poem collection

I'm just going to put a lot of poems in here and update when I write a new poem so there wont be any special days i upload...I hope you find my poems entertaining or at least touching...i have written all the poems myself


2. Pain

I hide my true self

From every skeptical eye

I cover up my face with a fake smile

But what does it matter

When no one cares


I cut in my arms and legs

Because then it makes sense

Then there is a reason for it to hurt

There is a reason for the pain to seek me

Will the pain ever truly leave me?


Will anyone ever love me?

I mean the true me

The part I hide from everyone else

The piece that partly scares me

The part I am ashamed of


I could also just leave

Make the cuts deeper

Deep enough for them to kill

Because no one wont even realise if I go

So I guess its okay for me to leave

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