A Darker Whisper

She works at the number 1, high class restaurant as the number 1 waitress by night and is an ordinary high school senior by day, even though her father leads a life of success. He is the number 1 catch in and outside of school and spends majority of his nights with his friends. One day, they are told out of nowhere that they were going to be living under the same roof together as a new family as her father marries his mother. It all did not seem like much in the beginning, but as they felt each other in their separate rooms when their parents were off at work. A passionate love was in store for them as their young lives were coming to an end.


1. Chapter 1: The Big News

The Big News - Crystal Lyne

"I'm getting remarried, Crystal," Her father broke out the news over a nice, fancy dinner.

Crystal almost choked on the expensive piece of meat marinated in a sweet, exhilarating sauce. Her bright, radiant sun-like eyes pierced a raging stare of confusion towards her father. The disbelief surged from her complacent ability to comprehend his business encrypted mindset that excluded all family values due to his analytical stance of absorbing profit, even through profitable marriage.

Crystal could not bring herself to object the thought in his presence as she was well aware that her father only saw her previously deceased mother as an object of marketing.

"Her work ethics?" Crystal sipped from a a very thin, fancily designed wine glass that visually held water of a crystalline appearance. It was the finest, freshest water in the nation, but the fancy ordeal did not seem to phase her taste buds all that well as most would pry for a chance to have.

Her father began to explain in simple business terms that enabled him to cover up his intentions of the reasoning for this sudden marriage. Manager of... only meant she was actually much higher in the rankings of her work ethics. Crystal only continued to listen to his washed up cover of a reasoning as she translated every part of his wording into finding his actual meaning.

"She sounds very capable, father," Crystal smiled and placed her utensils down on the empty plate. As she was about to prepare herself to get up from her seat, her father shot a glance that let her know that he wasn't finished after-all.

"I forgot to mention that she has a son around the same age as yourself," Her father spoke in a way that made Crystal become suspicious that this final discussion was entirely his plan all along; to introduce the next heir to manage her fathers well-growing company of high profit and value, "Sweet boy, she says,"

Crystal averted her eyes away from her father as she fluffed out the wrinkles in her black, three quarter v-neck blouse. The fabric felt slim against her body and her black, uniform skirt felt tight against her waist. When she stood up, her true figure empowered her image of a fully grown, mature woman. The tangerine, glittering room was brightened by the candlelit chandeliers that hung between bright, artificial lights that appeared brighter by a white, protection cover over the light bulbs.  

"Breaks over," Crystal tightened the lace of her apron around her waist and pulled back her firm, curly hair that moved gracefully with each step she took.

The night drowned in clientele meetings due to the upcoming change in the new season of changing trends. Each rival tried to anonymously reserve seats closer to each other to obtain any information they could get their hands on, but it ended in obvious silence and a night full of getting no where in their project. Aside from all the common situations, Crystal was the professional at managing her customers without being the third wheel information grabber.

"Thank you for your service, Mr. Lyne," Crystal stopped in her tracks and took a moment to watch her father leave as the clerk bowed in his presence with her exit statement.

She sighed under her breath and returned back to the task at hand. It was a night of bottom grabbers and intoxicated up-starters. Her mood improved after receiving a note that extracted a divine impression of herself. When the shifted ended, she would return home headstrong and prepared to say goodbye to a home that might not be normal anymore to her.

Gabriel Anderson

"Hello, Mrs. Anderson," A random female, that socialized in groups that fancied herself and no one else, approached Mrs. Anderson's table with obvious intentions to receive certain permissions.

"You must be the daughter of Mr. Hamilton," Mrs. Anderson's slender, aged fingers caressed the fine chinaware as she correctly stated her salutations, "No offense, my dear, but my son is not going to be on your list of candidates. I believe, if I remember correctly, your father has recently sold more than half his shares to a gambling addiction?"

The young teen gasped in embarrassment and ran off past her group of puppets she profitably used in order to steal money for her father's sake. Mrs. Anderson calmly sat with her back parallel to the chair as she waited patiently for her son to arrive. He was late as usual.

She began to queue her personal countdown and smiled when she heard the hoard of footsteps surround the main scene of attention. The young females waited with all their hearts in hopes that one of them would be the lucky sprout.

