A Darker Whisper

She works at the number 1, high class restaurant as the number 1 waitress by night and is an ordinary high school senior by day, even though her father leads a life of success. He is the number 1 catch in and outside of school and spends majority of his nights with his friends. One day, they are told out of nowhere that they were going to be living under the same roof together as a new family as her father marries his mother. It all did not seem like much in the beginning, but as they felt each other in their separate rooms when their parents were off at work. A passionate love was in store for them as their young lives were coming to an end.


2. Chapter 2: The Final Encounter

As the day grew from blackish, yellow to a beam of impaling light from the enriching sun, it would soon come to pass that the predicted storm was, in fact, forming physically and metaphorically. The clouds would begin to swallow the suns energy, darkening the ground with it's shadow that came to pass. Droplets of liquid fell onto the concrete, leaving its stain noticeably in sight. It was no more than a sign of futuristic bad news that would strike at its most impertinent moment.

Crystal had awoken from the loud, deafening scream of thunder that lashed out with each strike of lightning that pierced the earth with unpredictable timing. The morning was quiet as usual despite the tumbling raindrops that flowed down the crevices of the roof shingles towards the edges that created a waterfall along all sides of the house.

"Just another morning, but a new day," Crystal sighed as she felt the echoes of her voice ring throughout the empty house. 

The time passed quickly and her main focus was to make plans for the future. Today was the day she would be properly greeted by her new family; The addition to her life was much less expected and much sooner than she had ever thought possible. Crystal lived in strength brought upon by the mourning of her mothers death, who died at an auspicious time period to her fathers success in his relationship between two very important company clients. It was by luck that her father survived the wreckage that occurred when Crystal was coming of age to maturity. 16 years old.

"I love you, mom," Crystal still felt detrimental and shamefully responsible, but she would not let that sort of negativity find itself pity among others. It was in her every nature to remain as closed as a gun safe, or rather a closed book buried 6 feet under. 

A blue blazer and a white, blue pleated checkered skirt laid neatly folded near the edge of her wooden, maple dresser. Starting with the first drawer, she lifted the buttoned up, white shirt that had cut off sleeves that would end at the mid-line of her slim, upper arms. Other features included it's feminine ability to outline her slimness and flat abdomen.

When she slipped her arm through one sleeve, she threw the other sleeve to the other arm that slipped in through the sleeve that finally aligned itself comfortably on her shoulders. Crystal looked into the mirror as she studied her figure while slowly starting from the first button at the bottom of the opened shirt. As she made her way up past the median of her abdomen, her hands brushed passed her white, laced bra that felt soft against her skin as she continued to the last button, leaving the button at the neck open.  The indention from her clavicle connected to her sternum was beautifully revealed. Her neck was thin and even more noticeable as she began to pull back her curly hair that gave no fret to fuzziness and static.

She was modernly perfect, but considered ordinary and did not socialize willingly with others. Everyday was a fight to make it through the day unnoticed and that plan resulted in thin, clear lens glasses that stereotypically marked her down as the class nerd. Everyone knew of her family affairs, but they visualized Crystal as being unsociable to new, modern trends which closed Crystal from social interactions.

"I'm off to school," Crystal stared deep into her mother photo and smiled as though her mother was actually there tangibly.

After she zipped up her skirt, rolled up her white socks up to her ankles, and slipped her feet into her black, heeled loafers, she grabbed her school bag that weighed of a couple, medium sized textbooks.

She opened the door to be greeted by a fresh, rain scented breeze. Her right hand gripped onto the handle of her bag as the other hand blocked the wind from her eyes. She turned slightly away from the wind to close the door behind her. The breeze blew her hair over her shoulder to reveal her pale, full neck that had shown her slim jawline and beautiful, naturally pink lips. She kicked the front of her shoes against the concrete to readjust her feet to fit tight in her shoes, then continued down the sidewalk towards the bus station.

A bus station? Although her father makes enough for a chauffeur, Crystal found it more convenient to take the scenic route rather than the suffocating quickness it took to go to such an atrocious social system.

