the murder mystery

Two boys Zac and Kai A mysterious murderer taking innocent lives will they survive.


6. the reaveal of the killer

​They headed toward the person he had a greenish blackish reddish mask. They saw him kill someone by the very corner of there eye. Zac he killed a innocent man in front of us. I saw it Kai he is crazy. They whispered to each other a plan to reaveal him and his face. Kai you stand in the middle of the street and lure him over to the bush where I will be on the tree ready to rip his mask  off and reaveal the killer its risky but we need to do it. Kai headed out to the middle of the street and the killer followed him the plan is working so far. Kai and the killer made it to the bush. Zac jumped down of the tree and ripped the mask of the killers face. hah got ya now killer. Mum Zac screamed out your the killer I cant believe it why would you murder this innocent people. I had to son mum said.

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