Knowledge is Power

When Hermione gets cursed at the Ministry, Harry and the Death Eaters discover the power he knows not. Unleashing this power has far reaching consequences. Weasley and Dumbledore bashing – time travel story that's hopefully different.


13. Chapter 13

Ginny's insides turned to lead as she dreaded the answer to the question she had to ask, "Who did you sell me to?"

From behind her a very familiar voice answered, "That would be me!"

She turned and the one person in the whole world that she wanted to see was standing there, large as life, but Ginny was now totally confused. She couldn't understand how this was even possible so decided just to keep her mouth shut and trust he knew what he was doing.

Arthur was ecstatic! Molly was going to be so pleased with him as this was beyond his wildest dreams, a new house and a betrothal that would make his daughter happy. Arthur was going to be standing up to his wife more often as 'going with the flow' had resulted in the Weasleys being homeless and penniless, getting off his arse and asserting his authority had solved all their problems almost overnight. He was going to be fulfilling his role as head of the family with a lot more frequency.

He was jolted out of his self-congratulatory musings when the wizard spoke, "let's get out of here Ginny, the stench of pureblood greed is turning my stomach."

Both portkeyed away before anybody got a chance to say a word and without even taking Ginny's trunk with them.

Arthur was a bit miffed at this breach of etiquette but chose to ignore it as the trunks were shrunk and the remaining Weasleys headed for St Mungo's to take Molly to her new home.


Molly was starting to get more than miffed at her husband's attitude, as he wouldn't tell her what the hell was going on, Ginny and Ron weren't there and Arthur had an exceedingly smug expression on his face that she was getting close to hexing off.

She was having to wear a hat due to her baldness from her rather hasty apparition, normally it could just be reattached but as it was in the house, which had burned to the ground, that option was no longer available. As if this wasn't bad enough Molly had to wear the clothes she was admitted in as all their possessions were also destroyed thanks to her titanic temper tantrum.

If Arthur gave her one more smug smile when she asked him a question, her wand was going to be sticking in his ear and a scourgify spell should cure him of that affliction.

They all portkeyed to a beautiful house that Arthur said was the new Weasley family residence, Molly rushed through the front door, let out an ear splitting scream before drawing her wand and blasting the floor.

Arthur grabbed the wand of mental Molly shouting, "you've already destroyed one home, isn't that enough for you?"

Molly slapped his face, grabbed him by the little hair he had left and none to gently directed his gaze to the partially destroyed coat of arms embedded in the floor. Even from the part remaining Arthur could clearly discern the Lestrange family emblem, since the Persian rug covering it for this morning's visit had been removed back to the Potter vaults as soon as Arthur left the property.

"Do you honestly expect me to sleep in Bellatrix Lestrange's bed?" Molly didn't wait for an answer as she dragged her husband into their new dining room and plonked him down on a chair.

"You will tell me exactly what you have done, missing out no details, so I can try and work out just how big a mess you've got us into." Molly's wand was now pointing directly between her husband's eyes, his brief sojourn as head of family over. In any pissing contest between these two there would only ever be one winner.

Arthur carefully recounted his brainwave and the steps he'd taken to secure their family's future, when the identity of the wizard in the station was revealed Molly's complexion changed dramatically from the puce she had gradually graduated towards with the telling of the tale to grey as she realised this was an impossibility.

"Where is your copy of the document you signed?" she demanded.

Arthur was dreading admitting that he hadn't even read it never mind asked for a copy when a scroll suddenly appeared on the table in front of him, Molly grabbed it before finding she had to sit down. She looked over the document before staring at Arthur, "you have no idea what you did this morning!"

Her voice held so much anger that Arthur hoped they wouldn't be spending tonight in that bloody tent.


The group waiting in the private room in Gringotts had their numbers increased by two as the young witch and wizard appeared courtesy of the portkey created by the goblins. The little red haired witch couldn't hold her silence any longer, "Harry how can you be my betrothed when you're already betrothed to Hermione? Don't you have to marry her first before you can make another betrothal?"

