the murder mystery

Two boys Zac and Kai A mysterious murderer taking innocent lives will they survive.


4. the hunt for the kiilller

​Zac didn't think he would die. so he went on with playing computer game.s to forget about all of it. Meanwhile Kai is so scared he is hiding under his blanket. Kai uncovered his face and called Zac to see if he was dead already. Zac picked up his phone and answered sup Kai. oh hey Zac your not dead. No I'm not dead why would you think that. Well I'm petrified that I will die soon Zac. Don't worry about it Kai we will be fine. if it makes you feel any better we will look for the killer so we don't die. He will be the one to die. We will look tomorrow in the meantime lets get some sleep ok night Zac night Kai.


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