring got me a twenty percent discount yet in the magical shops of Naples they accepted Euros, Galleons, my ring and even credit cards with the same price being accepted for all. As you can probably work out purebloods are paying about a quarter less than muggle borns for everything in the entire alley."

Dan was barely controlling his temper, "please tell me you have a plan."

Hermione took over, "it's been made abundantly clear to me that muggle borns aren't wanted in Britain so we propose to bring them all here and make sure they don't spend a Knut in magical Britain. We will be targeting these students, telling their parents the truth and offering them an alternative."

Minerva flinched, "that would bring Hogwarts financially to its knees in no time."

"The purebloods want everyone who isn't one to leave, I'm proposing we show them the consequences of that, bearing in mind sixteen students left that Monday morning and twelve abandoned children of death eaters will be going to Salem. What would be the impact if we took another thirty or so of the highest paying students from first and second year."

They all recognised Minerva as the expert and awaited her answer, "Albus has no idea how to balance the books, and removing over fifty students would have a very serious impact. If some of them were in the top fee bracket they would run out of money to pay salaries by the New Year."

Pomona added, "I think we also must take into consideration the boy-who-lived has very publicly quit Hogwarts as well as the senior staff and the amount of students who left with him. If I was a parent I would be asking serious questions as well as looking for alternatives."

Harry nodded at the sense behind this statement and offered to clarify their position, "We are not banning purebloods from attending the institute as not everyone buys into the dogma, our best friends for instance but the bigotry preached by most will not gain a foothold here. Bigotry of any kind will not be tolerated."

Filius actually asked a question that concerned a few of them, "what will become of Hogwarts?"

It was Hermione who answered, "Hogwarts is an idea more than a building, it's the idea that all magical children deserve the right to a magical education irregardless of blood status. Hogwarts is dieing but if it ever got so bad we would purchase the castle and maintain the building for the day when the founder's ideas could once again prevail allowing their school to reopen. The purebloods would have to find an alternative as being uneducated combined with inbreeding is not a recipe that's going to produce the next Merlin."

Harry handed Minerva and Pomona two folders, "the blue one is the Institute start up account, this is for purchasing major equipment, supplies and furniture that we need to get the place up and running." Both women baulked at the number of galleons in this account and the trust that was being placed in them.

"The yellow one is for running costs, you will see a list of supplies each pupil will have provided and their board and tuition cost are set."

Minerva couldn't hold back any longer, "Harry this is going to cost a fortune! This is way more than Hogwarts provides and cheaper than the purebloods pay."

"We're restricted by the size of the Institute as you know and are limited to sixteen students per year group, this means our numbers will be a maximum of sixty four students come September. Are the totals at the top of the ledgers insufficient for these numbers?" Hermione asked.

"No I think they're more than adequate but we could charge a lot more."

Harry answered his former head of house, "we're using 'donations' to subsidise these children's magical education. Considering the origin of these 'donations' we can't think of a better use for it."

Remus just couldn't hold his laughter with the thought of Malfoy's millions being used to pay for muggles magical education, it was a prank worthy of a marauder.

"Now you have the details we can get letters out to our students right away and invitations to potential students who can meet us in London on Saturday. We'll arrange to hire a function room at a hotel and anyone interested can visit the Institute the following weekend. We have some business that needs taking care of in Britain and hope to complete it the same weekend. With a bit of luck we might even be able to free up most of August." The way Harry looked at his bride to be left no doubt why he wanted to free up the time.

Pomona had to ask just to be sure, "Harry do you really want us to have control over that much money? Don't you want to be consulted?"

"The cheques need both you and Minerva to sign them with the upper limit set at fifty thousand galleons, anything over that amount has to be countersigned by Hermione or myself. We are making a political statement here but that doesn't mean this is a short term measure, we want our own children to attend the Institute so it has to be the best there is." Harry was well aware these people had years of experience running a school, he was just providing death eater gold so the job could be done properly.

Everyone now had loads to do and the Grangers were actually looking forward to spending the weekend at their own home, with Harry and Hermione staying and both of them armed with automatic pistols in invisible holsters they should be safe.


Hannah and Justin were in Diagon Alley and their 'taking the P.I.S.S.' t-shirts were turning heads everywhere they went, having an ice cream in Fortescue's they were approached by Terry Boot and Michael Corner accompanied by Terry's father.

"Did Potter really call his school that?" Terry asked laughingly.