"You are correct Ginny but I'm not your betrothed, please sit down while we explain the situation to you but we must hurry before the Weasleys discover what we're attempting and try to stop us."

Harry's words left Ginny needing a seat anyway, she did not want to go back but couldn't see another option until Mrs Granger spoke.

"The papers that your father signed this morning were not betrothal papers but adoption documents, he has signed away his rights to you but we must get you a new guardian and get these documents completed and on file with the ministry before he discovers this deception. We felt that not giving you a say in this would make us as bad as the people we're trying to rescue you from so there are three options available to you but the choice will have to be made quickly. Dan and I would like to adopt you with Lord Potter as your magical guardian and future brother-in-law with Hermione as your sister. This is one option available to you."

Minerva McGonagall spoke next, "I am also willing to adopt you Ginny, we know each other quite well and while I'm strict in class, my two employers here will hopefully tell you that I'm not like that out of work hours." Hermione and Harry had smiles on their faces recognising that this was about as close as Minerva got to a joke.

"My husband was killed in the last war and not having children of my own is something that has troubled me more as the years have went bye. I would dearly love someone to continue the McGonagall name for another generation and recognise that with the proper support and encouragement you have the potential to be an outstanding witch. This gives you a second option you can chose."

The next person to speak was a shock to Ginny; Poppy Pomfrey spoke softly but with great sincerity. "I would also love to adopt you Ginny, like Minerva my husband was also killed and I threw myself into my work, healing other peoples children while longing for a child of my own. This is something I've been considering for years but would always delude myself that I was content caring for the children of Hogwarts, I have always wanted a daughter and your situation provides the opportunity for us both to reap some benefit from this horrendous situation you find yourself in. I would also like to add that I no longer work at Hogwarts but with Harry and Hermione, if this arrangement wasn't suitable to you I'm sure I could find employment elsewhere that worked for both of us. This is the third option available to you."

Ginny's head was spinning as Harry spoke, "in an ideal world you would come and live with us for a while taking all the time you needed to reach what is a massive decision but the reality is that if Arthur or Molly reach the ministry before the document is on file they can stop this whole thing dead in the water forcing you back into their clutches. We all understand what you're being put through here but hope you agree it's better than the alternative."

"Considering I tried to kill myself rather than face the alternative then that one's not even up for discussion, the three offers I've got here are more than I ever thought possible and probably deserve." She held up her hand to stop any protest before continuing, "Mr and Mrs Granger I would have loved to be part of your family, one glance at Hermione tells everyone what kind of parents you are. Unfortunately Hermione, Harry and I have a rather strained relationship at the moment and me becoming a Granger could fracture that forever, harming the four of you. This is something that I wont do as I hope that we can be friends at some point in the future."

Dan and Emma glanced at their daughter who was uncommonly quiet for confirmation or denial, Hermione just shrugged, "I'm not going to lie, knowing what I know the prospect of Ginny as a sister does not fill me with joy and happiness. If she were to accept your offer we would try and make the best of the situation but it would severely strain our relationships with you both, as neither Harry nor I trust her completely. If there were no other offers on the table I would have encouraged Ginny to accept as we would never allow her to be sold as a sex slave without every effort on our part to prevent that happening."

Ginny nodded, "thank you for being so honest Hermione and also for your assistance, we all know this would not be happening without your approval."

Hermione felt as if the redhead was having a pop at her before she heard Harry's voice in her head, 'she's just telling the truth Hermione, I am having to learn that I can't save everyone in the world and if the choice was rescuing Ginny or hurting the most important person on the whole planet to me then you should already know my answer. I would pull anyone out from being in front of a speeding truck but this was her family causing this, if they don't give a shit about their daughter I'm not going to fight with the love of my life over it'

Hermione could feel the love flowing through their bond giving the reassurance she needed, the thought of Ginny as a sister made her feel quite ill but her parents blossoming emotions made it a certainty they would make this offer, she would play seeker for Scotland before she encouraged it though.

In all honesty the emotion flowing through the Grangers bangles was that of relief that they were being turned down, felling duty bound to make the offer was one thing but both dreaded the practicalities if Ginny had accepted. Their relationship with their daughter was better than at any time in however many years Hermione had lived and the adoption would have undoubtedly put a strain on that.