"My apologies, Mother," Gabriel panted excessively, rushing to a seat in the back where he spotted his mother, only to be greeted by a clingy kitten commonly known as America's top idol, "You're definitely not my mother,"

"But I can be," She spoke playfully trying to reach for him from across the table, but he leaped from his seat and properly analyzed the room until he found his mother sipping her tea as gracefully as she always did. He began to make his way over to her, but his arm became buried in the woman's bosoms that were held tight against her chest by the strength of both her arms, "Leaving so soon?"

"As a matter of fact, no," Gabriel pushed her against the table and hovered over her with a face screaming kiss me. He slowly reached for a glass half full, half empty and moved his other hand from her waist upwards to her side to raise excitement in her body, then he leaned in closer to her face as if he were going to kiss her until her world came crashing down like a dreary rainfall.

He stepped away from his annoyance and listened to the normal gawking from the crowd that backed away slowly. They returned back to their seat, fearful of his vengeance and just how far his violence could go if they continued to pester him ever longer.

His eyes were intense and abstractly dark with hints of crimson that simply made him irresistible. Gabriel wasn't the type to slack off on his appearance, he made absolute decisions in his tailoring that consisted of a fine business attire outside of school; however, his school uniform proved more beautiful and outstanding among the entire student body.

"Mother, my apologies for being late," Gabriel bowed before Mrs. Anderson before taking a seat and peeked up to make sure she was, in fact, his mother, "Did we receive new Intel on any new buyers?"

"Not at the moment and that is not the subject matter I would like to address with you," She continued to take graceful sips of her deep, Chai concentrated tea mixed with hints of vanilla flavor to entice relaxation, "I'm getting remarried,"

"What's the catch?" Gabriel elegantly crossed his leg over the other and leaned his body to the side in which brought upon the expression of being playfully analytical and without being able to help it, his body naturally stood out like a male model.

It brought unnecessary attention to their table, which incidentally became a matter of common occurrences that Mrs. Anderson had gotten used to after Gabriel was born and became aged into a handsome, young man when he entered high school and quickly reached past his puberty stage.

Mrs. Anderson had a beautiful figure and minimal age to her face. Outside of politics and business affairs, she was the perfect image of a healthy profitable wife and it was well-known before her last husband was caught stealing company shares from her fathers investment build-up safe. He was thrown out and shunned by the world in the worst possible way known to man. Publicly, he was stripped from his social level and casted out to the rock bottom level of middle class. The whole world of business knew not to get in her way; she knows everything that goes on in her branches of authority.

"A respectable man with a clean background, a widow, and a father of daughter well respected in her work ethics," She began to explain and finished with details far advanced that not even a first level, educated middle class could comprehend.

When they finished their meal silently over 4 small portioned servings, they continued their conversation until a decision was made.

"Arrangements have been made, we will commence the moving process no later than a month," Mrs. Anderson stood up from the table with her checkbook in hand,"Tip the waitress for me, dear," 

"How typical," He smirked as he spoke under his breath as he watched his mother leave the lobby out of sight before realizing the waitress speaking to her customers was breathtakingly beautiful.

Her peach colored skin looked incredibly soft and visually enriching to the eyes. When she glanced over towards him, he felt his heart begin to accelerate rapidly before noticing that she was actually enjoying the view from the window behind him that relished a greater look over the city in which they lived in. When she rushed from table to table, he took quick glances at her until he realized how late it had become. He began to write a note on the table along with a one-hundred dollar bill as a tip. 

Beauty only goes so far

You are the top of what makes

Beauty go so far

After leaving her sight, he turned around to see her at the table reading his note. The sight he witnessed was unexpected to his mind and body. She smiled and placed the note in her pocket and the tip money in the other pocket that held tips from each other table. The mysterious woman smiled ever since then as if that made her night remarkably more energizing.

"Crystal, I need help on table 15!" Another waitress panicked in the distance.

Gabriel smiled while finally exiting the lobby believing they would never meet again and feeling satisfied to end his night seeing such a beautiful sight. One he wanted to ruin, but cherish her slowly in his mind. To touch her skin and tear her apart and lavish her. The night engulfed him in abstract riches as he left to a home that would no longer be normal to him anymore.

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