Hannah was having none of it, "don't let the name fool you, the Institute is absolutely brilliant with rooms instead of dorms, a swimming pool, private beach and you know the best Hogwarts professors left along with us with Madam Pomfrey joining later that day. Susan and I were sitting studying on our balcony overlooking the Mediterranean which sure beats the hell out of the Hufflepuff common room."

Justin was enthusiastically nodding, "we just got our letters through and my dad was ecstatic, the fees are apparently less than a tenth of Hogwarts and all books and equipment provided, even our robes are free. We also get Professor Sprout teaching potions and Professor Lupin for history of magic."

While both boys were imagining Lavender and Daphne in swimwear Terry's dad suddenly lost that 'bored out his skull' look at the mention of lower fees and free anything.

"How can you contact this institute?" he asked.

Hannah shrugged, "Harry does everything through Gringotts and our letters all come through there, I would imagine that would be your best bet."

The man dragged both boys in the direction of the bank as similar scenes played out quite a few times over the holidays as the Institute students all wore their t-shirts with pride anytime they were in the alley.

Lavender and the Patil twins nearly caused a riot when they met some of the Ravenclaw girls who had been bullying Luna and were taking great delight in telling them what they were missing. Mandy Brocklehurst even had the nerve to ask how to apply and was not pleased when the three girls laughed in her face. None of them would believe the three girls story that Luna was like a sister to Harry and Hermione so they walked away, still laughing as they wished them luck with their applications.


Dan and Emma walked into their house to find it immaculate, every surface was spotless, the fridge had been emptied of anything that would spoil and their mail was neatly placed on the kitchen table, both turned and gave the teens questioning looks.

"Dobby's been keeping an eye on the place," Harry answered.

"I think he's been doing more than that!" Emma exclaimed as everything in every cupboard had been cleaned and stored more efficiently.

With Gringotts in the morning and the meeting of potential students in the afternoon, a Chinese carry out was ordered as the Grangers enjoyed time in their home.

Harry enjoyed seeing his family in their natural environment especially since he got to fulfil one of his most dreamed about fantasies, He got to spend the night in Hermione Granger's bedroom.


Dan Granger felt he should be immune to shocks regarding his future son-in-law but was rendered totally speechless at the sight of ONE of his vaults. Saying someone was rich was one thing, standing in front of a mountain of gold, now that was something completely different – it even felt like a surreal Monty Python sketch as Harry stabbed a golden challis with a Basilisk fang.

Business was discussed but he'd no idea what was said as his mind tried desperately to equate the quite phenomenal wealth he'd just seen with the unassuming young man he was welcoming into the family. Hermione's words of the week before became more relevant as they left the bank and were almost mobbed by well wishers and people just wanting to see Harry Potter.

How could any young lad have all this and remain sane, far less the levelheaded, feet on the ground unless riding a broom gentleman that was the Harry he knew. Even though they were walking with arms around each other's waists a number of witches spoke to Harry as if Hermione just didn't exist.

They got out of there and into London proper as quickly as they could, glad that they had at least portkeyed into the bank or the crowd waiting on them leaving would probably given Beatle mania a run for it's money. Dan shuddered to think what Hermione's reaction would have been if news of Harry being in the bank had leaked, the first witch to throw a pair of knickers would have required hospital treatment.

They popped into a muggle café as Emma was in need of some tea to try and calm her down, brandy would probably be better but she needed a clear head for the meeting.

"When you said Harry was famous I was expecting the occasional 'can I have your autograph please' not lets rip his clothes off and ravish him now. Some of those girls and even women were throwing themselves at Harry." Emma was sure the brandy was coming out tonight.

"It's got worse since the articles mum and I dread to think what it will be like when we finally finish off Riddle. Also very few of them have any idea just how wealthy Harry actually is, that was just a small portion you saw this morning."

"Hermione I don't know what you were taught at Hogwarts but there's no way what we saw this morning could ever equate to being called small!" Emma was making a mental note to stop at the nearest off-licence just in case she didn't have enough brandy in the house, better safe than sorry.

"How do you cope with it all Harry?" Dan just had to know.

The young wizard just shrugged, "The hardest part is making friends, it's hard to be sure if they like you, some mythical hero they think you are or just money grabbing Weasleys." He held his betrothed's hand, "With Hermione it's always been just Harry, Neville kind of looks up to me but more in a big brother sense and Luna's just special, the kindest person you will ever meet and not an ounce of deception in her body. Just wait till you meet her father, the word eccentric was coined with him in mind."