Ginny directed her attention to the two remaining women, "as you can understand I haven't slept much this week so have been doing a lot of thinking, people have been helping me since I stepped into Hogwarts, the fact that I shouldn't have needed that help isn't relevant at the moment. I decided that if I got out of this situation I would like to repay that help by trying to do the same for others in the future. Professor McGonagall I really appreciate your offer and it means a lot to me that you would make it but I would like to be a healer in the future and that has tipped the scales in another direction. Madam Pomfrey I would be honoured to accept your offer to become a daughter, apprentice and hopefully best friend to you. As long as neither Harry nor Hermione have any objections I would be very happy to stay with you wherever you are."

Both teens nodded their acceptance, if Ginny wanted to learn how to administer potions she might as well learn from a master, of course the fact that Poppy would literally skin her alive if she even considered slipping one to someone illegally was a great relief to them both. Harry and Hermione knew that the diminutive red head needed not just a firm hand but strong moral guidance in acceptable behaviour and couldn't think of anyone better qualified to administer it than Poppy Pomfrey.

Poppy hugged her new daughter before signing the papers, which were then whisked over to the ministry for registration by the goblins. An anxious wait followed, were they quick enough? - Were they smart enough?

They daren't leave the country with Ginny until officially she was Ginny Heather Pomfrey, she was desperate to lose the name Molly and when Professor McGonagall mentioned that her husband had chosen Heather as the name for the daughter they never had, Ginny added this in honour of her former head of house's very generous offer.

When they got the good news a copy of the document was sent by elf to the Weasleys as the relieved party headed home to Italy.


Ron appeared with Millicent in her family home, meeting her parents was not something he was looking forward to but then again he didn't seem to have much to look forward to lately. The minute he'd mentioned the destruction of the Burrow she'd dragged his arse to the nearest table and dictated a letter for him to send home, there was to be no escape. As soon as they meet her parents Ron realised two things, where Millicent inherited her looks and that his worries were groundless, she ordered them about the same way she did him.

While the full body shudder was going through the gangly redhead as images of her ordering her parents the same way she did him scarred his mind forever more, she pulled him up the stairs to show him where he'd be staying.

He found himself in a beautiful room dominated by a colossal four poster bed, "this is lovely Millie, where's your room?"

The delicate feminine laugh seemed so strange emanating as it did from such a large body, "you can be so thick sometimes Ronald Weasley!" she picked him up and threw him onto the bed before starting to undress.

Ron would have sworn that he'd never miss de-gnomeing the Burrow but he would gladly do it for the whole summer if he could just get out of here, the excited look in Millie's eyes told him he wouldn't be going anywhere for a while. He could only hope he survived the summer to make it back to Hogwarts in one piece.


Arthur walked up the drive having returned from his trip to the ministry and was relieved to see the house was still standing, though he had yet to break the news to his wife that the adoption was legal and Harry's name wasn't mentioned in any of the adoption papers or house transfer.

Poppy Pomfrey had been a Hogwarts institution to generations of students with an impeachable reputation for professionalism and fairness, known and respected throughout the British wizarding world. There was no way they could claim foul play with his signature clearly on the document and trying to besmirch Poppy would not only be counterproductive but sheer folly as any court in the land would say Ginny was better off where she was, Ginny certainly would.

Someone had clearly repaired the floor but as Arthur was walking across it he was confronted with the message 'time to change your underwear' which clearly identified those responsible for carrying out the repair.

He found Molly sitting in her new kitchen, drinking a cup of tea and looking a lot calmer. "It's all legal and above board?" she asked.

Arthur just nodded and waited on the explosion that never came.

"Those two have fooled more than the Weasleys, - Fudge, Dumbledore, Snape and the death eaters have all felt the wrath of the Potters. The fact that they acted so swiftly and so decisively to save Ginny while giving us this wonderful house means we got off very lightly. I was worried that there would be something in the deeds that could mean we would lose it all but Harry's an honourable boy, unlike that bitch he betrothed. If you hadn't jumped in with both feet I was hoping to arrange for Ginny to be his second wife, we know now why Albus couldn't arrange the betrothal as he couldn't risk anyone looking to closely at the guardian position he claimed."

