Lila's Life

My name is Lila, I am 21 years old, own four boutiques and a book and I am in love with one of my best friends and there is nothing I can do about it. Welcome to my life


6. Pool Party



I was sitting in one of my boutiques, drinking coffee, writing up reports. the manufacturer who designs my clothing was here and i was approving the styles and allowing them to go forward. i updated the website to the new clothing lines. pretty much all work things. 


the TV that was in the corner outside the dressing room had the news on and it was a story on Spiderman fighting the green goblin in the middle of the streets, getting completely beaten up. i mean Harry wasnt doing to well but he was cheating, you could see Peter was hurt and not doing to well, and i was worried but i can't do anything about it. i looked back down at my computer and continued typing away. 


"i wonder who he is. just imagine what his girlfriend feels like, his family knowing that he is just putting himself in danger everyday" one of the girls who works for me said looking at the screen while folding clothes. 


"Maybe his family doesn't know that he is spiderman" i mumbled in reply and then looked at her 


"halloween is coming up. i heard Jen was having a party" she continued to say 


"I might not go. you know running the business keeps me busy" i stated and closed my laptop smiling and saying goodbye before walking out, grabbing a taxi and going home. 


i put my bag on the dining table and walked into my bedroom, running a bath and sliding my clothes off before getting in. my bathtub was right beside the floor length window, but it was tinted so nobody could see in. i watched the outside world go by as i just sat here. i reached for the remote turning on the little smart TV in the corner above the bath and put on The Last Song. 


the movie finished and my fingers were all wrinkled from the water. i stood up and emptied the pink bath water, wrapped myself in a fluffy towel and walked out into the kitchen. i grabbed a glass of water and turned around and saw Peter swing and fall and roll onto my balcony. "oh my god" i mumbled and walked over to the door, opened it and fell down beside him. "Peter?" i said looking at him and he turned around so he was on his back. he pulled of his mask and had a grin on his face. 


"You know walking around the city everyday and walking through your apartment in a white fluffy towel is making it hard for me not to think about you" he said and laughed a little. he slowly pushed himself up and i stood up and put his arm around my shoulder helping into my apartment. 


"why did you come here?" i asked and he moved away from me and fell down onto my couch. 


"Because i have nowhere else to go. i can't go home cause my Aunt is there and nobody else knows who i am" he mumbled pulling of his shirt. his beautiful body that was just all muscle had bruises and cuts and i felt my heart shatter a little.


"i need to put some clothes on" i muttered and walked off into my room, put on a plain grey long sleeve loose shirt and a pair of trackies. i walked back out and grabbed  the first aid box and went and sat down right beside Peter and put one of my legs over him while i grabbed some wipes out and once again tried to clean his cuts. 


"Im sorry. for coming here. if i didnt have to, i wouldn't" he said and was staring at me. i shook my head and continued to look at his body. 


"why do you do this? i get your some hero but Peter your killing yourself" and then i looked up into his eyes and just starred into them. 


he brought his head closer to mind, looked into my eyes and then at me lips and turned his head to the side. his lips were only just brushing past against mine and i could feel his breath on them. goosebumps surfaced on my skin and i felt my head go light and start to spin. "Peter" i breathed out and he smiled and i closed my eyes and then opened them again. 


"you were the one who stopped this" i mumbled as his hand came up and held my cheek as his lips pressed against mine. my entire body went weak, he kissed me and he sat up straight and my body melted into his. i put my hands on his body, one moved up to his neck and the other stayed on his chest. i moved my head as it fell to the side but our lips didnt part.


then i stopped and our lips did part. they were still so close where i could just feel them touch mine as he spoke "i can't do this without you. i can't get you out of my head" he said and his hand was still on my cheek and i let it fall into his hand and closed my eyes as i just breathed. it was weird but it felt like i was drunk. 


