Chance Encounter

Can a girl in his dreams be real or is it just a fantasy ?


2. Oneshot part 2

The dream was simple, I'd had it nearly every night for a week. A girl with long red hair was talking to me. I wasn't ever sure what she said, I guess I was just mesmerised by her looks. Some might say she was plain or ordinary, but to me she was like a goddess. Her hair shiny and contrasting against the greenery around. She had a green hood over her head which framed a pale face perfectly. When she spoke she was constantly looking around as if to check she wasn't being watched. That was it. As a dream, nothing too long but the fact it was the same every night disturbed me. I pondered over this as the tiredness in my body took charge. I could feel my eyelids closing. I kept jerking my head to keep myself awake but in the end I succumbed to the soporific effects of the fire and dipped into the blackness of sleep. 

I don't know how long I'd been asleep but the cold from the ground must have seeped through my clothes. It was darker now, not quite dark but getting that way. I must have been really tired to sleep so long. As I opened my eyes I noticed the fire was still going. Even in my muddled state on waking I could sense I was no longer alone, that uneasy feeling that all is not well.  I looked across the fire and saw a sight that made my blood pressure rise and the contents of my bowels turn to water. 

Less than five feet away from me was an enormous creature, one I hadn't seen outside a zoo. Standing over two feet high was a grey wolf. It's eyes reflecting the fire were blood red. However it wasn't that that I was looking at but the huge fangs that protruded from its jaws. Saliva dripped from them as the creature barred it's lips and snarled. I quaked. I couldn't get up, if I moved the monster would be upon me and I'd be mince meat in its jaws. I breathed slowly wondering for a moment if this was still a dream. I closed my eyes hoping that the next time I opened the I'd be awake and the vision of this scraggy mountain of fur would be banished. Alas that wasn't the case. 

The beast opened its mouth and a blood curdling wail emitted from its body. I sensed that the wolf was about to make its move and I froze, nailed to the spot. 


A commanding female voice rang out across the wood. 

The Wolf hesitated but showed no sign of listening. 


This time the animal looked in the direction where the call came. 


The wolf looked from me to the voice and thankfully obeyed the voice and laid down, although it still kept it's eyes on me and it's jaws open. 

I breathed in, my heart beating like a drum. Watching I saw a figure appear out of the trees to the right of the wolf. Clad from head to foot in a long flowing green hooded cloak it walked slowly across to the creature And knelt down. A hand appeared and stroked the head of the animal. Bizarrely this man eater rolled over and let the girl tickle its tummy. 

"Malakai will be OK now" she said still stroking the beasts belly, "he's a big softy really but very protective of me" 

She turned towards me and I saw her face for the first time. I took an inward sigh, it looked like the girl from my recurring dream. 

"That … thing … is yours?" I queried 

"Malakai and I go way back," she said, "I raised him as a pup." 

"But he's a wolf" I said, questions flooding to my mind and this was the first that released itself, feeble and obvious as it seemed. 

"Yeah, very observant there" she replied smiling, " I guess you don't see many girls with wolves around here then?" 

"I can honestly say you're the first" I said, her smile was infectious. 

"What's your name young sir," she said, "I'm Naida Waterdragon, my village call me Nay" 

"Tom … Tom Stocks" I replied 

There was a silence between us for a few moments. To be honest I was always awkward around new people, especially girls and even in this weird situation I still felt tongue-tied. I wondered if this was a dream as I looked into the flames. Occasionally I'd glance into her face, the flames making her red hair shine like fire itself. 

"Do you come this way often Tom?" She asked 

laughed out loud, somehow the classic pick up line seemed absurd coming for this girl 

"Why do you laugh Tom" 

I shook my head. 

"You're not from round here?" I said 

"I come from a village a short way through the tunnel" she said 


"Yes the tunnel in the hillside, just over there" she said pointing deeper into the wood, " I come through there. I suspect that it's not really a part of your world. I've seen your world. Those mechanical objects that you travel around in, those huge silver birds in the sky, the mechanical steeds that make such a noise that they even frightened Malakai. It's not a world I know. 

I was a bit taken aback. This girl wasn't from here? I watched as she continued to stroke the beasts belly.  

"Do you come to our world a lot?" I asked 

"I come most nights. It's peaceful here and safe. In the day though there are too many people around. Malakai doesn't like it. I've explored out of this dell at times but those mechanical beasts that you travel around in frighten me. Here though it's peaceful, helps me escape the violence of my world." 

At the moment my phone chimed up. It startled the girl and in turn the wolf. Malakai was on his feet growling and baring his teeth at me. 


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