Chance Encounter

Can a girl in his dreams be real or is it just a fantasy ?


3. Oneshot Part 3

"Steady Malakai" Naida said. The wolf settled a little but was in no way pacified, waiting to pounce at any movement. 

The phone chimed again.  

"It's OK just my phone, nothing to worry about" I said slowly 

I put my hand in my pocket slowly aware that any sudden movement would have the beast on top of me.  

"It's just my phone," I said again lifting the object out slowly. I held it up so the girl could see it. 

"What is a phone, sir" she asked 

I hesitated. How do I explain something as simple and widespread as a phone to a person who though cars were some form of beast? The irony made me smile. 

"It's communication device, allows me to talk and get messages from people far away." I replied holding the device for her to look at. 

She came over and sat next to me to look at the screen. Luckily Malakai sat the other side of the fire, although the menace was still there. The phone beeped again and  the screen came to life showing a picture of my friend, Emily. 

"It shows pictures?" She half questioned. 

"Yeah it does a lot more"  I said. Like most people, I guess, I was proud of my phone. It was my treasured object worth more to me than gold. Without it I tended to fall apart. It held my music, photos, books and magazines. It connected me via the internet to my friends. In fact I guess it held my life in such a fragile case. My fingers expertly ran across the screen and brought up some pictures. I swept my finger across the screen to scroll through some to show her.  

"Wow, it shows so many pictures of people, and they look as though they are so lifelike. How is that possible ?" She said  

If she thought they were amazing then what would she make of videos. Bringing up YouTube I found a video of  chicken playing piano and pressed play. Naida recoiled as she watched the chicken clucking and pressing it's beak on the keyboard. 

"How is that chicken stuck in that little box?" She said, "is this some kind of magic?" 

"No it's just a film" 

She tipped her head to one side in thought 

"What is a film" 

"Ah, Ok, it's a recording of what happens," I said, "let me show you" 

Switching the camera on I briefly filmed Malakai at the other side of the fire before turning the screen towards Naida to show her what I'd filmed. 

"Are you some sort of wizard Tom ? She asked, "this is not possible. You have captured Malakai inside that box and yet she is still there. Are you a soultaker?" 

I tried but it hard to explain to someone who had never experienced films before. Phones are such a part of our lives that we never give a second thought to how it all works, or for that matter wonder at how a small gadget could do so much. She sat patiently listening to me but I could see she didn't quite understand how these devices work, we take so much for granted. 

"I think you are a wizard Tom. The shamans in my village would never compete with you" she said. 

" Does this … phone … do anything else?" She asked. 

I opened up the music player and pressed play. Instantly the symphonic rock sounds of Within Temptation flooded the clearing startling Malakai and bringing him to his feet, snarling at me. I switched off quickly and the animals stopped snarling. 

"What is that noise?" Naida asked 

"You sound just like my mum," I laughed, "it's music" 

"Sounds like nothing on Terra. Our music is more melodical than that." She said 

I flicked through a few albums before coming across a folk music track. Pressing play a female voice replaced the silence. 

"Ah that is better Tom" she smiled, her head swaying to the gentle lilt of the music. 

"Can I hold the device?" She enquired. 

I passed it to her and she held it with reverence in her open hands.  

"You could rule our village with an implement like this" she said passing it back seemingly afraid to drop it. 

"I doubt it," I laughed. I had started to feel very at ease with this girl, as though some sort of bond existed between us. I rarely felt comfortable with girls at first, but somehow it was as if I'd known this girl for years. Inhibitions that I had were swept away. 

"Here look at this" I said holding the camera in front of us, "smile" 

I pressed the release and passed the phone to her. 

"Look the two of us" I said, "that’s what we call here a selfie" 

She held it in wonderment.  

"A selfie" she said mouthing the word silently. 

"You have frozen time, yet we still move" she shook her head and passed it back. 

"So what is it like in your land?" I asked 

"At the moment we live in fear from the dragons that smite our dwellings overnight" she said sadly 

"Dragons?" I spluttered 

"Yes, do you not have them around here?" 

I shook my head. This had to be a dream, where in the world was there dragons?  

"I come here to avoid them. Every morning I go back through the tunnel. I fear one day that I will return and the whole village will be burned to the ground. You are lucky you don't have dragons here." She said 

"It sounds dangerous" I commented. 

"It is getting worse. The Dragon Guard do what they can but each night the hoards of dragons that swoop down on us get larger in number. In the day we are safe. It was how I found the passage to this world trying to find a safe place to hide at night", she said waving her hands expressively at our surroundings. 

I couldn't begin to imagine how it must be to live in fear of your life. To live your life knowing that you might perish in your sleep. How your entire world is made up from just trying to survive, not really living but existing. Every night this girl became a refugee from her world, nestling down in ours where she felt safe and secure. I felt humble that this girl, my age, had the mental strength and fortitude to carry on each day. 

We sat and talked, occasionally putting more wood on the fire. She told me more about her world and how she desperately wanted to be apprenticed to an empath. I tried to explain some of our world, which was difficult as even the concept of electricity seemed difficult for her to grasp. She like me had lost her parents, hers to the dragon raids, mine to a car crash.  

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