"And wearing a sun hat with a vulture on it isn't?" Dan's comment had them all laughing, lightening their mood before the meeting.


The meeting was in a muggle hotel and Amelia had aurors keeping an eye on the area, Remus, Pomona and Minerva were on the door as word had spread about the Potter Institute but entry was by invitation only.

Harry was asked to have a word with Mathew Boot who wasn't taking no for an answer, he took one look at the boy in front of him and thought this would be easy.

"I demand that my son be given the same opportunities as those in that room, what right do you have to decide children's lives?"

Harry raised his eyebrow at the cheek of the man, "Mr Boot, Terry had an opportunity to choose the Potter Institute and didn't. The Institute is owned and funded by my family therefore giving me the right to choose what students to except, there is no board and we're outside British ministerial jurisdiction so please excuse me if I fail to see that you have grounds to demand anything."

"When was he given a choice?" this was news to Mathew and did not bode well for his argument.

"At Hogwarts a group of students chose to reject being taught in the castle under the current administration and placed their faith in me, Terry chose not to. We are limited by space and that year group is accepting no more members so you can demand all you like, it will result in you being escorted off the premises by hotel security."

Mathew was used to brokering deals in the boardroom and was not about to be dismissed by a young boy, "just who the hell do you think you are?"

Harry was starting to get pissed off with this arsehole and let some of his power be visible, "I am Lord Harry James Potter, owner of the best magical school in the world – who the hell are you?"

Mathew actually gulped at the sight before him, this boy was actually shimmering and his green eyes seemed to glow with fire. His sense of self-preservation had him taking an involuntary step backwards, "I'm just a parent trying to do the best for my family."

"Demanding things from me you have no right to is not a wise course of action, goodbye Mr Boot."

Mathew's only choices were leaving under his own steam or being unceremoniously chucked out on his arse, he decided to leave.

Harry spoke to Minerva, "if the Weasleys turn up don't send for me under any circumstances, the best bottle of single malt I can find for dealing with that woman is a poor exchange I know but I will definitely owe you a favour."

Daphne introduced Harry to her parents and sister Astoria who was going to be a second year, Colin was even more hyper than usual as his parents shook Harry's hand and mini-me Creevey AKA Denis was almost bouncing off the walls as the brothers seemed to radiate enthusiasm in perfect synchronisation.

Hermione was casting silencing charms around the hall thinking the meeting was bound to get quite heated, she was also sure foghorn Molly would show with her brood and they didn't need to hear the screaming match that was a cinch to take place when they discovered not only weren't they wanted but specifically banned from attending.

Remus and Minerva closed the doors and leaned against them in relief, showing all the signs of withstanding whirlwind Weasley, this was confirmed by Pomona when she joined them at the top table. Apparently Molly's indignation had known no bounds and swore there must be a mistake somewhere, when told Lord Potter had left specific instructions and that he was to busy to come to the door Pomona said she almost drew her wand. Arthur's job was already shaky, especially if Amelia made minister and having your wife start firing spells in the middle of a muggle hotel was not a good idea.

The top table consisted of Harry, Hermione, Pomona, Dan and Emma, the Grangers had wanted to sit with the other parents but Harry had asked them to relay their experiences to the new parents of witches and wizards.

Hermione stood and explained the discrepancies in fees and quality of education ensuring all present that every student at the Institute was not only charged the same amount but was treated the same as well.

Pomona spoke about the facilities, staff and courses available and then Dan stood.

"There are parents sitting here today that are wrestling with the hardest decision of their lives, I know because three years ago my wife and I were in the exact same position. If at that time I had the information that I do now our daughter would never have set foot in the magical world and we would just have made a monumental mistake. You see my daughter is a witch, it's not an illness or condition to be cured, it's who she is and learning to understand and control magic is a priority."

Dan paused for a drink of water before getting to the hard bit, "As muggle parents of a witch or wizard your rights in the magical world are practically nil, a magical guardian is appointed without your consent or in our case even knowledge. You can't actually remove your child from Hogwarts without their consent, what we're offering here is an alternative and I'll now hand over to Lord Potter."

Harry rose slowly and began speaking, "The magical world is at least a century behind muggles in customs and technology so we intend to use this to our advantage. We can use the tithe system to bring families under the protection of house Potter, for the non-magic amongst you this bestows the same rights as every one else in the magical world as you will basically be a member of my house. The tithe is a minimum of ten galleons, about a hundred pounds a year and in return for this protection I can graze my sheep on your land, don't worry if you haven't any land, as I don't own any sheep."

