''One Hundred Shades of Pink''

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  • Published: 7 Feb 2017
  • Updated: 7 Feb 2017
  • Status: Complete
This kind of story is for the fans of ''50 SHADES'' trilogy ONLY! If you are ashamed of sexual content-DO NOT READ IT! People with weak hearts shouldn't read this story,too! A fantasy under the shower, two lovers and hot....thing! I've warned you! Bolder even than ''50 shades darker'' movie


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 Imogen stepped onto the cold stone floor beneath the shower heads that were placed on each side of the block, just enough room for her to walk around. She pulled down the release located to the left of the entrance, and as soon as the water left their captures, the door eased shut. She lifted her head so the water could touch her neck before running down her skin; trickling around each shape of her body and down her legs until it parted with her naked body to mingle on the floor and fall down the small drain in the middle of the block.

 She turned around and closed her eyes, letting her head be drenched from the falling water, flattening her hair to her skin. As she ran her hands through her hair, listening to the water hit the cold stone; soft skin was pressed against her lips allowing the water to trickle around them. Arms wrapped around her like snakes slithering around their prey, gripping her lightly and pulling her close to the body that they belonged.
The creased corners of her lips perked up as she discovered the embrace of Igor’s body against her own; her hands sliding up around his neck, resting on his shoulders as she ran her hands through his hair and down his back; gently brushing past the skin along with the water droplets which made him quiver. Gripping his hair lightly she almost pushed his head into her how, their kiss synchronizing since the first touch; locking together between each breath.

 Igor slid down his hands from the embrace, clenching them when they reached her subtle bum; causing her to lift up onto the tips of her toes.
“Igor…” She whispered to him as his body pushed hers until she was between him and the wall, the icy feeling from the wall sending her pours goosebumps as the cold shuddered her body, pausing the kiss for a brief moment before it was able to continue. He brushed his cheek past her, and reached her neck, nuzzling at the skin of her neck before his teeth met it with the light pressure of a bite. As the air left her lungs, a slight cry joined her breath from the sensation of the bite, her hands gripping his hair from the release.

 The water squelched between their bodies, the passionate aura coming from one and other filling the atmosphere around them, water drifting away from their lips as their breath became heavy. Igor pushed forward, lifting Imogen up slightly by her bum; His body tensing, her body melting from the first momentous push.
Imogen let out a slightly louder cry, the electrifying pleasure pulsing through her body. She wrapped her arms over his shoulder to keep her steady as he found his rhythm, the sound from her vocal cords escaping her mouth as her breath was pushed out of her. She slid round her legs and wrapped them around his waist, Lessing the leverage for him holding her steady as he pushed into her.

 As he could now remove his hands, he grabbed a hold of her arms pushing them up against the wall; his fingers locking between her own. He leant forward and kissed all around her face; her nose, each cheek, her forehead until finally reaching her luscious longing lips and pressed in a final kiss.
He gave a final push, releasing the energy from himself into her; her stomach pressed against his as the kiss was broken, her back arched from the shooting climax which took over, I long moan from each of them as their bodies tensed for those few seconds of ecstasy. Their breath fell heavy as the sweat from their bodies blended with the water that fell from above; their gaze meeting as they rested upon each other’s forehead, giggling and staring with love and nuzzling noses in the last moments of their passionate hour.

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