Arthur thought it was safe to sit down, "I'm sorry love but we didn't have time for that, the destruction of the Burrow not only destroyed our home but everything we owned as well. We had only the clothes we stood up in and I really couldn't see another option, it's actually worked out better than I could ever have dreamed. We finally have the house we deserve, Ginny will have a better life and I don't have to tell Bill and Charlie that their baby sister is married to some old lech."

"At least Harry still likes us, I could have killed Percy when I heard he stopped them leaving Hogwarts, we need to get Ron and the Twins back with him. I probably should write a letter thanking him for looking after Ginny and try claiming temporary madness on your part due to losing our home and me being in hospital. If you had waited we could have said something like 'sorry can't invite you this summer because we're having to live in a tent' and the boy would probably have given us a house for nothing."

Arthur was constantly amazed by just how devious his wife could be, Ginny was lost to them but the main prize was still there – the Potter millions. The only problem reminded him of his father's favourite saying, 'he who fishes without bait gets rusty hook' and he couldn't see what else they had to prise some of that gold out of the Potters grasp and into more deserving hands.

"I understand Ron is staying with his new girlfriend, the poor boy must have been broken hearted when Harry and Hermione got together but perhaps we can get them double dating or something. It shouldn't be awkward since he now has someone as well and at least she's a pureblood. We need a face to face with Harry, preferably without the mudblood then we can begin to repair bridges and get our children around him again."

The admiration Arthur felt for this woman knew no bounds and if he was to have some kind of breakdown then a few days sick leave was just what the healer ordered. "I see the twins repaired the floor."

"Yes and it flashes a different message depending on the circumstances but I think I weirded them out."

Arthur just had to hear this.

"As I walked across the floor it flashed 'curtains and pelmet match,' they ran away screaming and haven't been seen since."


Harry was having a shower and thinking that life just couldn't get much better, he awoke this morning with his beautiful betrothed in his arms, they then joined the rest of their family for the morning training session where everyone was showing major improvements. After breakfast they were going to be spending the day in Naples shopping with the ability to buy anything they wanted, yes it just didn't get any better. His Hermione joined him in the shower and his theory was blown out the water.

Like Harry, Sirius was also taking a shower and counting his blessings, unlike Harry he wasn't kept company by a gorgeous girl. His plan for today was similar to the last few, eat a full healthy breakfast and lie by the pool reading a book. Hopefully Remus would be available to go over some practice duelling later and he may even join the Grangers in their weapons training.

His friend was looking better than he'd ever seen him, Harry and Hermione had given him goals to aim for and while Remus protested the salary he was more than earning it. This was another reason the werewolf was happy, he'd initially assumed it was charity and the fact he was earning every Knut gave him a rare sense of self worth.

Sirius was eager to get fighting fit, as he was desperate to participate in the horcrux retrieval, at the moment all he could do is run away. He needed to get his body into shape before being capable of doing the hours of practice needed for his reflexes to get back to anything like normal. He knew it would be a gradual process hence the reading to recover from this morning, his godson was a bloody slave driver.

Luna was excited and with good reason, she was going on her first ever date with her first ever boyfriend and her first ever friends were coming along as well. She had pounced on Neville when they met for training this morning and now she was ready to do the same again before breakfast and then heading off, the anticipation meant she could hardly stand still.

The only cloud on the horizon was the inclusion of the potions princess, none of them believed her claims of not knowing the Weasley potions plot for Hermione and Harry, Hermione had made her position very clear and Luna was considering doing the same. If the red head made a move for Neville then her bat bogie hex wasn't going to save her arse.

Hermione had asked her at dinner to go with them on their shopping trip tomorrow and she had initially refused, citing both couples would want some time alone.