As they hoped this got a laugh and eased the tension in the room, "Your child's acceptance is in no way effected by your choice and I would like to invite you all to the school for orientation and a chance to see what we have to offer. No decisions are required or expected until after your all expenses paid trip to the Institute. We will now take questions."

Adrian Greengrass was up like a shot, "Lord Potter your offering better facilities, courses, teachers and the protection of your house for at best a modest sum. My question is why?"

"Mr Greengrass I abhor the fact that my betrothed is the smartest and most powerful witch of her generation yet she will be discriminated against her whole life because her wonderful parents are dentists and not magical. I have the will and the means to help like-minded individuals and those being discriminated against get a better education and start on their magical journey. My reward is what everyone in this room wants, the hope that their children can grow up in a better world than we did."

"What about you-know-who?" was shouted from up the back.

"I'm sorry but I fail to see the relevance of that question, if you're worried about him targeting the Institute I can assure you it would be his last mistake."

"Excuse me Lord Potter but doesn't the travel time involved for a trip to Italy make it unviable to go there for the weekend?" Harry understood that this was a valid question if you were a muggle.

Dobby appeared before Harry could even call him and took the gentleman's arm while holding his hand out to the frightened eleven year old girl sitting beside him, the girl looked to Harry for reassurance.

"What's your name?" he asked.

"Natalie MacDonald my lord sir."

Harry was trying hard not to laugh at the awe struck little girl, "Natalie, Dobby is a house elf and a very good friend of mine. You can trust him totally and if you take his hand he'll show you some magic!"

She reluctantly took his hand and the three disappeared, much to the shock of Mrs MacDonald, "They'll return in a few moments, we're just giving a little demonstration of magical travel here."

Five minutes later they returned and while her father had to sit down Natalie was making the Creevey boys look lethargic, "oh mum you should see it, it's beautiful! I can't believe that's my new school and I'm going to learn how to be a witch."

Natalie had forgotten she was in a room full of people, most of whom were smiling at the diminutive girl. Aidan Greengrass deliberately caught Harry's eye and nodded, he got it now. It was an eye-opener for many to see something they took for granted being the cause of such wonder.

It was easy street after that with those aware of the magical world being sent timed portkeys while the newbie's would get elvin assistance.

The meeting eventually broke up and Harry pulled Remus aside, "there were no problems with the cup so tomorrow we go after the ring and the locket, we'll see you and Sirius about seven."

Soon only the four staying in Britain that night were left, "lets get some air then maybe a restaurant for dinner, after what I saw this morning Harry can pay!" Dan was joking but Harry would still be paying.

They walked out the back of the hotel to avoid anyone hanging about and unfortunately walked straight into the Weasleys.


Molly was not having a good day, not only was Ronald refusing to come back from his girlfriends he was adamant that he wouldn't go anywhere near Harry or Hermione thus removing her best option. She left Percy at home as Arthur and the twins would have to do.

Then they couldn't find the bloody place, a magical meting in muggle London – absurd!

The fact that they weren't invited and relying on bits of information Arthur had overheard didn't help their cause either. To add insult to injury after finding the place a werewolf wouldn't let them in, with Minerva and Sprout backing him up. Obviously Harry didn't know they were at the door and those three bastards had overstepped their authority, the poor boy would be distraught when he found out.

Finally she caught a break and they saw Harry leaving the building, the mudblood was unfortunately there but she would just have to take what she could get, "Harry Dear!" she shouted while rushing towards him with her arms open.

Her plans were in ruins before she even got started, Molly was met with a torrent of abuse and the red mist of her temper started to descend. She heard one comment about her being a bad mother and that was the final straw, Molly Weasley went for her wand but found herself lying bleeding on the car park tarmac before she could even utter a curse.

Hermione was ready for trouble but nothing could have prepared her for what actually happened, as Molly rushed forward intending to embrace Harry in a hug she was stopped dead in her tracks by a voice so full of hate and anger she barely recognised it as her mother's.

"You lay one finger on my boy and it will be the last thing you ever do, where's that bastard of a son who was going to drug my daughter? Did you sell him too? What kind of a mother are you bitch." A furious Emma watched as the little fat witch went for her wand and her training kicked in, muggle Emma Granger put a bullet in pureblood Molly Weasley before she even got a spell off.

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