"you should shower." i opened my eyes and just sat there so close to him "the robe you used last time is in the wash, ill put it in the dryer while you have a shower" i mumbled and moved slightly and he got up and walked into the guest bathroom. my entire body felt weak, my hands and fingers felt useless and my breathing was slow. 


i stood up and walked over to the washing machine and got out the robe and put it in the dryer, turning it on. i walked around and grabbed Peters shirt and mask and put it in the wash but didnt turn it on. i heard the shower start and i just stood in the kitchen, with a glass of water in my hand and i was just starring at the ground. i didnt hear the water stop but about five minutes later Peter was walking up to me, wrapped in a white towel, his hair wet and slightly messy and his body was perfectly toned with slight bruising all over. it made me weak. 


"umm the umm robe isn't done yet, its still in the dryer" i had a little trouble thinking straight and i was just starring at his body and then he put his finger on my chin and pulled my head up so i was looking into his beautiful chocolate brown eyes. he was smirking a little and i just shook my head. he leaned down again and very softly put his lips on mine, 


i put my hands on his chest and slid them up until i could wrap them around his neck. i was standing on my toes as high as i could go, pushed up against the bench with Peters arms around my waist. i could feel the warmth coming off his body which made me feel good. i heard the front door open but i didnt move i just continued to kiss him. 


"um Lila" i heard and i knew the voice. i pulled away and opened my eyes to see Jack standing in the doorway with a few plastic bags of chinese food and then Tabby walked in after and stood there when she saw Peter. "hi Peter" Jack continued on and i just stood there. 


the dryer beeped and i slid out from between Peter and the bench and walked over, opening the dryer and pulling out the warm dry robe and handing it to Peter and he walked off into the guest bedroom. "Hi guys" i said and stood there awkwardly and then pulled out my hair and walked over to the kitchen and grabbed out four plates some spoons and forks and then some glasses for the soft drink. 


Peter came back out and sat on the couch beside Tabby and then i took to the plates and cutlery over and put it on the table next to the food and went back to the kitchen to grab the glasses were Jack was. he was just watching me until i looked at him and then he smiled. "So you and Peter?" he said and i just laughed a little and pushed past him and sat down next to Peter and turned on the TV. we decided to watch the insidious movies which sucked cause its not like i hate horror, they just freak me out a little. 


i can watch them but i need someone with me to watch them. otherwise i freak out. we were sitting there finishing chinese and putting it on the coffee table and then Peter grabbed my legs and pulled them up over him and i saw Tabby sitting on Jack clinging to his arm as they watched. 


i leaned my head on his shoulder and he moved so his arm went around me. i leaned in on him and entwined our fingers. then a ghost thing jumped out on the movie and i jumped a little and i could feel Peters smile grow and he kissed me head. i tried to move closer into him but i couldn't get any closer. i looked over and saw Tabby asleep on Jack and he was stroking her hair. 


the movie ended and Jack looked at me, "I'm going to take her home to bed" he said and i nodded and he got up and picked her up in bridal style and walked out of the apartment.




it was the weekend. the day of Jens halloween party. we were hosting it at Jack and Tabbys house because they had a pool. i wore just a white bra let with lace over where my nipples are, a black bikini bottom and put some denim shorts over with a white v neck long sleeve top. i put my black bikini top in my bag because i couldn't wear it with the shirt. I'm not bothering to dress up because apparently its just a pool party but the excuse was for halloween. 


i got into a taxi with my bag over my shoulder and gave the directions and we went just outside the city to Jacks place. as i arrived i could here the music and the pool splashing. i walked straight inside and put my bag down on the couch, leaving my phone in the bag. i walked out and said hi to everyone. just the usual people that i hang around with 


i saw Peter come out of the pool and walked straight up to me and wrap his arms around me and place his lips on mine. i heard Macy yell finally and i pulled away and looked at him. "let me go put my bikini top on at least before i get wet" i said and he grinned and then threw me over his shoulder and jumped into the pool. i screamed and then hit the water and when i stood up my white shirt was completely see through. 


"Liles you are looking way to hot right now" i heard Mark say as he was standing there looking at me and i looked towards Peter who was just starring at me with his mouth partly open. 


i moved closer to Peter and looked up at him "i could make that worse" i said and then grabbed my shirt and pulled it off so i was standing there in a lace bra let, then i undid my denim shorts so i was in my bikini bottoms. i heard someone wolf whistle and then Peter wrapped his arms around me and crouched me into the water. 