"Who is he?" A girl, with a different school uniform, pointed out from the window towards a boy with slick, black hair and masculine, angled eyes that rendered deep desire to anyone who fell prey to his everlasting glances.

Crystal took a curious look towards the boy that leaned back on his Harley Davidson motorcycle. As he excited the engine with a twist of the handle, the young females could not keep control of their volume. Her heart began to race when the boy looked up at the crowd of drooling fans. He suddenly looked away and made haste, racing past the bus and cutting in front to catch the next turning light. He disappeared instantly and the group of school kids could not control their tongue as they constantly replayed the scene verbally, over and over again.

When the transport hissed to a halt, Crystal stepped down through the exit door while being sandwiched between the scurrying school kids and busy morning shift workers. She sighed and wiped down the wrinkles on her clothes, then placed her free hand in the pocket of her blazer as she continued down the sidewalk towards the school gates.

"Classes A and B, please make your way down the main hall towards the auditorium!" The ear pressuring, megaphone screeched with an echo across the entire school grounds leaving a deafening sound as the intercom was switched off.

Crystal was at the top of Class B. Students from her rank and below would crawl hopelessly to be in her position, but she was avoided like the plague.

"Excuse me," The deep, mint scented voice wrapped her body like a snake trap technique.

Crystal bumped into what she thought would be their last encounter. When their eyes met, they held a moment of pure infatuation. His glistening, black hair shaded his dark, fiery eyes that locked on to her despite the hands that held Crystals shoulder to keep her stably balanced on her feet when they made impact. 

She nodded her head with an apologetic gesture and continued down the corridor. She could feel the burning glare heating up the back of her neck that caused her to slow in her tracks and turn to see him staring at the floor until his eyes made contact with hers. The passionate glare made her quiver into a sudden stiffness, it was as if he knew her and desired her. He was ravaging her in silence.

"Gabriel, come play with us!" The moment came to a sudden end when a couple school girls grabbed a hold of his arms, rubbing their parts against him to entice excitement. Crystal smiled to herself as if she couldn't believe how hopeful she had felt and began to follow the crowd down the hallway.

"You won't get away from me that easily," The boy came at Crystal with full force as he turned her around, removed her glasses and kissed her in front of God and everyone present as witnesses.

Her world began to spin as she stared helplessly into his deviously, enriching eyes that opened half-way and smiling, giving a darker dilation to his pupils, leaving Crystal trapped and still in her place. She was finally able to escape his grasp, ending their first encounter running away from him. Due to her face being covered and unseen, no one could identify the mysterious girl that the popular Gabriel had chosen specially for his own. They knew that once you were marked, you would be found and devoured slowly.

The day was filled with endless gossip and assumptions to who the female could be that their school king had chosen to prey on. Crystal felt relieved that no one was able to recognize her as she hid in the stalls of the girls restroom and even more when she pulled an extra pair of glasses from her school bag. She exited the stall and looked into the mirror and saw a pair of womanly set eyes that witnessed her fist kiss taken within unexpected seconds.

"Open your textbooks..." The classes all started and ended the same. Crystal could not seem to get her mind off this morning incident, which caused her to lack in attention towards the class assignment and subject, "Class dismissed,"

When all the students exited the room, making Crystal the last in line, she closed her textbook and placed it in her backpack gracefully. Her attention moved towards the sound of a revving sound of an engine she recognized. It was Gabriel preparing for his quick departure while smiling to the multiple girls that stood around him shooting love darts at him. He finally left out of sight once again. Crystal made it her number one mission to avoid him at all cost.

"I'm home, father," She arrived fashionably late.

Her father stood next to a slender, beautiful woman she had suspected to be her new mother. Her son was no where to be seen until she heard the closing of a door down towards the hallway. The footsteps that drew closer and closer had stopped the beating of her own heart when she examined his first step into the room towards the familiar face that caused an upstart. Gabriel stood before her fashionable as ever and completely irresistible as his familiar scent traveled around the house aimlessly. Crystal knew that her life was going to be far from normal.      

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