Letters to a cousin


1. Letters to a cousin

Love letters


What are you doing in Paris being American, Laxmikanth.

I miss you so so much.  I have known you 25 years and we love each other. I am so comfortable with you.  Keep in touch my friend.

How I love the water.  The water at the beach is a beautiful aquamarine blue.  Meet me on my daily walks Laxmikanth, if you ever come to this city which is a village. I will be waiting for you there.

I simpy adore you Laxmikanth. I have known you since you were a teenager.  We have travelled together, seen places. Came to this wonderful place. Its a pity you moved away. Why don’t you bring your family here.

Do you want to do me laxmikanth. Be like me.  I know you admire me. You are so virile you are so cool.  I hope your wife sees that.  I know she loves you even more than I do Laxmikanth. Oops! I tend to forget you are a woman. I mean your husband.

Dear cousin, how I danced at your wedding Laxmikanth. Can you send your kids to my place over the holidays ?  Bring them over for a few days.  Make me feel loved. 

So you are in New York, Vice President. Your girl  cousin Suri is also in New York, just in case you are wondering where he is.

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