"you can't look this hot with this many people around. considering half of our friends are single" he said and i smiled and kissed his cheek. i pushed up on his shoulders and pushed him underneath the water. 


then he came up and grabbed my waist and threw me across the pool. i screamed and when i came back up i heard a splash beside me. i moved slightly, treading water because i couldn't touch and i heard swimming coming towards me and then Peter was beside me and he could touch so i wrapped my arms around him. then Jake came up and was treading water and i smiled at him. 


"so you two finally decided to hook up" he said and grinned and i shook my head and looked towards the house where everyone was. Jen and Daniel got here, and then Harry walked through and stood with Daniel and Jen and looked at us smiling and waved. i felt Peters grip on me tighten and Jake asked who is was.


"Thats Harry. hes an old friend" Peter said and i just gripped onto Peters arm and looked at him. 


"Can you introduce me" Jake asked and Peter looked at me and then nodded. we swam to the side and got out and walked up to him. i went to go past to find a towel but Harry wrapped his arms around my waist, picked me up and spun me around and put me down but still had his hands on my waist. 


"Say anything to anyone and ill kill you and Peter" he whispered in my ear and i pulled away and went to find the biggest towel i could which ended up being a circular chevron black and white one and i wrapped it completely around my body. 


i walked back over to Peter who was introducing everyone but didnt take his eyes off Harry and when i got to him he put his arm around me and pulled me in. i leaned on his body and stood there, the breeze making it a little cold but his body warmth kept me warm. 


"Hey um Lila i heard on the news you needed stitches on your hand" he said walking up and grabbing it pulling me closer to him "how is that?" he asked looking at my hand where there was a cut that he caused and the stitches were out but it was still healing. 


i pulled my hand away "fine" i said and moved back into Peters body and his arm was around my waist and i was holding onto his hand. everyone was asking Harry about his job and saying some stuff about himself. Peter just stood there watching him and i was just leaning into his chest and keeping my eyes closed hoping it would all just go away. 


Peter grabbed my hand that had the cut and i looked up at him and he brought it up to his lips and kissed my hand and i smiled a little. "You two are cute. you always have been" Harry said and i looked towards him and put my arm that was leaning against Peter around his waist. yes i had the towel in that hand to wrap it around me and now it was around him too. 


"So they have always been like this then?" Maria asked smiling and i starred at Harry. 


"of course they have. even as kids they were inseparable. pool parties and everything, except Peters body wasnt as defined and wanted by most guys who can't have one like it and Lila, well Lila has gotten a lot hotter as well." he said grinning like he had a plan that was going well. Peter pulled the towel around me and i looked at him and kissed his chest where i could cause i couldn't reach his face. 


people started splitting off and doing there own thing. i went and got a drink from the punch bowl and then Peter and i went back into the pool and we ere in the deep end and i had a few sips of the drink and then put it on the side and Peters arm was around my waist and i was holding his arm and looking at him. 


"why is he here?" i mumbled and Peter shrugged and looked at him. Harry was starring at us and Peter looked back at me and put his lips to mine and kissed me softly. "Peter i don't feel to good" i said closing me eyes and then opening them. we got out again and when we got out i felt my knees give in and i fell slightly but Peter caught me and it held onto his arms so tightly. 


"Liles are you okay?" he asked and i looked around and i started feeling dizzy. then i noticed everyone with a red cup we either laying around on the outdoor couches sleeping or in the hot tub slightly sleeping on other people. 


"Peter somethings going on" i mumbled and he looked around and looked too. he started to walk towards the punch bowl and he picked a cup up and smelt it and looked in the bowl. i went to fall backwards again but he dropped the cup and wrapped his arms around my waist holding me up and tightly against his body. i breathed out and looked in the bowl and so did Peter and i noticed a white power along the bottom of the bowl and then i closed my eyes because everything was spinning. 