Harry's laughter caught all their attention, "Ginny we're going shopping in a muggle mall, do you really think we will be leaving Neville and Luna alone? We will be sticking together and the only split would be boy – girl when trying on clothes or to powder noses. I feel responsible since I didn't bring your trunk so the only acceptable answer is yes."

This was technically Harry and Hermione's first date in this timeline but they were more looking forward to just being with their friends and having some fun, Ginny was going to be staying there and this was an excellent opportunity to let the young witch see the benefits of her new life. This was her second chance at life though eight people would be watching her very closely to insure she didn't repeat the mistakes of her last past.

As predicted poor Neville was engulfed by one very excited blond witch the instant he stepped out of his bedroom but the wizard didn't seem to mind in the slightest.

After breakfast the group prepared to portkey while the adults were dispensing last minute words of wisdom, "stay together," "don't get into any trouble," "be back for six!"


They portkeyed into the magical part of Naples and had their senses assaulted by all the strange but wonderful sights, sounds and smells. Harry and Hermione agreed it felt like their first time visiting Diagon Alley and the only word to describe it was magical.

Like the Christmas trip in the other timeline Harry decided the first order of business was weightless and bottomless bags so headed for the luggage store, translation spells were very helpful and soon the five were heading with their new bags to get some robes. Harry spoke to the owner who's eyes almost lit up upon hearing they were opening a new school nearby, he recommended robes of a much lighter material than was used for Hogwarts with Hermione choosing a powder blue colour. He promised to make a few designs and Dobby would pick them up tomorrow meanwhile they all chose a few robes each as their black Hogwarts ones were totally unsuitable for the climate.

A quick trip to the bookstore was a bit of a misnomer when Hermione was involved but they basically just asked the owner for every course book required by the Italian magical school, translated into English of course and Dobby would collect them tomorrow as well. Getting Hermione out the shop in under an hour must have set some kind of record though to be fair she did leave with fourteen books.

A trip to the broom store saw the five leave with new 'Velocity Eleganza' brooms, Neville and Hermione weren't to keen but Harry pointed out that this would be part of their training. He also ordered twenty 'Velocity Costante's' for the Institute after being assured by the owner these were great brooms for learners, the new first years were going to be on brand new brooms and taught to fly by a Lord. There might not be competitive Quidditch at the institute but learning to fly a broom well was something Harry intended to insure all students could do, Neville and Hermione were not the only Hogwarts students to be failed by their teaching system as far as flying went.

They then exited into the muggle shopping area and the three purebloods had to be reminded to breath, even Harry and Hermione couldn't fail to be impressed with the marble floor, vaulted glass ceiling and fountains sprinkling away before even mentioning the stores. The girls shooed Harry and Neville into an electronics store while they perused a whole store that sold nothing but ladies underthings.

Harry had just purchased some laptops and mobile phones when he felt a spike of emotion over their bond that had him dragging Neville out the shop to find his Hermione, they had closed communication down to a minimum as he had no wish to know what underwear Luna and Ginny were purchasing, he was sure Hermione would model hers for him later. The strength of the emotion she was feeling was bad enough but Harry couldn't seem to find a focus for it as a million things appeared to be going through her mind at the same time, he was starting to panic when he spied his love looking in a shop window then suddenly everything became clear.

Hermione was looking at the most beautiful thing she had ever seen but the name above the store meant that you could probably buy a two bedroom house for the same price as the item, there was also what Harry would want to be considered. A familiar pair of arms encircled her from behind as kisses were being applied to her neck.

"You are the woman of my dreams and that is the dress you have dreamed about since you were almost six-years-old, there is no way we are not buying it so let's go in."

They walked into the shop and were immediately greeted by an assistant who had already made her mind up they didn't belong there, "can I help you?" she asked sarcastically.

Harry had already made his mind up as well; he wouldn't have his Hermione's special moment ruined by this bitch. "Yes I would like to speak to the manager and since I'm sure you work on commission I would also say that your attitude just cost you a lot of money."

The manageress was met by a determined young man who politely handed over his plastic and said, "The wedding dress in the window, we'll take it!"

Harry asked Hermione over their bond, "what about a dress for Luna? I suppose we should get something for Ginny as well."

