the crazy antos

4 ants called the antos were stuck in a village where people hatted ants will all ants live.


4. danger zone confirmed

​But those antos didn't care what happened. they had to go out al though they were scared they had to do it to survive. the world is a scary place we all know that. especuially looking in a small ants point of view. they finally got out to remind ya guys they live about 13m under ground. They saw food they temped to sneak and steal it for themselves, but there were humans humans hatted the antos. Because they steal there food they cook. but they don't mean it. they need it to survive. but those humans didn't care about the antos starvation. they saw the antos and stomped on 2 of them there were only to left. but luckily for those guys. they survived and they enjoyed all the food they stole and all anamals loved them because they give the other animals food.

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