"someone has drugged it" he said and looked around. there were a few knew people here who we didnt know that others did and there was Harry. he noticed a spare sofa in the corner and we went over and he sat down and i sat down beside him and leaned on him. 


i closed my eyes and just sat there breathing, leaning on Peter and i grabbed his hand. 


"How ya feeling?" i heard a loud voice in my ear and i opened my eyes and moved opposite direction and saw Harry sitting there and he started laughing. Peter got up and i fell slightly and had to hold myself up and he grabbed Peter by the collar and pinned him against a wall. 


"what did you do?" he said and Harry just laughed.


"Im just making sure everyone has a good time and is relaxed" he said and pushed Peter off him. "don't worry. it doesn't last long." he said and walked away and he sat down beside me again and i felt into his lap. 


he moved my hair out of my face and i just starred at the ground in front of me.


after about fifteen minutes, the spinning stopped and i got up and looked around to notice everyone was dancing and laughing and swimming. Harry was gone and nowhere to be found and i looked at Peter and he was just looking at me. he was leaning on the back of the sofa and his hand came up and he moved my hair behind me ear. 


"how are you feeling?" he asked and i shrugged and just told him that i was feeling better and he grabbed my hand with the hand he was brushing my hair with and turned his head towards the wall and kissed my palm and i smiled and then ran my hand through his hair and pulled him towards me and kissed him lightly. 


i love that about him, he is so soft when he kisses me like he's scared he is going to hurt me. he pulled away and smiled and got up pulling me up and we walked towards the hot tub and got in. Luke, Mark and Emelia were in here and we sat in the corner and laughed along with them and had a general conversation. 


"are things awkward between you two. you know, going from friends to dating" Mark asked and i shook my head and turned my head to look at Peter. "you guys are honestly perfect. you just fit so well together. i remember when i had the biggest crush on you Lila and i asked you out on dates and talked to you everyday but you never went out with me. and at every party you would just sit there and cling to Peter and then i realised that you weren't interested in anyone else or even dating anyone else" he said and i looked at him and he was just starring into the water and then looked at me and breathed out. "but you two are good together. you just go so well" he said and i smiled slightly and wrapped one of my arms through Peters and with my other i grabbed his hand. 


the twins and Emelia got out and i turned and looked at Peter and he kissed me, pulled me in so i was sitting on him and pressed against his body with my legs around him. he moved one of his hands to my cheek and then behind my head and entwined them in my hair. he moved his hand down and around my neck, over my collarbone which cause goosebumps to rise, down between my boobs and back around my waist. i felt weak again, but this was a good weak and the light head was good too. 


i parted our lips only by millimetres and breathed for a second and then opened my eyes. "sorry your just, theres just too many people around and i" i was cut off cause he kissed me again and then parted grinning and looking at me. 


"shhh i understand" he said and stopped. we got out and jumped in the pool with everyone else. literally everyone was in the pool. we started to play volleyball and i ended up getting on Peters shoulders to play cause i couldn't touch in the deep end. 


we played three games, our team won two and lost one. then we played boy v girl and the boys one but they cheated by slamming the ball and when it hit us it hurt a lot so we moved away from it. 


it started getting late and a lot of people were leaving. Dan and Jen had gone, the twins and Emelia, some other people who i didnt know left, Jake, Justin, Georgia, Jason all left. it was kind of just us three couples left here, Belamy and Maria, Tab and Jack and then Peter and I. 


"we are going to head off too" i said and we said good bye and got out of the pool. i wrapped myself in my towel and then grabbed my things and walked out getting into Peters car. i leaned my shoulder and head against the seat and was facing Peter as we drove back to my place. i was holding his hand and he was watching the road. 


"Peter Parker, you grew up to be so god damn attractive" i mumbled and he smiled and looked at me for a second and then back at the road. he brought my hand up and kissed it and then smiled. 


"you are the most beautiful person that i know" he said and smiled. then he pulled into my apartment building carpark and we got out. he wrapped his arm around my shoulder and kissed my head as we got into the elevator.   .



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