The universal truth that money talks was never more evident in the service the youngsters obtained, Hermione maintained that the dress was a present for her sister and would be altered by their seamstress as explaining why a fourteen-year-old was buying such a dress was not something she wanted to do. This had the happy consequence of Harry buying her another evening gown as 'not to arouse suspicion' that she was leaving the shop with nothing.

They were sitting outside a restaurant people watching while enjoying pizza, pasta and cokes. Ginny was not alone in having the best day of her life but she could tell that conversation was guarded around her and she couldn't blame them. Ginevra Molly Weasley was not a nice person, and don't even mention that family, she could see no other option than to kill her off. "Hermione, can you help me please?"


Poppy had her first experience as a parent waiting on her child coming home; she liked the sound of parent. She and Ginny had spoke yesterday but understandably the young witch was quite traumatised at the realization her former family thought she was no more than a commodity that was to be taken to market when ripe.

She was delighted when Ginny was invited to join the other teens on their planned outing; Poppy had given her some gold to spend but suspected she wouldn't need it. All the former Hogwarts staff was aware that Harry and Hermione had a serious problem with the Weasleys but none of them knew what the trouble actually was.

They had a shared suite with two bedrooms, a bathroom with shower and a small sitting room where Poppy was currently waiting on her new daughter returning.

The increase in noise signalled the return of the group but the young girl who entered their suite was not the same one who left. "What do you think?" Ginny asked.

Poppy knew this was a pivotal moment in their fledgling relationship so did what she thought was right, she drew Ginny into her arms and asked, "what do you think and why?"

Ginny started crying, "I told lies and they must have known I did but they still helped me, no saved me, and then took me out today and gave me the best day of my life. I want to be like that but have no idea how to do it. My former family were going to use a love potion on Hermione to try and get Harry for me, I wasn't told about it but heard enough to put it together and I did nothing yet had the nerve to ask them to help me. I hate Ginny Weasley and want so badly to be Ginny Pomfrey but everyone who looked at me just saw a Weasley."

Poppy looked at her daughter, now with short hair that had black streaks running through it, "Ginny it's a parent's responsibility to teach their children right from wrong, the fact that they thought this was acceptable doesn't surprise me after the way you were treated. Please understand how abhorrent I find both acts and would do everything in my power to see anyone committing such a crime punished for it. My beliefs on this subject are part of who I am, beliefs I hope to pass on to my family!"

Poppy's hug held more compassion than one of Molly's clinging crushes ever did, just as Harry had killed off the boy-who-lived she had to put an end to Ginevra Molly Weasley, this was her second chance – she was Ginny Heather Pomfrey now who was going to do her utmost to earn the trust of the others.

"Oh and I may be biased here but I happen to think that Ginny Pomfrey is a beautiful young girl," Poppy's remark put a smile back on her daughter's face as she excitingly began to tell her new mother what they'd got up to today, including her first ever visit to a hair salon and show what Harry and Hermione had bought her.


Dan and Emma didn't need their bracelets to know what the other was feeling, both had tears in their eyes and thought their hearts would burst with love and pride for the sight before their eyes. Both watched as a couple of female house elves made adjustments to the fabulous wedding dress their beautiful daughter was modelling, on one level they knew she was going to be married but this brought it home and made it real.

'What are you and Neville going to be wearing?" Emma asked.

"Doesn't matter!" shrugged Harry, "when my Hermione walks in, nobody will be looking anywhere else but at my beautiful bride."

This was obviously the correct thing to say because of the passionate kiss that Hermione planted on his lips immediately after the words had left them.

"That boy should be a politician, he always seems to know the right thing to say," Dan muttered, the sight of his daughter in white had taken away lot of the residual apprehension regarding the wedding so it was probably just as well that he couldn't listen in on the conversation taking place over his daughter and her betrothed's bond while they kissed.

"For being so good to me and because I love you so much I will model what I'm wearing under this dress for you later."

"Is this something you bought in that underwear store today?"

"I'm not wearing anything from that store under here."

"Oh, so what are you wearing?"

"I'm not wearing anything!"


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