poem collection

I'm just going to put a lot of poems in here and update when I write a new poem so there wont be any special days i upload...I hope you find my poems entertaining or at least touching...i have written all the poems myself


3. seasons


first everthing gets cold and white

then we go out to play 

in the white winter wonderland

throwing the snow around

whilst it shines til millions of diamonds


now all the snow melts 

and flowers peek out everywhere

the sun begins to shine

the warmth comes back

and the bright colours lights everything up


the sun begins to shine

and the days gets longer

vacation comes and we have fun 

ice-cream dripping 

and everything is good


now all the colours change 

the trees goes from green to yellow, red

everthing is so beautiful

yet everything is dying

and we say goodbye to the hot summer times 

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