Chance Encounter

Can a girl in his dreams be real or is it just a fantasy ?


4. Oneshot Part 4

The unseen stars above the trees made their slow progression across the cosmos and the hours slipped by. I felt tired and caught myself dropping occasionally. Eventually I succumbed to the inevitable and fell into a deep sleep. In my dream I saw the dragons from Naida's world circling over me. I felt the red hot glow of their breath singing the hairs on my head. I was screaming, frightened for my life. A dragon landed at my feet, the ground rumbling as it landed.  

I woke up screaming. It took a few seconds for me to realise that the dragon had been in my dream. It was getting light, the birds were starting their tuneful chorus to welcome light back into the world. The fire at my feet was almost out, a few embers still remained. Standing up I stretched, the ground had made my muscles stiff.  

I looked around, no one was with me.  

'Naida" I called but got no reply just a silence as the birds stopped singing. I sighed and started to make my way to the main path and onwards to home. As I walked I started to think that I'd dreamt it all. It was just another case of my mind tricking my brain into thinking that a passage to another world was possible.  

It was a brisk twenty minute walk from the dell to my house and by the time I'd got there my aches from the nights sleep on the floor had disappeared and I'd convinced myself it was all just another dream. I mean it was the same girl in each dream, must be some subliminal imagination triggered by someone I'd seen. 

The phone buzzed as I opened the door. It was Emily wondering where I'd been all night. How could I explain I'd fallen asleep in the woods? Should I tell her about this recurring dream? Would she think I was daft ? Another hour in a real bed would sort me out. As I settled down under the duvet I flicked through my apps as I always did. There in front of me on the screen was the selfie of the girl and I.  

It hadn't been a dream I thought.  

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