Lila's Life

My name is Lila, I am 21 years old, own four boutiques and a book and I am in love with one of my best friends and there is nothing I can do about it. Welcome to my life


9. power on



i opened my eyes a took a deep breath. i was cuddled into Peters chest and i could smell the fire and his cologne. i smiled a little and push myself up and looked at the fire. "Afternoon sleepy head" he said and i turned and looked at him and he was sitting there looking at me. 


i rolled my eyes and stood up. i paced myself over to my kitchen and got out a glass and grabbed some water. after i took a sip my lights came back on and the microwave beeped from turning back on. i smiled and looked down at Peter who was getting up and he stretched out. 


the TV turned on and the news came on. i walked back over to the couch and stood behind it. they hd a report going on about how people think that Spiderman shouldn't be allowed to interfere with crime and that they should just let the police do their jobs. i looked at Peter who just was watching the TV.


"don't listen to it peter" i mumbled and he nodded and kneeled on the couch and wrapped his arms around me and leaned his head on my chest. i ran my fingers through his hair and and kissed the top of his head and then he pulled me over the couch and i landed on him. i laughed and just lied there on him. 


' i would love to just lie here all day but i got to go to work' i mumbled into his chest and pushed myself up and stood up. he nodded and walked over to the front door and left. i moved into my bedroom and got changed and as i looked out the window Peter aka spiderman swung past. i smiled slightly and got changed into some comfortable clothing that i could wear out and then i grabbed my bag and walked out the front door locking it and down and across the street to my boutique. 


i sat there typing away, helping customers and making sure there was enough stock in this place and then went to walk out. spiderman came in and i smiled "hi" i mumbled and he nodded and handed me a bunch of flowers. 


"These are from a guy named peter" he said and handed them to me and then touched the edge of my chin and left again. i smiled and walked out and watched him leave and then the goblin came out of nowhere and i stepped back as they went around the corner. 


i got into a taxi and went down the street and told him the address of my next place and we went down the street and took a right and then a left and then he slammed on his breaks in traffic and a rolled over truck ahead. i paid him and got out of the car and looked around. i went to walk back and another way, because i was over traffic and as i was walking people started to run the opposite way. 


i took a few steps and i could here police cars and see the lights and people running. 


as it got closer, i saw someone who seemed to be floating in the air. but not floating, there were i think four mechanical arms attached to his back. 


i took a few steps and turned around and started to run with everyone else. as everyone was running the same direction, i turned down the next street but Harry or the green goblin came came flying towards me so i continued to run. 


i got into the nearest shop that was open and stood near the window but slightly behind everyone else.


more and more people came flooding in and i was being pushed around and up against a couple of people and i had someones elbow in my side. 


people were still screaming and running past, i watched as everyone was being chased and then suddenly it was gone. 


i could here faint screams but it seemed quiet in this part of the street. 


i made my way out of the store and stood outside to see the direction everyone was going and i started to run. i eventually lost them but i ended up outside my apartment and decided just to go inside. 



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