Swinging Party

only the cold hearted survive


2. intro pt.1




Scarlet P.O.V. 

My mother always told me that the world was never like the fairy tales I grew up on. That I would never get my prince charming and that fairy godmothers don't exist. But as a child I never listened. I ignored her blunt words and replaced them with princesses and glitter. I pretended that the world wasn't as bad as she said. That everyone was as sweet as the ice cream in my local bakery.

But the day it happened was the day I knew my fairy tales were't true. That everyone wasn't as sweet as ice cream. I wasn't as sweet as ice cream. I had taken a life. A life not yet fully lived. Though he was middle aged I knew he wasn't ready to see the light. That his soul wanted to stay a few more minutes. But I took it. Just like he took my innocence. 

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